Warning: 2010 will be the Year of the Upset! …

Upsets are a great part of any football season, but after reviewing the schedules for all the teams in our vast coverage area, it’s becoming obvious that there could be even more than usual this season. The new leagues make it that way. The beefed up nonleague schedules make it that way. Too many landmines for the powers to make it unscathed. Here are the potential shockers that stood out to me. Please note, I’m not saying these upsets WILL happen, but since we know upsets will occur, the idea now is to pinpoint which games hold the greatest likelihood. This is what I came up with …

SEPT. 9, LA MIRADA OVER LA HABRA: The fact there’s been a lot of chatter about this game already lessens the chance of La Habra taking La Mirada lightly …. BUT … the Highlanders will be coming off the season opener with Orange Lutheran and will have Servite on deck. So, this is a sandwich game and when you beat a team 54-13 the year before, how seriously can you be taking them? This is a good spot for La Mirada as the Highlanders’ running game may not be fully cranking yet. And any time you have five D-1 players on the field, anything is possible.

SEPT. 17, CAL over LA MIRADA: How can the Mats be up for this game? Believe me, Coach Moschetti will be more psychologist than coach the week leading up to this game. La Mirada will be coming off its showdown with La Habra, which means they could be flat. Whittier Daily News front man Andrew J. Campa is warning that nobody should be taking Cal lightly this year. Are they this good? Maybe.

OCT. 1, WALNUT OVER WEST COVINA: Look at how this one lays out — West Covina will have played Venice, South Hills and Glendora the previous three weeks. The only thing possibly saving the Bulldogs from a motivation standpoint is that this will be the Hacienda League opener. Is that enough? Walnut could prove very dangerous this season. The ‘Stangs were good enough to beat Arroyo and Bonita last season, so we know the quality is there. And when you have a talent like Aubrey Coleman, anything is possible. Plus, with early games against Troy and Claremont, Walnut should be fully tested.

OCT. 8, ARCADIA OVER MUIR: There’s a lot of expectations surrounding Muir this season. The Mustangs lost some guys from last year, but they also have some good talent in key spots coming back. Arcadia is coming off a 2-7-1 record in ’09, but I keep hearing “Taylor Lagace” from Star-News aficianado Miggy Melendez. Again, scheduling is everything, and Arcadia couldn’t ask for a better situation to spring a stunner. Muir will be entering off games against Bishop Amat and defending Pacific League champ Burbank. So how do they get up again for a team they beat by 20 the year before. I wouldn’t put anything past Apaches coach Jon Dimalante and staff, especially if the excuses for last season’s debacle are legit.

OCT. 21, COVINA OVER BALDWIN PARK: There isn’t going to be a breather in the Valle Vista League this season for anybody, so expect chaos … and it may begin with this game. Check it, BP will be coming off its game against San Dimas. Win or lose, it sets them up badly to face a dangerous staff like Coach DT and Co. and a QB like Billy Livingston. Covina may not be good enough to win the league this year, but they will certainly be good enough to ruin somebody’s season and maybe make the playoffs in the process. If the Colts can beat Wilson a week prior, Coach DT will have them thinking a league title is doable.

Oct. 29, DAMIEN OVER CHARTER OAK: Before Charter Oak can even think about its two big showdowns with South Hills and Chino Hills to close the season, it has to get past Damien. Here’s the problem, we all know the two games the Chargers looking forward to most are South Hills and Chino Hills. There should be a A LOT on the line in those games. So after Sierra League games against Ayala and Claremont, Big Lou’s speech before the first game in league about taking everyone seriously will probably have worn off. And then here comes coach Greg Gano and his staff. The Spartans are being counted out in a lot of circles and even if the talent is down, you know they’ll try and the coaching staff should have them in a lot of games. It’s hard to imagine CO not looking ahead to the following two weeks. Can’t you just hear it, the whole offseason the Spartans’ faithful rambles on about how it beat CO?

NOV. 5, CLAREMONT OVER SOUTH HILLS: Oh man, of all the trap games I’ve seen, this is the biggest doozy. Guess who South Hills will have played the week BEFORE Claremont. OK, I’ll tell you, Chino Hills. Guess who the Huskies play the week AFTER Claremont. OK, I’ll tell you, Charter Oak. That’s an upset sandwich with fries and a drink for 99 cents. You buying?

NOV. 5, WORKMAN OVER AZUSA: I can hear Aztec Nation now. But before you guys start your war dance, please note that Workman coach Scott Morrison is going to be dangerous. And by this date, he will have had plenty of time to get the Lobos believing. Azusa shut out Workman last year in a 28-0 win. But I get the feeling that the Aztecs will view their proving ground this season as the playoffs and not league, and this game will take place just two weeks before the playoffs. The saving grace is that Azusa coach Joe Scherf could have his team posturing for the No. 1 seed in the Mid-Valley Division. Will it be enough?

