— I spoke with Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar, who directed all questions about the Aaren Vaughns and Chris Gilchrist transfers to principal Kathie Wiard and athletic director Glen Martinez.

Farrar did confirm that both players are still practicing with the team and will do so until told otherwise.

— I spoke with Charter Oak principal Kathie Wiard, who would not tell me whether the paperwork for Vaughns and Gilchrist has been submitted to CIF. As of late last week, CIF said it had not received the two players’ transfer requests. If it hasn’t been submitted, then Charter Oak has either until the first day of school (Aug. 30) or before the first game on (Sept. 3) to submit it. At that point, it’s reasonable to expect a decision from CIF on the two players’ eligibility.

Randall Varela, who transferred from South Hills to Bishop Amat, has two brothers currently attending Amat. No word yet on whether South Hills will protest his transfer.

— Charter Oak plays South Hills on Nov. 12 in the final game of the season. See you there?

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  • Window of Opportunity

    Aram, or Fred:

    Do either of you know how long, after the original transfer, the “losing” school has to file a “protest” claiming an athletically motivated move by a student?

    Booth was CIF legal, at Amat, for about six months. The whole spring semester, I believe. Then what? SH is allowed to pull the old mulligan out, and ask for a do-over? Six months after the original transfer…

    Explain to me, what I’m missing here???????

    Statute of limitations anyone?


    This picture reminds me of, when JIM ROME=(FRED), interviewing JIM (chris) EVERETT,=(ARAM) Get’em Fred.

  • Don

    Let’s be clear, any athlete transferring from one school to another is doing it either for athletic reasons or his/her family has moved so far from the original school as to make staying in the old school impractical.

    Anyone saying otherwise is either a liar, a damn liar, or an athletic director.

    I also think that in a perfect world, the one with no budget issues in the schools, kids should be able to transfer in and out of as many schools as their parents and the schools are willing to tolerate. Hey if Nic Grigsby can go to four schools in four years, why not my little man?

    Seriously, I wouldn’t do it; I’d like to think that by the time my kid was 14, I’d pretty well be settled on the best school for him/her. I don’t think moving a kid around is best for him, the family, or the school but when you get right down to it, my opinion doesn’t matter, it’s his families call.

    What seems so wrong about all this is the almost fanciful way the SS manages this issue. But then, what else is new? The Los Alamitos’ and the Norco’s will get their transfers as will the Oaks Christian’s and the other big dollar programs but the kids here in the valley are left holding the bag.

  • BigDog

    One thing you forget to always mention is you have to explain to your viewers that these kids and there “PARENTS” need to have there kids at the best academic school for them period.”Always” remember that recruiters don’t give a flying Sh…. if your team is 13-0 and win a state title,they never look at the scoreboard,they know how to recruit you son or daughter if they are on a winning team or loosing team.That’s what they do, they will find your kid it doesn’t matter where they are………

  • Dan

    I read on another thread that there is rumors of more transfers going away from South Hills because South Hills looks like they won’t be very good the next couple of years.
    This ongoing attitude of jumping ship to the new “hot program”, is why I have little sympathy for the parents and kids who get caught by this rule, Aram you bring up the point of what if a talented kid is stuck in a bad program, but none of these programs where bad programs, South Hills isn’t a bad program, Los Altos wasn’t a bad program when Brock and a slew of other transfers left from there. If I remember right they had a very good freshman team that year, imagine if Brock and all those kids stayed at Los Altos from that team, its pretty sad for the teammates and coaches they leave behind who were counting on their participation, and looking forward to what looked like some good years ahead of them.
    Look at what happened to Duarte’s program because of
    athletically motivated transfers, despite the fact that they got a pretty good Coach to replace Crutchfield. If all those kids did the right thing and stayed Duarte would probably be a pretty good team these days, but instead they now struggle to field a team.
    I think many kids / parents are missing the big picture these day’s, too much “whats in it for me” going on and not enough of “how can I contribute to make this a better situation”. These schools losing transfers are good programs but the loyalty to your school or community seems non existant today.

