Post-passing circuit All Encompassing SGV Top 25 …

This will be your last edition until the final preseason Top 25 is released, probably right around the last week in August. But now that the offseason is over and most of the secrets are out, I think this will be a pretty reliable guideline.

Hmm … while I’m at it, why not a game between La Habra and Amat?

1. Bishop Amat — The Lancers stay No. 1 because Rio is the real deal, Wallace G. is a major matchup problem and the coaching staff, while not talkative, is outstanding. Just please don’t tell me that Amat will somehow be the same or better without Jay Anderson. That stuff works on Freddie, not me. Thanks.
2. La Habra — All the skill players are in place for another CIF plaque to go on Coach Mazzotta’s mantle. Season opener vs. O-Lu will tell us whether Highlanders are even better than usual.
3. Chino Hills — Passing games and tire throws are very overrated, but cleaning 320 pounds is cleaning 320 pounds. It’s not hard to argue that the Huskies had the best offseason around. Scary.
4. Charter Oak — QB Travis Santiago got rave reviews from those I’ve spoken to. Unlike recent years, offense may have to carry the show.
5. South Hills — Size + skill players + Coach Bogan = scary. But the Huskies are banged up in two key skill spots. Those concerns cannot linger too far into the season.
6. La Mirada — Offseason was highlighted by the D-1 signings of several key players and Coach Moschetti’s downplaying of how good the Mats will be.This is your Southeast Division favorite. Can’t wait for the La Habra game.
7. Glendora — Nobody’s questioning the Tartans at QB, but what about the other skill spots? Pasqy isn’t sweating it, so why should we?
8. St. Francis — All reports are the Knights have reloaded. A very popular line around the Pasadena area is “Watch out for Travis Talianko.”
9. West Covina — Bulldogs look like the consensus early favorite in the Hacienda League. That’s not a distinction they should like.
10. Diamond Ranch — This is the most difficult D-Ranch team to read in a while. But one thing we do know is that the secondary will be sick.
11. Muir — Is it me, or do the Mustangs have a lot to prove in order to justify the hype? They always have skill, but this year they have size. Consistency shall be key.
12. San Dimas — If Kevin Kolbeck doesn’t get at least five balls thrown his way per game, then something’s wrong. Then again, if he doesn’t, that probably means the Saints are rolling.
13. Rowland — Ball-to-Freeman is one of the scariest combos in the Valley … kinda like Capital Dim Sum and BBQ.
14. Monrovia — I had no problem with what I saw from the ‘Cats on the field during the passing circuit. But that was while the ball was in play … get it? Remember, jerseys should stay on and your teammates are your friends. I have faith Coach Maddox will get that corrected.
15. Schurr — Taking on St. Paul in the nonleague — audacious or smelling blood in the water? Sparty could be one scary sight if it heads into league play undefeated.
16. Whittier Christian — Got the sense at the SGV Shootout that there was one team constantly thinking “let’s put the pads on” … and that was these guys.
17. Claremont — If you put your ear close to the SGV (and surrounding parts) pulse, you’ll hear lots of whispers about how good the ‘Pack are going to be.
18. Baldwin Park — Coach Heggins might just have the team capable of taking BP to the next level. Only problem is that San Dimas stands in the way everywhere the Braves turn.
19. Ayala — The Bulldogs have the talent to be higher on this list, but you have to wonder if they’ll get lost in the mix of the new Sierra.
20. Santa Fe — There could be a Mahlstede leading the Chiefs on the field as well as on the sidelines. Stay tuned … The Chiefs are your early Del Rio favorites.
21. Damien — Coaching can only go so far … give it a couple of years.
22. Bonita — I’ve seen dangerous Podley in the past. And this is what it felt like prior to those seasons.
23. Arroyo — Pointless passing circuit point: Knights QB Steven Rivera may throw the best deep ball in the area. He’s a good bet to keep doing it once the pads come on, so I thought I’d mention it.
24. Rosemead — Koffmead looked ho-hum on offense when I saw them throw and tenacious on defense. If you understand Rosemead football, that should tell you the Panthers are going to be very good.
25. Azusa — Giving the Aztecs the nod here over Pomona simply because they had a great offseason. But forget about winning the SGV Shootout, the Aztecs showed grit and that, and little else, makes them dangerous.