NOV. 12, WILSON OVER SAN DIMAS: OK, let’s get this established right now, Wilson is going to rock somebody’s world this season, but you may have a hard chance convincing your teenagers of that if you’re a Valle Vista League coach. It might be to hard to ask the Wildcats to win the league outright, but on the final Friday of the season they just might be battling for their playoff lives while the Saints just might be thinking the following week when they start their quest for back-to-back. If Zavala’s boys can start fast, force SD to throw then …

NOV. 12, BONITA OVER DIAMOND RANCH: Dangerous Podley is the guy you don’t want to face when you’re not 100-percent focused. He’s even scary when you are ready for what’s coming. Anyway, Bonita has given D-Ranch scares recently and the Bearcats just might be playing for a playoff berth or the entire league title. Same with D-Ranch. Here’s the kicker, Diamond Ranch will be coming off its showdown with West Covina a week prior. That game should be for first place and the hangover effect could be lethal. Pendleton to Horine (either one) with a minute left for the winner?

NOV. 12, SAN GABRIEL OVER SCHURR: The Almont is usually good for one stunner every season, so why not save the best for last? This truly is about timing. We all know that Schurr’s going to put up some big numbers with Aaron Cantu back. But San Gabriel’s been known to light things up, too. So by Week 10 of Mats coach Jude Oliva’s debut season, San Gabriel should be humming. In other words, it’s safe to say San Gabriel might be hitting its stride late in the season compared to early. Last year’s game was 38-30 in favor of Schurr. SG has to break in a new QB this year, but since when has that ever been a problem. Plug and play, que no? Schurr might, just might, be the No. 1 team in the Mid-Valley Division going into this game and will be coming off its huge rivalry showdown with Montebello a week prior.

  • Unreal…


    Good entry…

    I’m not too sure that West Covina-Walnut should be on here. I have a huge amount of respect for Maggiore and his staff. They squeeze every drop from their players’ potential.

    I think tough games against South Hills and Venice hardens West Covina and they win going away. I think the most possible upset is La Mirada over La Habra good talent on both sides. Should be one for the books.

    Go Amat!!!

  • doggalum

    An upset in the Turkey Tussle sure would be nice in 2010!!

  • Dranchhhh

    Lets see..

    Walnut over West Covina is a possibility. Walnut has to WR’s over 6’5 and mobile. Their hands are to be determined. They have 3 solid linebacker’s. For me, they (LB’s) passed the eye test. All 3 are about 6’0 tall, and 2 are pretty stout. The RB looks and ran average at the passing tourney. This all boils down to LOS play.

    Wilson over SD is another possibility. Again, I saw SD and they are not what people think. If SD does beat Wilson, it will be bc that double winged offense confused the hail out of Wilson.

    Claremont ABSOLUTELY has a squad this year. I am seriously not joking. Was at their tourney and they are stacked and so are the 6 linemen I saw working out in the weightroom. However I say SH bc they are always big. For the last 2 years SH has always been a big and athletic team. I mean against DR last year, had they kept the ball on the ground they probably would have won. It seems like they lack conditioning though. By 3rd qtr, those boys were tired. So hopefully they condition well this year. But in the meantime I have SH over Claremont.

    Sorry but I am a MUIR FAN. Muir is going to KILL Arcadia. No way they have what it takes to stop the Air Raid that muir will put together this year. I saw 3 of theri receivers at Camp Kiffin and all 3 were good, but one stood out. He is a CVHS transfer and this kid is better than Victor Blacwell in my opinion. His only drawback is he is only 5’9 or so. Muir takes this game by a landslide.

    This is for AARON,

    Losing is not an option for DR. Bonita will NOT be able to stop our offense this year. We are far to fast and quick for BHS’ defense. Our offensive line can run with the best of them. Now I like your Offense as well. As dude stated, they can be dangerous, but I suggest you guys keep the ball on the ground. Pendleton wont get to many passes off. MAN defense all GAME long. No more crossing routes for slot receivers at Bonita.

  • Aaron

    Buddy, Pal, friend…Aram you’re failing me here. Bonita over Diamond Ranch isn’t an upset. The series is tied 2-2, Bonita winning the odd and Diamon Ranch winning the even. Bonita gets them back at Glen Davis thanks to Hacienda Scheduling and Montview Scheduling. But PUSD field is open for the 11th, again it is a holiday but we’ve played there on a Thursday before. The away team has always won interestingly enough.

    Yet Bonita should edge DR, and I say edge as like the margin at most will be ten points.

    Also, Diamond Ranch is the only school that doesn’t play the other Pomona schools. So no true City Championship.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Bonita was 3-7 last year. D-Ranch was in the finals the past two years. Granted, they were 7-7, but the only thing stopping them from two CIF titles was CO. Given where both programs are in terms of the area, it’s an upset. Sorry.

  • Aaron

    Fair enough Aram. Solid point!

    DRanchhh…you make laugh sometimes, even spit water at the screen. Remember that game last season where the Bearcats should have been crushed? Yeah not gonna happen buddy.

    As far as what Walnut has, the other 6’5″ is more raw than a steak just cut from a cow. And Coleman doesn’t have hands…however if they made Coleman tote the rock ala Michael Bush…that could be dangerous.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Yeah, I’m starting to get the feeling that Claremont is gonna be a monster. The Pack did lose its leading rusher from last year and that guy was a pretty good back from what I recall hearing. There’s no reason they can’t bang with the Sierra, but here’s my problema, they’ve been shut out by Damien the past two years.


