Mid-Valley Division PLAYOFFS continue …

But first, here’s my prediction for the playoff cast. I will do this every week, and yes, it will change just like the weather.

Almont League
Champ: Schurr
2nd: San Gabriel

Mission Valley League
Champ: Arroyo
2nd: Rosemead

Rio Hondo League
Champ: Monrovia
2nd: San Marino

Valle Vista League
Champ: Baldwin Park
2nd: San Dimas

Montview League
Champ: Azusa
2nd: Workman

Olympic League
Champ: Valley Christian
2nd: Whittier Christian

At-large berths:
Covina (Valle Vista)
La Canada (Rio Hondo)
La Puente (Montview)
Wilson (Valle Vista)

Olympic League: I’m starting to see a problem develop for the Olympic League. While I don’t doubt the league is one of the strongest in the division, I don’t see where the third-place team will be able to accumulate enough points to qualify using CIF’s at-large formula. None of the teams play inter-division games during the nonleague, therefore they can’t acquire points in big head-to-head games. The league will have to earn praise from CIF for being one of the division’s top, if not the top, leagues. I could be totally over-thinking this, but I’m pretty sure the Olympic is only going to get its top-two teams in, unless the league does something to really distinguish itself during the nonleague. I guess the only thing that could be possible is if for some reason Valley Christian finishes third, CIF could view its daunting nonleague schedule as some sort of evidence to overweight the league’s overall strength rating. So let’s say Covina, Wilson, Village Christian and La Puente are vying for at-large berths. The Covina-Wilson winner will get the nod, narrowing it to Village Christian, Covina-Wilson winner and La Puente. Then the La Puente-Wilson winner will get the nod, narrowing it to Village Christian vs. the La Puente-Wilson winner, at which point CIF will have to determine who had the stronger league. Get it? That’s why nonleague is going to count HUGE!

El Monte at Covina:
The Lions had better take care of business here. They’ve already got one inter-division loss against La Puente and can’t afford another. With a win, Covina can pretty much lock up its insurance contract if it for some reason doesn’t finish 1-2 in the Valle Vista and needs help from CIF to get in the dance.

Northview at La Puente:
Just remember what The Fat Man said on Fred’s blog about driving by Northview practice one day a couple weeks ago. They looked surprisingly good … from the angle from inside my car. Anyway, the Vikes showed they’re no pushover by taking El Rancho to the brink. Now, they can help themselves by getting a big inter-division win over a team that could very likely be looking for some at-large love come Noviembre.

Arroyo at Montebello:
There’s two things going on here. Let’s start with Montebello. The Oilers CANNOT afford two losses to Mission Valley League teams. Then again, if you can’t beat Rosemead, what makes you think you can beat Arroyo. The second thing is Arroyo needs to do everything it can to make the MVL look like the best league in the division so that it can secure a doable first-round playoff matchup … assuming the Knights win the league.

Alhambra at Temple City:
Talk about two teams that desperately need this game. Both teams aren’t looking like league champs currently, but could be third-place teams in November and in need of some formula help. An inter-division can go a long, long way in doing that.

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  • V.V.L.


    Spoke to Wigod personally and there will no 4th place team receiving an at-large birth, so there will be 4 3rd place teams all from different leagues who will receive the at-large births. So covina and wilson cant both be wildcards.

  • K

    Aram I don’t see how you are picking BP over SD and VC over WC! In both cases, your “league champs”, although they have played really tough teams, haven’t won a game!

  • VVL,

    Don’t know what to tell you. I spoke to Thom Simmons yesterday and he assured me there is no limitation for each league, meaning a fourth-place team could get in over a third-place team from another league if it tallies enough points using the formula. So, it is possible a league can get two at-large berths. And football, Simmons said, is the only sport where it’s like this.

  • Aaron

    The Valle Vista is not a strong enough league to warrant not taking another third place team. Just a fact. The Olympic however is strong enough to get their third place in.


    WOW, talk about getting to HOMEPLATE QUICK. Hey BOSS, I mean can we get to first base, first. Playoffs??? already and I thought we were going into our second game of the week only.

    I mean should we just by pass all these league games, and go right into the playoffs. BOSS slow your roll!



  • Aztec Pride,

    The whole point is that WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS right now! The formula CIF will use takes into account the inter-division games being played RIGHT NOW. So teams that don’t take care of business now will be crying in November.

  • V.V.L.


    Not trying to disagree but Wigod is the cif football boss not simmons, but I hope u are right, would like to see 4 V.V.L. teams make it in.

  • VVL

    No worries. I truly think we don’t even need to ask either of them, because the formula is pretty straight forward. If a Team A is a fourth-place team and it has more points than Team B (a third-place team), then Team A is going to make it in even if that gives its league two at-large berths.


    Hey Aram, you know what hit me when I read this article about playoffs. Did you ever see that NFL clip of excoach Jim Mora for the Saints back in the day, when he was the head coach and he was being interviewed after he lost an important game.

    “PLAYOFFS! YOU WANT TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS” and he’s making all those sighs.

