All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 2 …

Bonita is making a strong move thanks to two giant wins

1. Bishop Amat (2-0) — Lancers remind everyone style points matter not
2. La Habra (1-1) — Shorthanded, but still beat Mats. Servite next?
3. Glendora (2-0) — Starts season with win over a CIF champ and runner up
4. St. Francis (1-0) — Offense looked just fine in rout of Arcadia
5. South Hills (1-0) — Huskies got rolling in second half to rout BP
6. Bonita (2-0) — ‘Cats deserve this after two huge wins despite Pendleton injury
7. Ayala (2-0) — D has allowed 13 points in 8 quarters; O has put up 60!
8. Charter Oak (1-1) — Chargers bounced back, now brace for Esperanza
9. Chino Hills (1-1) — Huskies play OK, but came up short vs.Santiago
10. Rowland (2-0) — Had easier-than-expected time vs. Cal Hi
11. Whittier Christian (2-0) — The forgotten Mid-Valley contender?
12. Monrovia (0-1) — Sloppy second half hurt ‘Cats vs. Glendora
13. Damien (1-0) — Spartans got it in gear late to put away D-Ranch
14. Covina (2-0) — Just remember who told you about Gevontray Ainsworth first
15. Arroyo (2-0) — Steven Rivera making early push for Trib Player of the Year
16. West Covina (1-1) — Maggiore’s boy bounce back in huge way vs. Venice
17. Muir (1-1) — Mustangs need some good luck going into Amat game
18. Santa Fe (1-0) — Chiefs will get quality test vs. Bonita
19. Azusa (1-0) — Aztecs avenge ’09 BG loss in style. Sked sets up nicely now
20. Claremont (1-1) — ‘Pack should be much better when Shaq and Taj return
21. San Dimas (1-1) — Saints bounced back, but how good is South El Monte?
22. Cantwell (1-0) — Outscored Schurr, which really isn’t an easy feat
23. St. Paul (1-0) — Swordsmen had week off to prep for dangerous Norwalk
24. La Mirada (0-2) — Matadores should still make big noise in Southeast
25. Rosemead (1-0) — Koffmead eeks out big win against Montbello

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  • bonita troubles

    Bonita will have thier hands full this week. Their three top players are out do to injury, Horrine, Pendleton, Lemmons. and their linebacker may have quit. However when they all get healthy watch out!

  • Bonita

    Steven Rivera as player of the year? haha

    Just wait until GP gets back and then it will be either him or casey horine that are the player of the year, that is if you let GP get the award for missing a couple of games, then again he will play around 10 or 11 and have a ring

    Lets GO!! BoHi All The Way

  • Aaron

    Tarez Lemmons should be back this week. Think about what the D-line did without him. We also don’t know if Horine is out for sure. About the other player hopefully everything goes well and he’s at practice today.

  • really

    Wheres Arcadia!


    Aram youre to kind, but Im not going to argue with you! Wow, who would have thought that a team from the MONTVIEW LEAGUE would be ranked over LA MIRADA! WOW, Back in the day when I started posting on these blogs and would bring up AZUSA, and would mentioned how WE WERE UP AND COMING, well you know what would happen.

    Fellow bloggers, its not me writing these articles and nobody from AZUSA I believe is related to any of these sports writers. And by the way, I believe nobody also is PANDERING for exposure. You have to realize that with this new Coach we now have, who by the way is doing a H@LL OF A JOB, keeps proving the CRITICS WRONG by winning!

    By the way even Fred had us losing to BELL GARDENS last week and what did AZUSA do? But put up 48 POINTS AT THERE HOME STADIUM! AZUSA is coming off last years two playoff wins, from two different leagues and played in the SEMIS against San Dimas, and both teams went into the half tied up. Okay I do know the final score, but Im telling you AZUSA was in this game for three quarters

    Coach Scherf, and his coaching staff continue to prove the unbelievers wrong, but Ill say this! HE HAS THE CITY OF AZUSA BELIEVING! And thats all you need my friends, to believe in yourselves and do your best on the field,


  • AMAT 73

    Nice job on Friday by the Aztecs . Good solid win and your coach is doing a heck of a job and it seems the team is buying into whatever he is telling them . On a side note how did you like Bradford on Sunday . Not bad for a rookie and I think he showed he can play and be successful in the NFL . What impressed me was the defense and the new found pass rush . I will be going up to Oakland to cheer the Rams on this Sunday . Good luck the the Aztecs this Friday and keep plugging away as the Aztecs look primed to win it all this season.


    Hey Good Morning AMAT 73 and by the way great win Friday Night also! My opinion is, theres no other team in the Valley who could have beat Compton Dominquez at there home stadium. By the way hows your grandson doing for BISHOP AMATS freshmen team? And how many touchdowns does he have?

