Charter Oak wins North CountyTournament …

Charter Oak made its only passing tournament of the offseason count by beating Crescenta Valley to win the North County Tournament hosted by Rancho Buena Vista and El Camino high schools.

The Chargers picked up wins along the way against Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita. Charter Oak also beat defending Division I state bowl champ Oceanside on Friday afternoon. The 32-team tournament consisted of teams from Arizona, Utah, Nevada as well as teams from various California sections.

Aram’s take:
Impressive considering that Charter Oak is replacing quite a bit from last year’s team. Not sure what this means once the pads come on, but I’m sure it helps the confidence of the youngsters. It’s also a good sign that CO won’t miss a beat skill-wise, so the pressure’s really on the rebuilt lines

  • Mission Hills Parent

    I came on to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune website to do some research of my own on Charter Oak because I had no idea where they were located until this weekend and look at what I found but a legit local high school football blog. I wish we had someplace to post comments like this locally with our newspapers.

    I tip my hat maybe even take my hat off to you Charter Oak. Your team was a class act the entire weekend and the show you put on was entertaining.

    Your team looked young but played with so much passion and you one could tell you were well coached by your discipline and execution scoring big points the entire weekend. Your aggressive play on defense also seems to lock down opponents. We just had fun competing and meeting your football family. You can tell everyone loves the game and bond everyone has with one another.

    I wish you the best of luck this year and hope you come back down to San Diego to represent your area again because everyone in the San Gabriel Valley should be proud of your team. You boys are damn good and my son and I enjoyed watching and playing against your program.

    We will be following you this year and let’s see who is the last team standing in December.

    God’s speed!


    i already read the other blog with people hating on this…thats what seperates charter oak from all u other fools…anytime ur between the lines u go out and compete ur butt off and go for the win…thats what we do! btw charter oak hasnt lost a game to a team in this valley in 4 years

    thank u mission hills you guys are a great program and we played a heck of a game aginst eachother…well coached, classy…

  • New York

    Even though it is passing league, it sure looks like the kid on the right edge is wearing shoulder pads…that is probably the result of a serious off-season commitment! Well done.

    This performance is commendable, as is the philosophy of not making your summer all about passing league tourneys (just one) but still showing up full force when you do enter one.

  • The real sgv

    While all other teams are all tired and playing their 2 teams you decide to participate in a passing tourney, don’t get too excited………ooh we are so worried…..just a heads up, there are plenty of passing leagues in the summer all you have to do is participate?


    Very bold statement considering the tomato cans you face . Wait until the IE gets a hold of you if you even make the playoffs.


    Nice win for CO but 2 threads and a total of 15 hits . That kind of put these passing leagues into perspective.

  • ie

    From what i see your corners seem to control the tempo of the game also when your back up corner comes in.

    I wonder why he’s not starting.

  • fyi

    Hey just to let u guys kno… CO has been going to that tourney along time and this is the first time they’ve ever won the tourney!!

  • Inland Hunter

    Hey Cee Oh, IT’S A PASSING LEAGUE!I wouldn’t start engraving the league championship trophy just yet, but hey, enjoy the passing league CHAMP trophy for the time being….it might be the last CHAMP anything trophy c.o. sees for quite a while.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • SGV


    Go look for desert turtles, and STFU. HAHAHAHAHAHAH…

  • Inland Hunter

    SGV – Maybe I can make you a nice turtleshell pedestal for you to place your “Passing League Champions” Plaque on. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Aram

    Please don’t post under my name unless you’re me, which you’re not.

    Dueling Inland posters, this should be nuts.

  • Norco

    hmmmmmm…I don`t know what to make of Inland Hunter….I guess I will just lurk a little more and see what he has to bring to the table…

  • Real Football

    As far as I’m concerned CO just won a flag football tournament BFD!!!!!!

  • Norco


    My body of work speaks for itself…This dude wouldn`t stand a chance against me…He is nothing but a pathetic eunuch and has no game…

  • Inland Hunter

    Im not sure if you are somehow confused into thinking that “I” posted as Aram but I assure you that “I” did not. As far as dueling Inland posters, “I” have no beef with other Inland posters(i.e. Norco) if that is what was inferred by dueling inland posters? Now, if you are talking about me getting my dander up with the “New Meat” just added to the INLAND DIVISION than YES, you are on the right track! No more beating a sub-par league rival (DR) who barely finished .500…for a championship! Those days are over boys (Charter Oak), along with those banners and championships you snatched up from that rec-ball league you were in before. Who knows, maybe IF you stay around long enough you may see a first round one and done in the play-offs a couple of years down the road from now? Maybe. Anyways, gotta go. Gotta go get me some turtles!!!


    It seems as the CO and Sierra boys have their work cut out for them . Not only on the field of play but on the field of blogging. Interesting that no CO honks have risen to reply to the Inland bloggers. Come on CO I would think you guys could muster something stronger then the desert turtle reply.

  • Norco

    I`m game…Maybe if these CO bloggers would learn how to debate, theyd get much more respect as a board clowns. My only problem is somebody is always running to Aram crying all the time…

  • Norco

    For the CO bloggers….bwahahahahahaha

  • JFR


    What school do you support mr. bigtime

    I like this, Your blog is about to blow up Aram.

  • Aram


    If this is how and why my blog blows up — two I.E. guys going at it — I’ll take a pass on that.

    By the way, the reason you never hear much from CO people is because Big Lou put a moratorium on posting on these blogs a few years ago.

  • Inland Hunter

    REV, Vista Murrieta, JWNorth, Corona Cent, Upland, Rancho, Temecula Chap, Los Osos, FoHi, AB Miller and Norco to name a few. Ultimately, I support all the Inland Empire Football schools. The I.E. schools are going to be handing down Football 101 lessons this coming season. I’m sick of hearing (reading) about how good these SGV teams are. Well now we will see. My only regret is that the new additions wont make it to the playoffs to face some of our top tier schools. That’s when class is really in session.

  • Norco


    Come on you have to admit that I get a lot of these guys panties all in a bunch.

  • JFR


    Big Lou gave up putting a muzzle on me years ago, ask Dom.

  • Whatever?

    ALL COME ON NOW ARAM!!! You deleted our comments, but what about NOrco’s comment about our “panties”. He started it, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Come on, it wasn’t even that bad and your begining to be like Fred! EASY hitting that delete button my friend. That wasn’t even close on being bad, have you read those comments of the front pages of the SGV TRIBUNE FRONT PAGE comment sections? Because those are IN HUMAN!

  • Aram

    Yes, I’ve read them. Those aren’t moderated a closely as these are.

    I’m serious, if you start getting off topic, things will be deleted.

  • whatever

    cricket, cricket,cricket…

    Hey ARAM where’s everybody at?

  • joe blow

    hahaha on the mission hills parent comment. “class act” what about their players and fans starting a brawl with Oceanside? What a joke. How come I never hear about Charter Oak when the season actually begins?