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    Aram, you made my morning! Let me raise up my coffee cup and say,i’ll drink to that! Coach Scherf, your coaching skills can’t go unnotice now, with all you and your coaching staff have been accomplishing! GREAT JOB!

    To make this list goes without saying! Aram, I’ve never seen AZUSA make these two blogs these last couple of months so much!

    Like I’ve been saying these last two (YEARS) a good coach can turn a program AROUND FOR THE BEST!



  • Ha!

    Way to go AT
    Throw a dog a bone and he eats it up…Enjoy your 25th place Aztecs Pride, it’s meaningless. Since when does 25th place mean anything!

  • AMAT 73

    Why come on here and knock AP for being happy to make the list . I see you would rather do that then have pride in your school cracking the list or is maybe because the didn’t make it on the list . I can see many SGV schools who are not on this list and yours is probably one of them left off. AP is the leading cheerleader for Azusa tkaes great pride in their accomplishments . HA! it’s idiots like you who bring the blogs down and one of the reason why we have lost many good solid contributors to the blogs. And by the way nothing wrong with being 25th in the entire coverage area of the Trib . Just think if you can all the high schools in that area if your mental capacity is up to it.

  • H.S fan

    FYI on passing league.
    #5 and #14 go at it Thurs. @ South Hills.
    Early look at week 4 battle.
    Will see who wins the flag football game Thurs.

  • Interesting…

    Bishop Amat – Could be the same or better with or without Jay, because Amat’s line was key to Jays success. Kid isn’t blazin, but he does have nice moves. I’m sure Amat has others that can run 4.5(40)s. If they do then you can say they have a good chance of being just as good or better…..

    La Habra – Aram did a good job, but losing Quezada who scored nearly half their total points and had half their total yards. I didn’t see anyone as good as him, but they do still have many great players, which can definitely get them another CIF title. QB is back, and he was good!

    Chino Hills/Charter Oak/South Hills – This will definitely be a tough battle in the Sierra, I see them as top three. CH has a monster line, as well as SH, but I have not really heard much hype about the CO line. Their passing league performance last week with Crespi and SH was decent, just being honest. It looked like their QB had a line out their during passing league he took so long, but again it’s just practice. Rufus is good though, but Rufus and Santiago won’t win them the Sierra. So that leaves CIF out of the question. As for SH, their QB needs work, but they have some good players. If their line can dominate, SH should be able to run like crazy and be an OK passing team. No matter what the Sierra should be a hell of a season!

  • K

    Good work AT, I think it is a sound analysis on these teams. I do think you are a little high on Rosemead but I am not going to argue about #24.

    I must be out of the loop but I don’t get the Monrovia comment???

  • Interesting,

    Solid points. But if Jay were still on the team, would he be the starting running back? I rest my case.

  • Interesting…

    I would like to think so, but several believe that the soon to be sophomore RB was very good. Not sure if as good as Jay, but from what I hear he had a lot of potential to be. So who knows if he’d be the starting RB or not, but regardless Jays line made him a good RB. Like I said he’s not blazin, so the holes the line created had to be pretty big. Somewhat like Geoff Vaugns and Ricky Johnson, their lines make them good RBs…

  • Aaron

    25 teams…a lot of questions!

