Super Bowl champ and former CO star Jason David is back in the SGV …

I got a text this week from former Charter Oak stud and Super Bowl champ Jason David saying he’s been in the SGV recently, working with local players at Citrus College every Tuesday and Thursday and I should come check it out. So I did just that on Thursday morning, because there’s nothing I love more than a morning workout.

Jason David talks about his workouts at Citrus.

It’s a very interesting mix of athletes out there. You have studs like UCLA-bound St. Francis grad Dietrich Riley, Washington-bound Walnut stud Aubrey Coleman and Charter Oak’s Dennis Rufus working along with CO incoming frosh Kurt Scoby and CO sophomore Aaren Vaughns. Amat’s Wallace Gonzalez and Adam Sanchez are also out there. There’s a trio from Damien out there as is Muir grad and Stonybrook-bound stud Myles Campbell. Glendora’s Chad Jeffries (San Diego St.), Baldwin Park’s Demitrious Jackson (UTEP) and former Muir stud/current Oregon St. safety Lance Mitchell have all been out there, but weren’t there on Thursday. So, you’ve now got an idea about what type of talent I’m talking about.

It’s basically a great way for everyone to get work in under the tutelage of guys like David, Brown and Brown, who ALL came from the SGV and made it at the next level. Refer to the videos to see what I’m talking about. It wasn’t just receivers, defensive backs, running backs and tight ends, there were three QBs out there Thursday — St. Francis’ Justin Posthuma (UCLA), St. Paul’s Chris Wilson (Wake Forest) and Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago.

Jason David (visor), Travis Brown (TB (Rays) cap) and Chapelle Brown (white tee and black shorts) work with SGV receivers and defensive backs.

Aram’s take: I’ve never seen anything like it. First of all, the demeanor and attitude out there is all business. Secondly, these guys are supposed to be on dead period, but they’re out there getting better and working hard. Just another reflection of the type of work it takes to be the best. Third, it’s amazing to see these guys get the chance to ask a guy like David for advice on what they did right or wrong. Where else do you get access to a Super Bowl champ like that for absolutely free?

As for individual takes (I’ll do this easily):

Adam Sanchez, Amat: I had never seen him before, only heard or read about him. He’s the real deal. His technique and hands really impressed David and the Browns, too. He’s gonna be very good this year.

Dietrich Riley, UCLA:
Yeah, you can tell the difference when you see a legit, mature D-1 player. Riley is polished beyond belief and athletically heads and heels above everyone else, which you’d expect. But beyond that, he’s very encouraging to the younger guys, telling them things like “Be an athlete.”

Wallace Gonzalez, Amat: I’ve said it before, I can’t see how opposing DBs and LBs match up to him. They might be able to run with him, but he’s going to out-muscle nearly everyone he faces.

Aubrey Coleman, Walnut: Just an amazing frame. And for those of you questioning his hands, I invite you to attend Tuesday’s work out.

Myles Campbell, Stonybrook:
Almost as good as Riley in terms of overall package. He’s headed toward a great college career.

Kurt Scoby and Aaren Vaughns, Charter Oak: Youngstas, but man you can see the talent. When their bodies mature even more, look out!

Chapelle Brown, formerly Los Altos: Gave me heat for Fred’s All-Decade team. I had to remind that was Fred’s list not mine. He may help out at Diamond Bar this year, but said he wasn’t totally sure yet.

IMPORTANT INFO: If you want to attend next Tuesday or Thursday’s workout, David says the public is more than welcome. If you’re a player who wants to participate, I suggest you already be all-league caliber before doing so. But it’s not my call, it’s Jason David’s and you can email him if you want to participate at

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  • Browns

    Travis and Chapelle are already coaching in Diamond Bar.

  • Dead period?

    Shoulda seen the group out at Muir last Saturday. All of those guys plus some more guys from Oregon St. and some really good D1-AA and JC guys. Some of the alums from Muir put it on and there were like 35 legit guys out there and I think Jason was out there too. Dead periods used to not be like this!

  • Dead period?

    You gotta let The Fat Man or Miguel know about this stuff so we can go check it.

