Valley’s best ever: Haden and Davis, so says King … Who gets your vote? …

Our Jim McConnell, known as “King” around the office, has an OUTSTANDING PIECE in today’s Tribune about Bonita’s Glenn Davis and Amat’s Pat Haden being the two best players in Valley history. There’s lots of names and interesting record/stats in there, including Sierra Vista’s two Oscars and Los Altos’ Felipe Aguilar.

Aram’s take: If any of you want to debate this, please feel free. Or if you simply want to say who you think is best, then by all means. If there’s one area I’ve always felt a little weak in, it’s Valley history. I know the late 80s, 90s and 2000s relatively well. I LOVE nothing more than to hear stories about past Valley greats and great teams. Believe me, Gano and Farrar are great guys for this. One of my favorite things in this life is to shoot the breeze about the SGV’s history. When people ask me my opinion of the best player ever, I tell them I can only comment about who I’ve actually seen/covered. For me it’s a tie between Los Altos’ Brigham Harwell and Temple City’s Desmond Reed. Covina’s Mike McDonough comes in third.

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  • Aaron

    It’s not even a question. Glenn Davis. Heisman. Enough Said.

  • Unreal…

    Athletes are judged based on how many championships they win.

    Haden had two national chips with USC and was arguably the best QB in the land his last two years at USC. He was also a Rhodes Scholar.

  • This will have to go to the Lineman of the decade Shaun Cody. One of the only SGV locals that play week in and week out on Sundays. Not too many can compare to what this Hog did in the trenches in the high school level, collegiate level and now in the NFL. Hands down I am proud to say that my vote for the Valley best is going to be a lineman! Glenn Davis is right there he won a heisman like 50 years ago but did not have too many NFL games under his belt.

  • Doug Barnett Fan

    Mike Smith Fall of 82′ Los Altos

    Walter Thurmond III Fall of 04′ West Covina

    are in the discussion

  • 1966

    Don’t know if you want to consider Pico Rivera as a San Gabriel Valley City.

    If you did you have to look at the roster from their 1966 team.

    The Dons went 13-0 that year, scoring a school record 518 points and posting six shutouts defensively. The Dons defeated Anaheim in the CIF 4A Championship game, 35-14, and were chosen the top high school team in the State and were also proclaimed National Champions.

  • Aaron

    One more Thing:
    The Award for the top football player in the Los Angeles area is named for Glenn Davis. SGV Awardees have been:

    Daylon McCutcheon RB/DB 1994

    Brigham Harwell DL/FB 2003

  • Matt

    I have been watching RHL football for 20 years and the best I have seen in the league is Desmond Reed. I can not even think of who would be #2.

