Claremont RB Taj Teague will miss Friday’s game vs. Bonita …

Claremont coach Mike Collins confirmed Wednesday that running back Taj Teague will be held out of Friday’s game against Bonita while continues to nurse a calf injury suffered while he was still practicing with Pomona.

Teague also sat out Claremont’s opening rout of Cajon last Friday. The senior is expected to be one of the top running backs in the area and will bolster an already powerful Claremont offense.

“We’re hoping possibly he’s ready by the following week, but we’re not going to take any chances,” Collins said. “We’ll wait until he’s 100 percent so if that takes more weeks, we’ll be patient.”

Aram’s take: Huge break for Bonita. Facing Claremont with Teague is something that will give opponents fits. Without him, it’s still a tall task for the ‘Cats, but certainly doable if they play like they did in the Smudge Pot. Hopefully, Teague has a speedy recovery and is back in time for league because I, like many, want to see what he can do in the Sierra League.

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  • Aaron

    Honestly after seeing Claremont play and film of them I have wonder how much a difference Teague will make when he comes back this season. Singleton was a great back last year and he’s a big part of why they were so successful. However so far Claremont hasn’t made a real attempt to run the ball going four wide what has seemed to be 80% of their snaps.

    My opinion of them when I saw them get moved into the Sierra thought they could make some noise. Now I’m not so sure. I do not think they will beat Bonita because I don’t think they are where they need to be yet. Kessler needs to improve on his decision making overall…I saw them on Day one of the Wolfpack Challenge just blast teams in their pool; even though they played marginal teams both days they got blasted two games in a row on Saturday. Why does this matter…because the sling the ball. That’s where passing league comes in, passing teams need to do well.

  • reality

    Bonita was unable to record any sacks or bumps against San Dimas’s qb. If they cannot press Kessler he may just pick the cats apart. I also understand big guy Lemons will not be available for Bonita and that will make the team far more attackable. If Spathias is unable to throw a deep ball it will allow Claremont to press in reducing the oppurtunity for a big play. Like last week Bonita’s defense will need to set up the offence with field position and turnovers which i predict they will. Another big game for both programs on their way up the polls. To close to call.

  • Don

    A sack of the San Dimas QB last week would have been secondary to what the BoHi D was trying to do. You don’t waste your assets pass rushing a team that will only throw down field once or twice a quarter.

    I suspect Bonita will aim for more penetration against Claremont and blitzes aimed at the QB rather than disrupting a running offense.

    What makes it more interesting to me is when Teague gets healthy, you’ll probably see more of a 50/50 attack like they had last year with Singleton.