    1. Bishop Amat — Does Ruiz go play in the Jr. Pan-American Games for four weeks? Who replaces the receiving threat that Ruiz was in the second half of the season? The Safety spot that Ruiz had?
    2. La Habra — Why did Cody Clements commit to play in Pullman so early? He has twitter and his own website.
    3. Chino Hills — And they’re not number two?
    4. Charter Oak — Can their offense outscore everyone…because there’s a lot of questions on defense. Can Santiago be the guy and not a game manager? Who will be the runningback?
    5. South Hills — Coaching? They left their nemesis behind, but can they be better than third in the Sierra?
    6. La Mirada — Who replaces Whittier Daily News athlete of the year in Daniel Poncedeleon at QB?
    7. Glendora — I’ll tell you, I’m worried about their skill guys. Tartans are in for a rude awakening entering a league that had three semifinalists and the two finalists in the division. Did I mention Etiwanda took fourth at the Wolfpack Challenge?
    8. St. Francis — They’ve been quiet.
    9. West Covina — What offense does Maggiore run this season?
    10. Diamond Ranch — Can you replace Gus Viramontes, Amari Staten, Elisha Henley and others?
    11. Muir — Depth?…but they are for real!
    12. San Dimas — Don’t think Kolbeck will get that many, Kennedy is still gimping around.
    13. Rowland — Monrovia destroyed them at the SGV shootout! Michael Ball is the key, if he’s gone they’re done.
    14. Monrovia — I like Maddox. This should be their year. Can Deshawn Ramirez come back from it all, they don’t need him, but he needs them. Let’s hope for a success story.
    15. Schurr — It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck! St Paul is going to be horrid. Seen Cantu’s new skill guys. They may not be Arredondo, Chiaromonte, and Sanchez…but unlike Glendora they have replaced their guys.
    16. Whittier Christian — I’m buying. Who replaces Fullbright though?
    17. Claremont — Jeffries has an offer and Kessler doesn’t? Not sure about them though, they went 4-0 in their pool, but then lost their games on Saturday to teams they should have crushed. Sierra should be easier than the Baseline though.
    18. Baldwin Park — Too many questions for me. WC3 in shape will be ridiculous though.
    19. Ayala — With Chino Hills, Claremont, and…can Ayala take the next step?
    20. Santa Fe — Not too sure about them especially with Alex Flores gone at QB, Andrew Jackson and Cameron Oliver Receiver, also William Bomer gone at Runningback. They do have talent.
    21. Damien — Why so many kids standing on the sideline during passing league and not rotating in…not in this Sierra!
    22. Bonita — A few spots too low. Don’t worry about the offense. Pendleton will take the next step and put on a show with the receivers he has coming back. But the defense will be one of Ray Medina’s best, they will be dangerous.
    23. Arroyo — I like Rivera, but what else do they go? Didn’t catch anything in their afternoon matchups at the SGV shootout.
    24. Rosemead — Should be able to get the second spot out of the Mission Valley.
    25. Azusa — Good choice…Pomona doesn’t have a chance in the Valle Vista…but they do have skill guys. My only thing with Azusa is that their quarterback also calls the defensive signals at Middle line backer.

  • K,

    In regard to your question about Monrovia, I think this goes back to how a person decides to view/watch/report/analyze passing games.

    As I’ve said before, a person can go to a passing game and come back with things like “Little Joey looked great!” Seriously, what does that tell anyone? I don’t do that. I calibrate my opinion in relation to the team I’m watching. I didn’t like what I saw from Monrovia. I think you had left by the time they played Azusa.

    What I saw was too much bickering and blaming between teammates. I saw lack of senior leadership from a very key position. I saw the throwing of jerseys. I saw a team that folded when Azusa didn’t roll over for them.

    Yes, it was passing league. But for a team that has something to prove when ANY TYPE OF HARDWARE is on the line, I was hoping to see a better mental make up.

    It’s OK to have swagger, but that swagger needs to turn to grit when push comes to shove.

    Championship teams do not act the way Monrovia did throughout that game vs. Azusa. Sorry, but they don’t. I’m not going to sit here and fawn over their skill players the way others choose to do. I already knew they had skill guys and a fantastic QB.

    When a team does what Monrovia did last year (go 13-0 into the final game) and loses when the big cheese is on the line, red flags go up in my head. I wonder not about talent, but mental make up. I went to that tournament wanting to look at certain things from certain teams. Mental make up was what I watching with M-Town, and I didn’t like what I saw and believe me, I’m not alone.

    Now, like I said before, I know that Coach Maddox has a better handle on his team’s mental make up than I ever could. And I know from what I saw of Coach Maddox at WestCo when he was an assitant, that this guy doesn’t F around. He can easily fix this.

    I’m just an observer and report what I saw and it’s not always sugar coated.

    About Rosemead, I went to Gladstone not wanting to be wowed by Rosemead’s deep passing game. I went there wanting to see body types of linebackers and how that team played and handled itself on defense. Saw all I needed to see. They are typical Rosemead in that department and will field another good team.

  • Don

    I would suggest if you are including Muir from the Pacific, you need to consider Burbank who I think will finish ahead of the Mustangs. Same type of thing in the Suburban where Norwalk is also returning some talent from a very good 11-2 run last year and to a lesser degree California from the Del Rio. Like the rest, just my opinion.

