Chino Hills adds to its scariness by winning Los Osos line competition …

Chino Hills picked up more offseason hardware on Saturday by winning the Los Osos linemen competition. That’s the second line competition the Huskies have won this summer. Last week, Chino Hills won a tournament at Santa Fe.

The highlight of the day for the Huskies was nose guard Austin Johnson power cleaning 320 lbs. and teammate Brad Bergen doing 300 lbs. Needless to say, they finished 1-2 in that portion of the competition.

Austin Johnson blasts 320!

Brad Bergen blasts 300!

Earlier Saturday, Chino Hills’ skill players finished third in the Wolfpack Challenge passing
tournament at Claremont. Earlier this offseason the Huskies won the Bonita Air Assault.

“This has been our most successful summer,” Chino Hills coach Derek Bub said on Saturday. “We’ll find out in September what it means to how our football season goes. Who knows if it will translate into wins, But at least we know our kids will go out and compete for us.”

Aram’s take:
Scary. Downright scary. Again, if you’re a Sierra League team the last thing you want to see is that Chino Hills has a combo of skill and good line play. It’s only passing league and it means nada when they get it into pads, but things couldn’t be going better for Bub’s team. Are they the No. 1 team in the area? I’m certainly leaning that way.

Click here for a gallery of the Los Osos line competition.

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  • BigDog

    Don’T get your panties in a bunch.Go back three years and Chino Hills had a big team with some great players like Cory Harkey now at UCLA and Diamond Ranch went in and pounced the Huskies in there new home opener stadium 42-28.Last year DR had many injuries and Chino Hills beat them in the last minute of the game similar to the Glendora game.I kind of compare Chino Hills to Glendora type of community,the kids are alot spoiled and just to soft to compete with the likes of a CO football team.I still pick CO to take that league and the rest will be a dog fight.

  • Big Dog,

    Great points. They have a lot to prove once the pads come on. They also have a lot to prove in the sense that they’ve fallen asleep at times during the season. Like not winning the league outright last year. But! They’ve had arguably the best offseason around. And, they showed a mean streak that many people think might have been missing by brawling with Walnut. I know, I know, it sounds strange. But lots of people feel like you do about Chino Hills — the kids are inherently soft. So I thought brawling was a interesting way of showing they’ve got some thug to them … in a crappy kind of way.

  • Aaron

    DR doesn’t have the athletes to match up with Chino Hills now. Chino Hills should win their league pretty well and make a run in the Central. Chino Hills only lost to Santiago by two today, think about that.

  • Dog Catcher

    So Called Big Dog,
    Its funny how you comment that Chino Hills and Glendora have a similar community and just to soft to compete. For your Info those teams went First and Second overall in the linemen comp. today at Los Osos, yes Glendora was second. Keep putting your foot in your mouth.

  • Aaron

    Mistake…yes I know they’re in the Inland and I mean make a run in the Inland Division. They have the athletes and looks like they have the line as well.

    Impressed with John Mack turning around Crespi though, in just a summer. They weren’t too far off, but I’d say they’re the favorite in an already tough Serra League.

  • Aaron,

    Chino Hills and the Sierra League are in the Inland Division now. So we may all have to temper our projections. (Oh, I see you caught that. Nevermind)

    Anyway, the way I see it, the Sierra League is going to be considered (by CIF) the weakest league in the division. So, in my opinion, the league champ will get a home game in the first round against the third-place team from the best league in the division. As for the other two teams, well …. good luck, brothers.

    Can you imagine no Thanksgiving practice for Big Lou?

  • BigDog

    I’ve never understood why people get so worked up over passing leagues and lineman competitions.Means absolutely “0”.Kids are so much different with pads on.

  • Strong Kids

    320 lbs. and 300 lbs. in the clean.
    That is alot of weight!

    Kids are MUCH Stronger than they were 25 years ago.
    The best clean at Mt. S.A.C. in the fall of 86′ was 285 lbs.