    Hey ARAM, it’s AZTEC PRIDE and not AZTEC NATION unless you were talking about the other few AZTEC bloggers. But it really doesn’t matter.

    Well anyways I would have firgured it would have been BELL GARDENS, because last year they whipped us and this will be a good measuring stick this season. You know ARAM, even when I was in High School Bell Gardens was always had a HARD HITTING FOOTBALL TEAM. Another thing you haven’t said a word about LA PUENTE , on how they doing and actually LP and AZUSA always go at it!

    Where’s Warrior nation at and they’ve been pretty quiet??? Maybe all this exposure you and Fred have been giving AZUSA, might give the other MV teams something to play for!

    THE MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! ARAM, you would be surpise on how may people care about winning that! I know I did, because I had a custom banner made when they won in 2009, and i’m thinking of putting BACK TO BACK on the other side!

    Aram that EXCOACH from Damien might be a force to be reckon with! Just like Sherf’s doing great, this guy Morrison might surprise everybody this year!



  • Dranchhhh


    Thats my job here on this blog. Its entertainment mixed with a bit of fact. We will kick your asses this year, hands down. And when we do, I want you to BOW down as you did last year. Come on the blog and publicly apologize for doubting DR. LOL
    Aaron, you know whats funny, I dont like you on the blog…but I believe if we met, we would become good friends. Anyhow, look dude, we are going to kick your assets. I like Pendleton, but our defensive backfield is vicious this year. Dont be surprised if we show a 3-3-5 this year against GP.


    Im telling you SH will have their hands full with Claremont. Im telling you they are nice from the skilled side. Those 5 or 6 guys I saw lifting were brut. So we shall see

  • Dranchhhh

    Also Aaron,

    look, WC has short DB’s and hopefully McClain can play some safety or something. You can say what you want but but to have 2 6’5 plus receivers that can run, COULD BE (key phrase) dangerous. Your questioning their hands, have u seen these boys play?? Also, from the looks of it, it seems as if Walnut coaches are using them as decoys to open up the two quicker slot guys. They hardly even threw the ball to the two tall kids against us at the SD passing tourney. SO whether they use them or not, to run a spread it can hurt u anyway you look at it!!

  • BHS

    DRAnch, I’m sure Pendleton would love to see a 3-3-5 since he sees it everyday in practice.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Aztec Pride,

    Aztec Nation refers to the whole group collectively. I think nations are also a part of Indian vernacular. Granted, Aztecs are from Mexico, but nonetheless you often hear like Raider Nation and Red Sox Nation … so now you’ve got Aztec Nation.

    Anyway, I don’t think you guys losing to BG would be an upset. But you guys losing to anybody in the Montview would be.

  • Football man

    Enough about Azusa football I know some Pop-Warner teams that can beat Azusa. The Montview League is Weak probably a notch above the CIFSS D13 League the Santa Fe. Please no more Azusa football You Girls would get killed by most CIFSS. Lower Division Teams.

  • reality

    Would San Dimas losing to Bonita in week 0 be considered an upset? It looks like there is going to be a ton of games this season not decided till the last 12 minutes. I hope the officials are up to the task this year because there were way too many blown calls last year that changed outcomes. In tight games these guys better be prepared. I saw to many refs last year that had absolutly no business being out there.(fat, old, out of shape)

  • No 1 Seed

    Are you seriously suggesting the Aztecs will be posturing for number 1 seed in the division? I don’t care if they go undeafted in their league, no one out of the montview should get the no 1 seed in any division. Little competition, meaningless wins, and early exits in the playoffs. Only reason Aztecs advanced last two years is because of lucky draws from CIF idiots. Deffinetly not semifinal quality.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I’ll be honest with you, I think that Azusa has a good chance to be the No. 1 seed. I’m not calling them the No. 1 team in the division, but as we know, teams that are able to reel off a bunch of consecutive wins, move up the polls. Tell me who beside Schurr is likely to do that.

    I have a feeling that CIF will be playing close attention to this blog and Fred’s blog for direction as to seeding and how to rank the leagues in the division. Believe me, I already know they read the blogs now and they know the uproar this re-divisioning caused in this area.

  • Not Taking that beat!!

    Workman over Azusa, I do believe in Morrison but he needs talent to work with and he has none. I put Workman with Los Altos two area teams that I would never beat on this year. Workman may win a few games due to schedule but Los Altos is going to lose by double digits to ever team they play.

  • Dranchhhh


    Thanks for the tip!!

  • Mid valley

    I like Morrison. But Aram……. Workman is God awful

  • THANKS Aram

    Fred Sucks as a sports writer at least you write on things worth reading. Can you please tell me with this tough economy why do they keep Fred’s sorry butt on at the Tribune. He is terrible has been and always will be. Just take his job, do I smell a little City of Bell in the Tribune sports reporting here!

