Interesting happenings outside the SGV that will affect the SGV …

1. The Los Angeles Times reports that Jordan Simmons, a lineman being coveted by USC, UCLA and Florida, has transferred from Dorsey to Crespi. You will all be able to see him because Bishop Amat opens Serra League play against the Celts on Oct. 15. Crespi beat Amat, 38-25, last season. I have a feeling that will be the Tribune’s Game of the Week.

2. The Times’ Eric Sondheimer opines that the Mission League may be headed back to its glory years thanks in part to the transfer bus making frequent stops at several schools. That includes other major sports beside football, but nonetheless, St. Francis has a very tall order. Our CO/Amat debates have been great, but let’s not forget that the Knights compete a very high level, too.

Here’s my question for you:
Is the Mission League better than the Sierra League?

3. The OC Register reports that former Cantwell coach Jimmy Nolan is seeking cash donations as he tries to pump life into the program at Compton Centennial. Nolan was a unique guy. Got to cover him when he coached the West to a 22-21 loss in the ’03 (I think) Hall of Fame Game. He soon left for Laguna Beach and was replaced by Pete Smolin at Cantwell.

4. Servite opened practice this week with 144 players spending the night in the gym. There’s nothing like parochial football. It really is a whole different animal. Check out the video.

5. Speaking of Orange County, remember them? It seems like the SGV vs. OC struggle isn’t what it used to be thanks to the new divisions. Nobody used to love sticking it to the OC teams more than Greg Gano when he was at Los Altos. Lou Farrar used to like it, too, but Gano was to another degree. Now, it seems like the only OC taste the east SGV gets is when Amat beats Mater Dei or stuns O-Lu. I’ll take it.

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  • whatever

    See what money buys. Too bad they are all morons

  • Jastrab

    This does not affect SGV football, not unless someone bumps into them at state, but I saw that Oaks Christian picked up a new QB from Texas. The rich get richer!

  • Yeah, a freshman who is already 6-1. I’d be a proponent of an Amat-Oaks Christian game.

  • Aaron

    I wonder if that 6′-5″ Frosh that drove to ND from Claremont everyday last year is going to be starting at QB this season for SO ND.

  • Jastrab


    That would be a nice game, but those guys don’t reload they restock.

    Aaron, I believe the QB’s name is Helinski(sp) and as I understand he is going to start. ND I hear is not as strong on the line, so it will be interesting as they kept him on the frosh to give him some game time, but varsity is a bit different for ND than frosh. I think they did take apart Amat’s frosh last year, however.

    I would have liked to see the kid stay home (even Damien) if he did not like Amat, but at least keep the talent in the valley.


  • West Covina

    West Covina also has the sleep-over in the Gym prior to the first day of practice.



    Inregards to your question about the Sierra and the Mission league, I will say that the Mission league consists of all private schools if I am not mistaken. Which should already put them ahead of the public schools in the Sierra besides Damien. Head to head we have to give the nod to the Mission league because they have a 15-0 CIF & State champion in Serra.
    Last year Serra would have beat any of the teams that are in the Sierra now. So in my opinion besides Gardena Serra the Sierra’s top four teams being CO, SHIlls, CHills and Damien go toe to toe with the the Missions top 4 teams under Serra being Chaminade, Harvard Westlake, St. Francis, and Cathedral.


  • Mid Valley

    San Dimas invented sleep overs. Z and the boys love to sleep under the stars..

  • cjpackfan

    please refresh my memory but what if ANY teams of prominence from Orange County, has either Gano or Farrar beaten, ever? throw Brogan in there too for that matter? actually teams of prominence from anywhere? all their big wins are from the fishbowl, DeSpain, yes he played and beat quality teams, Farrar, no Brogan no! Gano, dodged as many good teams as anybody ever in SoCal

  • Dan

    Gano has one feather in his cap, that would be Orange Lutheran in 2003, please don’t give me the line that O-Lu wasn’t a team of prominence back then, they had been going toe to toe with Mater Dei for a few years by then and rolled over the Monarchs that year 35 to 14, or close to that score.
    I think your right on about the Mission and the Sierra, take out Gardena Serra and both leagues are pretty close, but having Serra gives the Mission league the edge.


    Gano beat very good Tustin and Foothill teams around those times. He also beat Newport Harbor, Western, Canyon and O-Lu.

  • AMAT 73

    I give my edge to the Mission for the simple fact that they face tougher talent week in and week out .That is based on the total league not picking and choosing the ones you want and leaving out others. I am not knocking the fact that our teams really don’t schedule up for pre league but it does matter when you face teams who regularly do such as the Mission league. Battle tested . Other than CO I don’t see any other Sierra teams matching up with any of the Mission teams . Since you want to take Serra out of the puzzle then take CO out it’s only fair because you can’t take the best out of one league and leave the best of the other and still compare ,once you do that , how do the rest stack up . I would say the Mission far out weighs the Sierra. To me SH is just totally overated but that’s just my opinion . I would have much rather seen DR move to the Sierra instead of SH .

  • Amat 73,

    What about Chino Hills? If you think CO can hang with the Mission, then you have to like Chino Hills’ chances, too. Damien in certain should be able to hang, too. I don’t think this is cut and dry at all.

  • Aaron


    Take a good long look at Chino Hills. They are loaded and will be the team to beat in the Sierra.

  • Let’s play to settle this !!!

