Opening All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 … Amat opens at No. 1 …

This is the big boy Top 25. All the teams from all three zones we cover here at the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group. So digest it and it will be updated weekly once we get into the games.

If Amat’s defense comes through, it could be another special year in La Puente.

1. Bishop Amat 0-0 — Offense is a force, but is defense built to handle Pac-5 heavyweights?
2. La Habra 0-0 — Should we just pencil in another CIF title?
3. Chino Hills 0-0 — Huskies have to hope QB Chavez’s fall form is as good as his summer form.
4. La Mirada 0-0 — Just how good the Mats are will be found out on Sept. 9.
5. West Covina 0-0 — My fear is that lack of passing game will hurt ‘Dogs in November.
6. Glendora 0-0 — QB Chad Jeffries is a lock, but what about the run game?
7. Claremont 0-0 — Getting Taj Teague takes ‘Pack to a whole different level.
8. St. Francis 0-0 — Reloaded, but up against it in the also-reloaded Mission League.
9. Charter 0ak 0-0 — If Chargers don’t have Vaughns/Gilchrist, that’s a blow to the O.
10. Monrovia 0-0 — QB can’t be stopped and man-child McCarthy can’t be contained.
11. Diamond Ranch 0-0 — Going to trust Roddy here, but I’m a tad skeptical.
12. Muir 0-0 — Love the talent, but been burned before by the Muir hype.
13. South Hills 0-0 — Sans Canada, the Huskies will have an uphill climb in the Sierra.
14. Ayala 0-0 — Defense and super sophs might be enough to pull Sierra shocker.
15. San Dimas 0-0 — The Codee Watts era begins … but defense is still the key.
16. Rowland 0-0 — Raiders have the firepower, but have to wonder if defense is stingy enough.
17. Schurr 0-0 — Spartans look more than good enough to knock off San Dimas/Monrovia.
18. Whittier Christian 0-0 — Being top-two in Olympic is no gimme for Heralds.
19. Damien 0-0 — Spartans have their work cut out in Sierra League.
20. Baldwin Park 0-0 — The size is there to not be bullied by anybody on the schedule.
21. Arroyo 0-0 — My money says the Mission Valley is better than the Montview this year.
22. Santa Fe 0-0 — Chiefs get my nod in deepest Del Rio in ages.
23. Bonita 0-0 — ‘Cats can manage if Pendleton is gone for only half the season.
24. Azusa 0-0 — We’ll see how far Aztecs have come against Bell Gardens.
25. Rosemead 0-0 — Koffler has the team to pull off ground and pound methods.

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  • Observantcat

    Aram, don’t forget about Monrovia’s Derrick Johnson this kid is the real deal and will be the difference in what the outcome will be in the preseason. I will remind you after the Glendora game. This will be the first time in a long time that Monrovia will have a full freshman class of seniors without any tranfers except for (Joshia Thropay @ CO) You are going to now find out what the Cats are really like with all of the hype thrown out there about their depth. I think they will posses one of the hardest hitting and fastest defenses in the entire SGV. Speaking of Man Child (McCarthy) He has transposed himself into the HULK, this kid has very low body fat and could probably start at a few D1 schools right now, but he’s only a JR. Charter Oaks grabbed a great running back by the name of Kurt Scoby who really wanted to attend Monrovia as well, He played on a great Duarte Hawkes team that featured some very good atheletes most of which will be attending Monrovia High school this year as well.

  • Condors

    Aram, I think your missing someone in there bro. The Cal staff can be witches when it comes to game planning. They don’t have the talent of some of these schools but, they are usually in the hunt.

  • WOW!!!

    CO and SH both out of the top 5? Ur kidding right?
    They do get a lot of transfers, but they are good…..

    First of all Vaughns/Gilchrist would’ve had little impact at CO and SH… Both would’ve maybe been the 4th or 5th go to guy on either team. There’s a better RB and WR at CO than Vaughns(RB) and Gilchrist(WR) and the same goes for SH. Santiago, Thropay, Rufus and the little guy who always had a headband at passing league. Plenty of weapons without those two, YUP! Varela and Booth were bigger losses at SH. And no Canada? He has yet to play at all and you’re assuming he’s the Huskies best player? The line, Hernandez, Hart and Gutierrez and then comes Canada! You need to drop La Mirada and West Co out of the top 5 and kick CO and SH up there.

