Burning Questions for Week 1 …

It’s showtime for South Hills! … Finally.

Can La Mirada avoid embarrassment?

The word on the street was that the Matadores were going to be 1-0 heading into this week’s showdown with La Habra. St. Paul didn’t get that word, and the Mats are 0-1 and those who feel who they had a shot vs. La Habra just a month ago have suddenly gone silent. While an outright win is looking like a long shot, La Mirada needs to avoid being blown out to salvage any sort of respect it still has in the “we’re a big-time program” debate.

Can Bonita keep it going?

It’s one thing to beat San Dimas, which let’s face it, may not be as good as advertised, and it’s another thing entirely to beat Claremont. If running back Taj Teague plays, the ‘Pack is going to be double tough for Bonita. If he doesn’t, then Bonita has a chance to build on what could be a dream season. Word from area coaches is that Claremont is a tad over-hyped along both lines, but does have legit skill guys. We’ll know more on Friday.

Can Monrovia hang with the really big boys?

Monrovia has the QB and complimentary skill guys to be labeled the Mid-Valley Division favorite, but there aren’t too many people out there who believe the ‘Cats can hang along the interior with upper-division foes. Perhaps the title game loss vs. San Dimas still lingers in the minds of many. Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox has scheduled up for a reason and this is a major statement game for his team. Glendora isn’t overly big and won’t bully the ‘Cats the way many think, but that’s not really the question. The question is: Can Monrovia deal with another team’s weapons when interior play is basically equal? We’ll find out …

Is Bishop Amat’s offense really in trouble?

The Lancers took some heat for a 23-point win last week over Garfield. You’ve got to love it. Now they hit the road to face a Dominguez team that held Crespi to 11 points last Friday. Amat’s offense didn’t light the world on fire and will have to be better this week to pull out another road win. Amat isn’t operating at full capacity, with WR Wallace Gonzalez still awaiting his eligibility. So where will the points come from on Friday? They may only need 14 anyway to pull out the win if the defense comes up big again.

Is Gabrielino for real?

Titans coach Mike Mooney may get more than he bargained for when his Titans open up this week against Gabrielino. The Eagles won big last week against Cerritos and had little trouble finding the end zone. San Marino replaces a lot of key players, but has a strong enough coaching staff to make a smooth transition. Mooney inherited a strong freshman team from last year and we’ll see just how far San Marino has dropped … or not … and how far Gabrielino has come on Friday.

Is Diamond Ranch in trouble?

The Panthers were waxed last week, 56-0, by Santa Margarita. Now the debate is whether D-Ranch is that bad or Santa Margarita that good. Friday’s home opener against Damien is the only way to find out. Diamond Ranch’s offense has some new faces in key spots, but so does Damien. This is one of the most intense coaching battles of the young season, so expect some sort of trickeration from both sides. If D-Ranch struggles on both sides of the ball again, then the Southeast Division may really be thrown for a loop … then again, it’s not November yet.

Is South Hills ready to put the distractions aside and play some football?

The Huskies have had a tumultuous offseason as high school programs go. They rarely had top weapons Jamel Hart and Jamie Canada healthy at the same time, and Canada’s status for the season is up in the air after knee surgery. Then came Transfergate, which dominated the talk during August. Finally, it’s time to play football! But a difficult test against a Baldwin Park team that proved itself good enough to hang with Rowland awaits. If South Hills is able to run right through the Braves, then all will be well Huskieville. If the Huskies struggle or are upset, then look out below.

Will Schurr miss a beat?

The expectations are still high at Schurr, but are they warranted? QB Aaron Cantu is back after putting up some of the best numbers around last season, but he won’t have his top two targets or top running back when he steps on the field Friday against Cantwell. The Spartans are confident they have the skill guys to ensure the offense keeps rolling, but others (right here) remain skeptical. Friday night should go a long way in figuring it out.

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  • Matt

    I saw the La Canada-Schurr scrimmage last friday. Granted it was just a scrimmage but La Canada beat them 7-0. Cantu had one big pass, but La Canada intercepted him twice. I understand he was in the gun a lot last year. Friday was was under center 70% of the time. Again, just a scrimmage but I have some doubts about Schurr.

  • whitey

    “can monrovia hang with the really big boys? ” are you kidding me….are you saying glendora is somebody to be feared, please seek some help, make an appointment now, too much fast food(your diet exclusively) ruins the brain

  • anonymous

    Can Glendora contain Bueno, who is capable of rushing for 200+ yards on any given night, while making sure that he doesn’t burn them with the pass?

  • Aaron

    Cajon was not that good of a team. I know perfectly well about Claremont’s O…but what did we do last year in the second half? Four straight TDs and were marching on the go ahead score before a holding call.

    This year…we have a ground game. Spathias won’t make those mistakes and the balls will get into the playmakers hands.