  • Bishop Amat’s RB Eric Bienemy

    Eric Bieniemy is in his third season as UCLA running backs coach. He has also assumed the additional responsibilities of recruiting coordinator for 2005. Bieniemy began his collegiate coaching career by working two seasons as an assistant at Colorado prior to joining the Bruin staff in January of 2003. At CU, he coached the running backs as well as the kickoff coverage unit on special teams. In the 2004 season, Maurice Drew became just the 10th Bruin to rush for at least 1,000 yards in a season (1,007). Drew also set a single-game school record with 322 yards and five touchdowns scored in a game at Washington. Manuel White also had his most productive season as a Bruin, rushing for over 750 yards and catching 20 passes. In addition, freshmen Chris Markey and Michael Pitre each displayed talents which helped earn them post-season recognition. In the 2003 season, UCLA’s Drew earned third-team Freshman All-America honors as a kick returner/running back after rushing for almost 600 yards and scoring two touchdowns on kickoff returns. During 2002, Colorado ranked ninth in team rushing in the NCAA with 232.8 yards on the ground per game. Tailback Chris Brown ranked third in the nation with a 153.4 yards per game average. Bieniemy had a tremendous impact right from the start in his first year on the Colorado staff, as the Buffs finished eighth in the nation in rushing, averaging 228.5 yards per game. The tailbacks and fullbacks combined for 2,620 yards, the most yards out of all the running back positions in college football for 2001. In 2002, the Colorado backfield combined for over 3,000 yards to lead the nation. A former All-American tailback at Colorado, Bieniemy had returned to campus in order to complete the requirements to earn his degree, a process he had started in 1987 as a freshman at CU, when he decided to join head coach Gary Barnett’s staff. Bieniemy, 36, served as an assistant at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver in the fall of 2000, prior to his return to Colorado. He also enjoyed a nine-year career in the National Football League after being a second round choice of the San Diego Chargers in the 1991 draft. Bieniemy was with the Chargers through 1994 and played with the Cincinnati Bengals (1995-98) and the Philadelphia Eagles (1999). He graduated from Colorado in May 2001, with a degree in sociology. After returning to school full-time following his NFL career, Bieniemy shined in the classroom, compiling a grade point average in excess of 3.5 in 11 courses. Bieniemy’s footprints are all over the CU record book, as he remains the school’s all-time leader in rushing (3,940 yards), all-purpose yards (4,351), touchdowns (42) and scoring (254 points). He was the nation’s second leading rusher in 1990 with 1,628 yards, along with 17 touchdowns, when he finished third in the Heisman Trophy balloting that year behind BYU’s Ty Detmer (the winner) and Notre Dame’s Raghib Ismail. His most memorable game was at Nebraska as a senior in 1990, as he overcame five fumbles in the first three quarters to score four fourth quarter touchdowns in leading CU to a 27-12 win that put CU in the driver’s seat for a second straight Big Eight title as well as on the road to the school’s first national championship in football. In 1990, he earned unanimous All-America honors along with guard Joe Garten and linebacker Alfred Williams, the first three Colorado players to be named as unanimous selections. He was a two-time first-team all Big-Eight performer, in 1988 and in 1990, earning the conference’s offensive player-of-the-year honor as a senior. As a junior, he was named to CU’s prestigious 25-member “All-Century Football Team,” the only active player at the time to be selected to the group honoring the first 100 years of Buffalo football. Bieniemy lettered in football and track at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, CA, earning second-team All-America honors in football as a senior when he rushed for 2,002 yards and 30 touchdowns. RECRUITING RESPONSIBILITIES — Local / California: Los Angeles City and San Gabriel Valley; National: Louisiana, Houston,TX area and running backs. PERSONAL — Education: Bachelor’s in Sociology, from Colorado, 2001; At UCLA: Third year (joined the staff in January of 2003); Born: August 15, 1969 in New Orleans, LA; Family: Married to the former Mia Maxie, they have two children, Eric III (10) and Elijah (6).



  • Sorry, has anyone forgotten Mario Clark – you know, first round draft pick from PHS, 49er Super Bowl Champion or what about the 1969 Blair High School football squad lead by James McAlister (Chris McAlister’s Dad) that set a CIF State Record by racking up 4,858 rushing yards in one season and a state championships. Who else has done that???

    Don’t get me started. Exactly who wrote this?

    Laurence Todd

  • UCLA Bruin for Life

    Bishop Amat’s RB Eric Bienemy:

    One would think that Eric Bieniemy would know how to spell his own name and know his current place of employment? Eric has been with the Vikings in the NFL since 2005 and, i believe, was recently named Assistant Head Coach of the Offense?

    That being said, it is hard to argue with any of the players listed as being the best ever. If you are talking about purely HS talent, then many of the players at West Covina, Edgewood, Los Altos, South Hills and other SGV teams from the 70s should be mentioned? Bobby Epps and Tom Brunansky among others from WCHS maybe?


    I believe King McConnell was only considering the Tribune (eastside) area. But for the sake of this blog, any local from any of our areas are open for nomination, that’s why I had Reed as one of my choices.

  • justafan

    I know he is not the most liked but you got to put Lawernce Phillips in there too!

  • point/counter-point

    Cody wasn’t even Player of the Year in the SGV how can he be one of the best of all time (ask Ramirez about that one)
    Reed? Did you not see McCutcheon? Dude played in teh NFL for 8-9 urs.
    you seriously said McDonough?
    Bieniemy was 3rd in the Heisman at a time when there was tons more teams, competition, media, and voters. Might be as big an accomplishment as winning it with a leather helmet.
    Aram – you need to get out more.

  • one more thing

    Kory Minor was twice the player Harwell was

  • point/counter,

    Did you read what I said? My choices were guys who I’ve seen/covered. I never saw McCutcheon or Minor or Cody play.

  • dont forget me

    I know this is going way back but this guy is forgotten way to often. He played at Oregon, played in the USFL, blocked for John Elway, was a 7 time pro bowl selection and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

    Gary Zimmerman was one of the best offensive linemen ever. You cant leave this guy out of the discussion. I believe he graduated from Walnut High School.

