All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 1

Many of the teams have played, so we’ve got lots of movement going into Week 1.

How does Aram rank Glendora ahead of CO last week, but end up picking CO? Odd.

1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Lots of skeptics even after 23-0 shutout of Garfield.
2. Chino Hills (1-0) — Opened 20-0 lead on Mayfair before winning 28-14.
3. La Habra (0-1) — Can’t drop LH too far after loss to O-Lu … but many did pick them to win.
4. Glendora (1-0) — Were they lucky or good? Probably a bit of both. Monrovia comes calling.
5. Claremont (1-0) — Waxed Cajon … now ‘Pack gets sky-high Bonita.
6. St. Francis (0-0) — Need big showing on Friday vs. Arcadia.
7. Monrovia (0-0) — Several ‘Cats at Citrus last Friday got to see what’s in store this week.
8. Muir (1-0) — Not sure I get why so many ‘Stangs missed SG game, but they won big anyway.
9. South Hills (0-0) — Huskies open up with good test against BP on Friday.
10. Ayala (1-0) — Did anybody see 35-point outburst coming vs. Lugo?
11. Charter Oak (0-1) — Sloppy Chargers should learn lots from Glendora fiasco.
12. Rowland (1-0) — Once offense got going, Raiders showed why they’re scary.
13. La Mirada (0-1) — Better shake off disappointment in time for Thursday vs. La Habra.
14. Whittier Christian (1-0) — Offense carried the day against Ontario Christian.
15. Schurr (0-0) — Let’s see how QB Cantu does with new skill guys vs. Cantwell.
16. Damien (0-0) — Sparty bracing for test against Roddy’s angry cats.
17. Covina (1-0) — Unranked to 17. Are Colts now Valle Vista favorites?
18. Bonita (1-0) — Note to self: Never doubt Dangerous Podley. Claremont comes calling …
19. Diamond Ranch (0-1) — Is it November yet?
20. Arroyo (1-0) — Knights looking for 2-0 start against annual rival Temple City.
21. Santa Fe (0-0) — Warren should be good test in opener.
22. West Covina (0-1) — ‘Dogs fall from No. 5 to here after epic collapse.
23. San Dimas (0-1) — Did anybody ever think to ask Coach Z about RB situation. My bad.
24. Azusa (0-0) — Quality test comes Friday against BG.
25. Baldwin Park — Braves get shot at redemption against South Hills.

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  • As far as Muir / SG, Muir had players missing due to fight with Cathedral i believe and injuries, if im wrong please correct, SG had some starters missing also, but Muir just wore them out, but Muir was very undisciplined, and couldn’t make an extra point, this wont work against a better team, and wheres the support for a Muir team that’s supposed to be very good. SG had more fans in their stands,


    Muir and Cathedral did in fact have a brawl. Therefore some players were missing. McFadden was also out. I heard that SG had 2 starters missing as well. This was a very good game through 3 quarters as it was tied 12-12 after 3 quarters. Muir just turned it on in the 4th, most of the time working with a short field. SG looks like they will be fine this year. Mos talented team I have seen come out of there in years.

  • Aaron

    Claremont is way too high. I don’t think Cajon is that good this season based on the amount of seniors they graduated (That’s Farrarism, he always talks about the seniors that they graduated). Yes they did return their top RB and QB.

    Claremont makes more of a lateral move by looks like they are stepping down in overall depth of league moving to the Sierra whereas Glendora is going to get smoked with how deep the Baseline is.

    Am I hating on Claremont…not really extremely hard to make the playoffs out of the Baseline when you have Los Osos, Upland, and RC. Etiwanda is supposed to better this season.

    I like Kessler and I like Kuramuta. But they rushed for only 45 yards Friday, that has more to do with what they got and how they were able to shred Cajon’s defense. And yet…Kessler was nowhere near as efficient as he should have been. When is Teague going to play?

    Covina ahead of Bonita? Bonita just thrashed the number one team in the Mid-Valley. I do like the relative position of where Bonita is, I just don’t like where you have some teams.

