EXCLUSIVE: First-ever Tribune Coaches Poll released …

I’m very pleased to present the first-ever Tribune Coaches Poll. This is a top 20 as voted on by the majority of coaches in the area. ALL VOTES WERE DONE ANONYMOUSLY, which was key in getting the coaches to participate. Teams were given a point value in relation to where they were ranked in each coach’s top 20, and first place votes are included in parentheses. Enjoy!

1. Bishop Amat (14) 470
2. Charter Oak (2) 437
3. Chino Hills (7) 423
4. South Hills 373
5. Glendora 357
6. West Covina 356
7. Diamond Ranch 324
8. San Dimas 300
9. Damien 257
10. Rowland 244
11. Bonita 229
12. Claremont 220
13. Ayala 206
14. Azusa 149
15. Walnut 148
16. Baldwin Park 145
17. Arroyo 133
18. Rosemead 116
19. Diamond Bar (1) 68
20. Covina 58

Others receiving votes: Pomona 54, Wilson 37, Bassett (1) 20, Los Altos 18, La Puente 13, El Monte 10, Sierra Vista 9, Duarte 6, Northview 4, Gladstone 3, Workman 2, Ganesha 1.

Coaches reactions …

Steve Hagerty, Amat on being No. 1: We’re flattered the coaches think enough of our program to think we’re the top team in the San Gabriel Valley. I’m fired up, but in a respectful way, it really means nothing. I hope they’re right. I hope they’re prophets and they are absolutely correct.

Lou Farrar, Charter Oak on being No. 2: I think it’s crazy, because I’ve watched us practice for the last week or two. Our kids who are a part of that ranking, they’re graduated. It puts a lot of pressure on our kids. We haven’t tackled anybody or scored a touchdown yet.

Matt Koffler, Rosemead on Arroyo and Rosemead’s rankings: It just kind of shows what maybe people in the coaching world think of the Mission Valley League. I think (Arroyo coach) Jim (Singiser) and I can use that to our advantage. Azusa made their run and I assume everyone is basing it off of last year’s records. Throughout the years, I know Rosemead and Arroyo have been among the most consistent programs in the Valley and we’re going to try and stay consistent and handle our business on the field.

  • Unreal…

    Looks about right. This is really interesting since its coming from coaches and not writers (Fred and Aram, you guys do a great job with your respective polls). Looks like Amat remains at the top where they belong. I dont see them taking a step down from the top all year.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • Solid

    Looks fair and in line Fred & Aram.

    Wish Damien was higher but have to say 9 might even be to high come season end.

    Can’t wait to see what the season holds for all.

    Side note: I am picking the Tartans to knock off number 2 CO so things could change in a hurry.

  • Jack Sprat

    Very interesting….anonymous coaches poll, huh? Where is Monrovia? I have heard alot of pre-season hype and I thought for sure they would be here somewhere? Good job guys! Thanks for all the coverage, keep it coming!!!

  • no-step

    Damien shouldn’t be rated there. They are respected, but not feared. Amat, on the other hand, is feared but not respected.

  • It’s a Tribune poll

    Sprat, this pole just covers the teams that the Tribune actually covers. Monrovia, Pasadena, Arcadia, Muir, St. Francis and etc. fall under the Pasadena Star News.

  • cjpackfan

    Diamond Bar and Bassett get first place votes? Yeah, this is a great poll, what’s not to like? I haven’t see the Trib in Chino Hills since the las time I was at Petco, shredded and lining the bottom of a puppy bin

  • jcaz

    No step….

    I think that with fear, you gain a measuer of respect.

    Tell you what, yesterday I almost got into a fight with this idiot at a KFC’s of all places. I was sitting there minding my own busines and this guy comes in the restaurant and sits down next to me. He starts talking to me, but after a while I realized that he was just trying to harrass the customers in the restaurant.

    He tells me, to give him my food, so I looked at him got up and moved to another place in the restaurant.

    The guys keeps pestering me and soon I realize that the guy’s not going to give up. So I tell the guy in not so many words that if he keeps it up, that I was going to walk over to his table and use the plastic fork I was using for my coleslaw, and stick it in both of his eyes on my way out the door.

    Well guess what ? With his fear, I gained his respect.

    Got it ?

  • Football fan


    All the Sierra teams are in the top 15. That’s something, it’s going to be fun to watch.