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I disagree with what you said about Freddie. He’s one of the main reasons I came back — we always wanted to work together on the same beat and we’ll pretty much get the chance to do that this year. He has done a great job and is great to work with. We have our disagreements, but I respect the way he’s handled the Trib preps beat since I left.

  • Fred?

    The biggest negative I see with Fred is his attempts to force his views on the public. He also tends to lack knowledge on some of the core sports, FOOTBALL.

  • Aztec pride

    Football man, grow up… it’s not that serious and if it hurts the eyes try some visine

  • !stang!


  • Outside the Fishbowl


    Do someone put something in your food? La Mirada over La Habra and then Cal Hi over La Mirada? The LM-LH game will be closer than last year but the Highlanders still win. But Cal Hi beating La Mirada??? Nope, no way, never……


    I find humorous that Damien would be considered an upset versus Charter Oak. If I am a Charter Oak fan, that’s a compliment and for those of you paying for a tuition at Damien you should ask for your money back. When have you ever heard of a public school upsetting a private school? Just doesn’t make much sense to me other than that’s how far Charter Oak has risen and how far down Damien has dropped. I still think the biggest upset will be when Claremont yes Claremont and Chino Hills play for the league championship and two of the three (South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak) are home for the playoffs. Now that would shock our world!

  • think


    I watched Muir and they have a couple skilled players on offense but Arcadia will shut them down this year. Defense is a one man show and Arcadia will have too many weapons for him to watch. The whole league is up in the air this season, so watch your back with the other teams and new up and coming personal. I don’t think we’ll have to scout your team, always the same 1 or 2 break-away plays that kill us.



    I just dont see Claremont beating South Hills, I also dont see a team that beat Bonita by 3, got smashed by Damien, got smashed by Rancho, lost to Etiwanda being a contender this year in the new Sierra. Same goes for Ayala to. The three teams that move on will be charter Oak, Chino Hills and either South Hills or Damien.

  • Aaron

    Coach Collins has slowly rebuilt the program at Claremont after a handful of tough years,and with Kessler they have a chance. But they have to replace Tyler Singleton at RB who was their top guy and Chace Ginyard who had 864 yds a year ago receiving as well as being an impact player on defense. Kessler gets back Tanner Kuramuta who had 891 receiving yards last season. It could either be a good year or a bad year for the Wolfpack, but I’m not sure which one it will be. Three of their non-league opponents are in the Hacienda.

  • HS Football Fan


    What do you think the odds that San Dimas can win back-to-back championships? I know that last year with the Saints losing so many seniors after the 08 season. it was suppose to be a rebuilding year in 09. San Dimas started and won a Divison title and CIF Championship with a sophemore quterback and center. With all of the Offensive line returning back this season, do you feel the the Saints will be better than last years team? Of the offensive line, who do you think will have a great season? Who will be the play makers on offensive?Also, what are your thoughts on the Saints defensive. Who will be the players to watch for in 2010?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    HS Football,

    That’s a lot of questions. SD will be one of the teams I visit later this month to get my own looksy. I’ll let you know then. I can tell you this, when Coach Z brought in his three guys for the preview pictures, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was Charter Oak. But that doesn’t tell you much. The program is headed in the right direction and most people view the Saints as the team to beat in the Mid-Valley. And rightfully so, they’re the champs. My questions for them are running backs and QB with Kennedy injured. Granted, QBs in that system only have to manage the game, but I know Coach Z doesn’t want to waste Kolbeck at WR, so they’d better be able to fling it.

  • Aaron

    Does Coach Z have a bruiser locked away in the wait room that we haven’t seen? Kohler was a little smaller than Evans at 5’9″ and Evans being 6’0. But they were both big boys Kohley being 210 and Evans being 215. The next two leading rushers were Taylor and Corona and well they’re both the small shifty types.

    That’s something to look at, because he tends to have two big guys punishing defense and then all these other shift kids.

    Both Barbone and Joseph were his two big boys for 2007 and 2008.

    If, and I say if he has a big bruiser and hopefully two then I see no reason why they can’t keep the success going forward.

  • Football Fan

    Please I beg of You No more Azusa football I can’t take it anymore. Please Talk about Mt.View,Elmonte,Mark keppel,Gladstone,Blair,Salesian,Cantwell anybody other than Azusa football.

  • New York

    How many local teams will win titles this year?

    Is there a signicance to blue and yellow in school colors (charter oak, san dimas, la mirada, Amat)???

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Excellent point! But perhaps it’s gold and not yellow … and isn’t gold in the early stages of a massive bull run? And please don’t argue with me about the early part, because it’s still early compared to where it’s going? So while the real thing is running the color brings good luck to the teams that wear it. That’s my theory.

  • New York

    Symantics…yellowish…Amat is gold. San Dimas seems to be French’s Yellow. The Chargers (did they ditch the yellow for some reason?) La Mirada seems like yellow….

    Bull run? Well, it is certainly not at the beginning of it. I suppose it could increase some more if Bernanke continues pumping dollars into the system. But what else is he supposed to do? That’s too boring.

