BP’s WC3 and Demetrius Jackson give their thoughts on Rowland, South Hills and more …

Aram “The SGV Tour” continued at Baldwin Park on Wednesday. The Braves are yet another team adding confusion to not only the Valle Vista League mix and the Mid-Valley Division as well. On pure size, the Braves are one of the biggest teams I’ve seen so far … and I was at Charter Oak yesterday. BP is a little bigger than CO. So that should tell you something. There’s a QB battle ongoing (see Coach Heggins VIDEO below for more on that). There appears to be athletes in the right spots elsewhere. Looks like the Braves are only good QB play away from another big season. Enjoy the videos with WC3 and Demetirus Jackson, and Heggins below.

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  • Dan

    Aram, seems like BP always has good size on the line, they outsized us when we played them, they play physical ball.

  • I’m only gonna tell you guys this once! These players and coaches we are posting videos of didn’t take time out their practice to do a video so that an adult can come on here and sound off negatively about them. So, unless you’re going to wish them congratulations or good luck for the season, then DON’T BOTHER POSTING.

    (This is in regard to an earlier deleted post and others I’ve had to delete in previous threads).

  • gamebreaker42

    Aram…. thanks for clearing the air….
    Demetrius Jackson was one of my favorite kids to work with… imagine having to sit out a whole year of a sport you love, not due to injury, not due to academics, or not due to violating team policy… Demetrius is so ready for this season its unbelievable, you can almost tell in the interview… I would train him and when we were finished he would be putting on his shoes telling me..”i have to go run some stairs..” all i could do is look at him like he is crazy..
    Another kid with a passion for the game and a work ethic that will take him to the next level.. His instancts, ball skills are some of the best ive seen at the high school level.. I was able to see him play in a passing league turnament and he was shutting down WR’s with the greatest of ease..
    what impressed me the most about Demetrius is that his footwork is nothing ive seen before from a high school athlete… His feet make him so much quicker than other players and explosive.. He doesnt have any wasted motions in his back pedal and out of his breaks, he almost seems like a polished college player.. not to mention his confidence is border line cocky… but why wouldnt it be when your getting offers with no junior year film… Demetrius litterally went to camps around so cal, and shut it down.. he did so well that he almost won mvp of the big Nike camp at usc… thats un heard of at defensive back.. but that just shows you how good the kid is… dont know how many passes will come his way this season but he is a highlight film waiting to happen with the ball in his hands…

  • WTF

    Hey Aram your a moron. If the coach is one of your faves you get all defensive, yet you yourself take cheap shots. Hypocrite!

  • Gamebreaker42,

    Thanks for the info. The BP defense has a chance to be special this year. I hope Demetrius is a “gamebreaker” on offense, though, because that’s what BP is going to need. Sounds like he’ll get the rock in a bunch of ways, so we’ll see.