    Yes I know this a high school blog, but “PLAYOFFS YOU WANT TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS!” ALREADY…

  • Old Man Warrior Himhunglow

    LOL…ok, I can see Azusa having the horses to take the Montview league but Workman finishing in second…give me a break! It’ll be Azusa and La Puente battling it out in a couple of weeks for the Montview league title. The rest of the league will be playing for 3 place…mark my word on this!


  • Mid Valley End of Season Rankings

    I think its ok to talk about playoffs, especially in the mid valley. I am opening up the conversation regarding end off season Rankings. There may be one or two suprises in league, but for the most part, the 1st and 2nd place teams listed above will likely come out correct. However, as league games are won, you will see the CIF Polls change. This year the Midvalley is wide open. Several schools have schedule up for tough preseasons, hoping that it will pay off during the playoffs. I think that Records won’t be as stellar at the top, but those who played tough games will be rewarded when it comes to seeding time. I expect this years playoff to be close hard fought games especially in the Semis and Finals. This years champ will be battle tested. There may and will be some upsets, but if teams win the games they are suppose to win, and have some wins or good showings against upper divison Foes, the rankings should go like this.

    #1. Monrovia (Tough preseason + must win verse Arcadia, San Dimas and Paramount or they will stay at #5(may be at #3 or #4 if they lose to San Dimas + league champs possibly 9-1, 8-2, or 7-3 by playoffs)

    #2.San Dimas(Tough Preseason + will have to beat Monrovia and win tough league they won’t beat Rancho but that’s ok. Any other losses outside of Mtown and RC could be drop them a few spots. It could be #4 or #5 Possibly 9-1, 8-2, or 7-3)

    #3.Whitter Christian(preseason schedule not so tough, so they will drop one spot even if they don’t lose, if they lose more than one they will drop down far)

    #4. Arroyo(Good Preseason(Hart Game) they can not afford to lose any other games besides Hart or else+ Interdivisional games + league title possibly 10-0 or 9-1. But they won’t beat Hart.)

    #5. Azusa(Not so Good Schedule, but they should go undefeated,+ League title They can not afford to lose any games or they are out top 5 for sure. You have to be in the top 5 if you got undefeated Possibly 10-0 or 9-1.

    #6.Baldwin Park(tough preseason could finish 1st or second in league) They can only lose to San Dimas and Bonita or they fall hard..Covina will be a tough out that’s a must win. Possibly 7-3 or 6-4

    #7 and 8.San Marino/Rosemead(San Marino has a slightly tougher Schedule, but the head to head game will decide who gets this spot. Neither team wins league, but both are quality teams with Great coaches. I expect them to do well.

    #9.Schurr/Covina(Tough Preseason,they are going to have to pull up some big upsets to climb up the list. After to losing to Cantwell, they are going to have beat Downey and St Pual, Cal hi and El Toro… If they do pull of upsets, they could climb a few spots.I just don’t know… possibly7-3 or 6-4 or 5-5. Good luck, but I still think they are better than those ranked under them.)

    #10. Covina/Schurr This spot is wide open. My guess is Covina Slides in right here. With a huge win against West Co and a 2nd or 3rd Place finish in league, they deserve this spot. They will have to beat Walnut and Pomona, those are tough wins, which will solidify their spot in the top ten. The have a good QB, a upcoming Star in Ainsworth at RB and the Fastest kid in the US in Mcclain. They could be Dangerous Possibly 8-2 or 7-3 or 6-4

    Let me know what you think SGV…I want to see if I am right on or Far off.

  • Got this from CIF. Hopefully it clears some things up …

    CIF-SS Bluebook Rule 3214 states:

    In all team sports other than basketball, football, and wrestling, more than three entries may be permitted to enter the playoffs to fill any byes which exist in the opening round or to create wildcard contests. The wildcard contests will be for teams that did not fit into the original draw and those teams meeting the at-large criteria (.500 or better over all record). In any playoff grouping other than basketball, the at-large selections will be considered from the next place beyond the guarantee that are .500 or better. After all those schools have been taken and there are still positions available, the next place teams that are .500 or better will then be considered. An example would be in football, some divisions allow two (2) entries per league. All .500 3rd place teams would be taken before any .500 4th place teams would be considered. (A tie will count as half a win and half a loss for a .500 record or better.)

    SPECIAL NOTE: In football only, if there are no .500 teams available to complete the draw, the teams with the next best record will be considered should they wish to participate.

    So, what that is saying is that in the Mid-Valley Division, since there are 6 leagues that means there will only be 2 automatic entries per league leaving 4 at-large spots to fill the bracket. So, you would than have to choose between the remaining 3rd place teams THAT HAD RECORDS OF .500 OR BETTER. If there are no remaining .500 or better record 3rd place teams you would than have to select from the remaining .500 or better record 4th place teams. After they were exhausted you would go to the remaining .500 or better 5th place teams and so on and so on until you’ve exhausted all of your .500 or better record teams.

    So, in theory and possibly in practice, you could have all of your at-large teams coming from one league if they all had .500 or better records and the other leagues did not.

  • Haroof

    Valley Christian falls to Whittier Christian this year.