  • Jason David workouts

    Great coverage – but u should have gone earlier – some of the college guys have already left such as:

    AJ Powell (Portland St)
    Brandon Golden (Wash St)

    and other local preps such as JR Nelson (Wilson), Travis Talianko (St Francis) and former S Hills star – Geoffrey Vaughns werent there today

  • saladays


    Do you have any info on this kid,

    GUERTLER, Nathan OT 6-5 265

    Just walked on at USC

  • Jason David workouts (part 2)

    forgot to mention Jason has about 80 photos of previous workouts this dead period on his facebook photo album site – Jason David

  • Deuces Are Wild!

    Wow, I can tell you firsthand because my son has had the privilege and pleasure of spending time with Jason David and the man is truly an inspiration and a role model not only because he teaches your son X’s and O’s but he also stresses the importance of character, discipline, and education so your son learns life skills and social skills as well as football. What other professional athlete would be willing to give of his time for free and say and do the things he’s doing for not only Charter Oak’s athletes but every athlete in the Valley.

    My son is truly blessed to have someone like Jason David in his life and I recommend especially in this day and age if you want your son to have an opportunity to get to the next level and appreciate and respect the challenges ahead there is no better person than Jason David as a resource, support system, and man in your son’s life.

    J.D. thank you so much and also to the other professionals as well that have been spending the time with you these past few weeks. I am amazed when I see the top athletes from the top programs getting better and the best part is they are working together. Sportsmanship equals class and you are taking them to school. Good luck men!

  • Norco


    Nathan started for us for two years and was a studs…He played left tackle for us, but IMO could have played TE since he ran a 4.8 40yd ….very smart, athletic & very aggressive OL…IMO great pic up for SC, I believe he turned down some smaller schools because SC was his dream school…

  • New York

    Has Trev worked with him?

  • Geoffrey Vaughns was there today… Also guys like Keith Smith(SJSU), Brandon Golden(WSU) and A.J Powell (portland state) Adam Muema (sdsu) have all attended my workouts and are already off to college…

  • Norco

    New York….
    I`m assuming you mean Ex Norco standout Trevor Roberts…trev hasn`t coached at Norco in a few years…

  • gamebreaker42

    Aram you forgot to mention my camp killer.. This kid has been shutting down all the Nike and Elite camps this summer, pratically embarrasing the countries top Defensive backs… Dwayne Brown from Kaiser in fontana…. he is a true sleeper, if you dont believe me check him out on youtube…

  • kh

    if amat bj wallace comes across middle at bonita bohi,theres acouple k.c. and casey who will put the lickin on bj .
    i saw him play hes big and good but coming across the middle is a different world my friend,i saw always on the sticking end,but watching the eyes of the recievers come across the middle,one eyes on ball and the other is waiting to get lite up.

  • gamebreaker42

    Wait…. when is the last time wallace played?

  • gamebreaker42

    KH….. where did wallace play at before Bishop Amat and when was the last time he played….

  • Bagpipe Boys off of Route 66

    Wallace Gonzalez was a “man child” for us at Glendora but between him and his father good riddance. Long story short neither him nor his son fit in with the rules that apply to everyone in life let alone Tartan territory. Now since he went ahead and transferred and his hardship wasn’t cleared he had to “sit out” last year but regardless Bishop Amat has touted him like this blog has with his bizarre public story but will be interesting to see how the story ends. Too bad that he couldn’t be on the receiving end of Jefferies passes this year because they could of been something special. That’s ok because we still have plenty of athletes so don’t bet against us versus the Chargers. We’ve been waiting a while to get that trophy back and we been fixing for a long time and have something special for you boys. Good night now!

  • Gamebreaker42,

    It’s best not to engage KH because he’s rarely coherent.

    Anyway, this is my first year back so I don’t know all the faces yet. I’ll definitely check out Dwayne Brown on Tuesday if he’s there. We don’t cover Kaiser, but it’ll be nice to say I saw him before he’s playing on Saturdays.

  • gamebreaker42

    Aram thanks for the heads up man… this actually the first time ive ever blogged, just figure id say somthing because it had to do with me… but ok… i should stay off this blog… but i dont know any sophmores who are good at going across the middle… that was the only point i was gonna make thats all.. BIG, Small, slow, fast, going across the middle at any level is no easy task… so im pretty sure a 14 yr old would have the same problem as T.O, and a number of WR’s around the world… hahahahahahahahah maybe i just have a different perspective when it comes to talent and the mind set of palyers…..

  • Frank Corona. big WG Fan


    Honestly this kid had gotten a bad rap. I’ve seen him since he was an eight grader and have seen some Dads challenge him to fist fights…when he was an EIGHT GRADER!!! So take it from there…multiple times!

