Preseason all-encompassing SGV(N) All-Area Team …

After several careful discussions, this is what I’ve come up with. I don’t pretend to have the area as clocked as I will in a few months, so I leaned on other staffers for key input.

These are the best of the best heading into the season. A couple of things really stood out to me — 1. the area is loaded with offensive and defensive line talent and 2. it’s also loaded at quarterback. I tried to include the college destinations of the choices on this list so you can have an idea just how GREAT the SGVN coverage area is. As always, you’re free to tell me where I went wrong.

QB – Chad Jeffries, Glendora, Sr. (QB MVP of Nike Camp at USC; headed to San Diego St.)
RB – Mikey Vasquez, Arroyo, Sr. (1,361 yards, maybe more if he didn’t sit so many 2nd halfs)
RB – Nate Harris, Chino Hills, Sr. (Speedster also one of the best DBs around)
WR – Dennis Rufus, Charter Oak, Sr. (CO’s top playmaker already has 3 offers)
WR – Aubery Coleman, Walnut, Sr. (Headed to Washington)
ALL – Nick Bueno, Monrovia, Sr. (Mike McDonough-esque 1,461 yards rushing in ’09!)
TE – Travis Talianko, St. Francis, Jr. (All-Star-News performer as a soph.)
OL – Allen Brown, San Dimas, Sr. (All-CIF as a jr., 6-3, 250 leads way for SD ground game)
OL – Christian Orduno, Bishop Amat, Sr. (Another in a long line of stud Amat linemen)
OL – Isaac Luatua, La Mirada, Sr. (Headed to Alabama)
OL – Patrick Carroll, St. Francis, Sr. (Rivals calls him a college-ready body)
OL – Sioasi Aiono, South Hills, Sr. (Headed to Utah)
K – Sean Wale, La Habra, Jr. (6th-ranked kicker in country, according to Chris Sailer)

DL – Jeff Worthy, Whittier Christian, Sr. (Headed to Boise St.)
DL – Ellis McCarthy, Monrovia, Jr. (6-5, 245 was All-CIF in ’09 as a soph)
DL – Donell Wilson, Blair, Sr. (Has offers from Kansas and Tennessee)
DL – Austin Johnson, Chino Hills, Sr. (Cleaned 320 this summer, All-CIF last year as a jr.)
LB – Maurice Dupleasis, West Covina, Sr. (Maggiore calls him the best LB he’s had)
LB – Wardell Crutchfield III, Baldwin Park, Sr. (Headed to UTEP)
LB – Max Gama, La Mirada, Sr. (Headed to Washington St.; 81 tackles last year)
DB – Jacoby Carter, Diamond Ranch, Sr. (35 varsity starts already!)
DB – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Chino Hills. Sr. (Best specimen in the area?)
DB – Demetrius Jackson, Baldwin Park, Sr. (Verbal to UTEP after sitting out jr. season)
DB – Will Peppard, La Habra, Sr. (Hard to believe there’s a better safety around)

  • Muir Guy

    No muir Players? did you consider any players from muir ?

  • Aram

    Considered Huerta and Palmer, along with Orozco from CO and Peters from La Mirada. It’s very tough to leave any of them off, but like I said, offensive line is extraordinarily loaded this year. Legit chance all five guys are D-1 at some point.

  • !stang!

    What about kevon seymour the 10th grader? He had and int on dennie rufus and had several big catches thru out the game

  • Aaron

    Aubrey Coleman at WR…are you serious? He’s going to play DE in college and you have him as a WR. Yes he is a great athlete…but no hands, at all.

    Great on defense…but on offense?

    Yes his stats look nice…but facepalm!

  • Aram


    Appreciate the input as always. Maybe after the season things will be different.

    I’ve heard that Coleman will play DE in college, but I just can’t see it. Then again, USC made Diamond Ranch TE Charles Brown into an NFL Draft pick at OT.

  • Aaron

    Just a question…what went into you choosing Jeffries over Clements?

  • anonymous

    FYI: Ellis McCarthy is now 6’5 280 and all muscle.