  • Interesting… U know about the LA program?


    Los Altos did have a very good freshman team, and probably the best in the valley! So why did those transfers leave, hmmm, maybe for other reasons… Don’t try to make an example out of someone and say they’re not loyal when you know nothing about the situation!

  • Perry Klein

    The Saga of Perry Klein

    Although blessed with much natural talent, Klein has never been a patient player. His much-publicized prep career led him through a maze of transfers starting at Santa Monica High, then to Palisades, on to Carson and finally back to Santa Monica.
    Klein led Palisades to the City 3-A Division final his junior year, then helped guide Carson to the 4-A championship as a senior in 1988. What he did off the field, however, is what grabbed most of the headlines. The press hounded him and his parents, Danny and Diana Klein, through most of his senior season, questioning his transfer habits.
    “All of the negative press really never bothered us because we knew what we were doing,” Diana Klein said. “There were some tense moments, of course. One time a Channel 4 helicopter was flying over our house in Malibu because they thought we were supposed to be living in Carson. But my husband and I always just supported what Perry wanted.”
    Klein attended Palisades as a sophomore and a junior. Since the Dolphins weren’t returning many starters for Klein’s senior season, he decided to transfer to Carson, which annually fields one of the best teams in the City Section. His parents rented a house in the area, and maintained their Malibu residence.
    The move from Palisades to Carson sparked many hard feelings. Palisades Coach Jack Epstein said the Klein family abused the transfer rule and made a mockery of the system. Students and football players at Carson called Klein a rich, spoiled white kid.
    Klein eventually earned a place on the team and made friends. He earned a scholarship to Cal, making his transfer seem worthwhile.
    “I still don’t have regrets about what I did,” Klein said. “I left Palisades to make me a better player, and I accomplished that. You have to look out for yourself in this world. I just wanted to improve my game.
    “My only regret is that I didn’t stay at Carson.”
    After his senior football season, Klein transferred to play volleyball at Santa Monica, where he graduated. When he was chosen as a replacement player for last summer’s Shrine Game, there was a joke about which school Klein would represent. He chose Carson.

  • Lancerland

    I remember when Bishop Amat played Perry “White Lightning” Klein while he was QB for the Carson Colts back in 1988. Carson was the USA Today’s #2 team in the country. Bishop Amat had a no name team but by some miracle defeated this awesome Carson team by 4 points (17-13?). I remember a point in the game when Bishop Amat sacked Klein three straight downs in row which threw a standing room only Keifer Stadium into a thunderous frenzy.

    Emotionally exhausted from one of the biggest upsets in high school football, Amat would lose the following week to Long Beach Poly. They would finish the season as the Big-5 (Division 1) runner-up. Oh yeah, they would beat Carson the following year as well =)

    Bishop Amat Football…It’s What’s for Dinner…

  • smallcity

    Talk about vague wording. Athletically motivated? So wouldn’t it be athletically motivated if someone transferred just to say they were on a championship caliber athletic team, never even having started, or better yet played? How about someone transferring just because of the quality of the athletic coaching staff at the old school or new school? My point being that these scenarios could apply to ANY level of athlete, from the WORST to the best. This rules gives the CIF the power to apply SUBJECTIVE reasoning as they see fit.


    What you’re referring to is called “past pattern and practice” in civil law. This holds that regardless of the “rules”, “past pattern and practice” will prevail. Assuming the CIF rule is valid as it is written, South Hills has decided to break ranks and go against what they’ve done in the past. Some would argue that considering SH lack of argument against transfers in past, “past pattern and practice” would come into play.