    Don’t make me give out names, because I will.

    When he got to Glendora he was in a bad place as every coach wanted him and he upset the balance of power with upper class men who weren’t used to seeing that kind of talent, with that kind of impatient drive. Truth be known from the former GHS players I’ve spoken to over the years I’ve asked a simple question, “Why don’t more Tartans make the transition to the next level?” Their answer is usually the same, “Too lazy”. Trust me this ain’t an “I hate GHS take” it’s just what I’ve been told over the past 7 years by former players….”too many toys, too much money and too many OTHER things to do to really push going on to play anywhere after high school.” (hey the truth is in the puddling)…and WG walks in saying …’I can’t wait to play Pro ball?’…I’m sure it ruffled feathers!, lol

    Some say there was racial hazing disguised as upper class men hazing but the truth is I have tons of respect for all his Varsity coaches, Pasquerella, Henley and The Great Le Duc ( sorry but I think very highly of the man both on and off the court)., so I doubt they would allow any issues to get past them. But you never know.

    That doesn’t excuse some parents who have enjoyed blasting his Dad on the blog, but on in person. What a surprise! Anyway it never fails when his name comes up that some one will say good riddance!

    I do know this. WG is a kid who had tons of attention, promise and potential dumped on him at an early age…IN THREE SPORTS!!! Maybe it was too much to handle or maybe it was just a bad fit from Jump Street.

    The important thing now is what you can “teach” the kid while his “ears are open”…and I truly believe they are. Players who have reached the highest heights know what they are talking about and can teach players like WG a thing or two about a world where everyone is God-blessed.

    I’ve always had this opinion of people. “I trust my eyes and turn off my ears.” As a DB you know it’s all about what you see and don’t see. So tell me does he pass the “eye” test?

    Big props for all your efforts. Would love to see Chapalle Brown who was magic in two sports, Basketball and Football. In fact I saw him abuse Damien/USC’s Daniel Harper for a 99 yards TD with going back to the huddle. SICK, SICK, SICK !!!!

    Well at least I’ll sign my name …that’s my take on WG.
    Best of luck kid!


    You have really hit rock bottom with this post on WG. You as well as every other person in the SGV know that Bonita will never ever ,ever,ever play Amat so why make such an assinine statement . Very eay to talk shiat on something that will never happen. Just stick to baseball where you make some sense although very tought to decipher you writings . Good luck to Bonita in the smudgepot and focus on what’s ahead of your team and leave your dreams and fantasies off the blog .

  • gamebreaker42

    Frank Corona…

    That was a good take man… It is evident that WG and his dad have rubbed some people the wrong way.. but your right, maybe there was to much pressure put on this kid at an early age… and you know how parents can be somtimes when they think there kid is the next phenonm, and they cant do any wrong… sad part is, nobody truly knows what this kid is up against in his personal life.. and to be judged at such an early age isnt fair, and to be ridiculed for his dads actions just isnt fair..
    Glendora has tons of athletes, in all sports… boys and girls… can it be the money, and all the toys they already have that they feel like they dont need to work hard? who knows.. i just dont know about that one because if youve ever been to mater Dei or Oaks Christian high school, those are some of the richest kids, and have everything they prolly want and need at a young age, but they are still able to produce D1 prospects.. Just meeting Chad Jefferies for the first time this year, and being able to work with him, the most impressive thing is not his talent and his throwing abilitiy, but his work ethic…. He difinetly has worked hard to become one of the valleys top QB’s…Also before i move on .. shot out to one of the linebackers from Glendora High, who came to my camp this year… another hard worker..
    I think one of the reason’s why CO has been so succesful past couple years, is the leaders on the team understood what it took to win, and worked hard during and in the offseason, to not just be a better player, but also to have a better team.. if the under class men learned anything from Keith Smith, Brandon Golden, Adam Muema, Aj Powell.. is how to work hard and become better football players.. yes CO, has talented players, but everybody knows that just because you have talented players that it doesnt always lead to a succesful season..Its the coaching and the players “want to”….

    this blogging thing is pretty cool, i love constructive conversation..

  • JD

    Not everybodys rich in glendora, theres alot of hard working parents in this town. I wouldnt say its a dedication problem even though there was rumors of alot of pot smokers on the team the last couple of years. If you look at the teams Glendora had to contend with in the playoffs the last ten years you would get your answer. On Pasgy! good man good coach but the defence he runs needs to be more aggresive & he needs to have the kids fight for jobs! I know most of the kids on this years team & people will think we put gunpowder in their dish.

