Aram “The SGV Tour” ends at Damien where Bonita and Sparty scrimmaged on Friday night …

Well, first off let me say I thought I was going to see a scrimmage … you know, like an NFL preseason game. Then after getting there, Bonita coach Eric Podley hands me a sheet that gave the itinerary for the scrimmage. Basically, the two teams faced off against each other in scripted scenarios. It wasn’t like a game, but still very informative.

So, on to my impressions. My first one was that Bonita passes the look test. I was very impressed by their size … and I’m not necessarily talking about the lines. The ‘Cats seem to have the right type of body in each spot. They kinda reminded me of a prototypical Orange County team.

I didn’t get the same look at Damien because they were at the other end of the field. But I got to see the Spartans once the scrimmage started and it’s the same thing, pretty much the right body at each position.

Bonita’s first-string offense had Greg Spathias at QB. He’s taken over for the injured Garrett Pendleton and I can tell you now that Spathias would probably start for a lot of teams around the Valley. The ‘Cats didn’t do anything special on offense (and Podley said they wouldn’t), but they still moved the ball well vs. Damien’s D.

Spathias throws a nice ball and the receivers are as advertised. There are some nice targets out there. Didn’t see too much of the run game.

Damien’s offense looks to be very ball-control oriented. But it’s hard to say for sure because I don’t think coach Greg Gano showed too much either. New QB Enrique Saldivar has good size and throws a really nice ball. He’s got good arm strength. Were there any gamebreakers on either side? No. But again, that could be because both coaches didn’t go past Page 1 of the playbook.

Enjoy the vids …