San Dimas lands transfer QB Codee Watts, who will start right away …

Codee Watts, who played last season at Denair High School near Modesto, has transferred to San Dimas and will be the Saints’ starting quarterback on Sept. 3 in the Smudge Pot game against Bonita.

Watts arrived on Aug. 12 and is cleared to play. He alleviates a key concern coach Bill Zernickow’s offense had with last year’s starter Shawn Kennedy still injured and not expected back until mid season.

“He has good quarterback qualities,” Zernickow said of Watts. “He’s got good physical skills and leadership.”

Making Watts an even better fit for San Dimas is that he ran the Wing-T offense at his previous school for the past two years. Watts is listed at 6-1, 182 pounds on San Dimas’ roster and will not avoid contact, according to Zernickow.

“One of the first comments he told me was that he does like to dish it out at the end of runs,” Zernickow said.

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  • And…

    SD landed another transfer from Pomona. He a RB/DB that can flat Go!!!

  • Aaron

    How convenient!

  • Anonymous

    They will need WAY more than him to compete this year with Monrovia!!! Trust and Believe!

  • Interesting

    All this talk about athletically motivated has got me thinking? San Dimas lost their starting QB correct? Another QB transfers in from Bakersfield and it just so happens that he played in the Wing T at his previous school!!!! What a coincidence!!!!! Zernicko is pulling all his cards with friends and favors from across the state. If that is not athletically motivated I don’t know what is. Even if it is from 2 hours away. He picked the school because it runs the same offense that he has run the past 2 seasons. That is a clear athletically motivated transfer!!

  • Observantcat

    And….Said: If you;re talking about Taj Teagues, he’s at Claremont, He was the best running back at Pomona. As far as the Tranfer QB, Way, Way too much hype, he will get smothered by the defenses in the Mid-Valley Div. This kid played on a team in Modesto that is no better than some of the 8 man football teams down here in So. Cal. He threw for 14 Td’s and 15 Int’s (Not a good sign) He rushed for 436 yards on 70 carries on teams with just 18-20 players on their rosters. Monrovia’s Defense will scare the Hell out of him. I think you best bet is to let your original QB heal before spewing out how good this transfer is. At best he is probably 1th 13th on the depth charts out in this area.

  • True


    You are right, Teague did go to Claremont. The transfer SD got is only a soph. From what I hear though, he can play.


    I am so happy to see High Football Seniors,stay in their states. What would happened, if some players decided to play football in other states, through out the Union! The thought just gives me the chills………

  • Observantcat

    Go Tranfers:

    I think that Monrovia had one of the Biggest transfers in it’s history Dwight Smith who moved to Texas to play his Senior year and has been noted by the Texas faithful as the Best running back they have ever seen. Check out #22 in this video, He will be the starting tailback for TCU this season.

  • It Still matters where this kid is living…..

    What I find real interesting about this transfer is where. Now did this kid really move into the San Dimas attendance area. By CIF rules this kid can only transfer to a school in his attendence area. Being that San Dimas is public then this kid would have to be living in that small attendance area.

    Interesting is those numbers posted earlier are not that good. Espically the interception to town down ratio for a wing-t quarterback. If I personal saw those numbers on a wing-t quarterback I would rate the kid way below average.

  • From my understanding, the kid commutes from Modesto daily. Once the season starts, though, they’re going to fly him in for games on a business jet.

  • Aaron

    At first I thought you were serious…but Denair, CA, where he went to school is closer to Turlock than Modesto.

  • Aaron,

    Yeah, and Pasadena is closer to Arcadia, but when I’m in Europe I tell people live in L.A.

  • It Still matters where this kid is living…..


    I will use smaller words so you can understand. Not saying that he is living in Northern California. I am questioning where he really moved to. Interesting how a Wing-T quarterback moves from northern california and into an attendance area of a public school in southern california that is running the Wing-T.

    What are the odds of that…..

  • Father

    The kid is living in San Dimas with me. How do I know you ask because it is my son. I had a employment transfer and he came with me as far as his record from a prior school it has alot to do with and who he played with. Let time prove you wrong on his skills.

  • Mother

    To the ones that don’t think my son has it…Let me tell you he does as long as he has a team that wants to play and suceed as his does!! Go Saints!!!

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  • elizabeth matos

    how far is san dimas from modesto california