    Three levels in my scheme with some wide open spaces between them. Try as I might, I just can’t get my head around even the best Mid-Valley teams on the field with La Habra or Amat.

    1.Bishop Amat: Should be at the top of the heap because of depth and Coaching. Way to much attention on the blogs about who will be carrying the ball and who will hand it to him because Hagerty and friends just won’t let it be about one guy.
    2.La Habra: Should also be on top because of depth and Coaching. An amazing number of LHHS kids go on to play Saturdays, most after a stopover in Cerritos with Coach Mazzotta the elder.

    3.Chino Hills: Start with Ekpre-olomu, Johnson and Harris behind a large, athletic front. Add an excellent staff and you get another Sierra champ.
    4.Charter Oak: Rufus, Thropay, and Santiago on O with Gibas, Avila and Clement may not seem like enough but I suspect the Farrar-Lehigh gang will do OK, at least in league. Look for a lot more balls in the air and a few surprises.
    5.West Covina: Probably the biggest, strongest team in the Southeast returns some solid defense, a QB, and a couple of ball carriers who won’t be in the shadow of Johnson and Illi this year.
    6.Glendora: A star QB and an excellent HC go a long way towards making Glendora a better team. The real question is how far that will get you in the Sierra.
    7.St. Francis: Solid, 6’3 backup QB takes over the reigns, most of the O graduated, but some defense is back and as usual, St. Frannie is BIG. All that gets you ? In the Mission League.
    8.South Hills: This may be Bogie’s longest season ever, I’m not sure the Huskies even belong in this League and I’m sure they don’t belong in this Division. Like many schools in this tier, injuries and issues will cost games. Healthy Huskies may make the playoffs, (which may not be that swell).
    9.Burbank: Lots of talent back from a solid 9-3 season, from what I hear, deep too.
    10.Muir: Always talented, but will finish second in the Pacific to Burbank. Depth will be an issue all year as any injury or other issue usually affects two positions.
    11.Diamond Ranch: Too many holes to fill to be way up here, at least for now. Roddy will be in the mix come playoff time but for now, DRanch belongs a little lower.
    12.Bonita: Injuries and pass protection problems were deadly for Bonita last year and they were still within 7 points in 5 of their 8 L’s. They return a bunch of experienced kids and will surprise a few folks.
    13.San Dimas: Will be great in the V V and one of the better teams in the Mid-Valley but would hard pressed to play well against the top tier of valley teams, especially week after week. In this mix, they belong mid-tier.
    14.Norwalk: Big with some talented kids coming back from an 11-2 season is also moving up to a tougher Division.
    15.Ayala: I think Ayala has finally moved beyond that talent drain up the Pomona Fwy. That Canyon Hills carpool to LP must have been heartbreaking to Bulldog fans.
    16.La Mirada: Lost a ton of offensive firepower to graduation but return a pretty good defensive core. It will be tough to come close to last season’s success. That coaching thing doesn’t help either.

    17.Schurr: I think El Toro and Downey will be tougher for Shurr than the Swordsmen. You gotta wonder how these guys got moved down to the Mid after perennial success in a tougher D.
    18.Whittier Christian: Never take the Heralds lightly, they have always been talented and can be especially tough come playoff time. They’ve been like this since before Mark Krigler was QB.
    19.CalHi: Lost 50% of the offense and the best defenders and I still think the Condors will win the wacky Del Rio. (Look out for dark horse El Rancho too).
    20.Monrovia: Like the Saints, plenty talented to take the league and do well in the M V. Beyond that?
    21.Santa Fe: Jack Mahlstede and Marijon Ancich have been great coaches ever since they got done fighting in the Civil War. Jack’s grandson has been play QB in the passing leagues.
    22.Rowland: Snyder’s last stand? I see too many skinny kids with the ball for the Hacienda which will be big and physical this year. Move these guys down.
    23.Damien: This is a hell of a time to have a bare cupboard with Gano, Farrar, and Bogie in the same league and all but that may be what the Spartans are facing.
    24.Claremont: Legit QB and a couple of good targets, the Wolfie’s will have to protect Kessler to get anything done in the new Sierra.
    25.Baldwin Park: Probably the best D in the league; the Braves will need to find a way to score some points if they want to go anywhere in the Mid-Valley.
    26.Rosemead: Hey, what happened to fear the ‘mead? Somebody get Brian Longuevan on the line.
    27.Azusa: Lots of props for all they have done and will do but, Dude, it’s the Montview.
    Arroyo: Without trying to sound like a ‘hater’, once you get beyond the best four or five M V teams, the list becomes a ‘tale of two lists’

  • 2009 Statistics

    Jay Anderson 1,121 yards and 22 TDs.