    Where’s all the CO and SH supporters? Aram this has to be a typo!!!

  • CO Bro

    The only top 25 that matters is the very last one of the year! But I do not have a problem with CO at #9, they lost a ton of talent and are now in Div 2. They have an uphill climb to prove they are deserving of a top 5 team.
    Eight days until kick-off….Woo Hoo!

    P.S. The new field at CO is awesome!

  • Interesting


    I know you’ve been gone for the past few seasons, but ranking San Dimas in the lower half of this list blows my mind. In the last three seasons SD has won 32 games, 2 league titles (1 shared), and a CIF championship. With 14 starters returning, and some transfers that have checked in we like our team this year. Guess we’ll just have to earn your respect if you won’t give it.

  • Interesting,

    Great points, but I want to remind you this is a forward-looking list. Right now, I wouldn’t favor SD in a game against any of the teams ranked above them. Could that change? Absolutely.



    The AZUSA RAIDERS would crush the Duarte Hawkes!LOL…

    Jr Midgets, that’s were it all begins.

  • The Stang Fan


    Not bad with the Stangs. They could easily crack the Top 5, and just as well drop down. As always, the 1st teamers are legit and can compete with any team in the area, but there isn’t much depth. I’ll be able to tell you more after the scrimmage with Cathedral this Friday. I still think we’re the best team in the WSGV…but I ALWAYS feel that way. Lol. Time will tell.


    Aram, Aram, Aram,

    How could you stoop so low? You got Glendora who is returning just a QB, they have no defense, no offensive weapons besides Jeffries two feet/arm and you ranked them ahead of St. Francis and Charter Oak! Aram dont forget our Freshman team that beat everyone beside Rancho by a big time score probably one of the best Freshman football teams to play at Charter Oak. They have players that will step up and become superstars this year. CO will hold their own with anyone we all know at the end of the year its going to be CO and BA holding the 1-2 spots in this poll! Just like the other years…


  • Observantcat

    Azusa Pride: You’re right, that is where it all starts. Bishop Amat, Charter Oaks, South Hills, and others have made it a point to go see who’s parents they can convince to come and join their high school programs. A lot of these kids are very special atheletes and usually do very well at the high school levels. Monrovia has had 5 all CIF transfer players playing on the Charter Oaks 2008 & 2009 Championship teams as of late, all of which played in the Duarte Hawks program. Not to say that there aren’t any other stomping grounds for good atheletes but this seems to be a Mecca for good running backs and recievers.

  • FredJ

    Interesting Aram, Monrova — QB can’t be stopped … he was last year, by San Dimas, the champion you have ranked five spots behind them.

  • FredJ

    Also, I’m not as down on South Hills as you’re, even without the guys that left, this is still a darn-good team with a quality coach. How you can rank Monrovia ahead of South Hills is ridiculous, I hope you’re taking lunch bets when they actually meet.

  • AMAT 73

    WOW what happened at CO for you to drop them so far down in the rankings. SH I can see as I never thought they should have been as high as you had them. I just can’t see a team that has lost the games the have the past 2 seasons ranked that high . Still to high for me . But CO , come on you opened with them at #3 and then they went to #4 now #9 . What caused you to drop them so far down because I can’t believe the loss of 2 transfers could cause this drop.

  • I’m gonna take…

    .. a wild guess and say FredJ doesn’t like Monrovia.

  • Observantcat

    FRED HATES MONROVIA, Who knows why, Even when Monrovia Blew San Dimas out in perfect weather, according to Fred it shouldn’t of happened, This year Fred will find another excuse when Monrovia goes 5-o in it’s preseason schedule. And that guy you think is their super star (Jaime Canada) a Monrovia product. But I guess since he plays on the other side of the 605 He’s better?….Fred dont drown yourself in you high school fantasy world. If you Remember Fred Picked Rio Ruiz to be the Eastsides #1 QB based on What? potential. Thats like saying that the rest of the QB’s potential is really subpar even though they have the numbers. If Michael Ball played on BA I wonder would his potential rise?

  • anonymous


    Just a heads up: South Hills won’t have a size advantage on Monrovia this season, nor will Glendora.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    ob-Cat – To answer your question, that depends. I don’t know the kid personally but first….is he a good kid? is he a team player? is he committed to his team and team mates, is he coachable and is he willing to do whatever it takes to play at Bishop Amat? If the answer is yes to those questions, then Hell Yes, he ranks higher! You know why? Because he is the starting QB at the best high school in the San Gabriel Valley!

