Baldwin Park’s Demetrius Jackson offered by UTEP …

Baldwin Park defensive back and (who knows what on offense) Demetrius Jackson has received an offer from UTEP.

Jackson sat out last season after being ruled ineligible by CIF following his transfer from Duarte. He’ll play defensive back and a myriad of skill positions on offense for the Braves this season.

Earlier this summer, Jackson’s BP teammate Wardell Crutchfield III, aka WC3, committed to UTEP where he’ll play either linebacker or safety. Jackson also has offers from New Mexico St. and Stonybrook.

Aram’s take: Jackson and WC3 could room together at UTEP … that’s probably the Miners’ best selling point. Jackson is expected to wait for bigger and better offers once the season starts. No bad for somebody who didn’t play his all-important junior season.

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  • Go Braves

    Heggins and the Braves may be on to something special.


    SD, COV, Pomona, and the rest of the league better just stay home when it’s their turn to play BP. Who will be able to compete with all of those D1 players? In fact, BP wins the Mid Valley this year with all of that talent!

  • Bob

    How many of former Duarte HS players will be on Baldwin Parks roster this season???

  • K

    Relax UNOIT. Good for those kids, they will probably go to UTEP together and they will both do well for BP this year. But no way do they beat SD in league and no way do they even get to the finals let alone win the whole thing. This is a team who lost to a small school 3rd place team in WC last year and it wasn’t even a tight game. But good for DJ and WC3.

  • SD

    I think we will be just fine. By the way, we are staying home, BP comes to our place this year. WC3….not really impressive. Guy can cover anything and is SLOW! He better watch out that he keeps this so called offer.

  • BP Fan

    Wardell Crutchfield Jr. the coach should be ashamed of himself having all them football players leave Duarte to screw the school over but what he did was screw them kids up. Some of them kids got lucky and will get to play at the next level but a kid like Canada would have went to a better known school then Montana. He should be proud of being able to go to Montana but him and some others got robbed of their senior season because they believed in this clown.

  • Elias Buckwalter

    No way BP wins the Mid-Valley. They have as much chance of winning the title as Mel Gibson does of passing an Anger Management Class.

  • Oh Really BP Fan

    Ok Duarte person stop hating?

  • CrutchField is no Coach

    Wardell Crutchfield Jr. (the coach?) is a joke. It is a said day when a weak head coach hires on a Crutchfield so he can bring in the talent that Crutchfield is holding over his head. What a head coach will do to win.

    I saw that incident over at Arroyo when Crutchfield (DC) tried to intimidate another team. The other team slapped his team right back in the face and scored on them. Then intercepted the ball and was about to score on his defense again. What does Crutchfield do, pulls his kids off the field and quits. He stated that the other team was trash talking too much, yes trash talking. This guy is a joke.

  • New York

    Anyway way you cut it, there has been a pretty impressive number of D-1 scholarships associated with Crutchfield/Duarte. I’m not sure about causation vs. correlation, but the number is pretty good for such a small city.

  • The guy took a Montview League team to the semifinals BEFORE they were in the Mid-Valley Division!!! Not to mention D-1 signees left and right. Yes, this coaching thing isn’t working too well for Crutchfield.

  • Check your ego at the door

    CrutchField is no Coach

    I believe the team that was supposedly trash talking too much, and led to Crutch pulling his team off the field, was HH Wilson. Sad day in Crutchville when a team with the talent level of Wilson gets into a COACHES head. Should make for an interesting VVL league game between the two teams, thanks to realignment this season.

  • CrutchField is no Coach

    Aram, are you gauging a coaches ability on D1 talent, I thought you were smarter than that. Give me a Shan Cody I can coach him up to the next level.

    There is a big difference in developing talent and it falling in your lap. The Duarte area has been a hot bed of talent for decades. What Crutchfield was able to do is keep the talent in Duarte, until he got fired.

    I believe you are right it was HH Wilson who made Crutchfield look like a fool. I lost what little respect I had for the man when he pulled that stunt. The real interesting aspect of that incident is HH Wilson really took it to Baldwin Park. It looked like Crutchfield was attempting to intimidate HH Wilson’s players and his players got intimidated by HH Wilson.

  • New York

    That is shortsighted. YES, Duarte has talent forever, but what did it do? Under Crutchfield, the talent actually made it to the next level directly from high school. Compare that to the star filled 1992 Duarte team that went to the CIF finals. That roster had at least three or four guys who got some type of NFL exposure, but the yield of going directly to a four year school was not as impressive as what happened when Crutchfield was there.

    Give some credit for helping players stay focused and become NCAA qualified.

  • CrutchField is no Coach

    Give him some credit, ok with that.

    Let’s go where we can’t go to far, why was it that Crutchfield, the great coach that you all say he is got fired from Duarte when the team was doing better than ever. Some of us do know the reason, but they can’t be posted on this thread. Why if this guy is such a good coach would no other program pick him up. He had to take the DC job at Baldwin Park. He even used the players that were coming with him as levage. Because it was only Baldwin Park he lost a few of the players on the way.