  • DRanchhhh


    Your a fool for that one…LMFBAO!! We don’t have the athletes?? This is by far one if not the best DR teams ever BRO, just watch!!

    This summer passing league junk is next to irrelevant. Unfortunately, we will not see CH, but I compare them to SH- Big, Strong, athletic and with depth. I will not go as far to say that they are soft, but I need to see it to believe it. CH would not have been able to compete with the likes of CO in the last 2 years let alone AMAT. If CO is as strong as they say, I will be in attendance at that CO-CH game.

  • Aaron

    That’s going pretty far DRanchhh. I don’t think so. Although, I like what I’ve seen. A lot of questions have been answered. Coach Layton has done a lot for these kids already for what they will do after high school.

    If you’ve seen Chino Hills like I have this summer you’d understand.

  • Psychic Realist

    Chino Hills will win the Sierra and also the 1st round of playoffs. Then they will get completely destroyed by Chaparral, Corona Centennial, or Vista Murrieta. This is as good as it’s going to get for the Sierra. The reality of the situation is that no Sierra League school will ever see another CIF Championship game while they remain in the Inland Division. Those Inland schools are simply too large and Chaparral and Corona Centennial have already proven that they can hang year after year with Mater Dei and Servite. Redlands East Valley also beat Orange Lutheran last season and lost to Chaparral by only 1 TD (14-7). Oh yes, in case everyone forgot, Corona Centennial beat CONCORD DE LA SALLE the year before last for the State Championship. Scary stuff right?


    The Sierra’s only hope will depend on the number of new Inland schools which will split the student population from the already established powerhouses in the Inland. But until this “watering down” occurs, there’s just no way these SGV coaches and football teams will be able to compete year after year. What makes matters worse is that the Sierra League coaches have very little to no experience playing “Top 25 in California” type of teams. 2010 is going to be very ugly come playoff time.

  • Celts

    There was nothing wrong with Crespi and there was nothing for Jack Mack to turn around. Crespi’s biggest problem is the fact that they are in the Serra League. All of Crespi’s losses were to very good Pac-5 programs, D-3 Runner up in Alemany and St. Bonaventure. They haven’t lost to anyone else and they beat Bishop Amat last year. They should have not fired Coach Jeremiah Ross.

  • Pilot’s License

    Aram, I’ll say this out right…that was plain stupid!

    Brawling with Walnut!!!!????? Now if they “brawled” with Serra High School or Carson with their Samoan linemen then that’s something to hang your hat on but Walnut?

    That ain’t “thug” that’s Fish Bowl at it’s best !!!!

    Thought you knew.

    But then agin you “thought” Scott Morriosn was a “good” coach and he’s at Workman and didn’t make Fred’s list of “BEST EAST AREA COACHES”…talk about stupid! The man was a dog of a coach at Damien and no spin will change that!

    I know you’ve been to Gano’s practices, and I think you played ball for TC right?, so tell me did Scott “work the boys” like Gano does?

    The sad thing is if Layton, Hagerty or Gano had Damein’s talent during Morriosn’s tenure they win two CIF Championships.

    Or am I wrong again?

    The other day I was talking to a Damien administrator and he said of all the teams on our schedule, and I quote, “NO ONE PLAYS AS VIOLENT AS DIAMOND RANCH”. Maybe that’s why Chino Hills has played them recently, to toughen up. I know last year’s Glendora game was as violent as any I’ve seen in a while, here in the Fish Bowl.

    This year the Sierra League will a dog fight…but no one knows what kind of dogs will be in the fight….poodles or pit bulls. Too bad Glendora wasn’t kept in. Imagine this roster of Head Coaches…..Gano. Farrar, Bogan, Pasquerella, Bub, Inglima…that would have been special. Damien will have a hell of a time this year without size, speed, talent or experience and we have Morrison to thank for the slow decline of athletes that come to Damien and now have chosen to stay in Chino Hills, Upland and Glendora.

    But all is not lost in Sparta and soon Damien will compete…they are just too loaded with coaches not to.