    So JCAZ is the new North Korea of the SGV? LMAO!!!
    What idiot eats at KFC anyway?

    JCAZ, aren’t you suppose to be at the local taco truck. Wait yesterday was Menudo Sunday in LaPuente! You’re suppose to be at La Tolteca or something like that!
    No Step…you cannot fear what it not there and you cannot respect what is not there either!!!
    Its just a poll! Garfield will fix this poll at ELAC.

  • jcaz

    Like I have said so often before, it is so darn easy to get these people to react to a stupid post.

    I guess that SGV must not know me as well as the others in here do eh ?

    I mean, it’s like throwing in a line full of worms into a fungus infected body of water…..your gonna get a bottom feeder to bite, one way or the other… ha ha ha classic dude….

  • Aaron

    Honestly I like the Amat Family…but this Amat Network circle jerk needs to stop. It’s obvious that you guys haven’t seen Chino Hills the way Fred was saying that Amat should have every first place vote. They shouldn’t and that is a fact. Do I believe they are the best team in the Tribune coverage area…last season, yes, this season? Prove it to me! I have seen Chino Hills and they have all of the skills and a bunch of bubbas.

  • jcaz

    Thank you

  • gamebreaker42

    Cool poll guys…. looks like it will be an exciting season..

  • LOL



    This was a coachs poll , not Fred or Aram’s but the coachs of the SGV. As you can see CH got 7 1st place votes so some think highly of them . Since you voiced your opinion who do you think number one should have been with your insight into the schools of the area. If you don’t mind give us just your top ten if it is not too much trouble . Also too bad on your QB I understand he was expected to have a great year this year. Good luck in the smudgepot and is there any truth to kh’s post that KC is going to line up at the QB position ?

  • Aaron

    I know it is a coaches poll. Amat is an excellent program. Although I’m not so sure Amat will be the top do in the Valley this season, right now, Rio has not played as a QB since he was a frosh. They have big concerns on defense.

    The only thing different for me would be Chino Hills at two. CO has to replace some serious studs…their entire defense is gone to graduation. Where would I put CO then? Lower than two but still in the top 2/3rds.

    My only only point about this was when Fred was saying in the video is that Amat should have received every single first place vote. If they were Servite, then I’d say yes they do because they’d be the defending division and state champs. However, they only went to the second round whereas Chino Hills went to the semifinals of their division and also return a ton of studs. Oh they have an excellent coaching staff.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Aaron – It’s obvious you know nothing about Bishop Amat or their Defense. Amat’s defense will be just fine this year. Where, in your opinion, is Amat lacking on Defense? Just curious.

  • PantherBlue

    I think you guys are on to something with this little video/show!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I too would like to know where you feel our big concerns are on the defensive side of the ball. If you would have chosen to say that about the offense maybe but the defense , I question that also.

  • Aaron

    Things that are known quantities about Bishop Amat Lancers is that they run the ball and have almost never been without a good running game. This season will be no different with Shay, Moore, and Blue. The Lancers are a power running team, and to say they will be anything but is way off, the pass is just a weapon whereas the offense runs with those boys toting the rock.

    Defensively my questions are the DL and DBs. Daniel Kane is gone, Davis Casarez is gone, Darien Johnson is gone, Jovanny Marquez is gone, David Lyons is gone, Domenic Alberico are gone. Yes Aaron Bowens, Austin Lacy, Michael Juarez, Julian Gener, and Martin Sandoval return. Rio Ruiz now will not take another snap as a defensive player.

    Remember I’m not saying, 73, that your Lancers will be horrible. I’m sure they will be just fine. I have no beef with you, only with the people that would have this Newspaper name Lancer Daily, and one of those people appears to be Fred J. Robledo with his claim that the Bishop Amat Lancers should have received all of the coaches first place votes when there are deserving teams across the board. I also know Hagerty is an excellent coach otherwise he would not have the jewelry he does.

    And if you want to me to talk about my own Alma Mater…I went from feeling they were going to have a big year to great concern, if they pull together they can still have a great year though.


    AZUSA, WOW, how a new coach can change a program around! Just a few years back this was unheard of, were AZUSA wouldn’t even be mentioned. Now were in a TOP 20!!! AND THIS TIME IT’S NOT FRED and ARAM!


    keep up the good work Coach Scherf! By the way did you also know the coach played for APU back in the day.


