How did West Covina turn it around? And what’s gotten into Diamond Bar? I got answers yesterday …

Spoke to West Covina coach Mike Maggiore and D-Bar coach John Martin yesterday. Find out what’s up with their teams’ latest results right here.

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  • Dan

    Thursday should be a great game, I think both teams will be physical, Siaosi Aino, Peter Nanu, Jeff Vargas
    will be the anchors to probably the toughest line we’ll go against all year, Jamel Hart and Jordan Gutierrez make a nice duel threat in the running game, West Covina has some nice skill of their own to counter with and a pretty good line in itself. I’ll get there early and get a good view up high near midfield, one of the nice things about Thursdays game is I get to see another game on Friday. Good luck to both teams, I hope for a clean well played game and a Bulldog victory.

  • Diamond Bar?

    Let’s be honest here did diamond bar win that game against Wilson or did Wilson loss it. With minutes left in the game its all tied up. Then Wilson has three unforced turnovers. This diamond bar team will finhish sixth in league way to small and lack team speed to compete in the hacienda league.

  • Diamond Bar???

    There is no such thing as an “unforced turnover” An interception that is ran back is still an interception. Diamond Bar could have dropped it, but unlike Wilson, Diamond Bar knows how to finish a game. Look for a 4th place finish at the worst.

  • What?

    Two fumbles before the back is even touched by a defender and a pass that hits a wide open receiver in the helmet bounces in the air and then run back for a touch down. Like I said unforced turn overs. Wilson scored 27 points with 6 turnovers what would they have scored if they held on to the ball. Dont get me wrong you won the game, but you have some major issues on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive side of the ball you are very limited but what you do you do well(passing game). Your running game is very limited with that undersize average speed back.