    Aram some times I think you’re on auto pilot…. too funny. “Brawling with Walnut!” lmao

  • St.Paul 77

    Those spoiled, just to soft to compete Chino Hills Huskies have beaten Roddy and his athletes, 2 years in a row. None of these current “soft” C.H. kids have ever lost to Dranch at any level. Also,there are seven three year starters on this years Huskie squad. You might have to re-evaluate your program, Chino Hills doesn’t even consider Dranch a rival….

  • Coaching

    Pilot’s License,

    Maybe I am missing something but didn’t Gano go 5-6 last year, tied for the league championship and you guys were sent home in the first round with your tail between your legs last year. Once again we have seen what Gano has done with teams that aren’t loaded with talent. Last year 5-6, two years ago quit, three years ago 4-6. How is he any better than Morrison when he was over at Damien.

    Now you guys have to deal with in addition South Hills and Charter Oak just to get out of league. In playoffs one and out.

    I understand you must be someone on the coaching staff over at Damien, trying to promote your program. Please don’t for a second think parents are that stupid. With the league realignment you guys have zero chance of a CIF championship. Major dog fight to win league at best, but not likely.

    Looking back on the league realignment, the hiring of Gano is the major reason why you guys got moved up and now have no chance of a CIF title. If you would have hired a quality head coach instead of a recruiter who knows where you would have ended up in the realignment. Instead you end up with South Hills and Charter Oak, wounder why?

  • Coaching

    Pilot’s License,

    Maybe I am missing something but didn’t Gano go 5-6 last year, tied for the league championship and you guys were sent home in the first round with your tail between your legs last year. Once again we have seen what Gano has done with teams that aren’t loaded with talent. Last year 5-6, two years ago quit, three years ago 4-6. How is he any better than Morrison when he was over at Damien.

    Now you guys have to deal with in addition South Hills and Charter Oak just to get out of league. In playoffs one and out.

    I understand you must be someone on the coaching staff over at Damien, trying to promote your program. Please don’t for a second think parents are that stupid. With the league realignment you guys have zero chance of a CIF championship. Major dog fight to win league at best, but not likely.

    Looking back on the league realignment, the hiring of Gano is the major reason why you guys got moved up and now have no chance of a CIF title. If you would have hired a quality head coach instead of a recruiter who knows where you would have ended up in the realignment. Instead you end up with South Hills and Charter Oak, wounder why?

  • Coaching

    Look back at Gano’s CIF championships over at Los Altos. The only time Gano won a CIF championship is with teams loaded with D1 talent. These teams had superior talent compared to his competition. That is never going to happen with the league realignment and the new division you are in.



    Screw CO vs SH at the end of league. Game of the week 11/5/2010 Chino Hills at CO it will be a war. I dont care what anyone says when you got the Skill guys and the HOGS that is a recipe for sucess. Lets hope CO and CHills are both unbeaten to make it just a little more exciting going into the game.


    Good coverage and I see your hyping CHills just a little. They are not the #1 team in the valley though!

  • I wouldn’t say I’m “hyping” Chino Hills. Their summer speaks for itself. Of course, we have to keep it in perspective — it’s only passing league and sandbag tosses. But it looks like the raw materials are there. Isn’t that was passing league and linemen competitions are? They’re a measuring contest.

    We’ll see what happens when the coaches stick the keys in the ignition and take their teams for a spin on the freeway.

    But right now I’d say the teams with the best two car shows have been Chino Hills and to a much lesser degree Azusa.

    So their fans can be excited about what happens next. And fans of teams like Amat, Rosemead, San Dimas and West Covina can relax because rarely do those teams ever show much in summer and they’re generally fine when pads come on. Also, I know for a fact that Charter Oak’s OC Dom Farrar often stays very basic during passing stuff, so it’s hard to gauge CO because they rarely show much.

    About Gano, I totally disagree with the “he only win because of talent” argument. Take a look at the teams he beat in the playoffs — Orange Lutheran, Tustin, Foothill and Mayfair. Takes more than talent at that level. Believe me, I was there.

