Glendora QB Chad Jeffries and Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago talk about the Mayor’s Trophy and more …

Sorry about the green tint. You’ll be happy to hear that Best Buy replaced my camera (again).

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  • Prediction

    Glendora over Charter Oak 24-14.

  • Nipsey

    haha your funny

  • Huskies2010

    Come on Tartans!

    You lost to Damien and West Co!

    They’re taking you down and then we’re taking you down.

    Can you say 7 – 4?

  • The Gong Show

    Aram, dude! Get it together.

    The only thing worse than a bad idea is a great idea done poorly.

    Aram, spring for a better setting. I’ll spring for getting you a few Pizzas and doing all your interviews at either Petrillo’s. Mama Petrillo’s actually has a great Banquet Room. Would love to hear what these interviews could have been. Liek I said, “a great idea done poorly”. “C” for effort…and “F” for execution.

    Not trying to “big time” you but these interviews are amatuerish to say the least. The wind muffles every other sentence and the kids obviously would be better served with better preparation, as would you.

    Here’s a tip for your career….”invest” wisely. BTW who’s your mentor?

  • Hey Gong: Lighten up

    Hey Gong, true most HS football players arent on the debate team or in drama – but they are still 16, 17 year old kids – they dont have to be T.O. or Deion Sanders yet at an interview

  • Mean Gene the Dancing Machine

    Hey Gong

    You got it wrong. I think the kids did great! let me repeat that…THE KIDS DID GREAT! My point was to spring for venue that made it easier and more effective in hearing the pearls of wisdom these kids have for us ALL.

    Aram should know better after the first few interviews had terrible audio.

    Maybe you might want to rethink your comments…or not!

    lol…try absorbing the words instead of looking for issues to argue about.

    I mean who wouldn’t want to eat Pizza and sit down and shoot the breeze with the legend himself…ARAM !!

    Actually this shoudl be a twice weekly event with so many schools.

    Aram has lots to learn….and I mean lots!!!

  • Aaron

    He could have backed up so both Travis and Chad were in the entire shot. Hindsight, next one will be better.