    Please don’t tell me he would’ve been simply been in the mix with the other backs. This guy was the starter and the best VARSITY running back on campus right now.

  • Anonymous123

    Aram, this is Football Man. Monrovia will make you Sh*t you pants when they play against your picks. Glendora vs. Morovia prediction Monrovia 35 Glendora 7 South Hills vs. Monrovia- Monrovia 35 South Hills 14. I was at that tournament and players were getting frustrated and heated due to all sorts of issues. Monrovia only had 7 players in terms of numbers and still took second place as opposed to Azusa having 23 players. Things happen Aram, it doesn’t mean that the team has no discipline. You guys always seem to miss the boat when it comes to what football is all about. I grant you after week 5 you will be questioning your own predictions from that point on. Talk about senior leadership? Nick Bueno is one of the most secure and confident leaders in the area, he may not get your vote or approval but everyone else seems to think so. Once those Pads go on the those Lights begin to shine, watch out because you haven’t seen nothing yet. As far as these post season predictions are concerned, TOSS EM until you gathered some more meaningful information about each team.

  • FredJ

    It’s hard to believe Arcadia has dropped this far, or Temple City too. These would have been slam dunk top 25s two years ago.

  • Freddie leaves Star-News/Arcadia and TC struggle. Coincidence?

  • Stop it, rt now!

    Anon 123/Observant Cat—-please stop embarassing yourself on this blog.

  • AMAT 73

    Yes to answer your question JA would be the incumbent starting running back . But you should know how it works at AMAT . Could he have been beaten out of the position ? Maybe but not likely but it could have happened . As you know everyone thought we were cooked with the departure of a couple of fine backs a few years ago but up sprang some replacements who filled in nicely. We just always seem to find some great running back roaming around campus . Great running backs are a tradition at AMAT and that tradition will live on this season.

  • New York

    I definitely appreciate the amount of coverage you have provided. Having something to say about so many teams is pretty impressive.

    I might split hairs on on La Mirada’s ranking. I would put them a couple places higher with FIVE Division one signees on defense. Two are linemen, right?

    Not to dismiss anything regarding Monrovia, but referring to HARDWARE at a passing tournament is silly. I do, however, beleive that anything worth doing is worth doing well…but HARDWARE is available only in December.

  • Amat Onlooker

    Aaron – Rio will play football, being the leader and consumate athlete that he is, there is no way he leaves his team during the season. The Amat Defense will be just fine as AMAT defenses always are. I would still like to see W.G. and R.R. on opposite sides of the offensive formation. Talk about passing game options, throw in A.S. as a slot and B.B. as a TE and suddenly the offense is very, very dangerous. Plus, there are still several untapped offensive options on the team and as the season goes on I suspect these hidden options will come into play when the time is right. I have no worries for AMAT this season just lots of anticipation for the season to START!!! Go Lancers.

  • M-town dad

    You must have it in for Monrovia, because I was on hand for all the Cats’ games and you are absolutely blowing things out of proportion. The M-town family is very confident in the teams’ senior leadership and with the team as a whole. Just remember that our team had another good showing in one of these passing tournaments. Not bad for a running team, huh? You should see them when all their skill players show up for these games. One more thing. Bueno leads the team during voluntary weekend workouts and will be leading them during the dead period as well. Maybe you should take a better look before you write your nonsense.

  • E

    New York,
    There is nothing wrong with Aram discussing offseason Hardware. Especially in the case of CHills for they have now collected actual trophies for the amount of offseason progress they have made in multiple aspects of the game (for guys in the backfield and in the trenches). This hardware only brings teams closer together in their strive for Hardware that comes later in the season that is nearly year round now.

