Chew on this …

USC president Max Nikias ordered the removal of Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy from Heritage Hall today. Meanwhile, O.J. Simpson’s still proudly stands.

… (It isn’t about not getting caught anymore, kids. It’s about not getting convicted.)

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  • JFR

    LOVE IT!

  • sgvfootballfan

    Do you really want to post these racist comments.It looks in poor taste for you and the SGV tribune?

  • Bob Anon

    OJ Simpson is a scumbag, but during his collegiate and professional football career, he was not. He actually was a popular athlete. Using your logic, shouldn’t he also be removed from the collegiate and professional Halls of Fame?

  • Norco


    How is Arams comments racist? He makes at point….


    my daughter is a NCAA athelete..shes a swimmer. I do recall attending a meeting and NCAA explained compliance rules and also the consequences.
    Bush along with many football players almost never go to college to get degree..they go in the hopes of a NFL deal. Bush and his family got greedy and they began to believe all the hype all the articles and awards etc..went to their head. Unfortunately, his parents like many others want to take the easy route. He made a wrong decision that affected his team and his University-
    but remember he probably never had any loyalty to USC(never received degree)- he just went there to play ball. Its a shame to waste scholarship money…but it happens all the time.
    Bush has lots of money, and material wealth..but his character is questioned. Atheletes let this be a lesson..

  • Well, if I had Reggie Bush’s talent, I wouldn’t be going to college to get a law degree either. I’d be going to use the biggest talent God gave me and turn it into a career.

    Fat Aram = realist
    Athletics = just as important as academics

  • Aaron

    But see it’s an athletic scholarship…notice the word scholar?

    Remember playing sports is a privilege. Always about the four year athlete who graduates. Loyalty right?

  • Norco

    Thank you…

  • sgvfootballfan

    There was an earlier post this morning and Aram made the right decision to remove it.