Azusa’s quest for 10-0 … You tell me where they lose

As I’ve said before, Azusa is looking like a good bet to go 10-0 in regular season and be the No. 1 seed in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

Here’s the remaining sked:

Sept. 16 Ontario Christian
Sept. 23 Gabrielino
Oct 1. at La Puente
Oct. 8 Sierra Vista
Oct. 15 Bassett
Oct. 22 at Duarte
Oct. 28 at Ganesha
Nov. 5 at Workman
Nov. 12 Gladstone

Aram’s take: Ontario Christian looks like the only threat.

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  • Aaron

    Looks very doable…I actually think La Puente is their only threat. Ontario Christian is a small school. They have lost to Whittier Christian and Don Lugo. In two games they have given up a combined 84 pts while only scoring 41.

    By all accounts BG had one of their best summers and were looking to contend in the Almont League. Azusa also had a great summer and it showed.

    Almont League has not won a game this season.

  • Woah

    First of all, there are still 9 to play, and that’s nine chances for Azusa to go out and have a bad game. Even in the last two years which are the two best years they’ve had in recent memory, they’ve found a way to have that game each season that keeps them from the ranks of undefeated.
    Secondly, even if they do go undefeated, a number 1 ranking would be far to generous, and there’s no way they could live up to it. Schurr, Whittier Christian, Monrovia, SD, Arroyo, Covina, BP and many others would still topple their aspirations to get to the finals. Even in this week division, Azusa just doesn’t have enough fire power. I’m thinking BG was just a much weaker team that many had thought.
    I’ll go with the most likely slip ups coming against Ontario, La Puente, Workman, and Gabrielino in that order. Rivalry games are also unpredictable, so even though Gladstone is awful this year (and I got to see them in person on Thursday, they are that bad), even that game could produce an upset, especially if Azusa has their league championship already in the bag at that point. They will not got 10-0, and they will not make it to the finals. We are talking about Azusa here… Don’t get too excited Aztecs!


    Aaron I forgot to thank you, because you were only a few that picked AZUSA to win. Also, you’ve been on here rooting for Bonita now for several years, and youre always showing a lot of PRIDE for your team. Im sure right now youre feeling real good by Bonita winning their first two games and especially the big win over SD. Good Luck to Bonita and keep up the BONITA PRIDE!

  • This is great to see from a school that thru the years has lost a lot of talent to other schools. I hope it shows kids that they can go to the neighborhood school and have fun AND SUCCESS.

  • Aaron

    Yeah and SD was supposed to kill this year. Why so much hate on Azusa?


    WOW!!! The (HATING) can’t come fast enough! Do you notice (WOAH), never mention his team and just spews his ignorance. WOAH, by the way its not AZUSA putting up the article, its ARAMS OPINION and the question is, (WHERE DO YOU SEE AZUSA LOSING). You stated if they were given a #1 ranking they could not beat any of those teams you listed, I see one team weve beaten twice in the playoffs and AZUSA was RANKED #1 by CIF, the past two years my friend. So do a little more research, before you start writing something down,

    WHOA , I just figured you out and youre obliviously a Gladstone or Covina, Fan whos jealous of AZUSAS SUCCESS!!! WHOA, do your talking on the field my man, because the last two years you havent did squat! Yeah, go ahead and throw in those BIG OTHER SCHOOLS you mentioned, because thats all YOU GOT!,

    Winning Bell Gardens was a big test for AZUSA, and we went out (ON THEIR HOME FIELD ) and prove it! They were goosed egg on Friday, just like your team was on Thursday??? My friend we wont take this type of garbage no more WHOA!

    Youve heard the saying, DONT HATE, CONGRATULATE!



  • thinkaboutit

    Just imagine if Azusa would keep all the athletes they have in the city instead of losing them to Amat, Damien, Charter Oak, Glendora etc. Good Job Aztecs, your making the city proud.

  • K

    They should go undefeated…this schedule is terrible, but they have no choice in 7 of those games. It is isn’t Azusa’s fault that the Montview is no good.