  • Aram


    Like I said in the intro, QB is an amazing position in the area this season. What did it for me was Jeffries’ being named QB MVP of the Nike Camp at USC. I think that kind of puts him in a class of his own.

  • K

    Nice work AT, this is such a LOADED list! It is clear where the area is lacking, for instance at RB. Vasquez is a good player but most of these kids are D1 bound, he is not. Although I will say I am not as sold on WC3 as others are but we will see.

  • red leader

    You’re so funny. You can’t see Coleman playing DE, but you can see him playing WR? Have you seen him play WR? No seriously. Have you seen him play WR? He’s quite the specimen, I give him that. But to be honest, I thought he was playing volleyball out there at WR during passing league. You’re so funny.

  • Aaron


    I asked for your rationale, you gave me your rationale. Fair points.

  • Dan

    Sophomore Chris Solomon was one of the best athletes around last season, certainly should be on that list by seasons end.

  • i guess records mean nothing

    I guess Dillon Corona tying a record for most PATs for the state of California as a sophmore means nothing plus the fact the kid ran the ball and will be playing defense gives him no chance since he is not being heavily recruited yet? Do me a favor get on the Tebow band wagon and lets start finding winners and not prospects since this is the pre season all area team based on what they did last year right?

  • 11+11= 1 Legit Team

    Aram Andy Orozco from CO has had one heck of a run. Two year starter on the OL and 2 Championship Rings while blocking for Muema and Golden. He’s a great kid who deserves lots of credit for his hard work. He’s got tough competition in your list.

    I have no problems with this list especially since it doesn’t have 5 RBs and 6 WRs and 9 OLinemen and 7 LBs…you get the picture.

    Still I appreciate your giving Bueno the Athlete spot. Kid’s unreal. Gotta see that kid in person some time soon.

  • SGV in the House

    Jefferies the # 1 qb? He better throw more then 7 td passes if he wants to hold off Clements(29)and Cantu(28),for the #1 spot this next year.

  • Aram


    Check out Peppard from La Habra. Give me your take. #6

  • Aaron

    Peppard has great instincts and is a ball hawk. He didn’t get a lot of interceptions last year, but three is a good year in the pros right? However, he had a ton of breakups. Definitely a stud.

    I like Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, when you can do a backflip in pads that shows amazing core strength. And the backflip is part of a team hype activity. I haven’t seen Chino Hills in pads but he was doing the backflip the entire passing circuit. I think the only reason why he doesn’t have offers from USC and UCLA is because they know they won’t be able to get him.

  • my opinion

    peppard he’s not even being recruited….. youtube has his highlight film..its so funny how they forget to state gpa…he will end up like his a JC

  • COCharger56


    All do respect, here is where you went wrong:

    You didn’t include Charlie Avila, #56 of Charter Oak HS, DL

    Brief resume: understudy of Ty Perri and Evan Williams, Back to Back CIF Rings, 2009 All CIF and All Area, prospect, Chris Sailer Nationally Ranked Long Snapper, led the league in tackles by a D-lineman, big part of the defense that shut out the Miramonte league in 2009, good grades, great character, and only 16 years old. He was also one of the big reasons why the Diamond Ranch QB couldn’t set his feet to throw a pass in the 2009 championship game. Ask Coach Layton.

    The list is a good one, but Charlie Avila deserves to be on it also. Please keep his name close to your writing pad. Its pronounced: Ah-vila. Accent on the 1st A.

    Thank you

  • Qb in the house.

    SGV in the house,
    Jefferies didnt have the receivers Cantu and Clements had last year and it’s going to be worse this year for him. The 2010 camp circuit would have brought in great receivers for all the QB’s to throw to and when Jeffries went head to head with these QB’s (Cantu and Clements) he outshined them making him the Nike camp MVP and the Rivals #7 in the Country Pro Style QB.
    Dont always let stats control your thinking !

  • Aram

    I know who Charlie is. There’s no saying he couldn’t be on the list after the season. I may have forgotten to mention this, but if you’re going to tell me who should have been on the list, then I’m going to need to know who should be off of it.

    I don’t want a bunch of Dickie Vs whining about who didn’t make the tournament without telling me who they should have replaced if they did.