  • Passer by

    I was by the Citrus practice field last Tues. and thought I was seeing things.
    Chad Jefferies of Glendora throwing strikes to Dennis Rufus of Charter Oak at Jason David’s camp? With all respect to Santiago, Jefferies and Rufus combo would be unstoppable and fun to watch!

  • Football


    the reason Oaks Christian and Mater Dei’s rich kids get scholarships is because they go to those private schools specifically to play football.

  • gamebreaker42

    I agree that there are some hard working families that send there kids to Glendora.. there hard working families that send there kids to every school in California, i was just commenting on the statement made by WG fan, about having “to much money, and to many toys…” That must be nice to get a scholarship to play football in high school…

  • Gamebreaker 42,

    Please tell me you’re gonna be around for the season. It would be off the hook to get your thoughts on the games and the players. We may have to do some stuff if you’re up here sweating the games.

  • gamebreaker42

    Im not sure if i will be around man, but i told you i will help and im here if you need anything.. Im currently working on a gig with ESPN radio to cover some high school football, and pac 12 and pro… (Dream Job), God willing i can get my foot in the door this season… but i would love to help and give my thoughts on players and games… let me warn you though, i give very honest takes.. hahahahahahahahah

  • Just wondering

    Hey Aram whats your take on the Damien boys?

  • jesusjr23

    True athletes can take the honesty and learn from it, those who can’t don’t go a long way!

  • Just wondering,

    Pleasantly surprised. They had a guy out there who Jason David was calling “Bettis” … he looks like a running back and a bowling ball at that. Don’t know his name, but he had good quickness and hands, and might be difficult to tackle. I think they all had good hands, actually. I don’t think this Damien team is going to be oozing with D-1 guys, but I imagine they’re going to be fundamentally sound, hard trying and obviously well coached. Not sure how far that can take a team in the Sierra because you’re gonna have to have horses all over.

    Gamebreaker might be better to ask about this.

  • Norco


    Please you don`t need to be “rich” to get a scholarship…I find that comment funny…Hell The BigV111 schools Corona Centennial, Norco, Corona Santiago, Corona & Corona Roosevelt have put out more scholarship players in football the last four years then the Trinity League of MD, Servite, SJB, Orange Lutheran & JSierra….And thats a fact

  • gamebreaker42

    Thats a good take NORCO…. thanks for the insight…

  • Enojoy reading your takes’s teh team look thsi year

    Norco I think you’re mis-reading the “rich” kid comments. The point is some Glendora “rich” kids would rather just move on after high school footbal and join Pops business interest or just hang out at Citrus and continue to “enjoy” their life outside of the game. With 60K bro trucks, river “toys’ and a nice community to play in …. who “needs’ football. Can’t say I blame many of them given the successs so many business had over the past 12 year misus the last two and counting.

    Point is so many lower income kids see sports as a life changing “meal ticket” and play as if their life depends on it…and in some cases, and in some commnities, it actually does. My brother coached at Compton College, Dorsey, Carson, Narbonne, Wilson, Cathedral and Salesian and put many players in schools across the country. He’s also bried a few, been to a few hospitals and had to counsel many players about the “external” pressures they face once practice ends or after games finish.

    Life’s rough in some parts and not so much in others. That was thepoint here.

    Damien for example has toms of players who move on to play as scholarship or as walk ons. The truth is Damien students are a gret academic and structural find for most programs. Thats’ why Harper and Mc Mahon are at USC after turning down Georgetown and Stanford. The same reaosn why Hale is at UCLA, Polonio is at Villanova and Morriosn is at Colgate. Recruiters know Damein students, while not all upper income kids, work hard in the classroom.

    Maybe what the point is here Norco is that schools have a culture and to an individual player that can be a good thing or a mill stone. Norco’s rep is of balls to the wall athletes who know the game and are full out. Ironically Damein’s Harper and NOrco’s Campbell are Frat brothers and team mates at USC. Campbell was a high recruited “athlete” while Harper was an under the radar player who surprised EVERY ONE when he was being recruited.

    Not saying Norco isn’t an academic “factory” but….let’s say that’s not how they got their “rep”.

    Hope that helps.

