Chargers and Tartans get together for a good cause …

Just six days before their season-opening showdown at Citrus College, the Charter Oak and Glendora High School football teams got together on Saturday for a team effort to raise money for Women in Need Growing Strong, or wings.

After meeting at Charter Oak High, players and coaches from both school spread out around Covina and Glendora to raise money for the charity. The players were dressed in their jerseys and used their helmets as money bags.

  • Mike the Clone


    I Am Mike the Clone and YOU ARE NOT!

    Well I thought I’d chime in here with my inflated ego just to give the haters some red meat.First it’s glad to see AT back and second glad to see the “bagpipers” back in the game with Coach Lou and the revival of the rival.Glad too see the two schools coming together not only for football but for a worthy cause also.Both coaches are class acts.

    Now onto Friday night and between the white lines.Will it be a typical predictable “Buttonwears” calling it from the stands Pasqy uncreative offense or will he pull some new tricks out of that hat. My prediction is it will more of the same from “Bagpiper U”.Coach Lou will have some wrinkles thrown in there but he always doesn’t stick to that play book when it’s needed. Hope “Pasqy” brings a note book to take some notes.

    I’ll be there Friday and it should be interesting. And also an interesting year for the “bagpipers” after the crowd down in Los Alamitos stuck it too G-High with realignment.

    So chew on that piece medium rare you “buttonwearers” I miss you guys!

    I AM OUT!


    Mike the Clone

  • Aram

    MTC!!!!!! Now you all know it’s game week!

  • NoDoz

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn..oh? Hey mike.


  • Charger Fan

    Ask NoDoz how many CIF final appearances Glendora has made in the last 10 years. That alone is enough to put me to sleep!