  • Dan

    Not sure how I would create a list of 25 with commentary It would take me to long, but I agree with both Don and Aram on the top 4, On Arams list I would have St. Francis at #5 above South Hills. Then #6 thru 12 in no particular order would consist of South Hills, Glendora, La Mirada, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Muir, and Bonita, as I said in no particular order. I think all seven of these teams are closely matched, and a cut above the remaining teams in the SGV although there may be a sleeper or three that could step in and replace a few teams in this group[ie Monrovia, San Dimas, Santa fe, Norwalk, Mayfair, Cal.] Hard to pick amongst this second tier cause any matchup in this group would be a toss up at this point in the season.
    O Cat, I can’t deny that you’ve always been passionate about your Wildcats but 35 to 7 over Glendora! 35 to 14 over South Hills! I think your starting to lose it big guy but I could certainly see the Wildcats give those teams some great competitive games, good luck to your boy’s this season.

  • Anon

    I don’t think Ayala belongs up there especially because they were destroyed by Diamond Bar in passing league, even though it doesn’t mean too much, but still

  • MidValley

    VVL….Don’t doubt Pomona. They do have TONS of skill kids, they always have. But these guys are from Colony now. Rice is getting them going and Teague could be the best back in the area. BP and Pomona will be a good game for 2nd. If Pomona wins….Look out SD… don’t want Pomona believin šŸ™‚

  • Goldenarm

    There was a day when a victory over Monrovia could be traced to a sprinkling of poor attitudes, that had been allowed to fester and grow into undisciplined play. Mistakes, lack of focus. Hell, fistfights at the banquet was how a season sometimes closed out for Monrovia.

    M-town opponents can pray for this day to return – but it will not. If you are going to bicker and in-fight – do it in passing tourneys and practice, then flush it out and make damn sure the air is cleared come Sept.
    I would place bets on Maddox and company NOT embarrassing themselves this year. The Cat staff is far too experienced and motivated to let cockiness and poor sportsmanship be the banner Monrovia is carrying and waving in the face of teams they face.

    Trash talk, stupidity and testosterone are always on close up display in passing tourneys because of the ease of up close and personal public access to the teams and players. Observers who think Maddox did not come away from the San Dimas loss with a better understanding of what needs doing – are short on knowledge of the man. The team is far from perfection -but has both the senior leadership and coaching to overcome the loss of a key player – or a flare up of inappropriate behavior.

  • !stang!

    Aram, where do you rate muir if they beat amat? Are they the top team in the valley or would it be a down year for Amat?

  • stang,

    Oh man, they’d have to get a long look at No. 1 if they pulled that off. Yeah, they’d probably be No. 1 if they were undefeated at that point, too.

  • Amat Onlooker


  • Valley tlk 101

    Azusa will turn some heads. that’s all i got to say.
    1st in the SGV Shootout, 2nd in the Arroyo Line Competetion in which they got robbed in they should of gotten 1st who cares. And plus thier majorioty of thier defense coming back including Erik Perez who will be their X-Factor. Jose Nunez runner up defensive MVP, will be the Defensive MVP this year, 2 All CIF players returning and one returning All Valley.

    Remember: U guys counted out Azusa the last 2 years and all they have done is surprised and shock teams.
    Watch out for them Aztecs.

  • Turning heads?

    That Azusa defense that is returning most of their starters the same Azusa defense that gave up 50+ last year to San Dimas. Good luck with that!

  • Valley tlk 101

    One year of maturity and hitting the weight room can do wonders… this isnt the same team from last year. they are faster stronger and overall more talented than last year’s group. they will be better this year.
    Azusa will prove all the critics wrong

  • Goldenarm

    I think I liked it better when Azusa Pride was the unofficial voice of the Aztecs.

    You could pour acid on the guy, run him over with a semi- and the dude would still pop up throwing love toward his Aztecs. If the entire Montview went 0-6 preseason…the sun would still be shining along Highway 39 and Aztec Pride would still be tailgating 4 hours before kickoff.

    The dude has proven bulletproof and rarely is an A-hole in his replies to some of the most scrotum smashing comments made against his team of choice. Right now he is riding the Wave of Schlerf, and the Administration of Azusa High school should be commended for hiring the right guy for their show.

    Regardless of comment and attack, this program is unquestionably on the right track.


    Golden arm,

    What a nice compliment! You have a great WEEKEND!