    Here’s my adjustments and comments to your list:
    1. Bishop Amat (1-0) Dominguez beat Crespi…so they may come down.
    2. Chino Hills (1-0) I would have preferred something more.
    3. La Habra (0-1) A loss is a loss but they still win the division title.
    4. Muir (1-0) Class of the Southeast?
    5. St. Francis (0-0) Let’s see after next week.
    6. Glendora (1-0) I want to see less legs from Jeffries and more arm. Baseline will be unforgiving, hello no playoffs.
    7. Monrovia (0-0) No game, but Bueno is nails.
    8. South Hills (0-0) I don’t like Vincent Hernandez, but they have bubbas and Jamel Hart. Run off tackle all night against BP and come out with a W.
    9. Ayala (1-0) Yes a win over Don Lugo…but they could finish fourth in the Sierra.
    10. Charter Oak (0-1) Gardena next…could be a long season.
    11. Claremont (1-0) If Teague knows his playbook and is healthy it may be the beginning of a good year…but that could start after they leave Glenn Davis.
    12. La Mirada (0-1) We’ll see after this next week.
    13. Whittier Christian (1-0) I like.
    14. Rowland (1-0) Michael Ball is a stud, but that defense needs to step it up big.
    15. Schurr (0-0) Aaron Cantu, can be solid but will need to spread the ball around.
    16. Bonita (1-0) When was the last time Bonita ran for over two hundred yards in a game? Defense is rock solid. Spathias gets the INTs down and Claremont is done.
    17. Covina (1-0) Big Win is BIG! But I want to see Livingston to McClain…but he still has no hands. But I hear Ainsworth is a stud. Gladstone next, should win.
    18. Damien (0-0) I wonder if this is too high?
    19. Arroyo (1-0) Rivera is a stud. Note to Singhiser…keep him at QB only.
    20. Santa Fe (0-0) Always talented but the two heads qb could be the worst thing to ever happen to Jack Mahlstede. Hint: If you want the grandson pick the grandson.
    21. Diamond Ranch (0-1) 56-0…yeah, um no.
    22. West Covina (0-1) Losing to Covina…come on now Bulldogs.
    23. San Dimas (0-1) I knew it was coming…they have South El Monte next…pencil in a W.
    24. Azusa (0-0) I think they can beat BG…but word is BG also had a great summer. However, I trust Joe Scherf
    25. Baldwin Park (0-1) Bonita didn’t need outstanding play to beat them last season…don’t think they will this year either. Pencil in a W for South Hills.

  • Aaron,

    Solid points and solid Top 25. My thinking on Covina was this: They beat the No. 5 team in the rankings. Bonita beat the No. 15 team.

    You have to give Covina credit. I’m disappointed for not trusting what I saw when I visited Covina camp a few weeks ago. They have players. I like their lines. Great coaching staff. A QB that’s going to be as good as any around (not joking). Covina is still young, but man, they could be very scary by Noviembre.

    About Claremont, I’ve been told I’m too high on this team. I might be, but they didn’t have Teague on Friday. He’s going to open everything up for Kessler.

    I also feel disappointed for not trusting what I saw in Bonita in their scrimmage against Damien. I kept telling Podley “this is good-looking team” … but I didn’t think they could run the ball and it would put too much pressure on Spathias. I have to tell you, if Pendleton comes back by league and he’s himself, this team has a very legit shot in the Southeast.

  • The Stang Fan

    Here’s how it went:

    Danny Huerta: injured

    Dai Dai McFadden: injured

    Cameron Palmer: Not sure why he didn’t play

    A couple of others missed some time for disciplinary reasons for the Cathedral skirmish. Kevon Seymour seemed to be favoring a knee or ankle as well.

    Hope these guys get healed soon.

  • Hey Aram,

    I know that you don’t get into the Southern part of the SGV so please allow me to help. The DRL does have more than 1 team playing football. In case you didn’t catch your own Scoreboard, La Serna went down to Chula Vista with 18 returning starters and totally owned a good Bonita Vista team while El Rancho devastated Los Altos 41-0. La Serna has been picked by your Sister publication that does cover the DRL to finish ahead of Santa Fe. Perhaps you want to do your research before putting out your “All Encompassing” rankings or better yet why not rename your list the “Rankings of Schools that I have bothered to learn anything about led by coaches that I have to fawn over because I want to get witty quotes from, annotated by a half-hearted attempted to throw in some buzz so it appears that I know what I am talking about”… Where is the journalistic objectivity, integrity and ethics that your paper espouses?

    You may think “hey if you don’t like it, don’t read it” but I believe that in your less than diligent effort you have not considered 4 very important things. 1. College Scouts can’t be everywhere on Friday Night and thereby read your reviews. They decide what films to get, who to see and who to sign in part on your review. 2. The other larger regional papers also read your column and decide on the same line which feeds back to #1. 3. High School Football is as much about confidence and emotions as preparation and skill so coverage or lack of it does affect their performance. 4. As long as I am plunking down my money for a subscription, IT IS YOUR JOB TO COVER THE WHOLE SGV OR SPECIFICALLY STATE THAT YOU ARE NOT. If you need any further clarification, check your Journalism Ethics #231 textbook.

  • Outside the Fishbowl

    Love of the Game:

    Aram only covers games in the Fishbowl. I don’t think he knows that Colima goes over the hills into Whittier. What he knows about teams on our side of the hills is what he reads Campa’s stuff in the WDN.

    So don’t expect any objectivty or any actual reporting on our teams from AT.

  • Outside the Fishbowl

    Love of the Game:

    Aram only covers games in the Fishbowl. I don’t think he knows that Colima goes over the hills into Whittier. What he knows about teams on our side of the hills is what he reads Campa’s stuff in the WDN.

    So don’t expect any objectivty or any actual reporting on our teams from AT.

  • Aaron

    I like The Ranch…but beating Los Altos is like beating Keppel.


