Chew on this …

Hear ye, hear ye! From this day forward Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz will be referred to on this blog as “Nine.” Carry on with your day.

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  • why?

    Cause both Rio or Ruiz are such long names?

  • SaintsR4real

    How bout….. “R9” ?

  • R29
    Big River

    both are good….

  • Fire em!

    Wow, a head coach actually posting a comment. Now that’s 21st century football. And coaches say they don’t read the blog. Obviously, Coach Z is feeling that good about himself that he can talk about our QB. Thanks for your input coach and good luck repeating for your Cracker Jack Championship. Next time leave the big boy football to us men and in the meanwhile shouldn’t you focus your time and energy investing in your program? Thank God Coach Hagerty has better business to attend to other than read this blog. Fans and fans only please.


    Who’s he throwing to? hah! Is it just for baseball practice? hah!
    And who’s gonna protect the baseball player?
    It won’t be long before Big River or 9 or R9 or whatever will realize that he’s playing in a little arroyo! Like the one behind SDHS!!! LMAO!
    I’m thinking the middle of the 1st quarter of the Garfield game, when that big DLine is stomping all over that JAA Midget OLine from Amnot…That’s about the time when Yankee Stadium will look real good!
    Garfield 24 – Amnot 10!!! You read it here first!

  • Just a number?

    How bout …Tek 9…”like the assault rifle”, I can see little boys repping that number

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