CIF’s Simmons to South Hills: Just because you’ve changed principals doesn’t mean you should change principles …

South Hills isn’t winning any popularity points these days after challenging the transfers of four local football players who left the Huskies for Bishop Amat and Charter Oak.

Bishop Amat senior tight end Brock Booth and Charter Oak junior receiver Chris Gilchrist have already been denied eligibility this season by CIF after South Hills alleged their transfers were athletically motivated. Charter Oak sophomore running back Aaren Vaughns is currently awaiting his fate.

The fourth player, Bishop Amat defensive end Randall Varela, has kept his eligibility and will do so unless South Hills can prove his transfer was athletically motivated.

The part that’s not sitting well with most local fans is that South Hills is viewed as a school that has benefited in the past from transfers and is now crying foul after seeing a rash of players leave its program. It should also be the Huskies were denied two impact transfers last season in brothers Jordan and Jamie Canada, who weren’t allowed to play after CIF determined the left Duarte for the athletically motivated reasons.

In the past, South Hills did not challenge transfers who left the school for other destinations. So why the change? The answer is two-pronged and neither is sitting very well with CIF Director of Information Thom Simmons.

The first reason is because South Hills views the rule that cost the Canada’s their eligibility last season is flawed. It’s the same rule the Huskies are invoking to challenge he transfers of Booth, Gilchrist, Varela and Vaughns.

The second reason is a change in school policy under new principal Steve James.

“Just because you change principals doesn’t mean you should change principles,” Simmons said. “As members of CIF, South Hills has the right, responsibility and duty to make the rules as part of the organization which they are members of.

“If they are not happy with the rule the way it is now, then they should go to their league and have the league present to the CIF Southern Section a proposal to change the rule. They make the rules, we don’t. We enforce them. And at the end of the day, you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.”

Simmons also said he’s disappointed in the timing of South Hills’ protests given that Booth, Gilchrist and Vaughns all transferred last spring and spent the spring and summer practicing with their new teams. South Hills challenged the transfers in late July, according to Huskies athletic director Paul Reed.

“I can’t remember challenges ever happening this late,” Simmons said. “I can’t say it’s never happened, but I just don’t remember any happening this late. I know one thing for a fact, no school has ever challenged as many as South Hills. The rule has only been in a place for a couple of years, so there’s not a lot of history. But in those two years, nobody’s challenged as many.”

Simmons went on to confirm that South Hills did not check the box on Booth’s paperwork saying it thought the move was athletically motivated. There is no statute of limitations in place to challenge a transfer.

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  • Awesome

    Sounds like South Hills won’t be getting any favors anytime soon from CIF. I would stay away from that school if I was a prospective student.

  • Unreal…

    This makes South Hills look so bad. They are going to have a tough time getting kids over there to play ball. As a former high school athlete who lost his senior season, I feel really bad for these kids. These are special days which will turn into fond memories for these kids.

    Coaches and administrators should not have a vendetta against a teenager when parents are more than likely the ones to blame. I hope all these kids, especially the seniors, are allowed to take the field with their respective team.

    Go AMAT!!!

  • Window of Opportunity

    “There is no statute of limitations in place to challenge a transfer.”

    So, apparently, if four freshmen Fball players transfer out of SH to CO (for example) after this season, SH can wait until let’s say June/July of their incoming SENIOR year, and then play the “protest due to athletically motivated reasons card” and NUKE their last year of eligibility.

    I guess nobody that has transferred recently is safe from this rule.

  • JCAZ

    It seems as if everybody is getting on South Hill for this. Even the language of this CIF guy sounds as if he’s not happy with the way they are doing business over there right now.

    You know, I wonder if there are any other kids in any other of South Hills athletic programs who might need to get looked at a little bit closer right about now ?

    I’ll bet that if someone did any investigative reporting, that perhaps we might find more than a few “interesting” issues with someone of their baseball or even basketball players eh ??


  • FredJ

    In fairness to the last comment that Simmons made, Duarte challenged at least five players last year, two of which were the Canada’s that were denied, and three that went to Baldwin Park, two of which were denied, and one allowed, Wardell Crutchfield III, the son of fired coach Wardell Crutchfield, which CIF made an allowance for to follow his father. Nowhere in the rule book does it say a son can follow his father, but CIF has the right to overlook the rules of the blue book in instances like this. Also, Duarte filed its appeals in the middle of summer, I remember attending the first day of South Hills’ hell week last year when both Canada’s were still awaiting on the paperwork for Duarte.

