Hey Amat, is that your QB on the mound at Yankee Stadium? …

Yep, it sure is. How are the rest of you spending your dead period? Robledo’s in Cabo, Rio was in New York, Charter Oak defensive line stud Charlie Avila was in Virginia at the FBU Top Gun Camp along with 120 offensive and defensive linemen from all over the country and Tribune Coach of the Year Bill Zernickow is in Maui, where he even picked up my call to bug him about preview stuff.

Anyway, back to Rio Ruiz. He’s was in New York this week at Yankee Stadium with his “area code team.” I know, you’re wondering what an area code team is. I was too, and Rio explained it like this: About 15 MLB franchises have teams consisting of players between ages 14-18. The teams will get together in Long Beach from Aug. 10-15 and play a bunch of games. Sounds to me like a pretty exclusive internship.

Here’s the kicker, though, you have to be good enough to get invited to be on a team. And naturally, Rio was good enough for the Yanks to want him on their team. So, he went to N.Y. this week to workout with his team, which is made up of mostly New Yorkers.

“I didn’t have to go, but the Yankees are my team,” Ruiz said. “So it was my dream to come out here and play in this stadium.”

The players got a tour of the stadium and then hit the field for a workout. Rio pitched and played third.

“Oh man, we went through the locker room and I saw Jeter’s locker, A-Rod’s locker,” Ruiz said. “I saw all the underground tunnels. You can get lost in that stuff. Then we went out to the field through the dugout.”

When Avila, who plays d-line for Roger Lehigh’s stop unit, wasn’t cracking skulls on the field, he toured the Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown and old Williamsburg with his parents.

“The weather is very hot and humid, but the history of the area is worth visiting,” Avila said.

Part of Avila’s trip included an unofficial visit to William & Mary University after the school’s linebacker coach saw him compete and asked him to visit the campus and football facilities with his dad for a tour.

“William & Mary is over 375 years old and they have one of the best law schools in the country,” Avila said. “They are also the preseason No. 1 team in Division I-AA.”

Aram’s take: So there you have it. Fred’s in Cabo, Rio’s auditioning for his future team, Avila’s planning his life after football with a law degree, Zernickow’s in Maui (game planning, he told me (No BS, he really said that)), and I’m here in the lovely SGV. If anybody is doing something fun and want to share it, drop me a line at aram.tolegian@sgvn.com

  • Dan

    Thats awsome for the kid, good luck to you Rio enjoy your trip in New York and your highschool years, you look good on that pitchers mound.

  • Aaron

    So he’s a front runner?

  • Bob

    How do you top that!!! His football day’s could end sooner than later…

  • luv it

    Another great coming out of Lancerland!

  • joesatthree

    please that good? you have to know someone to get there. you need money to get there too. Theres a ton of talent that can’t afford those camps. Not taking anything away from them but its not how you play its who you know.

  • Blogaholic reader

    I’m always impressed how kids from Coach Lou’s football teams articulate themselves and Avila is no exception. I met several of his kids during the Hall of Fame practices this year and they are always well-mannered and represent themselves and the program outstandingly. You’ve got to love the “old school” mentality. Discipline goes a long way.


    My question to you is how does Charter Oak always get kids out to not just bigger schools but smaller schools also? Who would of ever thought of William & Mary. That’s awesome and I wish that man the best of luck.

  • observer

    Did RR try out for the Milwaukee Brewers AC Games team(s)?

  • Aaron


    Not a front runner… He’s a WINNER!!! Don’t see kids with this kind of talent knocking down doors to get into Bonita.

    GO AMAT!!!!

  • Nitedr


    Not a front runner… He’s a WINNER!!! Don’t see kids with this kind of talent knocking down doors to get into Bonita.

    GO AMAT!!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Nitedr…regarding your Bonita question, suggest you Google the name Jiovanni Mier…

  • Aaron


    Glen Davis. Heisman. Enough Said.

    Just recently in baseball though we have Jiovanni Mier who was drafted last year in the first round by Houston Astros with the 21st pick.

    Jeremy Reed is in the pros right now. Yes I know he hasn’t played much for the Jays this season but when hasn’t been injured he’s been a solid outfielder.