  • point/counter-point

    I did read exactly what you wrote –

    ” I know the late 80s, 90s and 2000s relatively well.”

    I would have thought if you knew that era “well” that includes the 3 best players in the ’90s.

  • point/counter,


    The entire thing is right here:

    “When people ask me my opinion of the best player ever, I tell them I can only comment about who I’ve actually seen/covered. For me it’s a tie between Los Altos’ Brigham Harwell and Temple City’s Desmond Reed. Covina’s Mike McDonough comes in third. “

  • BA Bias? No way! Do the research!

    Forget about it…

    It’s Pat Haden who is now the new Athletic Director at USC.

    or it’s Eric Bieniemny who is the Assistant Head Coach for the Offense of the Minnesota Vikings.

  • BA Bias? No way! Do the research!

    Forget about it…

    It’s Pat Haden who is now the new Athletic Director at USC.

    or it’s Eric Bieniemny who is the Assistant Head Coach for the Offense of the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Aaron

    I’m really laughing again. I guess I’ll repeat this:

    Glenn Davis. Heisman. Enough Said.

  • IP Freely

    Did you never see my boy play back in 1999? Two words Sloan Y. 200+ tackles his FRESHMAN year, Boy was a Beast.


    These best list are something else. Set out some criteria for Pete’s sake !

    Best as in most accomplished” during his high school career in one sport? Or are we talking “best” as in two sports? Or are we saying “best” over his sport’s “life time”, high school, college and Pros?

    And when we say best are we saying , “beating the odds” or in sheer numbers or sheer “brilliance?

    Best means something right? The question is what “area’ are we comparing others against. Just trying to be clear.

  • MoneyTalks

    Bruce Matthews, Arcadia high 1978 all american, USC All American, 19 years in the NFL, NFL Hall of Fame in 2007. Played every line position in the NFL. Best lineman in NFL history.

  • Bob

    Take your pick Bishop Amat fans # Eric Bieniemy (NFL player, coach)
    # Ralph Brown (NFL player) Class of 1996
    # Troy Auzenne (NFL player)
    # Pat Haden (football player/sportscaster)

    # John Jackson NFL player/Fox Sports broadcaster

    # Daylon McCutcheon USC(retired NFL player)rushed for 2400 yards in 1994 season at Amat
    # John McKay, Jr. USC- NFL player

    # William Robinson (NFL player)
    # Brian Russell (NFL player) Class of 1996
    # John Sciarra UCLA (retired NFL player)
    # Rodney Sermons USC
    # Ryan Smith (NFL player)

    # Kory Minor (NFL player)”Nation” High School Defense Player of the year

  • point/counter-point

    then this was a mistated-
    ” I know the late 80s, 90s and 2000s relatively WELL”
    and should have been “casually”

  • AMAT 73

    Granted Davis did win the Heisman which is a great accomplishment in college football . But considering the time it took place ’43’ I believe it puts a much different light on it as opposed to today. Who was Davis’ competition for the award .As far as high school career my vote goes to Haden .He literally put the SGV on the radar screen when concerning football at that time . The guy was just unreal and a pure passer if I have ever seen one . He had a great work ethic that showed on the field with his precise passes and running of the offense .He also started on the basketball team and I believe track also. He did go on to a great college career at SC and also excelled in the classroom and did receive a Rhodes scholarship for his efforts. Also had a fine pro football career , not Canton worthy but still a fine career. The best I ever saw or have seen to this date.


    If we want to expand it a little bit to the IE how about Chaffey’s OL Anthony Munoz – All American USC – All Pro for ever with the Bengals – Hall of Famer

    I think the real point of this exercise is without working too hard and only a stones throw in any direction around here we have produced and are still producing great athlete’s that turn out to be solid citizens as well. Keep it up SGV!!


    If I had to choice one player it would be Haden. I saw him play many times as a kid. In high school he threw the ball like Peyton Manning with great touch and put the ball right where he wanted it. His height was of course a problem as he got older but not at Amat.


    What a lot people forget about Haden is he separated his throwing shoulder as a juinor. Before the injury he had a hose but after he never really got ALL the zip back but he still had the touch.

  • Aram got it good – Too Funny

    Hey Aram

    Point/Counter is bitch slapping you off your high horse! Well deserved too.