    Let’s talk about Monrovia. I love what we have coming back. Last year we ended a bit short. This year we get to see how good we really are by playing some of the areas top mid-majors…(do you like that characterization?) I love Maddox’ competitive spirit. He took a major step to raising the ante with our offensive line with our new OL coach. We are on our way.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    I need to know how this Ramirez situation plays out before I can gauge the ‘Cats. I hear they have other talent at RB, but that’s like Amat peeps saying they’ll be fine without Jay Anderon. Well, no, you won’t be. Jay was the starter and Ramirez was the starter, so obviously he was the best they had. Bueno is gonna be great and I hear McCarthy is going to be a major D-1 recruit next season. Maddox has done an amazing job. Don’t know about the OL coach hire. First I’ve heard of it. When I saw M-Town at the SGV Shootout, they passed the look test. Oh yeah, Miggy Melendez says Derrick Johnson is the best DB in his area. So that’s another strength. Better than some of the kids at Muir? I wonder …

  • Henry

    Amen…Football fan.

    I have Aztec overload. Imagine if they win CIF?



    AZUSA AZTEC FOOTBALL, LOVE IT… Remember if there talking about you, it means your doing something RIGHT!


    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ARAM and Fred, you just made my morning and keep the stories rolling. LOL…


  • Observantcat


    DeShawn Ramirez is going to be missed dearly, but Monrovia has a couple of running backs that are going to shock the Valley once again. Ramirez was mostly dangerous on special teams although this year he would have been a nightmare for most teams to contain coming out of the backfield. Jay Aderson will be Truly missed at Amat because he provided 80% of their running offense and scoring. By the way Derrick Jonson is a LB not a DB, Monrovia’s Defefense will be much quicker this year with him playing in the middle and the Dude brings it every single play. On the Defensive side of the Ball is where Monrovia will start to dominate most teams with the athletisim and team speed. On offense watch out for Running Backs Michael Harris and Marquise Bias, both have matured and could be quite dangerous as the season develops

  • anonymous

    Former Fresno State Bulldog Coach Lujan, is in charge of the OL at M-town.

  • Valley Scout

    Monrovia high school may be better than last year. Even though Ramirez is missing, they have alot of young and upcoming talent. Bueno,is the best QB in the valley. The Oline is going to be massive. The defense will be better with Mcarthy being a junior and more experienced. He is going to be a national recriut. We all know about Hard hitting Derrick Johnson in the middle at LB. They now have a Daiper Dandy LB in George Frazier V. He will add depth and solidarity to the LB Core. They have another all purpose upcoming Star…Anthony Craft Jr. He will improve the DB, WR and Special teams. He is one the most skilled players Monrovias had in a while. Monrovia will be fine. They will be Back in the finals

  • Football Fan

    To Henry,If Azusa wins CIF that would be a Miracle of all Time. Is monrovia in the same Division 11 as is Azusa. It shows You how weak that D11 is that there are really only Two teams In D11 that are Decent San Dimas and Monrovia. The rest of the Division is Horrible and weak.


    Football Fan,

    Shurr has got the CIF plaque in hand. They will be the biggest and deepest team in the mid valley. Great QB in Cantu, Shurr always has a big line and blocks well. They will find players to fill in for their star recievers that they had last year.

    I just dont see anyone being able to stop them when they are on a roll. Lets just see if they can come back in a game from a defecit. Also Shurr has been the number 1 seed in their league for the last two years and only lost to Diamond ranch by 6 points this past season. So I dont see Monrovia, San Dimas, or even Azusa being able to keep up with Shurr. Bumped down 5 divisions is a big deal, anything less than a CIF championship is a let down of a season.

    Just like Esperanza they were bumped down 5 divisions and anything less for them than a CIF championship for them this year will be a let down.

  • Anonymous

    SGV FOOTBALL, You are in for a very rude Awakening. Shurr doesn’t even come close to the Atheletes San Dimas or Monrovia Posess. So you can move them up or down it still wont matter if they dont have the personel to get the job done. Mark my word.

  • Eastside

    Well, be prepared to be let down, because it won’t be a cakewalk. If you are relying on Cantu, it will be a long season. No more jump balls!!! Since your real playmakers (Castillo, Arredondo and Sanchez) are gone, it’ll be interesting to see how good your qb really is.

  • anonymous

    Is somebody bragging about only losing to diamond ranch by 6 points? They were an average team last year. San Dimas and Monrovia would have beat them.



    Lets clarify one thing Cantu is not my QB I could care less about Schurr or the Mid Valley. But Shurr will bring it and they will be in Mid Valley Finals.


    The best teams San Dimas played was Bonita, and the best team Monrovia played was San Dimas. So dont get the Dranch people all heated because it wouldn’t even be a contest if Dranch played Monrovia or San Dimas. Even though I still have tons of respect for San Dimas in what they accomplished last year. Also much love to Monrovia for bumping up their schedule this year with Glendora and South Hills in the preseason.


  • DRanchhhh year

    Did the son of anonymity come a’ callin?

    Dude, I don’t know what country or state you live in but to even imagine San Dimas or Monrovia hangin’ with DR, is a joke, A BIG ONE. I will not go into details but continue to post as “anonymous” because you have no idea what your talking about. The irony in this is, I was just talking to some of the players from DR about the “what if” we played in the same league as SD and Monrovia. Two of the kids flat out said that a ring wouldn’t be worth it in those divisions. Yes, 16 and 17 year old kids said this.