    Amat 73 and Aaron

    I’ve said this for years, (yes you can check), and people laughed. I knew it was their ignorance but nevertheless people who know football know it’s played as well as the coaches who coach them. Look at Bishop Amat last year vs Damien. That game was a coaching clinic of sorts with the Lancers coming out on top because of a fumbled punt and a more solid player buy in. Credit both coahcing staffs for a great game. Unfortunately for the Spartans they didn’t build from that game, the game is played all out…all the time!

    I still wonder where those idiot bloggers were when Serra won their State Bowl Game against Marin Catholic.

    One thing I will say is many Parochial schools are advancing in the player department while Damien is left high and dry when it comes to transfers. Some one mentioned the Claremont kid but there have been too many who have passed on Damien after so many years of poor coaching. That’s not an old wound I’m picking at but the reality of the current environment where everyone is hip to where the great coaching staffs are.

    Gano might be a year or two away but the key for Damien will be off the field where the real business/damage is done behind closed doors. The irony is after all these years it all came down to what I said would happen.

    Hard to believe Damein might go 3-7 or 6-4 and miss the playoffs again even with this outstanding staff. The problem I see too often is Damien doesn’t play “get tough” games. Even their biggest matchups are against “friends/family” from Chino Hills, Glendora and now Charter Oak. That doesn’t make you tough. Amat 73, as you know there is something special lining up agaisnt players from all over wheo come to the game with “Football is Life” mentality and a take no prisoners attitude.

    GO to a Damien vs. Glendora game and you’ll see students form both schools on either side. Try that in the games we’re talking about.

    This year I’m interested in four games for Damien. Diamond Ranch who hits like they want to kill you, J. Serra because both are mirror images of each other, spoiled kids with deep pocket Dads, South Hills because I think the “recruits” go to the winner and of course Bishop Amat who will come to shut down any thought that “little brother” has grown up.

    All four games will test Damien’s coaches and force them to abandon the “policies” that allowed last year’s seniors to keep their captain status. I hope these four games bring the end to what “ails” Damien. All the wealth in the world and teh money is coming from the worng people …for the wrong reasons.

    I like what Cathedral has done with their Alumni fundraising. Give the students the best facilities and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ANY PERSONNEL ISSUES. Gotta give the Phantoms credit where credit is due. They went from near extinction to D3? Awesome.

    Like I said before Damein should play Loyola, Bishop Amat, St. Francis, Cathedral and La Salle every year and leave the public school games for “get tough” games.

    Anyway wish Gano the best, as always, and only hope he’s able to work for a new AD soon.

  • AMAT 73

    OK I will say that CH could hang with them but in the end it’s 2 against 5 or 6 when you consider st. slime being the 6th but them vs Ayala sort of balances each other out but we will see come 10/01 when they play who tops who . After CO and CH I don’t think the Sierra would do much damage. My point was you can’t pick and choose you have to look at the whole picture to evaluate . You don’t need to pick and choose with the Mission as they are solid from top to bottom and even the slime would give the Sierra all they want . I can’t believe I just wrote that line . May the Big Lancer in the sky forgive me .

  • Aaron

    Claremont resident and SO ND soph to be QB was named to Max Preps top 100 sophomores to watch.

  • Neighbor from over the hills

    “You don’t need to pick and choose with the Mission as they are solid from top to bottom and even the slime would give the Sierra all they want. I can’t believe I just wrote that line . May the Big Lancer in the sky forgive me.”

    AMAT 73….

    I about fell out of my chair when I read that!

    We might be in the midst of rebuilding year but my Swordsmen will surprise some teams this year. They aren’t going to be the cupcakes everyone is making them out to be.

  • no_step

    Let’s play to settle this:

    You DON’T KNOW FOOTBALL , how it’s played, nor how it’s coached. I know you think you do, but you’re a fool.

  • Aaron

    Ancich is gone again if you believe max preps.

  • 2.5% is about right

    no balls

    wouldn’t it be easier to point out where i’m wrong?

    maybe just say, “i disagree”. now when you call me a fool is that your insecurity showing through..i think it is.

    btw…the “real coaches” know lots of football and yet say they have “lots to learn”.

    almost 100% of bloggers know about 10% of fotball on a good day. I’d say i know 2.5% and that still more than most…lol.

    had great high school coaches, playe against great programs and started my fair share at three positions, QB, Safety and OL…I’d say that’s some what unique in this room. But then again i didn’t know thsi was a “test”.

    as I’ve said often…”what I know is pretty basic but i know trash when is see it”.

    you’re trash.

  • AMAT 73

    Neighbor over the hills.
    Any truth to the rumor that Aninch has left the program. Someone on Fred’s blog posted something to that effect.

  • Neighbor over the hills


    Absolutely no truth to that rumor about Coach A leaving. Maxpreps for some reason has replaced Coach A’s name with a name I’ve never heard of. Then someone on Fred’s blog ran with that. Coach is definitely there and is not going anywhere. Check out the article in the Whittier Daily News today.

  • Aaron

    Don Crow is listed as St. Paul’s Coach on maxpreps:

    I’ve read some of the things on Campa’s blog. Seems some people want youth again at the coaching spot. But Cal Preps lists Ancich as the Head man…wonder what is up with maxpreps then.

    Maxpreps also has DR playing an eight man school from Nevada when they’re scheduled to play Santa Margarita.

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