Important tip for viewing videos on this site …

My camera shoots in 720 HD, so when you’re viewing the videos I post, click on the thing that says “360” with the up arrow in the lower right of the video player and bump it up to “720 HD” for even better quality. OK, carry on …

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    Come on Aram you need to upgrade the that 1080p HD baby.

  • SGV Football,

    Actually, my camera records in 1080p HD but youtube won’t go up that high.




  • RED INK & Aram,

    HAHAHA you guys are funny Aram remember the Hall of Fame game??? You posted the videos on your blog…
    My nephew is the king of technology please take a look at the two Hall of fame videos and you can most definitely go all the way up to 1080P. Youtube has been available to post up to 1080P for the last year.

    Red Ink please dont get involved in a conversation that you know nothing about. Monkey see Monkey do.


  • SGV Football,

    You’re right, that vid goes to 1080p. I will try it, but somebody told me it wouldn’t be in true 1080p HD. I’m lost when it comes to most things tech, but I will try it. Can you imagine Freddie and I in HD? My acne scars and his gray hair. This is gonna be awesome.



    I hope you take this all in good fun…but yes I was a metiche.

    BTW your nephew did a great job with the All Star Game video. Maybe he could be hired for the Game Of The Week, what do you say Aram?

    SGV FOOTBAll…accept my apology. When I’m wrong I wrong. Only a weak and poor excuse for a man can’t admit when he’s mistaken.

  • sorry chargerette nation

    sgv foosball; Wow I used 2 b anti bishop only, but becuz of ur arrogance, now I hav 2 favorite teams, whoever is playing bishop and whoever is playing the chargerettes.
    Keep typing.

  • It’s Football Season!!!
  • Joke ………

    It’s Football Season!!!,

    Weak Video …..

    Sorry but the majority of us aren’t Bishop Amat Fans.

  • TC observer

    sorry chargerette nation,

    How did you come to hate tiny Bishop HS, 270 miles away from the SGV?

  • RU Kidding Me?

    Joke ……… said

    Actually, according to the number of blog hits as well as number of SGV Tribune article hits as well as the several thousand fans fans that show up on Friday nights regardless of home or away game, Bishop Amat fans outnumber any other SGV school and are renown for this. Common dude, this is a premiere Pac-5 program and if you were in the know you would not expect anything less. This is a school that knocks heads with Mater Dei and Long Beach Poly. BA has a friggin In n Out truck at their home games! LOL!

    But forget about all that noise…check this…

    The TOP 5 high school football articles for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune in 2009 were all about Lancer football (1,2,3,4,5 for the entire season).

    Now come back with something intelligent to say…


    RED INK,

    Dont sweat it, I was just stating the obvious.

    You know its football season when people are hating on CO and BA on a non football thread. HAHAHAH


  • Aaron

    I like how you Amat Nation dumbies go we’re a premiere Pac-5 program, we’re the best. Yeah right look at your schedule, that is not a premiere Pac-5 schedule. No knock as it is still a difficult schedule but to say you’re a premiere PAC-5 Program…right now…today. Please what kind of hash are you eating. Joe Amat and 73 would agree with me on this. They don’t constantly come out and say we’re the best place to be on a Friday night, what they have done is say: “come and check out Kiefer on a Friday night.” More Family, less nation!

  • AMAT 73

    It’s more like what kind of hash are they smoking. In my mind I have got to believe these posts are from pretenders more then Family members and they are just trying to stir up the blog. You are correct on the premier status but we are working on it and when we get to the semis or higher year after year we will be there. Good luck to your Bearcats in the smudgepot and in the season. I know most of the Bonita fans are expecting big things this year and hopefully the team achieves their goals for themselves and their fans. 25 more days of agony and then it’s on .

  • Aaron

    Thanks 73,

    It honestly does get annoying almost every time there is a a thread about football someone goes: “We average 7,000 plus fans; we’re the best!” Honestly I’m tired of that. I went to Kiefer Stadium last year, even made it a family trip and saw you guys beat a St Bonnies team that was loaded that ended up forfeiting every single game they were in except their last. The only person there was like this the place if you want to see PAC-5 football was a guy my age and I said to him we play a great brand of football so I’d stick with my Bearcats.

    Yeah there must be something in the air against those foothills.

    Good luck to your Lancers this season, hopefully they earn the A on the field sooner rather than later!

  • Calpreps 2010 California Strength of Schedule Rankings

    BA takes a break from the Orange Lutherans and St. Bonaventures and still ends up with the most difficult preseason schedule in the San Gabriel Valley. Damien gets props though!

    #46 Bishop Amat
    #49 Damien
    #61 South Hills
    #81 Glendora
    #107 Charter Oak
    #146 Chino Hills
    #185 Bonita
    #198 Diamond Ranch
    #203 La Habra
    #233 West Covina
    #277 Rowland
    #302 Los Altos
    #347 Walnut

    Oh yeah, Aaron,

    I guess Oaks Christian, Mater Dei, and Los Alamitos aren’t premier football programs either since they too ranked lower than BA in regards to strength of schedule…lol!

  • AMAT 73

    Calpreps or RU Kidding same person ?,
    What exactly is the point you are trying to make . You are slowly making a fool of yourself and since you pretend to rep AMAT it is a reflection on us also. The season is 25 days away just lay low until then and let the team do the talking. Besides SOS only helps when looking at an at large berth which I hope and you should also hope we will not need when playoff time comes. I think it is well known we play a tough pre league schedule althought this years not as tough as years past but still tough none the less . Just leave it at that .

  • Put this in your hashpipe next…

    Aaron said,

    “I like how you Amat Nation dumbies go we’re a premiere Pac-5 program, we’re the best. Yeah right look at your schedule, that is not a premiere Pac-5 schedule. No knock as it is still a difficult schedule but to say you’re a premiere PAC-5 Program…right now…today. Please what kind of hash are you eating. ”

    I simply responded to his statement and defended my Alma Mater…If he’s going to take a shot at BA’s strength of schedule, he’s going to catch fire and he knows this.

    Did you go to Bonita High too, Amat 73?

  • Aaron

    Apparently you do not understand what I was trying to say. Be supportive, but to come out and say you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread doesn’t help you in the eyes of everyone else.

  • AMAT 73

    Put it in the pipe,
    First off if you are an alumni show some pride and register your screen name and refer to something to do with AMAT so we know you do support AMAT . Aaron’s reply was to the effect that our schedule is difficult but not as in the past which he is right. If you think we are a premiere program in the PAC-5 I beg to differ. Are we one of the better programs yes but until we get to the finals or close consitently we are not one of the premier ones. We have only made the playoffs these past 2 seasons and have gone further each time . So I am expecting a further run this year as you should be also. Don’t know when you graduated and how long you have been on the blog but I am pretty sure everyone out there is well aware that we schedule tough and we are always high in the SOS department. My point to you was after a while bloggers tend to view these posts as arrogant and along the lines of AMAT is the best and the rest don’t matter. Just see it as we rep the SGV in the top tier of CIF and others cover the rest. We all need to do our job to rep the SGV in a winning manner and bring respect to the SGV in the football world and other sports as well. To answer your question , I am an AMAT graduate Class of 1973 and my Son and Daughter both graduates and Grandson Class of 2014 . How about you when did you graduate ?