  • Keep it going

    Mr. David

    I absolutely admire what you and your coaches are doing for the kids. my question is, “why hasn’t there been more of this before..and where’s the LINEMEN avenue?”

    Seems with all the BIG BOY talent that has walked thru the SGV over the years some oen would have tapped into the idea that getting players together to work out with former D1 and Pro players would do wonders for their next level chances.

    Keep doing what you do and hopefully players will understand why the “little’ things aren’t so little and why, no matter how talented you are, you still have lots to learn.

    I do have a quetsion for you though. WHat makes Farrar go good as a Coach. Seems he generates tons of opinions..what’s yours?

  • To: keep it going

    I know former USC 4 year starter and 49er linebacker Frank Strong has had some things going on in the past for the big guys at Chino HS – I know he helped OL Josh Cabral who will be a starter this fall for Navy for example

  • gamebreaker42

    Thank you to who ever that was that clearified that statement about the scholarships and Glendora….

    Lineman help will be coming soon.. hopefully by next off season i would have a good lineman coach, that would be able to assist me in in the month of July and a little bit of August… The hard part is finding a coach with some credibility and able to communicate to the kids and has a passion to help… the coaches i have now assisting me are outstanding, they care about the kids, have a passion for the game and also have played at a high level.. So if you any suggestions, please send them my way… im trying to build a dream team of coaches that are well respected in the community, and meet all of the requirments above..

    about the Damien kids who where there on thursday…
    If im a coach and those kids are on my team, 1 im rewarding them during camp and giving them a chance to show what they can do.. wether its giving them more reps with the 1’s or putting more plays in the playbook for them…Doing things like that will motivate not only the kids that came out that day, to continue to work hard, but now it will show the team, that these are the guys who are working hard, and this is the reward you get.. doing such things could slowly make the difference in your program, because hopefully every kid wants to be a starter, then next time instead of those five kids trying to get better and working hard.. maybe next offseason you may have 10… then that ultimatley leads to a better football team.. I dont know who is throwing the ball for Damien, but those few kids i met definetly seemed like they would be capable of making plays on a friday night….

    Farrar…… aka BIG LOU
    I dont think there is one thing inparticular that makes Lou a great coach.. If you ever met Lou and have spoken to him right away you tell he is not your typical high school coach.. He is a very large man, with a big heart.. and has a passion like no other about football and about his kids… He would be the first to tell you that he is not that good of a coach, and its his kids who have one all those championships… but i dont buy that… One of the many things ive learned in all my years of football about coaching remains the same at all levels… 1. You must be a great leader.. and be able to communicate.. ive been blessed to have been coached by one of the best coaches of all time in Tony Dungy.. what i learned from him is that you must lead by example and be able to communicate…. you can know all the football in the world but your ability to communicate it to not just your coaching staff but kids.. is not something that is easy to do.. Although they are two different style coaches, those two things stand out to me.. Secondly, every good head coach has an even better coaching staff… not to mention the charter oak coaching staff has been the same since the early 1920’s… yes 1920’s…. but really there staff has been together for a very long time, and like Lou, they are great communicators, with a passion for kids and the game of football.. there system has been proven to work and hasnt changed.. everything from there workout program, to there practices have been consistent throughout the years.. i think they have what works for them and what works best for the kids and have stuck to it… Now how well there methold will hold up in a new league and a new division is the million dollar question… curious to seee if they will have the same success or any success at all….

  • Mean Machine


    You right about what makes a “great” coach. communication, passion and integrity.

    As far as the Damein kids. All three are seniors. “Bettis” didsn’t get the love he deserved last year but liek all true “winners” he worked even harder to “force” himself into teh coaches’ plans. I admire that in any person. When the going gets tough…you know?

    The shorter kid was a flat out stud last year but concussions kept him form doing the damage he could have. BIG HEART for sure and a natural leader. This could be an interesting year for him because as you know every year teh competition gets tougher and new varsity players will push him. Knowing him. he’ll respond and be the best team mate any team could as for.

    The tall kid is a mystery. Passes the “eye” test but has yet to lay it all on the line in any sport. That’s not a knock just ebing real as his body has transformed so rapidly he’s yet to realize it’s true potential. If he stops thinking about looking good and gets a bit “dirty” he should make his senior seaosn worth the wait.

    Any way Gamebreaker your imput is truly inspiring. Thanks for your takes and best of luck with the “next” career.

  • By far the best game for me was KHBBS, i always liked the battle controls and camera controls on that one.

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