  • mtowner

    @Aztec Pride.

    Name one D1 Prospect Azusa Raiders have put out in the last 2 years? We won’t even compare Monrovia high to Azusa high in college players. That would be totally unfair.

    Azusa Raiders 0

    Duarte Hawks

    Demetrius Jackson
    Bradon Golden
    AJ Powell
    Adam Muema
    Jordan Canada

    Well that kills your theory on that!

  • Observantcat

    Lan C. Erbacker: What happend to prove yourself of the worthiness first. Thats what seperates the LA times from the area news papers. Those kind of predictions would not take place. I dont know Ball or any of the other Qb’s in the area personally, but I am willing to guess that they are all good guys and would love to help their teams out in any way that they can. By the Way before you get on that BA high horse remember they have a whole lot to prove this season. I predict they will have an average season this year without the help of their star running back. As for the Best team in the Area, My guess is that they just have the toughest schedule, that doesn’t mean they are the Best team. They may have their hands full this season with Muir, But I really see them struggling with their league this season. I hope I’m wrong but I call it as I see it, no need to sugar coat my thoughts. WAKE UP FRED, WAKE UP!

  • Watch Mtown

    Preseason Rankings mean nothing. Bishop should be #1 one and St Francis should be where they are at. They recruit. What we should be looking at is… who is a lock for the playoffs. Bishop going to the playoffs is not a for sure thing. We will see how far CO goes with out Monrovia-Duarte area players. They only got Kurt Scooby. Remember these last titles were won with Brandon Golden, Aj powell, Adam Muemwa, Leon Youngblood. all D1 talent players from the Duarte Hawks. CO attempted to get other transfers, but SHills blocked them! They may make a first round exit this year if they make it. Teams have taken on tough preseason schedules, so we should see what they are made of early. Including Monrovia, teams will have to prove themselves. Charter Oak, West Covina and Claremont are the teams who may be getting a little hype. I think that Monrovia, Muir and Schurr would give these teams hell, if not beat them. Baldwin Park is also a sleeper team. San dimas should be up there as well. All these teams should be ranked at least 3 spots higher up in the rankings. Everything else looks good. Over all good job. This years top spots are up for grabbs.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Cat – It’s all good, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I won’t call you on that. Disagree that JA is a make or break peice of the puzzle for the team though. Remember JA was just another back when he came out for football at AMAT too. I truely believe that he made a very bad decision this year but wish him all the best in his baseball career. You’re right Amat has a lot to prove this year but tell me when in the last four – five years they haven’t had something to prove? It aint easy playing with a Bulls-eye on your head, LOL. Muir will be a good game and I too look forward to that game. Muir always has talented teams, BUT, can they play as a unit? We will see. Anyway, I think Amat will live up to the expectations, they will prove the nay-sayers wrong on Defense and their offense will be putting up points this year. gonna be a good year, full of surprises. Good Luck this season Cats! Go Big Blue!

  • Kingsalomiaskyormomi

    Look’s like BA has a case of the puunnies!

  • AMAT 73

    I think Ball’s stock would go up depending on a few variables. If he is as versatile as said I don’t think he would be used solely at QB . Would probably be better as a back / wide out / d back . Our QB’s as you know mainly hand off and sometimes pass so using him at QB might be a waste of talent, maybe. Could they change the style of football we play yes but doubtful. As you saw Booth was gong to line up at tight end and not QB . At AMAT it’s where you are a benefit and a need to the team . One point you are right on is we do have a lot to prove this season as we do every season but other than losing JA ( and you will be plesantly suprise by the replacements and if Blue get some touches watch out ) what else are you using for us struggling in league and having an average season which for AMAT now is at least 7-8 wins as an average . Three years ago yes but now no way. Good luck to the Cats this season and maybe this is your year for a CIF championship .


    MTOWNER well those names are pretty impersive, and i’m going to have to do a little research on that. What about community college football? does that count,LOL… Because I know a couple of players that are playing right now, that were on the AZUSA RAIDERS Jr.Midgets and played against one of those names you listed and stopped him cold several seasons ago. AZUSA 44, Duarte 6,(Canada) check out his yardage stats for that game!