    You pop off at the mouth then be prepared to suffer the reality check – hack


    WOW how can some of you guys come on here and talk smack like that to the hand that feeds you! Aram and Fred have opened up these forums so we can have our conversations and spew fire at each other but when you start targeting the writers your going to far. Aram maybe you guys should consider having the a login in page where you verify the email address and the IP address so people can post on this blog. You will lose some hits but we can do without the drive by shooters.


    I agree 100%!!! SGV FOOTBALL;

    I’t must be human nature, or something inside us on being NEGATIVE. I see it with Bishop Amat haters, and the Charter Oak complainers about there cup cake seasons.

    I guess people are compelled to act like idiots, and hide behind a computer making comments that they think it’s funny. Talking about Fred and Aram, like some of these bloggers did is ridiculous. But i guees that is what we call FREDOM OF SPEECH, without a continence.


  • Old Timer

    For consideration of the best player out of the SGV, Billy Kilmer (Citrus Union HS in Azusa, Citrus Junior College in Azusa/now Glendora, UCLA and the NFL.

  • Basic

    Glenn Davis = Heisman…
    Yes it was before the black n white era (tv) but he did still win it, right? We all know everyone got bigger and faster but has anyone else won it since? and you can make the same argument about any player “who has he done it against?” well just like GD did in his time, you can only do it against who is put in front of you. So if we base this on what records he set in high school and what he did in college then it has to be Davis. If you have other “standards” then I might put my vote in for A. Munoz.

  • SGV Football,

    It goes with the territory in this business. The national guys at FOX all read what people said about them in the comments for their stories. They got a kick out of it, although one Hall of Famer used to take it personally and I’d have to talk him down from the ledge (using these blogs as an example). I said it long ago when I started what’s now Fred’s blog, people can say whatever they want about me. They can say what they want about the coaches to a degree, but they cannot land on the kids in a bad way.

  • Interesting…

    I think we can all agree that that greatest must have D-1 College and NFL experience. However, the SGV is loaded with these type of people. What separates these people from each other is what they did AFTER college and football…

  • WWII

    In the Fall of 46′, with WWII having ended 13 months prior(405,399 Dead, 670,846 Wounded) many of the best football players of the 40’s did not get a chance to play with or against Glenn Davis.

  • Jastrab

    Troy Aikman or Troy West …West Covina products

  • BOB

    Wow! I forgot about a lot of these players.Good Stuff. Names like Glenn Davis, Gary Zimmerman,Anthony Munoz, Billy Kilmer,The Blair Pair,and good point by “WWII”. Football season starts Sept 3rd-zero week. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??

  • Aaron

    I think criteria should be what they did in high school and then in college. Glenn Davis was named Southern Section player of the year in 1942.

    His career in the NFL was cut short because of knee injuries. He had two of them, he also served in Korea. However was on two Rams championship teams. So if we’re talking hardware he has six championships from high school through the NFL.

    He also has the Heisman. What’s interesting is that a freshman was not eligible to play varsity athletics in the NCAA at the time. All three Varsity seasons he finished in the top two of Heisman candidates and then finally won his senior season. He also won the Maxwell award his Sophomore season at Army. He still has records that have yet to be broken.

    Heisman Voting for 1944-1946

    If you look at who he was matched up against for the Heisman none of them were chumps.

    I mentioned it earlier but the Glenn Davis award has been presented annually since 1987 to the player that is deemed the best from both the City and Southern Sections.

  • Oh Okay !


    Come on. “as a kid” you remember touch? The mind is playing tricks on you.

    Not saying he didn’t do it , just that as a kid you probably didn’t see nuances like that. How do I know that? Because most adults are poor evaluators even today with so much available to them.



    Is this Robert Jastrab Mt. Sac head football coach??? I’m impressed I also forgot about Troy but he moved before high school I believe. He would hands down be the Valleys greatest.

    Jastrab you dont have to answer my question just not too many people have that last name. So I put 2 and 2 together and took a long shot.


    Come on Aaron. Are you going to continue this like you did when the Smudgepot was not the number 1 game for week zero. In your eyes and others Davis is tops in the valley and in others he is not . Everyone has valid points and arguments . Remember it is one’s opinion and coming on here continually lobbing for Davis as the tops is getting old fast.
    Another couple of great valley players out La Puente high , Max Montoya who played with Munoz on those Bengal teams and Effren Herrera who kicked for the Dallas Cowboys and I believe both are UCLA Alums .