  • Arroyo LM Competition

    Any word on how the Arroyo LM competition went yesterday? I was told there would be a lot of the mid valley teams competing.

  • Hey

    Hey how about Glendora taking 2nd. Nothing about that? Wow.

  • HuskyFan

    Nobody remembers who finished 2ND. That’s Glendora’s life history.There used to finishing 2ND.

  • Hey

    Wait so winning league 3 years in a row is used to finishing 2nd?

  • Norco

    Winning an OL competition is an indicator of team strength, it isn’t necessarily a good compass of how a team will perform during the regular season. All it is, is little bit of an indicator of how well you’ve done in the off-season. Norco NEVER attends these little feel good get togethers, they rather have their kids in the weight room and watching film. I think it would be eye opening to other programs if Norco did attended these competitions. IMO keep them in the weight room, nothing worth winning in these competitions. There is a reason every year Norcos O-Line is always mentioned every year as on of the top O-L in the State…and this year will be no different…This year Norcos coaches are saying this will be one of the best O-Line in schools history…I feel sorry for Chino Hills if they have to match up with a BIGVIII from in the playoffs.

    LT 6`5 300lbs,
    LG 6`4 285lbs,
    C 6`2 250lbs,
    RG 6`2 240lbs
    RT 6`6 274lbs
    TE 6`4 230lbs

  • WC Fan

    Norco’s Brent Walker escaped the weight room and film session to attend a feel-good-get-together.

    Football: Lots of big, talented linemen at camp
    July 18, 2010 | 2:23 pm
    The B2G Elite Camp at Cal Lutheran this weekend had linemen so big that they could pick up a gigantic tire from a semi truck and roll it around like a toy.

    Coaches singled out Jordan Simmons, a 340-pound junior from Los Angeles Dorsey who was the quickest of the big men.

    The real battle came when Simmons tried to block Lakewood defensive tackle Todd Barr, perhaps the best for his position in Southern California.

    “He got me a couple of times,” Simmons said.

    That’s OK, because Barr is going to get past lots of players this season.

    Palmdale’s Steve Dillon, Orange Lutheran’s John Lopez and Norco’s Brent Walker were among the linemen taking part.

    Dorsey quarterback Joseph Gray, South East running back Robert Lewis, Inglewood receiver Patrick Onwuasor, Huntington Beach Edison defensive end Charles Burks and Venice receiver Gabriel Marks were among the close to 70 high school athletes working hard and learning technique and skills under a hot sun.

    Among the surprises was Antelope Valley defensive back Travion Tucker, one of the fastest players at the camp.

    — Eric Sondheimer

    Twitter: @latimessports
    Facebook: latimesMore in: Football

  • Norco

    WC Fan…I take it you need a reading comprehension class?
    B2G Elite Camp is by invite only, and is based on 1-1 competition against players who are just as big, strong and fast as them. It`s not a “team competition” of carrying sandbags, tossing tire, relays or tug-o-war..

    Here is a little write up from Scout on Brent..

    Brent Walker of Norco, a 2011 prospect with offers from UCLA, Arizona State and Colorado State, also stood out.

    Brent is going to be an unbelievable tackle, Morgan said. I think hes a national guy Hes been dominating some good talent.

  • WC Fan


    Way too easy

    You have Rabbit Ears

  • Norco

    Whats way to easy is…the fact that you come back with a comment like that.Thats a face-savers for people like you. it allows you to participate and show disdain in conversations that you are too dim to grasp.

  • 24-23

    Husky Fan,
    Hey your right, everybody remembers Glendora beating your a$$ to help them win a league Championship.

  • Kingsalomiaskyormomi

    GHS O-line will be somthing too watch! Justin Adema, Kyle Wright, Jeff Riordan, Conor Kostman, Willy Regis & TE Cory Murphy all were not healthy & they still came in second.

  • You Win


    Such anger. Wow
    Were does it come from?

    Although I am getting older, I can remember Norco playing a tough Canyon Springs Team in the 1988 finals.

    I’ve been to enough Norco games over the past twenty five years to know about their history, their players, and their staff.