  • Mtown Transfer Expert

    I played at Mtown, and Monrovia and Duarte have swapped players every year for 20 years, not once, did either school protest. Sometimes it may have been the difference in league titles or Cif titles. I can’t believe Duarte broke that sacred rule. Coaches should practice what they preach. Everyone who has ever played the game, has heard that famous line in hell week or practice or weight lifting..”If you don’t want be here, there is the door..or turn in your pads…etc”. Or the Famous ” One guy is not the whole team” or “we don’t need you!” Then when it comes to transfer time, they go crying to Cif. What kind of message are you sending to your team?What kind of example is that? Football you man up period! you only need 22 to get it done! Are you saying “We are only good if this guy or that guy stays”? Where is the confidence in you coaching ability? Do you believe what you say, or is it all show? Are you rough tough SOB or a politician. IF Tom Hanks said” their is no crying in Baseball” to a bunch of ladies, what should we say to these SGV boo whoooing coaches?

    First of all, who has the right to say that “Athletically motivated” Transfer is not a good reason to transfer? CIF shouldn’t have that right. I say it is a good reason. Here is why… The economy is bad, and for some of these not so well off kids, ball may be the only way out for them. Not all kids have a 4.0 gpa or parents who can pay for them to go to school. I mean not all kids live in San Marino Lol. Not all kids parents can afford to send them to Bishop Amat. Transfering may be their best chance to better their life. Listen, why would you want a kid who does not want to be there? All that kid will do is tank it. Sometimes parents want to take the kid to a new school. The kid should not be punished. I think kids should be able to transfer once; no later than Feb 1st after the junior season. This way the head coach can go into spring ball knowing which players he can depend on. Cif should come up with special player contract prior to a kids freshman year in which the parents and the school agree that a kid can transfer without being penalized, if they comply with filing paperwork prior the Feb 1st Deadline of their upcoming senior season . If their coach is fired or leaves prior to Hell week, then the players should be able to leave. Player-Coach or Parent-Coach relation weighs heavily on a players playing time and productivity. If there is a issue, coaches should let the kid go somewhere where they can play with peace of mind and have fun. Players should have some leverage and control of their education and athletic career. In many cases good coaches are fired, leave or retire. If a coach can leave for a better job or better program without penalty, shouldn’t players be able to? Also parents trust these coaches with their childs development and future. If they feel they are not getting proper development or a coach is not working hard, should they be forced to stay ? If the school hires some first year rookie with a losing record, or coach who’s bring over his son to play QB or transfers with him, should your kid be locked in? There are case where good players have to split time, or not played because a coach wants to stack his team or plays favorites. The kid may not be good enough to start there, but can help the team, and the coach holds them back. The player should be able to go where they can play. Also some coaches are notorious for not working as hard as they can to get players scholarships as well. In the case of the Canada’s and Duarte, Duarte fired the best coach of that decade for that school. What does the player have to look forward to? Duarte had WC3, Demetrius Jackson, Jordan and Jamie Canada, not including all the community players who decided to go eleswhere. They were loyal Duarte kids, who came from the Duart youth football, all the way up. They could have went to bigger schools, but they believe in Crutchfield. He was the reason they were there. They won with him, people got scholarships with him. The school lets him go after turning that program into a winner again. If they keep the coach, they have a winning program. Should the parents of those players sit back and let their kids career get flushed down the toilet? This tit for tat crap cost Jordan and D-1A Scholarship. Thank God he was good enough to still get a D1AA scholarship from Montana. He still will have a shot a pro career if he performs. But his chances would have been better at a Pac 10 school, which I feel he would have got a offer with stellar senior season at a 8+ wins at South hills, instead of a 0-10 Coachless Duarte. You see how this can mess up a kids path. A player should not be held hostage to bad administration. You also have to factor in all the players who transfer and take the position of a kid who has been there for 3 years, is that Fair? Let people go where they want to be. there are Educational, social and Athletic Reasons why a kid may want transfer. If you have a kid who transfers more than once, then a school should be able to protest. Its up to schools to hire good coaches and do all they can to put together good programs. People transfer because they want to be in a good program. Bottom line, its about the kids, and a kids right to put themselves in a position to be successful and go to next level. Those coaches are long gone when a good kid has to play jc ball or ends up at some D3 school or even out of football. When you play the transfer game, you win some and lose some. Deal with it. South hills should just swallow the medicine and keep rolling. This transfer game has been going on for decades. 95% of the schools don’t Protest. For that reason the rule is unfair. Either Cif steps in and says no one can transfer once they play at a school,Or Set up a one time transfer clause with a deadline. Put the power in kids hand, because they are ones who always get burned!