  • NW Pasadena

    A couple of Muir guys:

    Jackie Robinson- hell of an athlete at UCLA and beyond…of course.

    Dave Buchanan- ASU and Raiders.

    Rod Sherman- USC and Raiders/Rams

    Anthony Miller- Tennessee and Chargers

    Ricky Ervins- USC (Rose Bowl MVP) and Redskins (SB Champ)

    Chad Brown- Colorado and Steelers/Seahawks

    Marcus Robertson- Iowa State and Oilers/Titans

    Saladin McCullough- Oregon (Led Pac-10 in rushing) and 49ers (DNP)

  • Old Timer

    I am impressed that so many people have taken the time to not only recall all the SGV football greats from bygone era’s. It is also a credit to all of you who have done some homework and research to provide us with this abundance of information.

    Aram, thank you for providing such a great forum for all of us to participate.

    All this football talk has me fired up to watch this weekends NFL Hall of Fame Game (Bengals vs Cowboys). But it still does not compare to following High School and College football.

  • Aaron

    I must have hit a nerve when I brought out the facts. I guess that’s the rub.

    Facts I forgot to lay down:
    2nd pick in the 1947 NFL Draft.
    Had twelve Varsity letters in high school (15 if you consider the exponent system, and I have no idea how that worked.)

  • How about Jackie Robinson?

    Jackie Robinson and Glenn Davis, tough to argue with either player. I think Aaon makes a great point about Glenn Davis but in my mind it’s tough to notch down the great Jackie Robinson who did it against incredible odds and had an everlasting affect on the world of sports. In fact it could be argued that the Robinson “family” had the best brother combo ever, as his brother was a star athlete in his own right.

    The WWII argument is hogwash and insults the reality of the time.

    Just surprised Joe Amat hasn’t given us his all time best athlete. I know he’s spoken often o fthe best athlete he’s ever seen at BA but his name escapes me.

    Also surprised one of the Smith’s from LA isn’t in the conversation.

    Best Football player or best athlete? What are we talking about here?

  • uh

    There was a kid by the name of Darryll Lewis who was pretty darned good in the mid ’80s!

  • megvencill

    brian betzke or steve necke s.h.h.s. 74 and 78

  • CO 1989

    A lot of names the deserve recognition. Here’s one more, DOMINIC FARRAR….Who’s with me???



    Question is, Did Rice know he would be at Pomona???

    CIF: Pomona transfers from Colony are allowed if they didn’t know their coach was coming to same school
    By Clay Fowler on August 4, 2010 11:24 AM | No Comments | ShareThis

    As long as the two football players who transferred from Colony to Pomona High School were unaware at the time of their transfer of former Colony coach Anthony Rice’s impending move to the Pomona sidelines, their transfers are legitimate. Both Makale McCobb and Gerald Kough, who played at Colony last season, transfered prior to Rice being hired as the head football coach at Pomona. Demetrius Counts, however, was ruled athletically ineligible for his senior year likely because Colony’s second-leading rusher last season transferred to Pomona in June after Rice was hired in May.

    “It would have to be proved that the 2 players in question knew Anthony (Rice) was going to be hired at Pomona prior to their transfers, in any event,” CIF director of communication Thom Simmons said. “Had the two players transferred after Anthony was hired at Pomona, the office could possibly make a reasonable assumption that of prima facie evidence of a athletically motivated transfer. The same assumption is much more difficult when the transfer happens before.”

    Second-team all-Mt. Baldy League players in 2009, McCobb and Kough had their transfers to Pomona approved March 26 and Feb. 5, respectively. Rice resigned from Colony Feb. 3, accepted Pomona’s job offer Feb. 25 and was hired in May.

    Even with a change of residence, CIF rules prevent a player from following their coach to a new school without serving a year of ineligibility.

    “The office approved both of these transfers on the appropriate CIF paperwork submitted by Pomona High School,” Simmons said. “In both cases, Colony High School did not provide any information on the paperwork indicating that there were any issues regarding CIF rule 510 or that their former head football coach, Anthony Rice, had been hired by Pomona High School prior to these transfers.”

    CIF Bluebook Rule 510 (E):
    Transferring to a school where a former high school coach has relocated
    A student at any grade level who transfers to a new school within one calendar year of the relocation of his/her high school coach to that school with or without a corresponding change in residence shall be considered prima facie evidence (“sufficient evidence”) of undue influence/recruiting by the school to which the student transfers or may be considered prima facie evidence (“sufficient evidence”) that the student enrolled in that school in whole or in part for athletic reasons.