  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Aaron – the Amat defense is being reloaded and replenished. There are several young players waiting to step and some that have already stepped up not to mention the back-ups to those Lancer greats you mentioned that have graduated. In most cases the guys behind them could have started at other schools and they have been waiting their turns or were out due to injury. Who says Rio will not play another down on Defense? He probably wont need to as his spot on Defense will prove to have been filled as the season goes on. How do you replace Davis Cazares, you dont. But you can place another kid with his potential in the slot and give him a chance to make it his own, Same with DJ. We have corners that are chomping at the bit to get an opportunity. No need to mention names, the players on this years Defense will soon let their names be known. Over the years there have been Numerous talented and very gifted athletes to take the field for Bishop Amat, they have been replaced by the Amat stars of the future. Amat will always attract the type of athlete that is just waiting to step in, step up and get there opportunity. This year is no different. Amat will shine. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see to make a believer out of you.

  • AMAT 73

    Aaron ,
    OK but out of those names you mentioned how many of them aside from DJ were known factors on our defense.If you remember we graduated quite a class in 09 of defensive players and the expectations of last season were thought to be the same as this years team by bloggers on lacking at the defesive positions . Big Daddy and Caz came into their own last year along with a few others. Bowens ,Juarez , Gener , and if Lacy gets his wheels under him which it looks like it is happening will be the anchors to a very solid defense. Now on the other hand I think our staple of a solid running attack and occasional passing will change big time . Sure we are known for the smash mouth running offense but don’t be suprised if you see the ball airborne a bit more this season. That will only complement the run and not having defenses teeing off on our backs . Now will we be stretching the field with the long ball I don’t think so but just enough to have the LB’s and safeties respect the pass and not key so much on the run. Keep these names in mind on defense , Alcantera and Acuna when watching the Men in Blue this season . By the way who is going to be handling the QB duties for Bonita ? Big shoes to fill and a very important role as far as a team leader.

  • Aaron

    73 and Lan C. Erbacker,

    Points are to you. My problem is not with the poll, but with Fred saying Amat deserved every pre-season vote. It clearly showed bias and took away from some other very good teams that are up in the top five. However, you can take that first place vote that was given to Diamond Bar of all teams.

    As far as Bonita is concerned, if we had to go today it would be Greg Spathias who has battled Garrett Pendleton since they were Freshmen. However, Mr. Huth was correct about his son getting a chance at QB. KC has a pretty strong arm and he’s willing to throw it. Over the summer he had been getting a good amount of reps in passing league so we’ll see. Mr. Huth also said that he prefers his son at linebacker, because that’s his position along with being a fullback on offense. KC is a team player.

  • AMAT 73

    It is just a matter of opinion about the first place votes in this poll. I maybe can see what Fred is trying to say with that statement and I am saying he is right by any means but again that is his opinion and he is entitled . What really surprised me is only 2 first place votes for CO and 7 for CH . Kind of interesting when you think about all the banter on the blog on who would beat who when it came to AMAT vs CO but again this is the coaches thoughts and not the bloggers.Also the new Sierra will be a dog fight this season and very interesting to follow considering 4 of them are in the top 10 and the other 2 not far behind.

  • football jones


    LA sandwiched between LP & Bassett.

    I never thought this day would come…

  • football jones

    Uh, what coach voted Bassett No.1?

    April fools?

  • Dan

    The coaches poll looks pretty good to me, I agree with
    Chino Hills getting a few of the first place votes, I would have them at number two. They lost a close game in the semis to the eventual CIF champ and like was mentioned before they have most of that team coming back. I understand why some coaches put them at #1. As for C.O. I put them at three based on them being the most consistent SGV team of the decade, but they lost so many impact players to graduation this year that you can’t help to think they won’t lose a step. Because of the success they’ve had, For now I will rank CO a step above the next group of schools which are 4 thru 7 but I think at least for this year they are about equal to this group. Now for 4 thru 7 as far as I’m concerned you could put all their names in a bag and pick em in what ever order they come out. I
    don’t know who is the best in this group I believe they are all that close and I would even throw in Claremont in this group, so 4 thru 8 in no particular order would be Glendora, West Covina, South Hills, Diamond Ranch, Claremont. I would round out the top ten with San Dimas and Rowland.