    Granted it was the late 80’s but I have also witnessed many passing league games in which Norco participated. Coach Campbell always had his team prepared and was a gentleman after the game.

    Norco was and is a power. Better in football than any school in the San Gabriel Valley, save Bishop Amat.

    It surprises me that you “Rabbit” so fast.

    Let it be known that you can not be made fun of. You take your Norco Football Serious.

  • Norco

    Not about winning…

    I`m never angry, I can take and give with the best of them…can`t get angry when your dealing with people who are anonymous. I like to talk HS football and smack talk every now and then. And yes I`m a Norco fanatic, I just like their workman attitude towards football and they way they play the game. My son had the privilege of playing for Coach Campbell his last three years at Norco…I have nothing but respect for that man as a coach and human being.

    And I appreciate good football no matter what the division. We can also agree to disagree about Amat playing better football then Norco…Norco has the size & athletes every year to compete with the top teams, whether they win or lose is a different story ….of course except when they run into a CC team like they did a few years back who had 10 scholarship players…lol ..

  • JFR

    Horsetown USA,

    Do you live on this site or what? Doesn’t the Daily Bulletin have a site for the Inland Elite, your dribble is already getting old cowboy.


    Aram, see you posted something about AZUSA and what was the outcome, and what did they place?


  • Norco


    Now there’s a shocking development…
    Another clown who thinks he owns this site…
    You will never be a playa here…just another casper
    Real simple…
    Don`t like Norco…
    Don`t read Norco…

  • JFR

    Horse A$$,

    I don’t like horsetown,I wouldn’t read horsetown if horse A$$ wasn’t such a comical broken record. Could please post Norco’s Last 15 yrs season ending result’s. I think I missed the previous ten times you posted it. It’s getting close gentlemen, time to start stirring the pot so let’s get it on.

  • AMAT 73

    I can understand JFR’s reply to your posting so much on this site. Granted input from the IE is great now that we will have some teams in the playoffs facing IE teams . But I would think you would be on here at that time of the season . Maybe if you clued us in to where the IE Inland does their blogging we could see more that just one persons point of view . Even you have to admit you as I am a bit biased towards your beloved Norco as I am with AMAT . No knock on you being on the blog just wondering where you IE guys chew the fat against each other. I have look at the DB blog siteand not much there and one has a lot of minor league baseball and other sports and not too much high school action. Either way good luck to Norco and hopefully we do get a chance to play Norco and settle the debate where it should be, on the field and not with stats and data and comparison of like opponents.

  • Norco


    First of all..
    I could care less what you think…
    Aram don`t have an issue with me posting…
    So deal with it…
    The broken record….
    Is A$$ clowns such as yourself who bitch and complain…
    Like I said…
    Don`t like Norco…
    Don`t read Norco…

  • Norco

    Amat 73…

    Like I said on an earlier thread, I like enjoying reading what you have to say, very informative and respectfull.
    Now when I post I respond to the topic at hand, now if it gets side tracked, thats not my fault. So sorry I don`t understands JFR`s childish, immature comments, I mean why comment if he has nothing of substance to add ?. I`ve played /watched a lot of football overt the years and like anybody else who knows the game I like to talk Xs and Os….but at the same time I will defend myself if someone wants to start with the name calling. Also I will agree I am biased/passionate when it comes to Norco football, as I know you are about Amat. I have nothing but respect for Amat and it`s History, I`ve watched them when they beat my nephews Orange Lutheran team and last year when they beat my Godsons Mater Dei team. Anyways I wish Amat nothing but success this year and hopefully Norco/ Amat will one day play. Old School Football / Smash mouth football at it`s finest.

