Burning Questions for Week 2 …

Kevon Seymour is part of a Muir secondary that could frustrate Nine.

Will the Almont League win a game?

0-10! That’s what Almont League teams are on the young season. Some of the losses are understandable, but some are downright worrisome, i.e. Alhambra losing to La Canada and San Gabriel falling to South Pas. I’m looking at this week’s slate and the only real safe pick for an Almont win looks to be Alhambra over Temple City.

Will West Covina survive the line of scrimmage vs. South Hills?

I said I thought this was WestCo’s best chance to do so in years only to have one pouty blogger lay into me about South Hills’ strength and conditioning program. Anyway, both teams have enough in the skill department to get the job done, but I think WestCo has slightly more in that department. So Thursday’s showdown really does come to how well the Bulldogs hold up against Aiono, Vargas and Nonu.

Will Muir’s athletic secondary give Nine problems?

Muir has the ath-oh-leets to present a major problem to anybody on its schedule … yes, even Amat. So the question becomes whether the Amat receivers can find separation on the Mustangs’ secondary. I don’t know, maybe it’s a dumb question because Lancers coach Steve Hagerty is the type of guy who’s got no problem abusing opposing defenses with his power run game. Nine will drop back at least a few times on Friday and when let’s go, it had better be on the mark or it could be six the other way.

Is Rosemead fast/quick/disciplined enough to stop The Michael Ball Show?

The Panthers, like all of Rowland’s opponents, will inevitably find themselves in a situation where a play breaks down and Rowland QB Mikey Ball is on the loose looking to make something happen. So what happens then? If Ball is able to create, it’s gonna be over quick for Koffmead because the Panthers probably don’t have the pass attack to come from behind on the road. So, Koffmead has to hope its defense can contain Ball. Rosemead has proven capable in the past of coming up with huge defensive performances and it will need to do so again on Friday.

Will Aram eat somebody’s carne asada at the Amat tailgate?

I think you all know the answer to this. But I’ve been getting a little too wound up before games this season to really enjoy grub … oh, who the hell am I kidding?

Will Bonita get out of Whittier with a 3-0 record?

The Bearcats have been one of the biggest surprises of the early season. You can never underestimate the job coach Eric Podley and his staff do. I’m not kissing butt, but seriously they deserve all the credit they get. Anyway, Santa Fe is (by default) the No. 1-ranked team in the Southeast Division. Playoff preview, anybody? But the Chiefs are only in that spot because of the shortcomings of other Southeast powers. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mahlstede’s crew will be very formidable as always, but Bonita deserves the No. 1 spot right now. To get it, Podley will need another huge effort because standout Casey Horine is questionable.

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  • A good game!

    If WC can get their run game going then they have a good chance of keeping the game close, cuz they can’t pass and when they do it’s up in the air! SH needs to get their defense real hype for this one, cuz if they can’t defend the run you’re going to see a high scoring game. It should be a real good one though if WC comes full force!

    Best chance to do what in years Aram? SH dominated WC last year, but the year before it was a hard fought battle until the end where WC came out victorious by 3 points.

  • Ole

    Will Aram eat somebody’s carne asada at the Amat tailgate?

    Should be:

    Will Aram leave any carne asada for the rest of us, at the Amat tailgate?



  • Wildozer

    Will Covina let success go to their head this week?

  • Don

    Will the Almont League win a game?

    No safe picks in the Almont at all. The Rams can’t be as bad as they looked against Arroyo but if I HAD to lay money down on a Almont team this week it would be Schurr vs Warren. Friendly confines and all of that.

    Will West Covina survive the line of scrimmage vs. South Hills?
    If anyone nearby has the hosses to match up with the SHHS front, it’ll be WesCo. I think Maggiore’s guys are deeper all around than the Huskies too.

    Will Muir’s athletic secondary give Nine problems?

    Probably, but not enough to give Muir a win, the Lancer O isn’t Qbcentric enough to allow Muir DB’s to be game changers. The skill level at Muir has never been a question but every year the talent pool seems thinner. Sad to see those talented kids disperse down the Arroyo.

    Is Rosemead fast/quick/disciplined enough to stop The Michael Ball Show?

    The answer to the question is no, but then probably the only local teams that could are in a higher division. Bad news is the difference between a top seed and bottom for the Raiders is about one clavicle wide.

    Will Aram eat somebody’s carne asada at the Amat tailgate?

    Only if the tortillas are fresh.

    Will Bonita get out of Whittier with a 3-0 record?

    I think so; the questions the Chiefs were asking about Bonita two weeks ago are way different than the questions are today. They will have to contend with a multi-pronged offensive attack and a well conditioned, aggressive defense with two speeds: Go and go-harder. The best Santa Fe teams have always featured at least one dominant offensive stud, RB, QB, sometimes both; this year, maybe not. Jack will still have some big strong boys up front and a solid D but who is going to put the ball in the end zone for him?

  • Don,

    Schurr plays Downey, which should change the way you feel about their chances.

  • AMAT 73

    Aram in case you haven’t heard we will now have in addition to the In n Out truck a BBQ truck as well . Come hungry big boy. Double – Double with a side of ribs?????

  • Warren Fan

    Downey is tougher than people think. I believe that Downey will beat Schurr.

  • Don


    My typing was off, but I meant Downey. I think Schurr has a good chance of beating the Vikes.

    FTR, I think they could beat Warren too.




  • It would be pretty epic to interview Hags with barbecue sauce all over my face.

  • Aaron

    Needed the nail-biter…I’m sure the film will be ugly too. Keep it rolling Bearcats!