Chew on this …

South El Monte’s
nonleague schedule is essentially its resume for an at-large berth in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs. The Eagles will play FIVE games against Mid-Valley Division opponents and they are: San Dimas, Workman, Nogales, Temple City and Bell Gardens.

Isn’t it beautiful? That covers four of the five other leagues in the Mid-Valley Division. So hypothetically, if the Eagles finish third in the Mission Valley League, which is a decent bet since the MVL looks like a two-horse race between Arroyo and Rosemead, then they will need to get ONE of the FOUR at-large berths in the division.

And who will they likely be up against to get that berth? Teams from Valle Vista, Montview, Rio Hondo, Almont and Olympic leagues. There’s a strong chance that Temple City, Bell Gardens and Workman will also be needing an at-large berth. Heck, if things get crazy in the Valle Vista, San Dimas might even need one, too.

And knowing what loyal readers of this blog know about CIF’s at-large system, head-to-head results are the biggest factor in the formula. Which reminds me, it appears some of you need a refresher in what the criteria will be to determine the at-large berths.

Several coaches in the Mid-Valley Division seem to still be confused about this, which is fine, they’re busy. But it pains me many of them don’t know where to turn for CORRECT info so they’re unfortunately left to speculate with blabbering wannabe media types about how CIF actually determines the at-large berths. It’s a formula, and here it is once again:

(a) Head-to-head competition of teams under consideration (4 points)
(b) Overall strength of the league from which the team is entered (1 point)
(c) Overall win-loss record (1 point)
(d) Strength against common opponents (1 point)
(e) Strength of schedule (2 points, using overall win-loss record of opponents)

Now go back and look at South El Monte’s nonleague schedule and tell me it’s not a beautiful thing that we have what amounts to playoff qualifiers in September. And believe me, The Swamp ain’t the only place this will be happening.

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  • Matt

    La Canada, also Mid Valley, plays Alhambra, Arroyo and Maranatha among its 5 non league games.

  • Arroyo Knight

    Is it me or is South letting their players know yeah we dont stand a chance in league so lets go and try to buy our at large berth. Too bad they dont stand a chance in the playoffs either. Shurr has the population to recover from losing their stud recievers and will do fine in their new division, mark my words Shurr is going to take it all the way. If they dont take it they need to fire the entire coaching staff, Monrovia will spank San Dimas this year. Speaking of San Dimas, SD should not be attending any passing league games because they cannot throw with the Mid Valley yeah I know its tough to say.

  • Aaron

    Not to be a hater…but the South Men are going nowhere…sorry.

  • MidValley

    Arroyo, how can you say that? They went 2-2 on Saturday. Pipe down and go deep in the playoffs.

  • K


    #1 don’t forget about the Olympic League! Even with Paraclete leaving..Whittier and Valley will be legit and Village will be better this year (even though their schedule sucks). Look at what the Olympic did in the playoffs last year…Just ask La Puente, La Canada, Arroyo AND Baldwin Park. Mark my words, the 3rd place team from the Olympic will be the BEST at large bid in 2010.

    #2 I don’t know who your “media wannabe” comment is referring to…but don’t disrespect the fact that there are OTHER sources for SGV football and they do a great job and they are everywhere busting their hump to get the word out.

    #3 There is NO WAY that SD doesn’t win the VV this year…no way.

  • Arroyo Knight

    Hey midvalley who gives a Sh!t about saturday??? We will do the same thing we did to South last year another blow and I mean blow out. Did you already forget 44-0 and thats with our JV players getting action in that particular game. Take that an pipe down about a team that has done squat since Cogburn left.

  • sgvFBF

    How is Diamond Ranch doing in passing league’s so far this summer and who have they been playing.

  • BG

    South should get ready to hit like they never had before against BG.

  • The Mid LMFAO

    The mid valley is lucky if they can cover the Mid Valley divison and the the southeast division. Thats about it for them. No Pac 5, no Inland, etc.

  • Aaron

    At least they try right? The Mid Valley News Sports Section puts out an excellent product. Always positive and that is a part of the Mid Valley News mission. What’s funny is all of those guys that work for the Sports section have other Nine-to-Five jobs. The fact that they can do that shows you what’s up.

  • Goldenarm

    My advice – don’t fall into the spiral where you need an at large berth…or worse, a CIF tiebreaker at 11pm, making your Friday night a doubleheader of football.
    Take care of business and win the close ones.
    Don’t scrimp on scouting and preparation, find a kicker who can hit the endzone, and educate your special teams on preventing the big one that kills you.
    Drill to you drop. Come December you won’t even remember the pain.

  • Aaron,

    That’s why I’m astonished you would post something so negative about South El Monte here. I mean, doesn’t that break Section A, Article I of the Mid Valley employee conduct code? I believe it reads: Don’t ever say/write anything negative about an area team. Ever! Rainbows exist everywhere and ice cream is great in all flavors.

