Chew on this …

Last Friday’s win by Damien over Diamond Ranch was the first time coach Greg Gano has beaten Roddy Layton on the field.

  • Punkindrublic

    Based solely on seeing the BoHi scrimmage I watched for my ‘Cats, I can see where DHS will have some offensive problems this year. They don’t seem to have the horses to run the zone type schemes because they can’t get a surge and movement, and have trouble getting to the L.B’s. They’re too small. Defensively, I like their overshift and undershifted forty and I like seeing their SS up inside the #2 receiver when they’re in the over. It gets them a super compressed front around a cover three look. I think it was Bill Doba who did that some years ago and led the Pac 10 in rush defense, but when they go to a TWO, their DE is too far outside. When they face an offense where the QB is a threat to run they’ll have trouble because they’re not real good at man coverage and they seem to like having a safety in deep zone, rather in the front where he should be against that kind of offense. I look for them to finish at best 3-7.



    Lets get a CO vs Esperanza thread going…