    When a prima facie case (“sufficient evidence”) of undue influence/recruiting exist, the student shall be ineligible to represent the new school in interscholastic athletic competition for a period of one calendar year from the date of the student’s enrollment in the new school in all sports in which the student participated at the former school unless sufficient proof is presented to the satisfaction of the Section Commissioner that rebuts or disproves the evidence of undue influence/recruiting for athletic reasons.


    Amat fans,

    The other site has a decent interview with Rio Ruiz posted on their site. Check it out, I would hyperlink the site but Aram asked us not to so I will respect his wishes. Check it out Ruiz does not look like anything that I was imaginging. I’m trying to remember what I thought he looked like…

  • whitey

    I’ll toss in Randy Tanner from Bishop Amat, 3 sport star at the highest of levels in CIF, then on to USC where a terrible knee injury lessened his impact there and was absolutley that schools all time best all around athlete, Joe Amat ? did you hear me. Gelnn Davis did win the Heisman, but college football in the WWII years was nothing compared to what it would become, there were no men of color in college FB till years after the war, and the fraft took lots of talent away, it was a very watered down product to say the least, as was MLB and the NFL in that time frame

  • AMAT 73

    I do beleive JA has gone on the record writing Tanner is the best all around athlete to come out of AMAT .

  • Swordsmen alumni

    St Paul High School can nominate:

    Jaime Quirk, Mike Gallegos and Andy Stankawitz.

    amazingly, all three played MLB and once in a game, Shortstop Gallegos threw a strike to catcher Quirk who tagged out baserunner Stankiwitz!!

  • Aaron

    Whitey, it didn’t water it down nearly as much as you think. But it was the reason why Army and Navy competed for national championships. The top teams then like Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Duke, SC, still had talent.

    Yes Duke used to be a power in football much earlier than they were playing roundball.

  • Kurmugin

    Check your morgue for the WC Spartans 71 and 72 teams. That bunch were undefeated in league as frosh and soph. As juniors were Steve Myers as QB they went all the way to the CIF finals against Kennedy and lost 14-7 in Tim Brancheau’s first year as head coach. With no passer the next season, they went to the Veer and ran to wins, losing only to Los Altos, who went on to beat Fontana (I think) in the finals. With an 8-1-1 record, WC did not make the playoffs. Only league champs went in those days. The Rowland coach was part of that team and was all CIF at center as was Bob Treudeau, the tailback, and the free safety, who intercepted 5 passes in one game. Myers and his prime receiver were also all CIF the previous year. The 76 WC team with Bob Epps and Roy Stocking played Los Also in the playoff semis at MSAC before a standing room only crowd. LA won that one too. and the CIF title. WC beat Loyola and San Marcos in ealier playoff games. They were good days for the then Columbia Blue and White.Never did understand why they changed the name and colors when Edgewood closed and the campuses merged.

  • Jastrab

    No, I am not Robert, but when I thought about a name Jastrab came to mind as that family was almost mythical growing up in the 70s and 80s in the ESGV. As a kid my older brother and friends always talked about Jastrab this or Jastrab that so it always stuck with me. Years later I found out my wife was good friends with him at Edgewood. I dont know if the rumor was true but as a kid we were told they lived in an apartment with an older brother which allowed them to attend nearly every high profile program (public and private) in the valley.

    For any Amat alum or anyone in general, what happened to Jeremy Smith (Amat early 90s) who had something like 1,400 yards receiving in his junior year and there was talk about him breaking the single season record by JJ McKay? I thought he was going to Cal but had some SAT problems and I never heard about him again.


  • Haygood

    I feel I must comment on this.
    In my opinion the best athlete to ever perform in the San Gabriel Valley was George Farmer, a 6’5″ 215 lb. receiver at La Puente High. Graduated in 1966.
    In football – All CIF (set several CIF records), started 3 years for UCLA and started for the Chicago Bears for many years.
    Basketball – (best sport) All CIF, All State, All Everything. Played on the UCLA (Lew Alcindor) National Championship teams.
    Track – State Champion Hurdler (maybe both high and low).
    Baseball – didn’t play in H.S (might still hold the La Puente Pony League record for home runs.
    George was (is) the nicest, most humble person I have ever been around. It was an honor to have played alongside him.
    Marc Haygood

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