    We may not be as Big and Fast like the kids from your area, but we have just as much (HEART).


  • mtowner

    @aztec pride

    Please research

    I did not say that these players listed could not be stopped. I did not say that Duarte or Monrovia high could not be beaten. I did not say that the Duarte hawks could not be beaten. I did not say that these kids do not have the right to transfer to Charter Oak either. What I am saying as observant cat said…. Duarte Hawks and the Monrovia-Duarte Area has fueled other area teams with their skillful talent. Also keep in mind, Duarte and monrovia are one the smallest cities in the valley. Monrovia and Duarte high have to share the talent that Duarte youth program. You could put both Azusa and Gladstone togther, and they still couldnt beat Monrovia Outright. Thats alot of talent for the small towns they are. The oarte Hawks program prepares kids for the next level and beyond. This being said top schools come after these players because, they know they are talented and well coached. I would say win or lose, Duarte prepares and produces better players historically than the Azusa Raiders. The track record proves itself. If you want to talk about JC’s Duarte hawks still has historically have more players there as well. Azusa is doing well, no doubt. But the players there are are not known beyond the high school level. They are rank # 25 right where they belong. Just hope they don’t have to see Mtown in playoffs…That would be a 44-6 whipping. Matter fact, I played Azusa at Monrovia. We skunked them really bad. Point Blank. I know for sure Duarte Hawks has had a few in the NFL and Arena League as well. There is no match when it comes to talent.


    IF!!! AZUSA and Gladstone were to merge, Hell yes we would win!(NO DOUBT ABOUT IT)! Look what happened when Royal Oak merged with Charter Oak back in the day.

    AZUSA was one game away from playing Mtown last season, but lost to San Dimas, Oh but so did MTOWN!

    I almost forgot to mention, that AZUSA wasn’t suppose to WIN San Marino and look what happened. What Mtown just squeaked by. Don’t forget were also a very SMALL TOWN!


  • anonymous

    keep your pride, it’s a good thing, but dont try and compare yourself with Monrovia’s overall talent. They would have completly taken you guys out of the game in the first quarter. Not that you dont have the talent, you just dont have the depth to compete quarter after quarter. Monrovia will be bringing back 90% of it’s team this season so you do not want to see them in the playoffs if you dont have to. I am trying to be unbiased but I will take Monrovia to step on the gas this year and do it with authority.

  • Mtowner

    @Azteca pride.

    Lol. Azusa has two schools, Monrovia has one. And No Gladstone and Azusa combine, would not beat monrovia. Monrovia also beat San Dimas as well. Its hard to beat a team twice. However. Azusa is not a power. Never has been, never will be. We know that they will not be in the Semis this year. That was a miracle season for you all. Somebody has to cheer for Azusa, so go ahead and do what you have to. I give you props for repping your city, but your in the back of pack in the mid valley. Good luck.

  • Football Fan

    To Azusa Aztec Pride I’m glad that You are proud of Azusa football. Let’s get Real Man the Montview league is very weak. Monrovia,SanDimas,Charteroak, for example can beat the Whole Montview league in the same day or night. You can Take the Montview league and make an All Star Team and still would get Destroyed by any of those Three Teams I mentioned. Keep it Real Aztec.

  • New York

    “How you can rank Monrovia ahead of South Hills is ridiculous, I hope you’re taking lunch bets when they actually meet.”

    Well Fred, one program seems to be on the rise while the other could be declining. One program has benefited from/relied on transfers, the other program seems to have stopped the transfer exodus.

    Ranking Monrovia ahead (ever so slightly) of South Hills is bold if all you do is look at the past. Monrovia does have a ton to prove come game time and we will have the chance this year against the name-brand competition from the east. Monrovia has the right QB, RBs, LBs and Head Coach to get it done.

    It’s tough to ignore the monsoon in the championship game and the potential effect that might have on a QB. One might even suggest ignoring that point is *ridiculous*

    I do expect San Dimas to be even better last year. I think they return their entire line, and championship teams usually keep getting better (except when they lose a ton to graduation.) I also expect Monrovia to be a lot better than last year.

  • Diamond Bar

    Just a side note to anyone, Diamond Bar came out 48-3 against Alta Loma. Battle of the retards lol


    FOOTBALL FAN & MTOWNER, im going to keep it real. YOU said we could NEVER BEAT MONROVIA, and MTOWN said even if Gladstone would merge with AZUSA we couldn’t WIN!