    So one person thinks Avila should be on, but who does he replace?

    Aubrey Coleman shouldn’t be on? Then who should be?

    Do it tactfully, though.

  • Norco

    COCharger56 or should I say Mr. Ah-vila. of course I accented on the 1st A….

    Nice resume for your son….

  • Norco


    I`ll give you my take on Peppard from La Habra….First of all you have a highlight real of 2:18 seconds, 30 seconds of it was repeat footage of one play from a different angle, in total there were 10 highlight plays from a 14 game season. Now you can`t be serious about asking someone to give you your thoughts on this young man based on this highlight clip?

  • Aaron

    Just rewatched that highlight tape Norco, you’re right. Check out Ifo’s tape. I find it interesting they put his defensive tape in the back half since he’s being recruited as a DB. However, his tape as a RB is pretty nice.

  • d1 kidd

    DEMETRIUS JACKSON is the best defensive back on the board!

  • v.r.c

    To the wc3 hater, you will be sold once you see him play, and even bankrupt.

  • AE 1178


    I can’t resist. Yes he is a decent lineman, but he was one of the four linemen who were completely pushed around vs. WC and allowed them to run for 3 bills vs CO. The D Line of CO was the “soft underbelly” of CO last season, and yes I realize he won a ring. Had CO played Amat, Anderson probably would have gone for 200 + and the O Line vs D Line matchup would have been the difference. The push WC’s O Line got on the DLine gave the very very good LBs trouble. CO’s back 7 were the most skilled we saw all year and Smith was a man amongst boys in every game I saw, but had CO played a higher level team, the D Line would have been the undoing. Again, not to bash the kid, he’s a decent player, but there are at least 10 to 15 I have seen that are better. Good Luck. Just because you’re an understudy mean that you’re going to be that good. Perri and Williams were studs, last year’s group was not.

  • COCharger56

    I won’t stoop to AE1178’s level.

    Charlie’s numbers speak for themselves. The fact is that Charlie recovered a fumble, had 5 tackles. and 2 sacks in that playoff game. Keith Smith: 6 tackles. Aram, ask Coach Maggiore for a copy of the game film. The WC O-line was very good. No doubt. But, I don’t think Charlie is ashamed of his performance against WC in 2009.

    Aram, you clearly stated: “you’re free to tell me where I went wrong.” I also said that your list was a good one.

    Thanks again.

  • Talent and Coaching Not….

    Baldwin Park,

    Two players don’t make a team, espically when you are lacking coaching on the defensive side of the ball. As we all saw this summer. Your DC Crutchfield can’t pull his kids on the field when he is getting it handed to him in a real game.

  • Norco

    Just watched Ifo’s tape and he is a stud…What stands out to me on his offensive highlights is his elusiveness & physicality when he runs the ball…IMO he is a D1 RB & maybe that just might be his preferred position, thats why his offensive highlights are first. But then again on defense he is a ball hawk who can deliver the big hit…whomever gets him….gets a PLAY MAKER..

  • Observantcat

    Aram, just curious, where would you have ranked DeShawn Ramirez from Monrovia?..He is by far the best RB in the area.

  • CarlsbadBulldog’92

    AE 1178

    I couldn’t resist either. People like you make me embarrassed to say that I actually graduated from WCHS in 92. I live in Carlsbad now but I try to keep up with SGV sports through the insidesocal website. I dont usually blog on the Tribune, but dude people like you make me realize that WCHS has badly changed in the last 20 years. You are still sore for losing 35 – 10 to Charter Oak? Grow up man. On second thought youre not a man. A man would not criticize a kid for playing a sport he clearly loves. A kid you moron. Did you read the part where he says the boy is only 16? Why dont you check down there and see if you still have a pair. You are an embarrassment to the WCHS family. In my day the proud WC use to mean West Covina Bulldogs. What does it mean now AE 1178?

