Hey Amat, is that your QB on the mound at Yankee Stadium? …

Yep, it sure is. How are the rest of you spending your dead period? Robledo’s in Cabo, Rio was in New York, Charter Oak defensive line stud Charlie Avila was in Virginia at the FBU Top Gun Camp along with 120 offensive and defensive linemen from all over the country and Tribune Coach of the Year Bill Zernickow is in Maui, where he even picked up my call to bug him about preview stuff.

Anyway, back to Rio Ruiz. He’s was in New York this week at Yankee Stadium with his “area code team.” I know, you’re wondering what an area code team is. I was too, and Rio explained it like this: About 15 MLB franchises have teams consisting of players between ages 14-18. The teams will get together in Long Beach from Aug. 10-15 and play a bunch of games. Sounds to me like a pretty exclusive internship.

Here’s the kicker, though, you have to be good enough to get invited to be on a team. And naturally, Rio was good enough for the Yanks to want him on their team. So, he went to N.Y. this week to workout with his team, which is made up of mostly New Yorkers.

“I didn’t have to go, but the Yankees are my team,” Ruiz said. “So it was my dream to come out here and play in this stadium.”

The players got a tour of the stadium and then hit the field for a workout. Rio pitched and played third.

“Oh man, we went through the locker room and I saw Jeter’s locker, A-Rod’s locker,” Ruiz said. “I saw all the underground tunnels. You can get lost in that stuff. Then we went out to the field through the dugout.”

When Avila, who plays d-line for Roger Lehigh’s stop unit, wasn’t cracking skulls on the field, he toured the Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown and old Williamsburg with his parents.

“The weather is very hot and humid, but the history of the area is worth visiting,” Avila said.

Part of Avila’s trip included an unofficial visit to William & Mary University after the school’s linebacker coach saw him compete and asked him to visit the campus and football facilities with his dad for a tour.

“William & Mary is over 375 years old and they have one of the best law schools in the country,” Avila said. “They are also the preseason No. 1 team in Division I-AA.”

Aram’s take: So there you have it. Fred’s in Cabo, Rio’s auditioning for his future team, Avila’s planning his life after football with a law degree, Zernickow’s in Maui (game planning, he told me (No BS, he really said that)), and I’m here in the lovely SGV. If anybody is doing something fun and want to share it, drop me a line at aram.tolegian@sgvn.com