    Now if any of you want to post something from their Web site, try something that really shows the brain trust at work.

    Here let me help you:

    I have no clue who the guy in the middle is, but he’s a genius … “I hope as far as seedings are concerned and how they pick the teams, they don’t look at records.”

    That’s good stuff! What should they look at? Colors of the uniform? Location of the school?

    Later on, the same guy has no clue what division he’s even talking about. This is great coverage?

    Then you have the guy in the background wondering how teams get in. This INFO is available. There’s no guessing game, but I guess we should listen to them ramble on. There’s nothing to speculate about. It’s in the CIF Blue Book, which maybe they don’t get. But it’s on the Web site. It’s even on my blog.

  • Aram’s a Leech

    Aram, they have full time jobs but still find the time to bust their humps putting together a good product. What’s your excuse?

    I know you’re frustrated because you can’t land a gig that takes you away from covering high school sports, but quit trying to pretend high school football is on a par with college and pro football and, as such, the gloves are off when it comes to coverage. It makes your agenda of treating this as a stepping stone pretty apparent.

  • Aaron

    My opinion about South is pretty simple. Erick Escamilla did wonders with that football program getting to the playoffs as often he did. I know how well they did last season and they made it to the playoffs which is pretty amazing based on how their season went. Looking at how they competed over the weekend and this summer they’re going to have an extremely tough season.

    If they get the third spot in the Mission Valley again they won’t be going to the playoffs unless Coach Hernandez works a miracle. It wouldn’t be impossible but I do not see it. Should those boys give up, heck no, go out and make me eat crow. Nothing would make me happier than to see those kids compete and make a run in the playoffs.

  • Stepping stone? To what? FOX? … Where I already was and didn’t like. Sorry bud, I’m here because I like it. Not because I want to go somewhere bigger or make more money.

    I report the way I do because that’s the way I’ve always done it. I don’t want to be buddies with the coaches or players. You see, reporting both sides of a story is something you do when it’s a full-time job. You’re obligated to not overlook things because you’re worried somebody will get mad at you.

    Anyway, don’t waste your time here when you can be on your own site reading about how everybody looks great right now.

  • Please don’t post links to other sites. I’ll gratuitously accept comments saying whatever you want to say about me, but you’re not going to be allowed to call me a leech and then try to leech hits off of my site.

    Say what you want to say, but keep the links to relevant things like youtube.


  • Goldenarm

    The more prep football coverage the better, whether it comes from the Mid, Miguel,Drew, Fred, Aram or whoever!
    I am thankful for the local coverage.

    There are plenty of stories within the story, plenty of adversities to overcome, upsets and controversy just waiting to be covered and photographed.

    With print journalism hanging by a thread, it is good to have several viable sources available to bring us the news.

    If there is mud-slinging between the news outlets – I say pad up and lets see who has the huevos!

  • K

    I agree Goldenarm…I read all those guys’ blogs along with the Mid site, I am sure most of us do. The more coverage the better!

    Aram, I am not going to pretend to know anything about your career…that it your business. However I will comment on this specific situation, I think it is UNPROFESSIONAL for to criticize other sources the way you have. They are your competition, so beat them at what you do, but name calling? I like to think you are better than that.

  • K,

    They are not competition.

    You go to the 8-minute mark of this video and tell me they’re competition.

    Also, if what I’m doing is unprofessional, then what’s it called when they take cheap shots at the Tribune — from staff to financial situation? What’s it called when they bag on bankruptcy and layoffs? We’re talking about a situation where people are losing jobs and their families are effected. It’s easy to mouth off when you’re working for In N Out coupons, I guess. What’s so amazing is that I NEVER hear any of this in person. But believe me, all of these things get called to my attention and I won’t let them slide.

  • K

    Watched it…obviously you had info they didn’t and you did your job reporting it, nice work. Clearly this fued is between you guys and has nothing to do with me or the readers, I guess that is why I don’t understand why it is being played out in your blog. We are interested in FOOTBALL, that is it. What is between you and the MV guys is your business but if you want to make that public, how is that news?. I will continue to read your blog and visit their site as I am sure many of the other readers do because we want to read about SGV football.

  • SGVFootballFan

    Wow this is getting interesting. Can we get someone to sanction and MMA event between the two sides? I’d like to be there the next time the Aram and one of the guys from the Mid cross paths.

    Whether either side thinks the other one is competition or not, as long as one is trying to be better than the other, the readers win! In my opinion.

    As a side note, I don’t think you can compare news about a company’s financial situation with that of the struggles of 15 or 16 year old kids. No one benefits from airing the misteps of a high school kid even if the does sell papers!