    And as far as him being a front runner, that was a joke because he’s a Yankees fan when he’s from Southern California.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Believe me, most of the Amat fans I know are well aware of what’s going on in the Valley and have nothing but respect for the great players and accomplishments of other programs. Every school has its fans who only see things thru the shade of their team’s colored glasses.

  • AmatAlum

    This Lancer is definitely proud of Rio Ruiz!!!


  • Sentinel’83

    Way to Charlie Avila! We’re all very proud of you.

    We all know how hard you have worked this off season and how much you have dedicated yourself to school & football. Keep working hard, stay humble and sucess will follow. Nothing beats heart and hard work. When you get a chance let us know how you did at the University of Virginia camp.

    Go get yours!

  • COCharger56

    Blogaholic reader:

    Thank you for the nice compliment to all of the CO boys.

    The success is all due to the coaching staff at Charter Oak. These men take boys of 13 or 14 and turn them into young men by their senior year. Old school mentality works.

    Like most kids Charlie has worked very hard this off season and he’s performed well enough to be invited to some prestigious camps like FBU Top Gun. In addition to the FBU Top Gun camp Charlie also competed in the University of Virginia Rising Seniors camp and visited the campus. This is the school that Thomas Jefferson built including Montecello. Its an amazing school and a great little town. William & Mary is like something right out of a southern movie. Just the perfect place for a great education and small town football.

    Thank you again and come out to CO to see our new field and stick around for an exciting game.



    Yes – Rio Ruiz had a try out for the TWO California teams run by the Brewers but unfortunately he did not make either one. By the way – he did not make the Yankees area code team either. Just more Bishop Amat hype. But coming from a dad whose kid did make it, I was there at the try outs and he shouild have made one of the teams – HE GOT RIPPED OFF. Please get your facts straight next time before you go to print. I am sure the 36 kids from Southern California out of the fifty chosen that make up the two Brewers teams wouldn’t mind a little shout out. The rest are from Northern California.

  • BoHi Coach

    Another kid representing the SGV at FBU Top Gun in Virginia was Damien freshman linebacker Joseph Provenzano. In talking with his dad he said it was a great experience against some top notch competition.

  • kh

    great job rio if you made the area code or not,your legit,saw him go big fly agaisnt s.h.
    there a local kid that made the brewers who cant even hit the cut off man with anything behind it,
    area is big,scouted heavy,so it is a honor to make team,great job all young men and there parents

  • You See Wrong

    Rio is on the Yankees Area Code Team. Go to Blair field on Friday at noon and see for yourself.


    YOU SEE WRONG said:

    Interesting – I hope you are right because he deserves to be there but unless you have a crystal ball or you are his dad then you have information that noboby else knows. Goggle area code baseball. Once you open the page you see 2010 Area Code Baseball Games just below that and above #16 swinging the bat you see a home plate with AC in it – You should see Home/2010 Area Code Baseball News – then you will see all the teams listed – pull up NYY. Unless he is an injury replacement then he is not listed. These are supposed to be the final rosters turned over to the MLB. Again I hope I am wrong! Either way the kid is a stud.

  • Aaron
  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Rio is on the Yankees’ team. He was added to the team and invited to go to N.Y. to work out with the team. He didn’t have to go, but wanted to because it’s his team and he’s a huge Yanks fan.

    You can actually go watch him play on Friday and Saturday if you don’t believe me. Please do not hate in the form of misinformation.

    And please, do some deductive reasoning, if a kid who is projected to be a high first-rounder in the ’11 draft didn’t make the Brewers roster it’s probably political and not because he’s overrated. Believe me, Rio is the last kid whose talent you want to question. And beside that, he’s a good kid and you can find that out by talking to him.

  • TC Bruin

    Aram, where DID you get the picture of RR playing at Yankee Stadium? It’s NOT on ESPN Rise site.

  • Ok

    For your information Aram got Rio’s pic from Rudy. Like all other information leak to the press. I thought trying out for local Area code team was to have the best talent locally. Not if you did not make the team lets fly out to the east coast try to make the team out there. How about giving the yankees spot to an east coast kid that I am sure deserve SINCE he does live out there. As for politics on the team come on what poltics are we talking about hmmmm lets see west coast kid playing on the east coast team Yankees really think before you write. This is not bashing it is the truth so if you do decide to post great. If not we know who’s pocket your in. It is an open forum. Right. Or is it Rudys forum. Just wondering.