    And to co-tail a bit. I don’t know much about Schurr this year, but they were real. I think they lacked much of nothing except play calling. They should either COACH up their OC or fire him. They ran scissor routes the whole night with the rb flaring out of the backfield. They became pretty predictable. Either way I have a tremendous amount of respect for schurr football from last year and even from 4 years ago when they played a stout Luezinger High team that will filled with 6 d1 athletes.

  • Anonymous

    DRannnch. Dranch would get their butts kicked all day long against MONROVIA, Yall Bro’s is straight up second rate. Please beat someone that is worth mentioning and then you will get the respect you deserve until then sit back and watch Mtown come east and Make the statement you were afraid to see. Tell those 16 and 17 yr olds to go to the mall and get themselves a ring. Zales would be a good place to start. Your team will be lucky to go 5-5

  • Dranchhhh

    Its official

    Arcadia -2-7-1
    Duarte – 0-10
    Mead- 5-6
    La Salle -5-6
    San Marino 8-3 loss to Azusa
    TC- 4-5-1
    SP- 2-8
    La Canada- 5-5
    Blair 0-10 w a forfeit against WILSON
    S el mont- 3-8

    COmbined record of 32-58-2

    Dude no way…Monrovia beats DR. You played a bunch of schools that unfortunately had .500 or less seasons. The number dont lie dude. You guys
    cruised into the CIF championship and loss to a team you had already beat. Your only 3 notable wins came from Whittier Christian, Parlclete and SD. You really think that monrovia could beat Schurr, South Hills, Muir, Colony, Chino Hills, Glendora let along a stout CO team?? Really? Glendora and CHills got the W in the last 5 seconds of the game both times believe it or not. Muir almost handed CO their asses in the semi’s. Monrovia cant compete Bro…try again!!

  • anonymous

    They beat the teams on their schedule, did you???

  • DRanchhhh


    Had we had that schedule we could have sharted on those teams as well. Either way, no way in hail Monrovia beats DR at all dude, but I like your optimism. It will remain a matter of opinion, so I will agree to disagree.

  • New York

    Man, from the way you posted I thought you all had actually beaten those teams you mentioned! You are talking as if you all beat Colony, Glendora or Chino Hills. DR certainly plays a very tough schedule, but DR’s only victory against a team of note last year was the semi finals game against South Hills.

    You are correct about Schurr last year in that they really were never slowed down by DR’s defense. Schurr stopped themselves with a key fumble. DR really escaped that game. Schurr really did not beat anyone last year. All the hype with Schurr seems to be based on their game against DR.

    The jury is still out on whether or not DR can put all that talent to work. You guys have a very impressive number of scholarships, but DR does not seem to organize well enough to even score against Charter Oak even though you had a senior QB. To me that suggests a lack of real time adjustments during the game.

    So to answer your question: Yes, I do think Monrovia would beat DR and Schurr. By your chest pounding post, it’s not ironic at all that you were talking to the 16 and 17 year olds to get their feedback. You should talk to people who understand football.


    New York ,
    Drrrranch does have a tendency to put DR in the same sentence with teams who have proven themselves on the field rather then in a fans mind or on paper. He went so far as to put in one post to a blogger ” when your team has done what CO , SD , and DR have done then you can talk “. Can you imagine him putting DR in with CIF champions . Also where do kids of this age and considering they are D-7 come off saying rings in that low of a division aren’t worth it . Maybe this is why DR always seems to play below the level they look like on paper. You here of many kids sent on to D-1 and how good of a coach Roddy is and I am not saying he isn’t but if these players talk like that is it any wonder why they can’t win on the field. I think as of today their greatest accomplishment is beating SH and that is not much of a feather to put in your cap and base greatness on .

  • Drrrrrrrranch does DR no favors


    If DR makes it to a third staright CIF Championship Game and lsoes yet again are they not a cut above teams that never het there? Schurr and SH are both former CIF Champions as well as West Covina and CO. I don’t agree with Drrranch’s bragging nonsense but that’s his call. However to say DR isn’t a top area team is to not know hwta you’re talking about. SD benefitted form a waterd down run that previous Mc D and SD teams did not enjoy. Great that they won but the teams that beat Covina and Mc D were stellar.

    I look at DR like the Buffulo Bills who lost four staright Super Bowls. Still one of the greatest “team” accomplishments in modren sports history if you ask me. Mind you I said, “one of” not the greatest. How Marv Levy was able to talk to thos eplayers after losing three straight and still rally them for “one more run” is so mind boggling to any one who’s ever played the game. Seriously think about the locker rooms we’ve all been in, just incredible.

    No I’m not comparing DR to the Kelly lead Bills but I am saying they did have some incredible wins in their two playoff runs leading to show downs with very historic CO teams. I was there for both and “after” half time it was a case of too many hits over too long a season that beat them. No excuses but Drrrrranch doesn’t do DR any favors by doing what he does. “Hate US” and that only “FUELS US” is getting old.