  • New York

    I enjoy Aram’s coverage of off-season training. I am a huge proponent of off-season training. I just found his reference to HARDWARE somewhat humorous, especially because it was a reference to Monrovia’s performance in CIF Championship games. I would be curious to know how many CIF Champions won passing league tournaments the prior summer. Maybe there is something to do, but the team that beat Monrovia in the finals this past season attempted only one pass the entire game. Paso Robles in the 1998 finals may have attempted two passes: one was a pick 6 and the other was a 7 yard (approx) loss for a QB sack.

  • NY,

    My point was more if they throw a fit when things don’t go well in a passing game championship, then what happens in the playoffs when the going gets rough? The ‘Cats might be good enough to win this thing on talent alone. Then again, a lot of Mid-Valley Div. teams will be just as good or better.

    As I said earlier, I’m sure that this is something Maddox will get solved, assuming he even views it as a problem.

  • New York

    It is not accurate to attribute San Dimas’ victory to Monrovia’s players having a flawed mental makeup. The game I was at showed Monrovia players keeping their heads in the game the entire time. They never folded. No stupid penalties. Aside from a fumbled punt snap in the monsoon, I don’t remember any sloppy turnovers. Following that punt snap turnover, SD could have put the game away but Monrovia had a huge goal line stand. Is that something that what mentally weak players would have done? No.

    Heck, I mentioned it a long time ago that San Dimas gave us some stupid penalties and had a key fumble when they could have put the game away late. Unfortunately, we did not convert.

    SD had a ton of yards rushing, but our defense never showed frustration (mental discipline), as evidenced by the limited points that SD scored (one touchdown). Our defense bent but certainly did not break.

    The lack of offensive production and amount of defensive bend that night was not due to players’ mental makeup.

  • Observantcat

    Just a note from a real Wildcat Fan. After going to serveral games and noting how others make claims of discipline and or unsportsmanlike against the Wildcats, I wll disagree fully. Monrovia probably has fewer than any team when it comes to penalties related to disciplinary reasons. I have seen games where even when there was a caiuse for retaliations Monrovia players stood by and just plain walked away. I think that this Bad Boy reputation comes from a lot of unrelated issues thrown into the papers and reflected on the kids on the team. For example: A shooting that took place a couple of years ago of a Monrovia player who in fact was not a Monrovia player, he played for the Duarte Falcons, but as the Star News had been reporting on this issue all of the area bloggers began throwing out insults about the Monrovia players as though they were all Gang Bangers and Low lifes, which could not be further from the truth. If you go to some of their practices and really get to know the players and what they really think and believe you would come out with a whole new attitude and perspective. They are know different than other teams that posses a group of great athelets who just love the game. True fans have always known that there were more internal problems that have kept Some of Monrovia;s teams from putting some of these championship games in the can. The real blame can’t always be put on the players or their attitudes, sometimes you have to look a little higher and ask yourself what if you had all of that talent, do you think you could have pulled it out? As far as passing league is concerned, i consider it a success when you have a new Sophomore QB taking snaps for the first time on a varsity team and learnng the ropes that could lead his team to that final game. Morovia has nothing to ba ashamed about for competing at these events and not bringing home a blue ribbon(: It is going to ultimatly bring together a much stronger bond between QB’s and Recievers and when that happens things can only get better with a true running team like the Wildcats.
    Personally I am enjoying your interaction on your blog as opposed to some of the others. Getting more involved and understaning the real fans point of view is more important than just guessing or reading other bloggers points of view and forming a false opinion.

  • Bulldog

    Anon said:
    I don’t think Ayala belongs up there especially because they were destroyed by Diamond Bar in passing league, even though it doesn’t mean too much, but still

    1. Hogwash..When will people get it that passing league means nothing. 3 years ago Ayala tore up in passing league and everyone thought they were gonna be phenomenal.. they went 0-10
    2. Look back at Ayala v Dbar games the past three years at all levels.. no competetion thats why Dbar was booted from the Sierra.
    3. Agreed Ayala will be lucky to win a game in league this year and could end up .500. Look at the league opponents and where they are ranked and it becomes understandable.
    4. Ayala was very successful last year: Fresh 10-0 JV 8-2. Varsity was 6-4 and lost several close games to Glendora and Chino Hills. A win in either game would have put them into the playoffs. They are a far better team this year!
    Ayala should prob be rated higher than some of the teams above them, but it is a fair ranking