Impressions from Amat’s Blue/Gold scrimmage …

First of all, there were more fans at the scrimmage than most teams in the area get for a regular-season home game. You Amat people are sick, but I like it!

Anyway, there was lots to say about Friday night. I will give you my impressions and you can also listen to coach Steve Hagerty’s thoughts.

Offense: Guess what, Nine was under center and Jalen Moore started at tailback. Moore got the bulk of the carries with the first-team offense. Adam Sanchez started at one receiver, but Wallace Gonzalez did not come in until the third play. That could just be a package thing. Brock Booth started at tight end and looked good physically, but didn’t get any balls thrown his way. The line looked big enough, but not necessarily big.

Nine didn’t get to totally unveil his wheels for obvious reasons, but he did have a nice dash toward the pylon that ended with him getting rocked at the end of the play. Didn’t see who hit him, but Hagerty had to cringe … and then the red jersey came on next time he was out there..

The highlights offensively were about a 50-yard run by Moore and a nice fade from Nine to Wallace G. for about an eight-yard touchdown. That play is going to be nearly automatic for Amat. There’s just no guarding Wallace G. on jump balls.

Is there a home-run hitter on Amat’s offense? It would probably have to be Sanchez, if there is. I didn’t see last year’s team, but I assume Darien Johnson was the home-run threat.

Lastly, sophomore running back Dionza Blue is back at Amat and he was working with the second team. Hear me now and believe me later, that kid could be your next big-time back at Amat. And I do mean big time. He was holding his own while running with the back-ups against the first-team defense (I think it was first team). I understand he needs to get cleared by CIF and if he does, watch out.

Defense: Amat looks small, but tough. They fly around well enough and hit even better. I would be worried about this unit against some of the bigger PAC-5 schools … especially ones that have some skill to go with their size.

Defensive end Julian Gener looks like he’s going to have a huge season. He was coming off the edge with ease and even picked off one of Nine’s passes and took it to the house, but that’s because Nine didn’t really try to tackle him. Aaron Bowens looks good, too. Austin Lacy got a little bit of time.

Overall, what Hagerty says in the video is spot on. There’s no secret to Amat’s formula and it seems partly by design and partly necessity, the Lancers are going to try and play smart and take advantage of situations when they arise, and with that staff, they’ll be able to find those situations.

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BP’s WC3 and Demetrius Jackson give their thoughts on Rowland, South Hills and more …

Aram “The SGV Tour” continued at Baldwin Park on Wednesday. The Braves are yet another team adding confusion to not only the Valle Vista League mix and the Mid-Valley Division as well. On pure size, the Braves are one of the biggest teams I’ve seen so far … and I was at Charter Oak yesterday. BP is a little bigger than CO. So that should tell you something. There’s a QB battle ongoing (see Coach Heggins VIDEO below for more on that). There appears to be athletes in the right spots elsewhere. Looks like the Braves are only good QB play away from another big season. Enjoy the videos with WC3 and Demetirus Jackson, and Heggins below.

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Rosemead may be homeless this season …

Aram “The SGV Tour” took me to Charter Oak in the morning and Rosemead in the afternoon. Only problem is that while Charter Oak was where I thought they’d be, Rosemead was practicing not on campus, but at Rosemead Park next door.

Turns out that there’s been a set back in the installation of Rosemead High’s all-weather track and the football stadium is not available for use. And the team’s practice field just so happens to be being re-sodded and won’t be ready for use until early/mid September.So, the Panthers are displaced and could soon be officially homeless.

The practice field is one thing, but the football field is something entirely different and the possibility of Rosemead playing somewhere else beside on the corner of Lower Azusa Ave. and Rosemead Blvd. is a real possibility.

Rosemead is set to open the season Sept. 10 at home against Montebello, but that’s looking in doubt now. Panthers coach Matt Koffler said the team will either have to play every game on the road or find another field in the district to host its home games.

The problem with the track is that the asphalt base laid before the track is installed was laid too high. It now has to be shaved down and then the track can be put in. Needless to say, it’s a disaster. For now, the Panthers have to walk to the park from the team locker room in order to practice.

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South Hills WR/DB Jamie Canada to have knee surgery, may miss season …

South Hills High School wide receiver/defensive back Jamie Canada is scheduled to have knee surgery on Sept. 2 and may miss the 2010 season.

Canada, a junior, injured the knee earlier this offseason during a practice. An MRI revealed a torn meniscus, but it’s unclear whether there’s ligament damage. If there is, the surgery will include repairing the ligament and Canada will miss the season. If the procedure is just to repair the meniscus, Canada may miss only a month.

“It’s hard losing this kid,” South Hills coach Steve Bogan said. “You can’t make up for it, you just do the best you can. We’re going to move guys around and we have some good athletes, but obviously this kid is a phenomenal athlete.

“In the back of our minds, we’ll hope we have a miracle from heaven. We’re hoping it’s just meniscus.”

Canada was expected to be South Hills’ main deep threat on offense and a shutdown corner on defense. He transferred to South Hills from Duarte along with his brother Jordan Canada following the 2008 season, but both were ruled ineligible last season by CIF on grounds that the transfers were athletically motivated. Jordan Canada went on earn a scholarship to Montana, where he has already begun fall practice.

Aram’s take: Terrible news. If injuries keep this South Hills team from having the type of season its capable of having, then that will be a huge disappointment. Let’s hope that the it’s just meniscus and Jamie will be back in time for league. The Huskies still have excellent weapons in Jordan Gutierrez and Jamel Hart, so the offense should still be dangerous. But Canada takes things to another level.

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Aram “The SGV Tour” continues at Arroyo …

There’s really nothing like that Monday in August when you know that EVERYBODY is officially practicing no matter if they start Week 0 or Week 1. So, the tour took me to Arroyo on Monday, where the Knights are one several teams in the area feeling confident about ’10 because of a good returning QB.

(Photo gallery of Arroyo’s practice CLICK HERE)

For Arroyo, that man is junior Steven Rivera, who is one of the best around. And Arroyo also has RB Mikey Vasquez back. It should be a sick offense and the Knights are easily one of the top contenders in the Mid-Valley Division.

Here’s my talk with Knights coach Jim Singiser.

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