    DR had a nice run with Viramontes and Co. Now it’s time to do all again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it all over again but some where along the line instead of antagonizing people I wish Drrrranch would allow others to appreciate DR’s accomplishments with some class.

    Just an opinion.


    I agree with your Buffalo theory on making it to the Big Show 4 years in row as a great accomplishment .But they are really known for not winning one game in those 4 trips rather then the how large of accomplishment is was . Granted the one lost by the last second field goal could have gone either way . Now if you consider DR an area top team why weren’t they taken into the Sierra when you consider 2 straight finals appearences and them being a top team . I am not doubting the fact of them being good but they really have not had a very good won – loss record and other then CO which teams were in that upper tier of top teams in their league . They have faced top teams and I don’t think they have come away with a victory. It is easy to come on here and with that schedule we would have eaten them all alive but the fact of the matter is they didn’t have that schedule and they simply could not handle the schedule they were dealt. To spout off as drrranch does with really no hard core facts to back up what he writes is an injustice to DR. On that point I know we both agree but, as you wrote, that’s my opinion.

  • 4 Superbowl sidenote

    It should be noted that 2 of those 4 Buffalo losses in the SB were against the Aikmen, E. Smith Dallas Cowboys – of which no one was going to beat // DRanck just ran into good CO teams



    Question is, Did Rice know he would be at Pomona???

    CIF: Pomona transfers from Colony are allowed if they didn’t know their coach was coming to same school
    By Clay Fowler on August 4, 2010 11:24 AM | No Comments | ShareThis

    As long as the two football players who transferred from Colony to Pomona High School were unaware at the time of their transfer of former Colony coach Anthony Rice’s impending move to the Pomona sidelines, their transfers are legitimate. Both Makale McCobb and Gerald Kough, who played at Colony last season, transfered prior to Rice being hired as the head football coach at Pomona. Demetrius Counts, however, was ruled athletically ineligible for his senior year likely because Colony’s second-leading rusher last season transferred to Pomona in June after Rice was hired in May.

    “It would have to be proved that the 2 players in question knew Anthony (Rice) was going to be hired at Pomona prior to their transfers, in any event,” CIF director of communication Thom Simmons said. “Had the two players transferred after Anthony was hired at Pomona, the office could possibly make a reasonable assumption that of prima facie evidence of a athletically motivated transfer. The same assumption is much more difficult when the transfer happens before.”

    Second-team all-Mt. Baldy League players in 2009, McCobb and Kough had their transfers to Pomona approved March 26 and Feb. 5, respectively. Rice resigned from Colony Feb. 3, accepted Pomona’s job offer Feb. 25 and was hired in May.

    Even with a change of residence, CIF rules prevent a player from following their coach to a new school without serving a year of ineligibility.

    “The office approved both of these transfers on the appropriate CIF paperwork submitted by Pomona High School,” Simmons said. “In both cases, Colony High School did not provide any information on the paperwork indicating that there were any issues regarding CIF rule 510 or that their former head football coach, Anthony Rice, had been hired by Pomona High School prior to these transfers.”

    CIF Bluebook Rule 510 (E):
    Transferring to a school where a former high school coach has relocated
    A student at any grade level who transfers to a new school within one calendar year of the relocation of his/her high school coach to that school with or without a corresponding change in residence shall be considered prima facie evidence (“sufficient evidence”) of undue influence/recruiting by the school to which the student transfers or may be considered prima facie evidence (“sufficient evidence”) that the student enrolled in that school in whole or in part for athletic reasons.

    When a prima facie case (“sufficient evidence”) of undue influence/recruiting exist, the student shall be ineligible to represent the new school in interscholastic athletic competition for a period of one calendar year from the date of the student’s enrollment in the new school in all sports in which the student participated at the former school unless sufficient proof is presented to the satisfaction of the Section Commissioner that rebuts or disproves the evidence of undue influence/recruiting for athletic reasons.

  • Do Your Job Aram!!!!


    This Pomona/Colony article is interesting. Do some investigating on the situation. Everyone close to Pomona and Colony know the truth about Rice. All you need to do is ask! I hope as a journalist you do care about the truth!

  • DRanchhhh

    New York,

    I respect you opinion as you should my opinion. Whether you like it or not I believe that Monrovia would lose to DR, PERIOD. So I am going to pound my chest and scream DR until you cant stand it anymore. Your anonymous friend called DR out FIRST, but I noticed you never mentioned anything, so I am wanting to believe that it was YOU who posted it bc you were to scared of the “potential” backlash from such a stupid statement. As you can see I never mentioned anything about Monrovia prior to either you or your altered-ego posting about how you guys could beat us. How about this, BEAT SD first and then speak on DR dude!!

    The other (2) “drive-by” posters, I’m glad you 2 are fans. You should come to the games. You can compare to us to the Bills and a million other teams but that doesn’t stop the fact that I feel like DR can beat monrovia. I am a fan as you are a fan of your school. It’s been said by other bloggers that YOUR particular division is “watered” down. I have read it several times from Amat, CO and several other posters.