  • CH Husky Fan

    Haven’t been keeping tabs on the Huskies have you? Nate Harris hasn’t been the # 1 Running back for the Huskies since the Ayala game last year. He is almost exclusively a slot receiver or wing. I agree, Nate is a great athlete but you gipped another good RB a spot on your coveted list. Ifo is probably the best back in the area, he’d be a sure D1 RB if he wasn’t the #11 corner in the nation & 19th best all around prospect in the state according to (some schools are recruiting him as a RB as well).

  • Ifo & Husky supporter

    You are correct. Ifo is probably the best back in the SGV…he’d be a sure D1 recruit at that position. However, he is even better on defense. He has many offers from schools like Oregon, Stanford, Utah & Idaho. He is a stud. He was selected to play in the ESPN/Champion gridiron kings tournament in Orlando last weekend.

  • Ifo & Husky supporter

    You are correct. Ifo is probably the best back in the SGV…he’d be a sure D1 recruit at that position. However, he is even better on defense. He has many offers from schools like Oregon, Stanford, Utah & Idaho. He is a stud. He was selected to play in the ESPN/Champion gridiron kings tournament in Orlando last weekend.

  • AE 1178

    I apologize for blasting a kid, wasn’t my intent. I really tried not to. Maybe I was bothered by a dad getting on here and pumping his kid, but why should that bother me? Maybe it’s because others do it by putting others down. I apologize to Avila, wasn’t trying to slam the kid, he didn’t deserve that.

    Carlsbad Bulldog, don’t think less of the bulldogs here for something I typed. Coach Maggiore’s a good man and a good leader of a good group of young men who would do you proud. It’s a pleasure to watch them play as hard as they do. 92 would mean you were here in the Merriweather days. Great teams to watch on film, from what the kids say, they still watch those highlight films. Again, you should not be ashamed of WCHS for what I typed, be proud of them for what they do on the field.

  • AE 1178

    Oh yeah, and by the way, if you type something and wait a while before hitting submit wondering if what you’re saying is wrong, don’t hit submit, because chances are that you are wrong.

  • Aaron


    Has Deshawn gotten everything together and is he back on the team. I heard by word of mouth he was going to transfer to Kaiser. Hope all his issues are straight so he can be success story!

  • Aram

    CH Husky Insider,

    Texted Coach Bub and he said RB and slot for Harris. I believe you’re going to see he and Ifo play a little of everything. Harris was the leading rusher last season and had the most carries (127). If he ends up playing more WR than RB, or his RB numbers fall, we’ll adjust.

    Guys, again, this is just preseason and we’ll see what happens during the season.

  • Huskies of 2010

    WC is our b atch and you know it! You’re a straight out coward AE 1178! Avila is a great kid and baller! I know I played with him in JAA and he’s a hell of a baller now!

    We spanked you guys in 2009 too! Remember that? AE 1178 you think you belong but trust me you don’t belong! Shut your trap AE 1178!

    Huskies Rule!

  • SGV in the House

    Qb in the House: You’re right. Jefferies may be the top “college prospect”. That being said, stats (along w/ team record and accomplishments), are what will place the the #1 Qb in the “All Tri-News Area Team”…

  • Observantcat

    Aaron: I haven’t heard the Kaiser story thus far. As far as I know the school distrisct has yet to meet and decide what his fate is at Monrovia. I know he wants to play this year but what I am told is he may indeed be back on the team at some point in mid to late october. I wish him the best as well. He could start anywhere he goes, He just that good.

  • CarlsbadBulldog’92

    AE 1178

    You owe an apology to COCharger56. You went after his kid because he was pumping up his kid? Really? You fool. What father is not proud of that resume? Did you even read it? No. You stopped at “understudy” and took a shot at the kid. Where on the post did 56 insult another athlete or suggest that his son was better? If you are bothered by a dad pumping up his kid why didnt you go after the other fathers pumping up their kids here on this blog? Because youre still bothered that we lost to Charter Oak? Be honest. Either that or you just have something personal against the Avilas. Are you jealous? Do you even know these people? You are a moron and an embarrassment to the WCHS family.

    In my day WCHS took care of there own. We were told to keep our mouth shut and let the game do the talking. Take it on the chin and apologize AE 1178.

  • Aram

    There’s something cool about Charlie Avila in the thread above. He’s had a pretty interesting summer so far.