  • SGV Football Fan Said:

    AZTEC PRIDE said:
    Big Deal you won a passing tournament!!! Did they give you a ring? Win the games that count, and then POP off.
    2008-TEMPLE CITY (LOST 17-0)
    2009-SAN DIMAS (LOST 50-24)



    Oh yeah will put the pads on! What according to ARAMS count down there’s seven days to go.

    You know what SGV FOOTBALL, you got BIG MOUTH! Why don’t you mind your own little business, and go comment on Norco Football, because he can’t wait for you guys.


  • Winning Rings

    No they didn’t give Azusa any ring for winning the passing tournament… Just curious, how many rings does Monrovia have? If that’s the measuring stick here, as far as winning games that count, then exactly how good are they when it COUNTS. Do they make second place rings?

  • Observantcat

    Winning Rings, Nor do they give rings for 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc…Being in the finals of any sport is an honor most atheletes will remember for the rest of their lives, Watching the finals from the stands can be a very short memory. I feel all of the enthusiasum from the Azusa fans but the reality is that Monrovia has played up and made it too the final game wher’as that hasn’t happened yet in Azusa. It’s tough enough winning league every year being perfect is even tougher.

  • I LOVE the Azusa fire right now. Talking smack to Monrovia? Aztec Nation is feeling it!!!!


    OBSERVANTCAT, I hope you think i’m not disrespecting you or Monrovia. I know AZUSA probably could not beat Monrovia, but i’ll say this though, with our new head coach he would have given a better game then the last time AZUSA played Monrovia. By the way my son played in that playoff game and was a sophmore when Monrovia won 55-8. Heck I remember when we scored a touchdown at the end and all the AZUSA fans were just happy with that. I had a coworker come out to watch that game also.

    I think i’ve been on this article to long and need to move on, but MTOWN touched a nerve and my football passion got the best me!

    Takecare OBSERVANTCAT, I hope you do win the C.I.F title this year.

  • Monrovia Defense

    @Winning Rings

    To say monrovia has never played when it count is a over statement. How many schools have never made it to the CIF Finals, or the Semis or won went to the playoffs or won a league title? Id say monrovia has still accomplished alot! A loss is a loss, No matter what. However People in the SGV tend to overlook, who mtown has played over the years in these finals. Well if you look at the the Cif Title Games in Monrovia’s past, besides San Dimas, Monrovia has played top notch Schools.The competition Monrovia has lost to, in the past have not been schools monrovia should have ever been playing. These schools and leagues came down a few divisions to play lower comp schools. So historically Monrovia has lost do D3 and D4 Schools. Cif Fixed that and put them back the division they should be in. Since the Divisions has been Change, Monrovia is actually playing schools of the same comp level. So we will get one soon. All those loses were close. Remember Monrovia is a small school. Just for your info

    ’97 Monrovia vs Mira Costa
    Mira costa is Now in the DIII Northern Valley and has won several CIF Titles in that division. MOnrovia 1680 students. Mira Costa 2323 students

    ’98 Monorovia vs Paso Robles
    Paso Robles is Now in DIV Western Valley and Ripped of 5 striaght titles in ’98,’99, ’00, ’01, 02 and ’09-’10
    Monrovia 1680 students Paso Robles 2085 students.

    99 Monrovia vs Paso Robles
    Paso Robles is Now in DIV Western Valley

  • love the huddle

    Azusa pride
    Thats the way to support your team. I like the way azusa is comming up better every year maybe soon they will be in the finals. Azusa pride who and where will they play their scrimmage next friday I would like to check them out.

  • SGV Football Fan Said:

    Mind my own little business, Huh! Just my comments just as you do! You are the only one that really thinks
    the AZTEC’S are any good. You are lucky that you did not play Mtown last season. If you wake up and smell the coffee, you lost 50-24 to SD. Mtown would have put 60+ on the board. Why won’t your coach schedule Mtown or any of the other top teams in the SGV in
    pre-season? Oh that’s right it’s not a passing tournament!!! BTW are the pads youth or adult size?

    AZUSA was one game away from playing Mtown last season, but lost to San Dimas, Oh but so did MTOWN!

    I almost forgot to mention, that AZUSA wasn’t suppose to WIN San Marino and look what happened. What Mtown just squeaked by. Don’t forget were also a very SMALL TOWN!