  • TC Bruin

    Aram, DID you get the photo from RR’s dad?
    ANY response to Ok’s entry?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    I got the photo from A-Rod, if you must know. As far as Rio’s dad, I get my all info from him because I rent a room from the Ruiz family. You didn’t know all this?

  • Amat Forever

    Call as I see it and OK are the same chump…grandpa Martinez…this guy cannot see straight and has been red assed for the last 4 yrs…I have done my own research and have noticed all his tendencies…first he hates Nieto for not playing one grandson-then he continues the hate when Andy cuts the younger grandson or should I say he cut his self with his behavior…so now he hates Hag’s because Tyler isn’t the starting QB and all the while he dogs Rio because he cant stand the fact that Rio is the best athlete on the team and his grandson isn’t..pure jealousy and hatred, if you look at the history of blogs all he ever does is try to rip Rio at everything he does or gets…Rio makes all league, he says TP is better, Rio makes All State- TP is better, Rio gets placed on a Area Code Baseball team…he says Dad owns the Yankees and is playing daddy ball…Grandpa you are so freckin obvious please leave our players alone before the School puts a restraining order on you*&%@ Stalker! Oh the grandkids are all very nice…All of them

  • Ok

    Amat forever this is not the Martinez family “grandpa”.
    I was just making an observation and my information came from people around the game of baseball. People who at the area code try ourts. There with there kids trying out for the team. As usal it is Rio is the best. Best at this best at that. So just facts is in baseball casue i do not follow football last year he was accused of using a rolled bat. Ask daddy made an ass of himself at St. Paul. Then it dissappeared the rest of the year. He is above average player made alot of errors at short stop. From sources and what I read.
    So please stay with facts. Yes he made all the teams but what if he had a legal bat not a shaved or rolled one. Just wondering. So we will see this year since the composite bats are banned from high school. Just you other Amat players were accused also just not Rio.

  • amat Forever

    Ok-to be a fool
    Didn’t Rio hit 3 Jacks with a Wood bat in the Classic, I think his total numbers were 4 HR for the year…yes he hit the monster HR against Shills but I think he hit 2-3 HR his Freshman year…not like he hit 1 then jumped to 15 the next year…BTW the Blue Bat conspiracy was started by the Slime, because they didn’t have any other excuse as to why Amat always kicks their ass…Amat always kicks their ass because thats they way god likes it, it has been that way forever..if you know the league St. Paul had 2 pitchers throw over 90…95 in and 105 going out..if you square up on anybody throwing that hard, your going to get the power…Amat has good hitters not just Rio, regardless, I still think you are “Grandpa” or connected too, other wise you wouldn’t know the last name…your envy of the Ruiz family is too green…why dont you turn that envy into a being a supporting fan, and just be happy he is a Lancer…Thousands in the Amat family have, by supporting him you are also supporting your grandson, because he is on that team…sorry just not the starter. O yeah, your comment about above average player, wasnt he League MVP, All SGV and All CIF, ALL, ALL, ALL…as a sophomore, you are the biggest idiot to ever comment because you just proved you dont know Jack about real facts and what one kid did this year…straight out hatred…Hater, Hater, HATER…

  • amat Forever

    To all haters…The one who is just above average, who is not that good, who shouldn’t be a starter at Amat…had just another average day-I just read the AC results, and as the starting 3rd baseman he hit a 2-rbi triple scored on a passed ball and pitched a 1,2,3 8th inning striking out 2 batters…but wait he doesn’t deserve to be there he isn’t very good, right! Daddy owns the Yankee’s and the Tribune and Aram and Robledo rent from him…Listen and listen up good all you haters…KISS MY ASS-you jealous Piece os S…my sources also tell he hit low 90’s.,.Choke on it, Call as I see-OK-Grandpa

  • Nati56COFan

    Great job to Charlie Avila for training hard this off season. You will see a much smarter, stronger, and dedicated young man who will lead by example. We are all proud of you…for those you are not familiar with charlie, go to youtube and you will see what I am talking about.

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