  • whitey

    freddy, ever the apologist for his EHS buddy Bogan, get some credibility willya, your fish bowl mentality is insulting to readers of the Trib and to this blog!Bogan cried and threw a tantrum when they were moved to the Sierra league, that was bad enough, now this? That video was a joke, he’s not a competitor in any sense of the word, never has been, now he’s a bully, I’ll be rooting for all the Tribs new favorite teams, Chino Hills,Ayala,Claremont……..not so much his mini-me counterpart at Damien tho,another gut(spelling pun intended) who couldn’t win without transfers from all over, not just the SGV, look at the players he got from the 605 corridor and Harwell et al, I remember telling GG not to win too much at Damien or else the public schools would have a fit, then Sparta would be kicked into the ZSerra(by far the best league in the state) he chuckled and said I’ve beat those teams before, I’ll do it again, he must have been high, he’s never beat,nor competed against the top teams in CIF SS EVER!!!!!

  • The knife in our backs is a gift from Bogan


    That was a weak move to the basket, in trying to defend SH, and Bogan. Just like your censorship of a couple of anti-Bogan comments a few days ago. Last years Duarte situation with Crutch, was completely different than the recent SH fiasco. Let’s try to maintain a non-biased opinion when “reporting” these stories.

  • FredJ

    Whitey, sorry, couldn’t make sense of all your jibberish, in any case, just pointing out that what Simmons said wasn’t accurate. And for the record, I haven’t defended South Hills one bit for the stance they’re taking.

  • Whitey

    Fred, when I referred to mini-me , this time I was referring to GG at Damien, sorry to confuse you

  • FredJ

    Again, how I’m defending South Hills, I was the first to report what they did in blocking Booth’s transfer to Bishop Amat, and suggested on the very same thread that more could come. And what comments of Bogan did I censor? Again, all I pointed out was that Simmons said “I know one thing for a fact, no school has ever challenged as many as South Hills.” All I did was point out that just last year, Duarte challenged just as many if not more.


    The funny thing is that I dont believe Bogan is behind this. The Bad part this all falls on Bogan mostly and not the new principal. Maybe Bogan could have stepped in and ask the principal not to challenge the transfers, but ohh well what is done is done and I hope Dom and Lou run up the score against South Hills. I would be happy with a 50-0 CO score against South Hills. Also I will be orchestrating the booing when he is introduced at the game.

    Glendora here we come!

    Ceee Ohhh

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  • Redbull1234

    All this crying from the supposedly best two football teams in the SGV, what a joke. If you guys were so great you wouldn’t be worried about this. This teaches kids that if I don’t like the playing time I’m getting I just go to a new school where they will utilize me and half the time it don’t even pan out, Booth for example 3 schools. There is a younger vaughns who plays junior all american and in the last 3 years he has played for 3 different teams Covina, Pasadena and now Charter Oak, this is the parents fault not any school. They have this rule for a reason.

  • the lied

    A rule is a rule! South Hill, Charter Oak, and Amat all cheat. And if you thing I am wrong you are dreaming. Most big schools in CIF cheat. I feel sorry for the mid to low level programs. Do away with all high school sports and start club teams. It would save allot of money for many districts.

  • smallcity


    Remember what I said? “Past pattern and practice.”

    It’s clear Simmons is getting so much flak about this that he is not happy and he’s letting us know in so many words. South Hills did themselves no favor by changing their policy.

    Open houses for prospective high school students are really not that big of a deal for public schools, but they are huge for private schools. Private schools understand that they are not only competing with public schools, but other private schools as well. I can assure you that prospective student/athletes are going to be made aware of SH’s policy, and rightfully so.

  • Wild Cat for Life

    This is really bad press for south hills! South Hills is powerhouse program and some of there great seasons and CiF titles can be attributed to a few transfers here and there. The only coach in Cif that can stand truthfully and say they never recieved any transfers is the coach from “Make Believe High School” in No where, California, playing in the Fairytale League! Every coach has benefited from transfers at some point in their career. Transfers have cost many teams titles. But the fact is that its been part of High School culture for years. South Hills should not be worried about what CIF officials think, they should be worried about the public. In the court of public opinion, they are guilty of having double standards. Just b\c a desperate duarte program broke the understood code of Honor, should you? Are you comparing yourselves to Duarte? Duarte over the years has had some great teams in the years, ’90-93, 94-98 and ’05-08, but after they fired Crutch, it was over! South hills has a far richer tradition spanning for decades. Mising out on the Canadas would not have ruin their program for good. It was terrible what happen to Jordan. But the bottom line is South hills by protesting, has now lowered their standard and credibility. Every parent who sends thier kid there is going to have this in the back of their mind. What if they have a situation where they do have to move. Parents want to feel like they have full control of their kids. Will SHills ruin their kids year.I am not saying that parents should teach their kids to not follow rules, but parents want to feel like they have full control of their kids. When coaches get this petty, they parents feel like they dont. Parents talk and advise eachother in the SGV. When a coaches name comes up, you don’t want this kind of press hanging over you. You want to be that guy who lets a kid leave if they want to. And you want to be the coach that gives a transfer the opportunity if he comes in. You would not have a girlfriend who does not want be with you. You do not want a employee, who does not want to work for you. It also works both ways, Now South Hills is setting themselves up to never be able to get a transfer as well. Coaches may pull together(Coaches Around the SGV do talk) , and they may say “you can transfer anywhere but South Hills”. Kids will be afraid to transfer there, in fear some one will protest, because of the 2010 situation. I would not risk that. You dont want to get into the business of being a tattle tale. Once you snitch, you are always a snitch. South hills has really dug a hole now. Lots of organization and fraternities have unwritten codes of honor among themselves, Cops, football, and Men in general. Never be a tattle tale. When your credibility is on the line, you want to be as clean as a whistle. If someone wants to go, let them go. Don’t cry, move on. I think The tribune is doing a great job exposing this and reporting fairly on this. All rules are not good rules, especially if they don’t work. This rule does not stop transfering, all it does is cost kids precious years. “Athletically Motivated” is a political BS term! So what if it is athletically motivated. Kids move to better school for academics, arts, Rotc, bands etc.. they are not punished. Schools lose money and test scores when they lose gifted students or students in general. Why is no one complaining about that? I would bring that up in meetings. The ability to transfer and participate in extra activities should be the same across the board for all students in all activities and should be non bias. That should be address on the state level. But then again, thats a waste of time. Coaches should not protest. If a parent moves to a new city, they move to a new city, and their kid should be able to go that school and play. The only thing a coach should be able to do is protest the address and make sure the kid is living there. If he is, then it should be legal. Too much control is dangerous.