    BUT… Aram, do you think Azusa will be ranked #1 over a team with one loss that played a tougher schedule? Consider Monrovia only loses to Glendora or SD rolls the rest of the way?

  • Woah

    There is no way the Aztecs have been ranked #1 the past two years. I’m pretty sure Monrovia has owned that spot through most of the season in each of the last two years. For your information, I don’t have a rooting interest here, I just call it as I see it. Great job for Azusa beating Bell Gardens, but I’m thinking it is more likely that Bell Gardens sucks this year, than Azusa is that good. I will know for sure, cuz I will definitely come see them this Thursday.
    I’m simply saying, let’s not jump to the conclusion of 10-0, #1 in CIF off of a single Friday night game. The other teams that I mentioned have proven to be better than Azusa in the past, and will likely be better than them again this year. I don’t doubt Azusa should be favored in their league, but the division? c’mon! Maybe they can go 10-0, it’s possible, but if I were a betting man, I would bet against it. It’s a long season, and I could see them slipping somewhere along the way. Sorry if that sounds offensive, but I just call it as I see it.

  • #1 Ranking

    That’s a good point K. My thought is, if they are the only 10-0 in the mid-valley at the end of the season, CIF knuckleheads will probably put them at #1. But you are right to question that ranking, because clearly if Monrovia, SD, or a couple of other teams were to go 9-1 while facing the VVL or RHL, they clearly are more deserving of the #1 bid. The system is broken, but sadly, I think Azusa might undeservingly get the #1 seed this year in the mid-valley. Hopefullly they draw a #3 from one of those stronger leagues and get put in their place.

  • K,

    I view M-Town or SD going unbeaten the rest of the way as a real long shot. Remember, M-Town still plays South Hills and SD plays Rancho. Not to mention, they play each other. The real other interesting possibility is Covina going 10-0 also. Granted, that would really be tough, but I say Azusa would still get the nod there simply because they beat the Colts handily in last year’s playoffs. Not that CIF will care about last year’s results.

    The highest probability is Azusa going 10-0 and for those of you who aren’t believers, we’ve got a real Boise St. dilemma in the Mid-Valley.

  • The guru

    WOW AZUSA how you gonna talk crap really??? like you guys have the softest scedule really! Maybe Azusa should get added to the VVL instead of Nogales then maybe you would see! instead of workman,Gladstone, Ganesha, Basset and Sierra Vista?? really like when have those school had a really good legit playoff run step up your competition play someone good for once i bet once you do u guys get spanked!

  • Aaron

    CIF voters don’t look at strength of schedule in the polls.

    Someone who says the Valle Vista is a tough league needs to check themselves. The toughest league in the Mid-Valley is the Olympic as it should be. However The weakest of the leagues right now has to be the Almont with zero wins so far.

    Monrovia should go 9-1 or 8-2, the matchup against South Hills will be huge. Or they could end up being 6-4. Monrovia has the toughest schedule in the division. However Azusa’s is not that weak. They made plenty of noise last season…so stop the hate.

  • Are they really that good???

    Aaron, you are always giving Azusa lots of love on these blogs, and everyone knows your a Bonita guy. Just out of curiosity, have you ever even seen them play? Not the stats, or what you read about in the paper, but have you really seen them in person?

  • Aaron

    I have seen them play, and those kids are tough. I’m not going to come here and bash them you want to know why? Because with Joe Scherf they win.

  • elias buckwalter

    LP will give them a game. They have a good shot to beat them.

  • Good Job Azusa!

    10-0! that would be awsome… AT, by any chance, can you look through the archives to figure out if this would be a first for Azusa, should it happen. That would be quiet and accomplishment.


    AZUSA , once again outstanding job! And I sure did enjoy my menudo. Thanks for the article Aram. Aztec Pride!