  • Qb in the house.

    SGV in the house,
    Your unfortunatly right, and I would be lieing to say once a player has his full ride they dont care if they make the SGV All-Area team their senior year.
    As you know a Qb’s best friends our his linemen then his receivers. From what I hear over at Glendora that he’s got the line but no receivers? I cant imagine what a top rated QB must feel like with no one to throw to.

  • 2 cents worth

    There are two very good quartebacks that I have seen this summer that I have not heard much about on this blog. The qb from charter Oak and the qb from Bonita. The CO kid has a nice arm and very accurate and the Bonita kid seems to be legit with size and arm strength. can someone feel me in or am I missing something with theese two?

  • stang fan

    Love more info on Muirs kids this year! I’ve only read about a couple of line players and one junior corner. How about the rbs and who is playing qb for them this year?
    Lookin forward to hs football this year as always!

  • Dan

    Carlsbad Bulldog,
    I think AE1178 saw his wrongdoing and admitted it and apologized to the kid for it, maybe cut the guy a little slack, you both root for the same side. If you read his apology he didn’t accuse COChargerfan of putting anyone down, but said that he saw other dads do that and in turn pump up their own kid, which might have triggered his regrettable initial post. Still wrong but he came back and apologized for it, no ones perfect, we all do or say things we later regrett.

    COChargerfan 56,
    Your 100% correct, Charlie has nothing to be ashamed of in the WC game, as one of your fellow CO posters once scolded me as I was rambling on about that game, “all that matters is scorboard baby” the game is in the books and is history. In addition to that he put in the hardwork and it paid off with a championship season. Not very many kids have had that opportunnity, Good luck to your son this year, hope your boy’s do well in that tough division.
    Huskie 2010,
    We’ll soon know who belongs and who doesn’t come week 2, meanwhile you may want to get off this blog and get into the weight room.

  • Here you go again Dan about that game!


  • Dan

    Ha Ha Ha! Ok no more,,,, for today anyway’s.

  • sgv scouting

    Aram — Outstanding list. It’s tough to put together something like this and make everyone happy. My two sleepers to watch this year are West Covina DB (2012) Chris Solomon and South Hills ATH (2012) Jamie Canada. They could very easily make high post-season honors with the seasons that are projected of them.

    Season is coming folks…thankfully no football for Southern Section schools this week. Everyone is on vacation!

  • Aaron

    I love this guy’s sleepers…facepalm.

    Two cents worth, you asked about Travis Santiago and Garrett Pendleton. This is what I’ve seen.

    Santiago (CO): All he had to do last year was hand it off to Adam Muema and Brandon Golden. Honestly that’s a great way to groom a quarterback because he was never asked to make all of the decisions and CO’s title run was not on his shoulders. Now with the loss of those two excellent backs it will be his turn to lead the offense. He has Josiah Thropay and Dennis Rufus to throw to, so that should help as he becomes the true leader there. It’s on his shoulders now or so it seems. All that talk about splitting four wide, I doubt that but they’ll throw a heckuva lot more.

    Pendleton (Bonita):What is not to like now? 6’5″ about 210 lbs with a rocket arm and better mobility. Yes he had a difficult season last year that was literally a tale of two halves. You saw what he could when everything was clicking, he led them on four straight touchdown drives against Claremont in the second half. Diamond Ranch he throws for a ton. South Hills, with the help of the defense he has his guys in position to win when they should have been blown out. Tremendous improvement after he was benched last season for three games. That Diamond Ranch game was a coming out party. Fact are he has been working with Rix, working with his receivers since Basketball season ended. He’s much more mobile now, looks good throwing on the run. If that O-line which right now looks to be solid he’ll get the ball to his guys and score a lot of points. Targets are: Casey and Garrett Horine, Daniel Harriman, Zach Brungard, KC Huth, Matt Gelalich, Matt Migdat, and Cameron Salce, and Eric Mikity. With receivers like that who shouldn’t have a good year, but as a team the Bearcats have to go out and prove they were way better than the 3-8 they were last season.

  • anonymous

    who is the best player in this area Chad Jeffries, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, or auston Johnson

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