    You know what AMAT 73; this weekend would have been the PERFECT STORM if the RAMS would have won. AZUSA, USC WIN, BUT MY BELOVED RAMS LOST! I got to give it up to the new coach and the RAMS that theyre playing hard and they want to win. Im impressed with Long and Leonititus and I believe thats how you spell his name. The defense looks good and Im hoping the Rams can acquire some more receivers. Had not that lineman fumble the ball, when he was running towards the end zone, the RAMS WOULD HAVE WON THE GAME I BELIEVE!

    Wow your going to venture up to the BLACK HOLE this Sunday? Wow, be safe! LOL…I just talked to my son yesterday about going to that game also. But Im going to make sure I go with plenty of RAMS FANS! AMAT 73, you know all would be right with the world, if the RAMS win the FREAKIN FAIDERS, lol and oooooohh yes; Im definitely a RAIDER HATER! SO LETS GO RAMS! Well have fun this coming Sunday and best of luck to the Lancers this season!

  • Don

    Hey Aram,

    Re your comment on #14; you are talking about me aren’t you?



    I got some issues with these rankings. This is how i would rank it.

    1. Bishop Amat (2-0)Even if they lose they wouldnt drop a spot
    2. La Habra (1-1) This is as high as they will get if Clements doesnt come back healthy
    3. Glendora (2-0) This is as high as they will go
    4. Chino Hills (1-1) Chino Hills and CO are pretty much at the same level of play right now
    5. Charter Oak (1-1) Needs the win against OC school Esperanza
    6. St. Francis (1-0) They beat Arcadia, they dont need to be ranked any higher than 6th
    7. South Hills (1-0) They beay BP no need to rank ahead of CHills or CO
    8. Ayala (2-0)
    9. Bonita (2-0)
    10. Rowland (2-0)
    11. Whittier Christian
    12. Damien (1-0)
    13. Monrovia (0-1)
    14. Arroyo (2-0)
    15. Covina (2-0)
    16. West Covina (1-1)
    17. Muir (1-1)
    18. Santa Fe (1-0)
    19. San Dimas (1-1)
    20. Azusa (1-0)
    21. Claremont (1-1)
    22. Cantwell (1-0)
    23. St. Paul (1-0)
    24. La Mirada (0-2)
    25. Rosemead (1-0)

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks . Believe it or not there are 61 of us going to the game . 3 RAM fans and 58 Faider fans . My grandson is doing great but he is playing defensive tackle . He has been an offensive tackle his whole Pop Warner career so this is new to him . But he is learning the position and adapting well to it and plays mostly on Saturdays which is fine because he is seeing a lot of playing time . They blanked Upland on Saturday which was great . Last week they faced Mater Dei who have over 100 kids, two seperate teams in their freshman program . They were a much better and deeper team then Dominguez’s freshmen so the competion he is playing against is tough . Good luck this Friday .

  • Aaron


    He couldn’t be talking about himself because he thought Billy Livingston would be throwing to Remontay McClain all night. If he could get his hand to just be workable he could have 600 yards…work on those hands kid and you give your QB a huge weapon!

  • Don,

    I was talking about me. I’ve got a pattern of talking about this kid that dates back to like before spring. Why? Did you also have him on the radar?


    Thanks for bringing up McClain again. Hopefully the light goes on and he becomes more of a factor.

  • Hey AZTEC PRIDE and AMAT 73:

    There is this new invention called the telephone. You can use it to talk personally about your Grand Children, your favorite pro teams, your personal travel, your ailments and bowel movements and leave the blogs for salient comments about local prep football…

  • Aaron

    Don’s Radar screen is like the one they have in NORAD.

  • Don

    Norad may be a smidge excessive but thanks for the shout out. I’m laughing that the weather there is better than the weather here.

    Yep, I had CHS as my #3 VV team, (#2 of Coach Heggins can’t find any O), largely on the way this kid looked. Covina is around the corner from the new pad and WCHS is too much uphill so I checked out a lot of spring and summer sports over in Coltland. The kid came back a hand taller and much more cut than he was as a Freshman. Don’t be surprised to see him as a 6’1 200+ senior with speed and looks from schools that play Saturdays.

  • The guru

    All this talk about Gevontray and Steven?? wheres Billy Livingston at kids throwing numbers up there. If anything Gevontray looks like a stud when you got 6 and 5 guys in the box/ Because teams are looking for pass! Someone to keep a eye on!

  • the critc

    all this talk about how muir needs luck i agree but not luck to win just luck on quick healing injuries that plague muir all year long well the first 2 weeks so far but muir will do big things this year come playoff time…

  • AMAT 73

    If you don’t like it just pass up the post. AZTEC PRIDE and myself have communicated on the blog many times so shut the hell up to be frank. What is you contribution to the blog. In other words what is your team doing this week or are you to ashamed to admit who you back on here. Speaking of ailments I just got a pain in my azz and your it.

  • Aaron

    Key things were Chino Hills being ranked behind CO, Bonita was too high…baby steps man, bay steps. Here are my comments.

