Burning Questions for Week 0 …

Charter Oak’s height at receiver means trouble for Glendora

Will local coaches spare the SGVN a world of stringer hurt by putting their rosters on MaxPreps?

Please, I can’t say this enough, there’s nothing worse than the inevitable story from one of our new writers that leads with “#14 passed to #81 for the winning touchdown with five seconds left in the first quarter.” We’ll take care of the sequencing if you can take care of the rosters (with numbers and years … height/weight is nice, but not critical). We don’t want to ask “Who’s No. 14?” only to be hit with “I don’t know, they didn’t have rosters.” … which means I call one of you coaches while you’re pouring root beer on your staff, celebrating your opening win. Please, help us out.

Can Baldwin Park CB Demetrius Jackson blanket Rowland WR Leonardo Freeman?

This might be the can’t miss matchup of Week 0. Freeman is, what, 7-foot-6? OK, I kid, but seriously, he’s the tallest receiver in the area outside of Amat’s Wallace Gonzalez. But Freeman won’t have it easy against Jackson, who Jason David raved about after coaching him during summer workouts. Jackson is already committed to UTEP without having played a down since his sophomore year at Duarte. If Freeman wants to prove he’s D-1, this is the time and place.

Can Amat find offensive production outside of Nine?

Now, I’m not talking about Jalen Moore goes for 60 yards and Adam Sanchez has 38 yards receiving. I want to see some numbers from somebody beside Nine. Give me a running back over 100 yards and Sanchez in the paint twice.

Can San Gabriel DB Mark Covarrubias handle what’s coming?

Covarrubias is no doubt one of the top DBs in the Star-News area, but he’s going to be up against it trying to stay with Karl Holmes and Kevon Seymour. If the senior can simply slow, not halt, Muir’s deep threats, then SG stands a fighting chance to keep this one respectable.

Can Whittier Christian win without Jeff Worthy?

My heart sank when Whittier Daily News prepstar Andrew J. Campa told me yesterday that Boise St.-bound Whittier Christian lineman Jeff Worthy will probably miss Friday’s opener against Ontario Christian with a knee injury. Without Worthy paving the way on offense or disrupting things on defense, the Heralds face a tall task against a Ontario Christian team that played in 14 games last year.

Can Bonita QB Greg Spathias handle San Dimas’ pass rush?

The amount of heat San Dimas defensive coordinator Brian Mustain sends at Spathias should be scorching. I doubt the Saints are sweating the Bonita run game much and they probably figure that Spathias will make mistakes in his first start if he’s pressured enough. So that probably means relentless blitzes from all angles. Pretty scary.

Can Glendora’s secondary see through the trees?

When Charter Oak lines up with three receivers all over 6-feet tall, it’s got to be pretty daunting for opposing defenses. Well, Glendora gets first crack at trying to stop such a dilemma. Not much is known right now about the Tartans’ secondary, but should they quell the trio of Rufus, Thropay and Gilchrist, then they might just get a parade in their honor on Monday morning.

Can Bassett or Keppel get that all-important W?

Two struggling programs meet on Friday night at Keppel. Bassett, at one point, reportedly had 12 players on the varsity team. Keppel’s coach has been quoted as saying he’s fielding a JV team that plays under the lights. It appears both teams may not get a better chance all season at picking up a W.

Can La Habra hang with the big boys?

Many Southland fans have been waiting to see La Habra take on other SoCal heavyweights. Well, that time has come. The Highlanders begin the toughest nonleague schedule of any team in the area by taking on Orange Lutheran on Friday night deep in the heart of Anaheim. If the Highlanders want respect from outside the area, this is where they’ll have to start earning it.

  • Aaron

    The first roster I’ve seen in the Roddy Layton era has Chase Price…so does that mean everyone else quit? Just joking but seriously…it’s easier to identify players with rosters and stats on maxpreps.

  • Aaron

    Aram…Spathias has played under a live rush. Against teams that are more talented than SD. Santa Fe and Claremont last year. So he knows what it is like facing great athletes coming at him…oh this O-line is not only solid in comparison to last season but SD also doesn’t have Justin Winrow at DE.

  • Norco

    I watched Orange Lutheran scrimmage Corona Santiago last Fridat night…OL has a HUGE OL & TE…Qb play was good, RB is very quick & WR can catch…On defense they seemd to be decent size on the DL…one of their LB …I believe his name was Deavers (SP?) kid looked to be 6`2 230lbs and very fast and physical…DB`s played 10yds off the ball on CS WR`s and IMO is the units weakness…



    Olu has a Sophomore who hasn’t played a down of Varsity football and was given a sholarship from UCLA. I think his name is John Lopez, he was the buzz at the local Los Angeles camps.

  • Aaron

    John Lopez 6-6/ 318 lbs OT.

    Schools of Interest: UCLA and USC
    Offers: UCLA

  • Norco


    yes..and very well deserving…kid is huge and very athletic…When it is all said and done….IMO he will be a top 5 OL recuit when he is a Senior…I will say this…kid doesn`t play like a sophomore…

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    So, are you boys saying the Highlanders have no shot?

  • Norco

    If they can pass they do…I haven`t seen LH…but OL looked good last Friday…

  • Norco


    Im 6`3 275lbs…and when he walked by me I felt small…Kid is a road grader…

  • K

    La Habra will show they can play with the big boys…although losing Griffin hurts. Not saying they win but they will hold their own FOR SURE

    WC will win without Worthy, they beat OC by 23 points last year and they are solid everywhere else

    I don’t think the Smudge Pot is going to even be close…SD by at least 14 points

    And Aram I agree, the coaches NEED to put their rosters up!

  • Dan

    I think La Habra will struggle with the Pac 5 teams on their schedule, they may squeak out a win in 1 out of the three Pac 5 opponents, but most likely I think it will be an 0 for 3.
    I think O-Lu, Servite, and St.John Bosco are all suppose to be pretty solid this year. which should be
    too much for the typical La Habra team, although an upset is always possible. La Habra reminds me of the Eldorado teams of 06 and 07, very good cif championship teams but not quite at Pac 5 caliber, Esparranza proved that point in both years of Eldorado’s championship runs.
    I believe last season La Habra had their first win [at least in recent years] over a traditionally good Pac Five program, they beat San Clemente by a point, but Santa Fe also beat San Clemente last season 35 to 21. La Habra also played Los Alamitos last year and lost 28 to 13. With all that said I give much respect to La Habra for striving to improve their caliber of play, if they don’t get hurt, this tough schedule will prepare them for anything they will see in playoffs.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    You know what’s crazy, I was thinking the exact same thing and almost said it in the 2-minute drill I did about the game with Andrew Campa. But then I caught myself because it’s quite obvious that the nonleague is the toughest part of LH’s season. They never get pressed in league and the playoffs are usually a tad harder, but still a breeze. So it’s pretty obvious that La Habra’s statement for the season will have to be made in Sept. How odd is that?

  • STUD

    LES DO THIS…CLAN PRIDE…!!!represent your area

  • trojan fan

    Bassett might have a hard time without some of there coaching staff seems that there A.D. Mr. Baca didn’t know that they have to be C.I.F. certified 70% of there coaching staff are not. Makes you kind of wonder who’s running the asylum there at Bassett.