  • Mtown stats guy

    @winning Rings

    Loses are loses. However, observant cat is correct. and the people in SGV sometimes forget or don’t know who mtown lost to, they just know we lost.

    Monrovia has play up to high level competition in the past loses in CiF title games.
    Besides San Dimas, who is on the same comp level as monrovia, The cats have played up in competition. Mainly against schools, that are bigger, and all the schools they beat leading up to the Finals appereances are school also in DIII and DIV. If you go back into the 80’s Monrovia played Real tough comp. Division I comp! So Historically to make it and lose some close games to great teams, is accomplishment.

    ’97 Monrovia vs Mira Costa
    Mira Costa came down to Div 9 to get a ring. They are now in the Western DIII divsion, which they have won a few titles 3 years later in DIII including last year. Student pop. 2300+ Monrovia’s student pop. at the time was around 1300+

    ’98 Monrovia vs Paso Robles
    Paso Robles is now in the Northern Valley
    DIV Division. Paso has won titles in ’98,’99,’00,’01,’02,
    Paso Robles student pop 2000+ and monrovia around this time was around 1400+

    ’99 Monrovia Paso Robles
    Read stats above.

  • Monrovia Defense

    Thanks for cleaning that up Stats Guy!!!

  • muir huy!

    Mdefense, I understand where you come from. Muir averages about 1200 students some of muir losts. 2004 notre dame- 2005 notre dame 2006 colony -2007 colony -2009 diamond ranch -2010 charter oak all the schools muir lost to eventually went to the finals. Muir gets the worst playoff draw every year! But a lost is a lost. this year cif has even the playing field.

  • Monrovia Defense

    Muir Huy, True that, CIF has done a great job creating a more level playing field for the smaller schools. Muir Just has alot of talent year end and year out. Skill players are never a problem for muir or monrovia. Its those big hogs up front which win the the titles. Smaller schools normally don’t get the size year end and year out. That is no longer an excuse us in wildcat nation can use. 13 years ago that was valid, now, Monrovia high has 1800 students. Im glad to see the coach beefed up the pre Season. However, Monrovia shoul leave the rio hondo and move into the pacific league. They have proven they can play with and beat Arcadia. I think they could beat PHS,Glendale, Hoover,Burbank. CV would be a good game, and muir vs monrovia would sell out! If they do well this year and next year with tough preseason, and win titles. Cif and Maddox should look at this bc some of the teams in the pacific league need to get bumped.



    Hey azusa homer, dont come at me foul like that! When did I say anything about azusa football??? I really hope your refering to “SGV footbal fan” which is not me. Then you throw in the “big mouth” comment really are your really trying to call Monrovia out? Come on you got to know how to pick and choose your battle. Gladestone and Azusa combined would not beat San Dimas or Monrovia, they wouldn’t even beat Arroyo…

    Aztec Pride take the time and read the name of the blogger then write a come back, read slowly your getting too caught up in the heat of things.

  • muir guy!

    M- defense,
    The wildcats should switch with hoover and glendale. The wildcats would strenght the pacific league for playoffs ratings. Ill love the change!

  • muir guy!

    Aram t ,
    If you could releague sgv , how would you do it? ( And divisions)

  • ARAM What ya think?

    The Pacific league should be

    Crescenta Valley
    La Canada

    Monrovia would fit right in. You would see Monrovia finishing 1st or 2nd in Football, with all games being played in the brand new wildcat football stadium. They could possibly finish 1st-3rd in Baseball. The Arcadia=Monrovia Baseball rivalry would be sick. Monrovia would be underdogs in Basketball, but still better then Glendale or Hoover and they have the state of the art basketball gym. This would strengthen the track league as well. In Girls sports, Monrovia softball is good and so is girls basketball. The rio hondo league hurts Monrovia More than it helps.

    Adding La Canada would bring good baseball, Basketball, and Soccer to league. Football is ok, but over all they are a better all around school then Hoover. It would be the

    210 “Freeway league”.

    Aram what you think?

  • BG Lancer fan

    Hey Azusuck you know you will start the year off with a loss to BG like you did last year we beat your Varsity , JV, Frosh heck the Jr. Midget team beat you guys do you realy think its going to be any differnt this year! The CIF champ will come from the Almont this year be it BG,or Shurr maybe SG but it will come from the Almont.