    I understand your point. However, my opinion is this about West Covina: would George Johnson even be a quarterback had Jacob Shirley never transfered? I think Shirley would have been a legend.

    I don’t care what you say about McClain though…he has zero hands. Him at RB…that could work.

  • MVL Observer

    Steven Rivera is a stud, but Arroyo has no depth. The hope is that he can last, just as Salmon did when he was forced to play safety. Covina’s win was huge, and showed the amount of heart and what great QB play they have. The sprinter is overrated, but the QB is just as underrated. As for West Co., they will be fine, as long as the staff can keep the loss in perspective. They dominated the night, but some mistakes which happen when you have no “NFL Preseason”, cost them. TC looks like they’ll be in for a long year after a lackluster performance against a really average El Monte squad. Arroyo should roll in week 1.

  • Dan

    WC at #22 is a bit drastic Aram but it’s ok, let these boys work their way back up the rankings by good play on the field instead of preseason hype.
    Gutsy game for Covina to hang in there, Bulldogs were pretty much handling the Colts for most of the game but the Colts out played us in the final minutes when it counted most. A couple of key turnovers kept the Bulldogs from putting away the Colts early and it ended up coming back and biting us. Covina has my respect, they are a scrappy team and stayed in the fight till the end, I hope they make a deep playoff run.
    These week zero games against teams we are favored over are getting a little hazardous, last year we were ambushed by El Rancho and now Covina pulls a suprise. I’m thinking maybe we should go back to scheduling the bigger teams so our boys get fired up for the game, and maybe the big teams would take us lightly,sort of like when we played Mater Dei in 06.
    The positive side is that this WC team showed a lot of good things in this game, they are definately talented and hopefully what we saw were week zero mistakes and jitters that will be corrected.
    Venice comes to West Covina on Friday, they just rolled Harvard Westlake 42 to 12, if we play like Friday it will get ugly fast, our boys, AS A TEAM, need to get serious about their season real fast.

  • For Dan

    The Good News:

    Former West Covina Bulldog Walter Thurmond III made the Seattle Seahawks final Roster!

    The Bad news:

    Teondray Caldwell from Venice scored all seven of his team’s touchdowns and rushed for 291 yards in Venice’s 47-16 victory over North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake.

    Top receiver Gabriel Marks from Venice suffered a pulled hip flexor muscle in the first quarter returning a punt for a touchdown Friday night against North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake and could be sidelined one game, Coach Angelo Gasca said.

    Gasca was raving about running back Teondray Caldwell, who scored all seven of Venice’s touchdowns in a 47-16 victory.

    “I knew he was really good but he was better than I thought,” Gasca said of the 205-pound running back. “He was spectacular.”

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • Sam

    It is just a matter of time before Amats Rio Ruiz gets it going and feels comfortable with the offense. I could see Rio really getting the best of defenses as he passes the ball. The one throw he had down the middle to the TE in the 4th had lots of zip and accuracy on it. The offensive line really needs to pass block and give him time. I really like Amats chances vs. Dominguez. Amat 21 Comp. Dominguez 17

  • gametime

    agree wtih this weeks ranking, amat might be missing anderson more than we know, wco will recover this might be the wake up they needed, cov is just underated maybe as much as sd was overated? bonita showed the team is more than a qb, clar is a legit test as bonita is for clar.

  • Dan

    Too “for Dan”,
    Thats great to hear about Walter Thurmond, for a couple of day’s last week I wasn’t too sure because despite a nice debute four weeks ago he had a rough couple of moments at corner the past couple of weeks.
    It must be a tough learning process for a rookie corner in the pro’s with all those great recievers, especially coming off an injurie and still in a brace, but I think the coaches know he has tremendous upside potential, coach Mike Maggiore who keeps in touch with Walter has told me, Walters mental approach is tremendous, never content with his current skill or ability level but always striving to better himself.
    As for Venice coming to WC, yeah I read that article on Venice and Teondray Caldwell with his seven TD’s and 291 yards vs Harvard Westlake, I remember him from last year’s game vs WC, he had some big plays against us. No doubt Venice will be a very good team coming to town, never the less I think the Bulldogs will make the necessary adjustments in practice and bring a better game this week, I think our boy’s now know you have to stay in the battle and keep fighting on every play the whole game, if you let up it don’t matter who you play, your asking for trouble.

  • For Dan

    Mike Maggiore is lucky to have parents/ fans like you.

    Now-a-days everybody knows better, every blogger knows better, every parent’s of players know better, every sportswriter knows better.

    The truth is high school sports were actually alot better pre. 1990.

    Scholarship talk, was kept as a goal within the player. Not a family quest.

    When parents and fans went to the games they just cheered and watched. The few pain-in-the-butt loudmouth parents/fans were easily identified and ignored.

    As far as Walter.
    He is in the argument as the best football player ever in the history of West Covina/ Edgewood.

  • Norco


    What happened to your team La Mirad and all their D1 kids?bwahahahahahaha….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – PUH

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