  • FredJ

    Glendora will win, and win easily

  • Football Fan

    FredJ and Aram…I know you always go with Upper Division teams, You may want to rethink these two games. Here is why.

    Glendora vs Monrovia is going to be a great game. Alot of people are giving Glendora the edge, because of who they play. I am looking more at the match ups. Glendora, see’s alot of powerful teams, with prototypical Pocket passers, But not alot of teams have a athletic QB like bueno. They get some preparation against jefferies in practice, but he is not the runner Bueno is, plus you don’t get to tackle him. Monrovia has the kind of speed and skill players like a Rancho or Upland. They just don’t have the size up front. This year, they have a bigger offensive line, which will allow them to compete.

    If Monrovia does not turn the ball over, they should be able to have some success against the Glendora defense. Last week, Glendora knew exactly where the QB would be. Santiago is not a mobile QB. This took alot of pressure of the Glendora defense. The LB’s and DB’s could stay back in their drops, and it was easy to see whether it was going to be a run or a pass. This week, both DB’s and LB’s will have to worry about the Bueno taking off. This will create some confusion on their assignment. They will have to cover and come up make sure tackles on the area’s most Athletic QB. If the DB’s get caught peeking, Bueno still has the arm to pass. Monrovia’s WR’s do have a size advantage, over the Glendora secondary, and they have lot’s of speed.

    On the defensive side of the ball, Jefferies will have to worry about having a D1 dline prospect after him all night. Also Hard hitting Johnson cleaning up if he decides to scramble. He is has chip on his shoulder, after being injured in the Finals, which may have cost his team a ring, will be hungry to shhhh the critics.

    Glendora does have big game experience over Monrovia becuase of the tougher league and Division. If the game is close, that experience may give them the edge. The lights will be beaming on Friday night.

    Monrovia 21, Glendora 17

    Dominguez is coming off a tough pac 5 win against Crespi. Their Defense showed that they can play up with the best. The Don’s Fumbled Five times in that game and still managed hold th Celts under two scores. They possibly would have scored more if they did not fumble. They will have a speed advantage, over Bishop Amat as well.

    On the other hand Bishop Amat is better than Crespi however, Bishop played a lesser opponent in the opener. They out classed a over matched Garfield team. This week they will not shut out Dominguez. Bishops defense will have to keep them in the game, and possible see if they can create some turnovers to give Ruiz more chances to score. The defense my need to score as well. With Offensive struggles they Will have a tough time scoring against a Dons Defense, which returns most of its starters. With this only being Ruiz’s second start, This will be his first real learning game. Without their star WR and a solid running game, I don’t see the Lancers scoring points. Maybe Ruiz may have to run more. If Dominguez only has to keep 5 or 6 in the box, Ruiz won’t have a chance this week. I have to give the advantage to the Dons. More speed, they have a running game, More experienced.

    Dominguez 14, Bishop Amat 10

  • I never said that I thought Glendora was gonna blow out Monrovia. I lean Glendora, but I think Monrovia has a shot to win this game. Should be very close.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Football fan – pretty fair break down. I think Comp Dom Hills is a very underrated team. You’re right they fumbled 5 times! I hope this means they are prone to coughing the ball up? The Amat secondary will face a real tough test this week as Dom is faster than Garfield; however, Amat is not slow in the secondary, I just don’t know if they’re as fast? We will see. I know they will come up and hit on the run but this will definately be their first test. Amat’s backers will have to fill and create piles. Defense should be attacking the ball all night. Offensively we need to get the ground game going. No if’s and or but’s? We got a test this week Lancers I expect an A and a win! Go Big Blue. And speaking of Blue, when do we get to see him?

  • New York

    I think FredJ really wants Monrovia to win and is simply trying to provide motivation.

  • Kimbo Slice (of reality)

    Observantcat. You had to have been doing a lot of observing if you were at the game Friday night.

    Observation number one – your fans leaving with 5 minutes to go in the fourth.

    Observation number two – how many fewer points Monrovia had than Glendora!

    Observation number three (and most importantly) SCOREBOARD FOOL!

    Yes, I know how we will hear how we got lucky (yet again) by having our opponents just say here take the ball from us we do not want it. Did you haters ever take the time to think that maybe, just maybe Glendora is creating these opportunities? Of course not, you would rather keep drinking your schwizzle and say how lucky we were. Fair enough, that must be one heck of a beverage.

    I will say Bueno has the heart of a champion, but as far as his throwing capabilities, tghey should haved let him run it all night. Because the only passes I saw were being targeted by duck hunters that Bueno threw.

    Your D1 prospect on the line is a beast! But that is all you have!

    Your cramping (self proclaimed) steamroller for a running back needs to add another number to his jersey so he can play his true position offensive guard.

    The cramping got worse the more times he dropped the rock! Go figure.

    So the next time you actually think you can hang with the big boys, bring more than two players with you.