  • Dan

    I know nothing about the situation that was at Los Altos when all those kids transfered so feel free to enlighten. As for my comment on loyalty, it was a comment on the general attitude that seems to be going around today, not so much on anyone in particular. I do read on here that the kid has had three transfers in his highschool career which on the outside seems a bit extreme, now it looks like it may cost him his senior year, could he have been better off staying at Los Altos in the first place? Seems like it. Would Los Altos have been in a better situation if all those kids had stayed? You tell me. If the kids at Duarte stuck it out with the rest of their team could it be possible that Canada would have played in his final year and maybe recieved a better offer? My guess is yes. What about Vaughns, Gilcrest and Valera are they all going to lose this year because of their transfers? To me they would be better off at South hills playing ball instead of sitting out for a year at their new school. Are any of these kids seniors? Sad if they miss their last year. Now you got this kid from Pomona going to Claremont, is he going to lose a year too? It might work out good for some kids but for many others things didn’t turn out so well.
    With all that said I hope all these kids end up playing this year, I don’t know their situations but if the move was for legitament reasons [work, family, financial,etc.] then I feel sympathy for them. If it was because they were upset with the program or coaches then I won’t shed too many tears. When I played there were two powerhouses one on each side of our school, St. Paul to one sid and El Rancho to the other. Our head coach retired and we only had two coaches for the whole team my senior year, they both worked offense and defense, it didn’t matter though because my friends and I just wanted to play for our school.

  • TeachDGame

    Some very good points… .MTown you make some very solid points… if there are coaching changes, admin changes kids should be able to move on. However, there is the ability to move freely prior to your 3rd Semester (meaning during Freshman year prior to start of Soph year). So you do get by rules one free unquestionalbe pass and xfer. So if you get to a school, find out you make a poor decison for academics, financial or hell, athletic, you get to move quick.

    From Soph thru Senior year as someone else said, unless a parent loses a job or they move a significant difference, IT IS ALWAYS FOR ATHLETICALLY MOTIVATED REASONS…. any thing else is BS as others have said.

    I would argue though, a player will not xfer his SR year and make a difference in his scholarship opportunities. You need to give these college recruiters FAR MORE credit than that. If you are worthy of a D-1 Scholly, it won’t happen during your final SR season. You may solidify the offer, but I don’t think moving schools makes or breaks it. The D-1 guy’s, especially the Pac-10(12)??? KNOW their guy’s from Soph year on. Yes, a few outside flyers may pop up, but these guy’s have got their finger on the “players” definitely by JR year. Hell, they have guy’s still hanging on as 2nd tier guy’s who may not be Scholarship guy’s but they are still “recruits” well before their SR year. I know kids who schools have “on the hook” and going to all the camps, working out, doin all the visits, and they haven’t even heard the words scholarship yet and may not. So that point I’m not buying as much.

    Not sure what is brining all this blood to boil, but one thing is sure, everyone is pretty passionate about it right now for sure.

  • Frank

    I like a lot of points that were made by several bloggers. Kids definitly should not be held to a coaching staff that is very weak or isnt making moves to get these kids scholoarships. This is exactly why so many kids left Duarte, due to their football and baseball programs having very poor caoching.I do think its a little sad for kids to constantly change schools, look at Booth, is he ever going to look back at his high school days and feel the pride of being part of a particular school. If there is a legitamate reason for a kid to transfer even if it is ahtletically motivated I dont see a problen wiht it. I f yo know your kid has a better chance to get looked at, in a better school, I dont see a problem wiht it. But parents should research schools before their kids start HS then there would be a lot less transfers.

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