  • relax azusa, no way och can beat you guys, we have new cordinators on d and o and they are very stubburn, need to prove they are smarter than the personel they have available to them. we have not rushed the ball more than one play in 10. no running game means no passing game, but coach knows bettor i guess. we also have d coach who thinks hes a mastermind and someone needs to wake him up and play the kids who actually make tackles, which is only a couple of them. you will see for yourself thurs. nite. i predict 41 to 20. hope they change everything up to what it should, because my kid is not used to losing football games at any level, and this team played 14 games last year and was 1:30 and one fumble in the rain away from winning it all, dark days ahead in knightland

  • SD MOM

    Bonita has a pretty soft schedule too along with Azusa!!!! so when you guys get a little competition then come on here and glout!!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Ma’am…since when has Santa Fe been soft. Claremont was supposed to be tough this year. SD was defending champs of the Mid-Valley, and BP was pretty solid last year. You get into League and you have tough teams…unlike the Valle Vista the top four in the Hacienda are no joke. Right now it looks like it’s Covina and anyone who wants second.


    SD MOTHER, what’s a GLOUT? I know you weren’t GLOATING when you lost to Bonita LAST WEEK

    By the way, i’m GLOATING this morning after seeing ARAM’S encompassing top 25! AZUSA at #19, SD at…



    p.s. KNIGHTLAND, WHAT??? All i’m going to say is try not to (POUT) , AFTER THE LONG RIDE HOME THURSDAY NIGHT!


  • billyb

    SD Mom
    Bonita has a soft schedule? Then I guess their first opponent must have been soft. Who was that again?

  • SGV For 30 Years

    AZUSA? Really we are talking about Azusa? I just looked at their schedule, It doesn’t even qualify as marshmellow soft. I wasn’t feeling Bonita earlier but they are starting to get my respect. They have played a couple of pretty good teams and won. So Bearcats I’m you got my attention. I’m gonna be keeping an eye on you for the next couple of weeks.
    As for Azusa, Ontario Christian is on your schedule? Small school good program but hardly the level of competition you need to play to be on that Top 25 list. What happened there La Verne Lutheran wouldn’t schedule you?

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!


    WHAT’S UP WITH ALL YOU, SGV FOR 30, SGV FOOTBALL, and SGVBEST ATHLETE, all I ever hear from you guys is nothing but Stupity! Listen up 30 yrs. I remember when kids would play with paper made footballs and flick them with your fingers, and your buddy would hold up his fingers as a field goal post, What about that electric metal football game and you would turn on the switch to see your halfback run the ball toward the end zone. Were you a RAMS Fan BACK IN THE DAY? Because thats all we had my friend, and noooooo not the RAIDERS.

    Youre probably wondering what the Hell Im trying to get at, and whats my point. Well since you put up 30 YEARS, I just wanted you to know, that I go back LIVING IN SGV ALSO AND DO KNOW A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT FOOTBALL! What you placed, AZUSA? Really we are talking about Azusa? Well H@ll yes were talking about AZUSA, didnt you read the article ARAM put up? Or you just started to post randomly Azusa’s quest for 10-0 … You tell me where they lose
    By Aram Tolegian on September 11, 2010 11:25 AM |


  • Goldenarm

    A meaningless loss to Gladstone as they look forward to round 1 of CIF?

    so many hissed and pissed about the Azusa program being horrible and talentless – it just shows football karma is alive and well!

  • Mark my words

    Azusa loses two league games this year and gets stomped in the first round by a number 1 team. This is what my crystal ball is telling me. You heard it here first.


    Mark my words, what a crock of Sh*t. CRYSTAL BALL, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wow have the critics gotten this low were they are relying on crystal balls??? LOL…

    Okay JIMMY THE GREEK, (NOT)! Just like most of these season bloggers having AZUSA losing last week, all your Crystal balls were OUT OF ORDER!

    I’ll say this though, ARAM has put a lot of pressure by placing an article like this one, and he’s putting up a bullseye on AZUSA. I believe nobody from AZUSA is making statements like this, so will have to play through it.

    Big Game THURSDAY NIGHT, and we can’t take Ontario Christian lightly, because they will be wanting some PAY BACK! Remember they played in the Finals against St Margrita last season and only lost by a few points! Ontario Christian, I believe had some of there key players were out and did not play that night. So this team will be ready this time.

    “You heard it here first”.LOL…



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