  • lee roy jones

    right-on wild cat for life!All the good programs cheat! how do you explain all that talent in one program? The question is” is it too late in the game for C.I.F to do anything?” is there an answer, if there is, i WILL BUY YOU LUNCH!

  • Just the Truth

    Right On Wild Cat…you said it! And another thing..The Head Coach has to sign the paperwork…to challenge…read the articles…no one forced Bogan to agree…he’s mad because he knows how much in trouble they are and he’s taking it out on the kids…even with those players he still wouldn’t have that great of a squad. You need to work as a team in order to win championships and that hasn’t been done in a few years at SH! I pray that there ineligibility will be overturned with the appeals…let the kids play where they want. Maybe Bogan should change up the way he coaches and humble himself and maybe the kids will want to play for him!

  • You know

    Losers, losers. You think you know but you really don’t know. The reason Vaughns, Booth and Gilchrist transferred is because they would NOT have played this year. They were second team at best. Make sense? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. As far as CIF goes, Thom Simmons is not an assistant commissioner. He comments do not reflect the stance of CIF. Later…

  • You don’t know

    If they were second team at best and weren’t going to play, then why challenge their transfers?????

  • just sayin’

    You know – Simmons job IS to comment on CIF’s position. THAT is his job description. So the comments you get from him ARE the position of the office.

  • HuskieDogg

    All the kids that transfered were good players not great but good but they are not wanted back at South Hills. They’re cancers except for Varela he was a stud and good for the team. I don’t think they should of challenged the transfers but the school has the right to challenge and if proven wrong then the kids will play. And we all know it was athletically motivated Vaughns and his dad told everyone that would listen.

  • Jastrab

    Where is Norco? I saw the LA Times reported that NORCO got hit with three players for AMT today. This is tough to practice all summer and days before your first game get hit.

  • Just The Truth

    Hey You Know…

    You really don’t know! You’re so full of crap! If those kids weren’t going to be used this year then why challenge it…what just for the heck of it?? You know they don’t have nothing else to do right?…how about coach a football team? DUH! They were both moved up to Varsity for the playoffs and they were going to be used even though they weren’t that good…but they did see the potential in Vaughns…they left because they were tired of the BS at SH! They seen the double standard and actually did the right thing like several SH parents are contemplating to do as we speak…So you really don’t know….you’re the real loser…get with the program and speak about something you know…because you really don’t!

  • Outside Looking In

    I don’t think that South Hills would have challenged the transfers had CIF followed the rules and declared the Colony transfers to Pomona ineligable (not that CIF care what happens at Pomona, they just felt like they were being crapped on by CIF). Rice played the system. He found a loop hole and he had his friend Paul Bright push the transfers thru. It says plain as day in the rule book that kids can not follow thier coach. Yet all the Colony kids were declared valid transfers at Pomona. What happened, all these kids took a lucky quess that Rice was going to go to Pomona, seriously? Motivated by athletics or not, the Canada family upped and moved from Duarte to the South Hills area. I would bet that every move by mid to high level athletes is motivated by athletics, the ones that get cleared are the ones that move their residence. The younger Canada was a freshman and is allowed 1 move before his first day of school of his sophmore year. Yet both of these kids were denied. CIF is creating this problem, not South Hills. Simmons said “They make the rules, we don’t. We enforce them.” The problem is that CIF doesn’t just enforce the, they interpret the rules then inforce what they want and don’t want, and that is not their job.

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