Week 1: Talk your smack or cry me a river … More Mid-Valley Division PLAYOFF results …

Valle Vista League: The VVL is looking like clearly the best league in the Mid-Valley Divsion. Covina is 2-0, San Dimas bounced back by routing inter-division foe South El Monte. Baldwin Park has banged hard vs. Rowland and South Hills. Wilson was a letdown, but the loss won’t have much direct effect on their playoff hopes.

Rio Hondo League: Monrovia blew its chance to bolster the league’s overall rating, but San Marino helped its own chances by hammering Gabrielino in a big inter-division game. La Canada’s rout of Alhambra also helps its cause and the league’s cause. TC’s loss to Arroyo hurts, but South Pas waxed San Gabriel. Even Blair got in on the fun by beating Duarte. The RHL is looking like the second-best league.

Mission Valley League:
Arroyo and Rosemead posted big, inter-division wins. Mountain View even got in the mix. But El Monte, South El Monte and Gabrielino losing to inter-division foes gave some of the winning back.

Montview League: Azusa looks ready to go on a serious run for 10-0. And if they do it, they’re going to be the No. 1 seed in the division going into the playoffs. La Puente’s win over El Monte bolstered the league slightly. Even Workman waxing Keppel helps. But Bassett falling to Mountain View and Gladstone’s loss sting. Duarte’s loss to Blair hurts.

Almont League:
Uh oh. Yeah, the Almont is in serious trouble at this point. Schurr, San Gabriel and Alhambra all go down hard. I won’t even mention Bell Gardens. Very, very bad start. Not only are Almont League teams losing tiebreaker games left and right vs. inter-division foes, the overall sum of the results is killing the league’s argument it’s the best in the division.

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  • ***crickets***
  • Mike the Clone


    Mr. Tolegian if Monrovia beats the “bagpipers” then…..oh never mind, they wouldn’t “get it” anyways.


    Mike the Clone

  • Mike the Clone


    21 points against Monrovia are you kidding me?

    I’d rather go to bed than to comment.

    Good Night Now!

    Mike the Clone

  • MTC

    And what is going on at the Mead (Rosemead that is) posting 17 to the “turn the flag upside down I’m in distress Montiebello “BP” Oilers 13 points?
    Urrgggh have good times left the building at the In & Out, What is up with that?


    Mike the Clone

  • Aaron

    Aram would you like some crow tomales?


    ARAM and Fred, by far this has to be AZUSA biggest win and BELL GARDENS worst lost at home. Wow, this has to be by far the most unexpected score and in my opinion the GAME OF THE WEEK! Heck Fred, you even had them losing and most predictions on here had us losing also. So Fred, youre officially off my Christmas Card list and Steve Ramirez youre now on it. LOL Outstanding Job AZTECS and to the Coaching Staff, MENUDO on me!

    Coach Scherf would out a doubt, you have turn this program around for the fans of AZUSA, and Im sure the fans of AZUSA have waited a long time for this. THANK YOU! Im not going to bad mouth my heckler, (BG LANCER) and run my mouth, but Im am definitely going to savor the moment., and H@LL yes, Im going to be on this BLOG all week!

    AZUSA enjoy this WIN this weekend, because come Monday its time to put the HARD HAT on and KICK SOME AZZTEC!



    MTC…what the hell are you talking about??

    It was an ugly game with lots of turnovers and miscues which I hope is just 1st game jitters but a win is a win.


  • Mike the Clone


    Dude I hope your right about the jitters “In and Out” high should be lighting up teams like “De Puebla”.

    Come on now you guys are better than that stop those turnovers and miscues!


    Mike the Clone

  • New York

    So far the Almont League is likely to get just two playoff spots! Ironically, they just came “down” from the “upper” division. Maybe they need to keep dropping.



    Sh*t I hope they stop too and you crack me up with the “in n out” “de puebla” high stuff haha. Cant wait for your take in the smack off!


  • Hmmmm

    Where is Observantcat? Someone put out an APB! Check the Milk Cartons! Dude has gone underground!!!!

  • New York

    I have never known a Monrovia team to start the season off great offensively, especially against a good opponent. Four turnovers against a good opponent in the second half is just too costly. Look what happened to Charter Oak the week before in their first game. I anticipate Monrovia cleaning things up for game 2 and beyond.

  • NY,

    Any takes on Wall Street 2? You pumped?

  • New York

    Rhetorical question?

  • Goldenarm


    a compliment paid to the RHL??

    Damn you are a trendsetter. With the exception of a rebuilding TC, the RHL is more competitive than the last 4 to 5 years.

  • NY

    Not at all, man. I’m fired up for it. Just wondering if you had any takes because the first one was is one of the greatest flicks of all time.


    Call ’em like I see ’em. The RHL when compared to its Mid-Valley peers this year looks pretty darn good … so far.

  • New York

    I’ve been waiting 10 years for the sequel! You could say I’m fired up for it. Phrases from the movie are among the most quoted amongst a certain block of my cohort.

  • Roger: You still seeing that french girl?

    Bud Fox: No. She asked the wrong question.

    Roger: Yeah, what’s that?

    Bud Fox What are you thinking?

    If you can figure out that line, you can figure women. I could go on and on with great Wall Street lines.

  • New York

    Lunch? Lunch is for wimps….

    I’m not talking about a $400,000 a year flying first class. $50…$100million, liquid. Enough to own your own jet. Enough to not waste time…

    Back then, that was all the money in the world. Now it’s just a day’s pay!

  • New York

    “Would you do your own homework, Marv? I’m tired of playing ‘wet nurse’ to you.”

  • “Say, why don’t YOU get the HELL out of my office!”

    “I’m promising you chicks and Knicks.”

    “OK, Buddy Buddy.”

    “Me teach you to play tennis, can’t do it. Goin’ fly fishing up in Canada.”

    “Light snack, but nice. You’re sharking your way up.”

  • New York

    This is the guy who calls me 59 days in a row…wants to be a player. There outa be a picture of you in the dictionary next to the word ‘persistence’.