  • You’re just burying yourself. What did Duarte do before and/or after Crutch? Same with Pomona. When he was there, they were good and sending guys to the next level, Eugene Germany comes to mind.

    Anyway, Crutch had an uphill battle the whole time he was there. Some administrations just don’t get it. For a while, Duarte was practicing without sleds. Incredible.

    And the reason he isn’t a head coach somewhere else is because he doesn’t want to be. I think he’s only at BP because his son his there. I have no idea whether he’ll keep coaching after WC3 graduates.

    Your case for him being a bad coach is terrible. He’s got wins. He’s got programs he’s turned around. He’s got multiple next-level talents. There’s obviously a person vendetta on your part because nothing backs up what you’re saying.

  • K

    This is an interesting discussion. It seems like the guy knows football, I don’t think anyone can argue with that. But I have seen him around the passing league circuit and have seen his team play and I can only speak to what I have personally observed about his coaching style:
    1) I have never heard any coach yell more profanity than this guy at his kids
    2) I have never seen a coach talk as much trash about the other teams players (without same)
    3) BP was easily the dirtiest team I saw play all last year (and not dirty in a good way)

  • red leader

    During a game against Monrovia a couple of years ago, Crutch decided to go on fourth down and long not once, not twice, but three times. Two times were in the second quarter when the score was only 14-6 Monrovia and one more time in the third. All three attempts were either at mid field or on Duarte’s side of the field and all failed miserably. Game ended 14-6. I guess Crutch doesn’t believe in the battle for field position. Just one example.

    If you just look at the wins and losses and the kids moving on to the next level, yes he’s a good coach. But if you have ever seen how he carries himself on the sideline and have witnessed some of his game time decisions, any true fan of the game would question it.

  • CrutchField is no Coach

    I think I can rest my case with these last few comments. The person vendetta is the same as these other bloggers, the guy has no class. He is the type of guy everyone loves to hate. That is why he will never be a successful head coach.

    You may like him because he wins or sends players on to College, but at what expense?

  • Dubb3trathree

    So I have seen the jackson kid and WC3 as Aram has nicknamed him. And after seeing both this kids play since they were freshmen. They do have some talent. Jackson more so than WC3. WC3 has bulked up quit a bit from last season but to me it seems to have slowed him down. Ive seen the kid at 2-3 different passing events. And he seemed slow and not making many plays. He may be more a phyical presence during the season. But he is going to have to be. Baldwin Park is a two player team. Sorry there Linebackers look like Offensive line men, and not ur quick athletic type either. There were poor in pass coverage. And that would explain why HH Wilson beat them at the Arroyo event. Without there 2 top Players. I know its passing league. But ive seen Crutchfeilds coaching style. At Du-Roc he always just had more talent that the other teams. Crutch would simply play man to man..outside and blitz the house every play. Nothing special just had always had better players. But at Bp. there talent isnt as dramtic in comparrison as when in the montview. Teams like HH Wilson who are coming down from competeing against teams like Charter Oak and Diamond Ranch, dont seem to fear BP. And teams like San Dimas are just as loaded and defending champs. Crutch has had talent. But his schemes seem to lack any real since of x and o’s. If BP can run the table and his team is legit on defense then i will eat my words so to speak. But i just dont see it..

  • CrutchField is no Coach


    Your comments are interesting to say the least. When I watched Baldwin Park for the first time I made a comment about Crutchfield and someone told me that isn’t Crutchfield that is Jackson.

  • Aram check you facts


    Crutch had nothing to do with the majority of kids that signed D1 scholarships out of Pomona. He helped with Husein Abdullah, now with the Vikings, but he was pushing him to Kansas. He wound up at Wash. State with his brother. Don’t get me wrong, Crutch did a great job moving his kids at Duarte on to D1, but get off his jock and realize that other people that were involved with Pomona at that time deserve the credit. The ironic thing is that staff worked hard to help athletes get to wherever they could because they cared about them, not for the accolades and success of doing so.

  • Mid-Vallley observant

    yes, agreed K. Very dirty team indeed. You know a team is dirty when they try to pick fights during passing leauges. I believe they where at arroyo, my buddy told me BP started a fight against SOuth Elmonte, or rosemead. one of those schools.
    But once you think about it, it is football, and things do become intense, whether its passing league, or a season game. However that gives no reason for a team to try to start fights, thats just low.

  • Mid-Vallley observant

    yes, agreed K. Very dirty team indeed. You know a team is dirty when they try to pick fights during passing leauges. I believe they where at arroyo, my buddy told me BP started a fight against SOuth Elmonte, or rosemead. one of those schools.
    But once you think about it, it is football, and things do become intense, whether its passing league, or a season game. However that gives no reason for a team to try to start fights, thats just low.