    Here is where most of the IE bloggers post…

  • anonymous

    It’s DANGEROUS to use straps when power cleaning!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Yes I here where you are coming from when bloggers go off . Loved that smash mouth football comment so in essence you get it. We would and still get hammered because of beating teams 28-10 or 21-7 and even though totally dominating the game it is just not our style of football to rack up the points. Only when we face a team with no run defense would the points grow but still not a huge numbers. I do believe that will change these next seasons and you will see a more balanced offense out of AMAT. A lot has been made of AMAT losing JA at tail back and is a huge loss but believe me when I say we have solid replacements .We did start to see more passing last season but with Rio and a couple of others look for us to open up the passing game a bit more and make our running game even better. You could say the past few years if you stopped our running game you had a good chance to beat us but I don’t believe that will be true this season . Anyways thanks for the blog site and maybe I will put my AMAT / SGV 2 cents in there also.

  • E

    Chino Hills deserves this recognition they have obviously been working hard this offseason with their new league and inland division in mind and their trophys prove it. Now they can be even more excited to sprap the pads on and fly around.

  • AMAT 73

    Took a look at the site. Not bad but man it’s a tough crowd over there. Maybe the Sierra League bloggers should venture over there as you guys are considered part of the group now by being in the Inland . Since you will face them in the playoffs might as well get some early licks in on the blog. Thanks for the link.

  • JFR


    Please take the advice of the great Sgt Hulka from the movie Stripes, “lighten up Francis”. This blog gets heated at times but for the most part it’s horseplay, like that tie in. Sorry for the lack of substance in my posts thus far but as of now all we can do is speculate and ASSume and we all know what happens when you assume. I poke fun at Norco only because I get many jobs down there and the flies drive me insane, I love driving down sixth it makes you feel like your in the midwest.

  • Norco


    Yes it is…lol…Most of the BigVIII teams stick together and will defend one another, except when they play one another. We support all Inland teams when they play out of County. The Sierra League bloggers should post and introduce themselves…Hell we have poster from the Orange County on there who constantly berate the IE teams…lol…but hey its all good natured…

  • Norco

    Fair enough…I don`t mind the heat, because I like to mix it up…What I do mind is other bloggers complaining to Aram that I don`t belong here….I believe everyone’s entitled to an opinion, no matter how wrong it may be.

  • JFR


    You’ll belong even more after the Sierra gets canceled out early in the playoffs. Some of us aren’t big enough to hang with you yet and will take our lumps but that’s LIFE! When you win at one level you must step up and learn again.

  • Dan

    I go to that site quite often, it can be entertaining to watch you inland guy’s and Bling go at it all the time, some funny post on there at times and Blings resiliancy is quite amazing cause no matter how much that guy is bombarded with one offensive post after another, nothing seems to fazes him. I used to post on that site quite often especially early in the decade when I believe it was Cal hi sports, but not so much now since the SGV created their own blog. Most of the time now I just read for info and to get occasional entertainment by the trash talk that goes on there. The OC connect board is pretty good too.

  • guru

    Not being a hater but does anyone realize how much weight is on the bar to me in those pictures looks like johnson has 2 44 bumper plates and a 33 on there and a 5 which if u add up is 4 X 44=176 + 10 +66=252 I am just saying he would have had to have another 68 pounds on the bar.

  • inland valley coach

    Our team was doing cleans at the same time as chino hills…..his 320lb lift was legit. That kid is a stud. There was some confusion on the clean event because they had 2 different types of 45lb plates ( not 44lb) the thinner ones were denser…….also, you forgot to add the 45lbs for the bar. He could have done 330 easily but the kids only got 2 lifts. The chino hills coach said that kid was an all cif nose guard last year….glad we don’t play against him.

  • glendora football player

    yeah austin johnson was a beast but those bands on there wrist they used increase you powerclean weight by an easy 20pounds! and i saw only chino hills use those bands take them off i dont see how the kid can do it now i attemtped 315 clean and i had it flipped just couldnt finish it off give me those wrist bands i garunte i would of got more then 320

  • Whatever

    Glendora heeman,

    You sound like your a little green with envy. Lifting is one thing, playing football is another. Both Johnson and Bergen are animals on the field, that’s all that matters. Don’t dwell on what some kid lifted last month, get your head straight. Its time to play football!. Also, a word of advice, work on your english skills.

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