    1. Bishop Amat (2-0) –They are 2-0
    2. La Habra (1-1) — Tough Sked.
    3. Glendora (2-0) — Baseline is going to Hurt.
    4. St. Francis (1-0) — Mission League is tougher
    5. South Hills (1-0) — Big Dudes…just run off tackle and they will be fine.
    6. Ayala (2-0) — How will they be when they hit league.
    7. Chino Hills (1-1) –Santiago is tougher than you think…but the Big 8 is solid, look at Norco.
    8. Charter Oak (1-1) — CO lost to Glendora, not Santiago.
    9. Whittier Christian (2-0) — Jeff Worthy on D and Stephen Anderson on O.
    10. Bonita (2-0) — Big test against Santa Fe, but look for the Bearcats to be 3-0. Great ground game and great defense reminds me of a banner year.
    11. Rowland (2-0) — Worried about their D and Michael Ball remaining healthy.
    12. Monrovia (0-1) –Should be ready to put the lid on Arcadia and Tyler Lagace.
    13. Damien (1-0) — On the way down? Winnable games against Chaffey, El Dorado, and JSerra make them in contention to win six games…if the coaching is all it is hyped up to be by AT and Fred I expect them to win six but be eating a lot of Turkey.
    14. Covina (2-0) — I heard about Ainsworth from somewhere else…you hyped McClain. The Colts look like the non-league favorites in the Valle Viste.
    15. Arroyo (2-0) — Steven Rivera is nice…but he won’t be player of year…I just see a kid from Glendora on there even though Glendora will be either sitting out or the fourth team out of the Baseline.
    16. West Covina (1-1) –Lost the one they should have won and won the one they should have lost, up and down play may haunt their season. Johnson needs to get better control, but run game is solid.
    17. Muir (1-1) — Muir looked so good this summer…matching up great with so many teams…but then they are only a one deep team.
    18. Santa Fe (1-0) — Won’t be a lopsided smackdown like they delivered on Bonita last year but expect a SF loss.
    19. Azusa (1-0) — Remember BG was supposed to be good, they had their best summer, but so did the Aztecs.
    20. Claremont (1-1) — Kessler needs to improve, so does their O-line. D-line needs to get better containment. Expect Coach Collins to have his kids ready, 6-4 unless they play big when they hit the Sierra.
    21. San Dimas (1-1) — Anyone can drop that many on SEM, but will drop with Rancho coming in.
    22. Cantwell (1-0) — Should beat BP.
    23. St. Paul (1-0) — Swordsmen had week off to prep for dangerous Norwalk
    24. La Mirada (0-2) — I don’t know: laid an egg against St Paul and almost had La Habra. Two Divisional tests coming up with Cal and La Serna.
    25. Rosemead (1-0) — Koffmead eeks out big win against Montbello

  • reality

    Aaron, Appreciate the fact that your trying to slow-play Bonita’s hand but I don’t know what team your watching. Bonita has dominated two good teams specially Claremont. They were big and fast with a huge agile qb and big experienced all league receivers. Linebackers just a tad smaller than the D line. I could”nt figure out how in the heck we were outplaying this team but we were. So far their ranking is well earned and it could go south Friday night but I doubt it.

  • Aaron

    It has something to do with what I was told at the end of summer. They have to go out and prove it every week. That’s why this week is big test.

    They’re ready for this though, watched them all summer. Sadly I’m not watching them live this season.

  • AMAT 73

    You give a guy a 5th place ranking in the Pac 5 and he thinks he owns the blog… I think that pain in the azz you got is gas cuz I smell it all over your old lady gab… and quit blaming the dog… You obviously have less consideration for others than you have concept about what this blog is for… Just because you can talk loudest and longest doesn’t mean what you say matters or anyone else wants to see it… Let me be more specific: The blog is called In The Huddle and is about SGV Prep Football period. Please confine your bloated comments to the subject and leave your gas to your rocking chair…

  • AMAT 73

    It took you that long to come up with something to write. Are Aztec and Lancer football not part of the SGV prep football scene because they were both part of the posts. Now as I can s see you have not made a contribution on football to blog as of yet, only on here bagging on AZTEC PRIDE and myself. Now come on give insight on your team and what they will do this Friday since this a SGV prep football blog and not a place to air your thoughts on fellow bloggers. 2 posts from you and not one containing anything closely related to football.


    Amat73, maybe this guy is (JUST TO BORING)and is envious of other bloggers communicating with each other. Then he states there’s a new invention called the telephone??? WHAT THE HELL?, I could have sworn that the phone was invented a long time ago, by a inventor call Alexander Graham Bell.

    Hey JUST TO BORING, if you would be up on current events, I believe the new era to communicate is by texting, blogging,twittering, Facebook, etc…

    The phone is so yesterday.LOL…

    YOU BOWL OF SOUR GRAPES, how’s that for being old.hahahahahah…

  • wildozer

    DOnt suppose you two buffaloes can switch to texting or something?

    Bored is right. . . listening to you two no life kind of guys is a disincentive to visit these blogs.

    I am sure that once you two are employed again, you will have something to do but you two really are a blight on these discussions.