    ALSO READ THE BLOG. YOUR MONROVIA POSTER PUT DR DOWN FIRST. I responded. I’ll quote it for you:

    “anonymous said:

    Is somebody bragging about only losing to diamond ranch by 6 points? They were an average team last year. San Dimas and Monrovia would have beat them.

    August 4, 2010 4:52 PM”

    Don’t get all BUTT hurt when I respond the way I do. Again I am a FAN of DR and I will go to bat for them when someone talks ‘ish. SO yes I will pound my chest and do what I can to support them on THIS blog. Nobody from DR mentioned anything about beating Monrovia until that idiot did. BTW, you wanna talk about the Bills, Didn’t Monrovia lose the championship as well? What does that make monrovia? You guys won the fight but lost the battle, correct? Yeaaaaa…(shake your head in agreement while you read)

  • anonymous

    DRanchhhh: I’m a San Dimas fan, but I believe that Monrovia would have beat you guys anyway. I saw DR play last season and it’s my opinion that they would have lost to Monrovia.

  • Eastside


    Back to back 7 and 7 seasons makes your team average. So don’t get so defensive. And yeah, both those teams would have beaten you guys last season. You also lucked out against Schurr!!!

  • New York

    I certainly respect your passion and unwavering support for Diamond Ranch football. I also respect the calliber of athletes at DR as well as Coach Layton’s support for and belief in his players. That much is evident by his support for them to go to the next level as well as his confidence in scheduling the pre-season that he does. I’m sure he would not schedule those teams if he did not think his players were up for the challenge.

    I just don’t respect your analysis in this situation: You reminded us of the teams DR lost to and then concluded that DR would beat Monrovia and San Dimas.

    As a Monrovia fan, I am fully aware of what it is like to see your team lose multiple championships. I will also acknowledge that simply losing in the finals does not automatically make you the second best team in the division. Remember, there are three other teams who lost to the champs throughout the playoffs. In Monrovia’s case this year, we held San Dimas to their lowest point totals each time we played them.

    How did Diamond Ranch’s performance against Charter Oak compare to the other teams who play CO in the playoffs?

    Also, you reminded us of the fact that many teams on Monrovia’s schedule last year had losing records. I noticed the same thing about most of DR’s victory last year.

    Lastly, I don’t post as “anonymous”. The idea of having a monicker is to preserve anonymity anway.

  • knockin rice down

    Why did coach brown resign?
    Because they verbally hired coach rice.
    When did coach rice know he was the coach at pomona?
    Late december 2010
    Did rice contact coach brown to see how he felt?
    No because it is a dog eat dog world
    What happened to the 2 coaches that stayed at pomona?
    Demoted to freshman coaches.. the wr coach and oc.
    Did coach rice and the pomona officials hold a secret recruting meeting with the colony parents?
    DaTed jan 2010
    “At this time I am very dissatisfied in the relationship with the athletic department and the administration at Pomona. It was brought to my attention by several of my student-athletes that before the winter break the administration and athletic department began a new search for a head varsity football coach,” Brown wrote in his resignation letter. “As a Pomona High School alumni and eight year employee of the Pomona Unified School District, the embarrassment of this is tremendous with my peers and in the community. I was selected to be the 2009-2010 head varsity football coach with the confidence and partnership of the athletic department and administration at Pomona based on my coaching resume. Along with a great season, two student-athletes received football scholarships to the University of Texas El Paso and Eastern Michigan University.”

    Brown was a longtime walk-on defensive coordinator at Pomona who graduated at the school in 1987, and who had been coaching there off and on since 1995. He said he understood if the school needed to hire a coach with a teaching position, but he wishes they would have handled it better.

    “I was perfectly fine being the defensive coordinator here,” Brown said. “That’s all I really wanted to do. They asked me if I wanted to be the head coach, and I thought it would be a great opportunity and I thought we did a lot with the kids. Now, I have all the regrets in the world, I go from the head coach to nothing when everything was perfectly fine before they hired me.”

  • Raider

    I don’t know much about the situation going on with Rice except for what I just read here, but I’ve seen less evidence of violations get investigated, and overturned. Seems to be a little shady. Aram, is the case closed at CIF regarding these transfers?

    I’d be interested to see what Colony people say about Rice. I assume they are happy with him since they won rings, and everything. However, why leave Colony for Pomona?? No disrespect PTOWN.

  • True

    If you dig a little Aram, you’ll find that the whole Pomona/Colony situation stinks to high heaven. The AD at Pomona and Rice pulled a fast one on CIF. They knew the rule, and found a way around it by enrolling the kids first, then announcing Rice would be the coach. I hope compromising one’s integrity is worth 3rd place in the VVL to some of the coaches and players involved.

    It’s funny how things don’t workout in the end for cheaters.

  • The Big Picture

    It is what it is, Rice did what he did and everyone knows that those players were aware of Rice taking the job before they transferred, including CIF. CIF is taking the proper action. They need proof that these players were aware of Rice taking the new position. The school of Pomona and it’s administration should be concern with the bigger picture. They are now on CIF’s radar and in the long run this may cost them more than they have gained.