West Covina routs South Hills … how good is Covina?

It’s a rare occasion when South Hills gets flat-out run over. As I said in my 2-minute drill video with Steve Ramirez, I felt this was a year in which WestCo could play with South Hills at the line of scrimmage. Well, they did more than that. And those running backs, wow. They come in waves. Chris Solomon played sparingly, but it didn’t matter. Frazier, Tucker and Lee were spectacular.

As I told Covina coach Darryl Thomas before the game, a win by WestCo only flatters Covina. The Colts were bad enough to get down 21-2, but good enough to rally back for the win. Their power ranking (whoever does those) just went through the roof.

There wasn’t a person at CDF tonight who didn’t say “West Covina is going to win CIF.” I can understand the sentiment, but remember that La Mirada is still something to sweat, as is Bonita. And even Muir on a given night can rock anybody. I still worry about WestCo if it has to throw in the fourth quarter, but the way that ground game is, they may not have to.

As for South Hills … well, the Huskies need a lot of work. They need to play up to their size and finish drives. I don’t want to make too much of this loss, because the Huskies lost to a very good team. But I think that there should be some concern … somebody told me tonight they could go 1-9 due to their schedule. I don’t buy it, but with games against Monrovia, Tesoro, Charter Oak and Chino Hills still to come, .500 isn’t so bad.

Coach Bogan will get things fixed.

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  • Bulldog just kicked a Husky A$$!

    No stones! How many coaches can you make nice with in a single post. Gosh, do I miss the good old days with brutally honest news reporting. I was at the game too and I promise you I wouldn’t of been so nice about South Hills.

    Listen S.G.V., Coach Bogan was exposed for who he really is and that is a below average coach that has had above average talent in the past and now with average to below average talent this may not even be his worst loss of the season and his program is in the past too.

    Who would of ever thought that Covina and West Covina in the same year could potentially be better than South Hills. Poor Northview. Does South Hills become the next Los Altos here in the very near future?

    Dan, where were you sitting tonight? I was looking for you. How proud are you of our boys? This is a sweet, sweet victory. You and I both know though we wish we could still play one more team this year in the playoffs. Oh well, they’ll come watch us play instead.

    Did you give Coach Bogan a hug after the game too?

  • Dan

    Nahh, didn’t get a chance to give Bogan a hug but good luck to the Huskies the rest of the way.
    Not to gloat too much but we could have put over 50 on the board if Maggiore didn’t call off the dogs in the 4th. Just think, Chris Solomon only had one carry for the night. Husky fans don’t feel too bad about this, we’ve owed you a beating for a while now, in fact I think we still owe you a couple more for all the times you beat us, either way I hope your boy’s regroup and have a nice run in the Sierra league.

  • WOW!!!

    U can say WC is better than SH at the moment, but ur pushing it with saying Covina is too. I know for not 1 minute you think Covina is better than WC, so stop it! Everyone has bad games and u had one against Covina or a bad 4th quarter I should say. No doubt WC beat up on SH, cuz 42 points for a defense to give up is horrid. Then again WC gave up 27, so not the best defensive night either. 2 interceptions or this game goes until the end.

    When a team has the best RB in the valley and the top offensive lineman, I don’t think the team has below average talent? Or do they? WC line must of had a perfect night to overcome that right? Or were they just really good and played their butts off? I think WC just had an awesome game and dominated SH. Stay humble before u embarrass urself and WC fans.

    Btw, I’m a WC/SH fan so pipe down and don’t embarrass anyone else! Both teams played great, the better team TODAY won! Which is what typicaly happens every nite!

  • Well


    I guess you have Covina and Azusa penciled in for the Championship, because that’s all you seem to write about. West Co fell apart in the final minutes of the first game of the year! You’ve been around football for awhile, haven’t you ever seen anything like that before? Who would you pick if they played tonight, or the day after they played for that matter?

    Good for Azusa for being excited about their program. However, the legitimate teams in the Mid Valley, (Monrovia, SD, BP, VC, WC) are playing serious teams in the preseason, in order to be playoff ready. Let’s see how it plays out!

  • BJ did great!

    When you run in a straight line regardless of how big or small u r, the faster person is going to win right? BJ is a hell of a lot faster than Solomon, but as we all know BJ has had his ups and downs at RB cuz he’s not shifty and doesn’t really know how to keep his speed without cutting to hard. BJ played a great game, so u never know with Solomon being slower how it could’ve changed the game. If the line can do that every night, then BJ over Solomon. Sorry Dan… it’s pretty simple.

  • Dan

    To B.J. Did great,
    Whats there to be sorry about, who’s comparing the two anyways both are very good runningbacks and each have their own style of running, in some situations you would want B.J. and in other situations you want Solomon, its great having both of them.

  • BJ did great!

    “Just think, Chris Solomon only had one carry for the night.” Only one person has the ball at a time Dan. BJ deserves his credit! That line even more so, cuz BJ just had to run North and South… He didn’t even need to look East and West! We don’t know how the game would’ve turned out with Solomon, you’re only assuming he would’ve made a positive difference or the game would’ve turned out better. That’s unknown and will always be unknown!

  • Dan

    Your 100% correct, B.J. deserves all his due credit,and thats what I’ve given him from my first post on this game. My mentioning of another player doesn’t take anything away from B.J. there is plenty of room for both. B.J. had an amazing game, thats why I complimented him on his improvement this year, his cuts look more fluid than before. I give him nothing but props, and by the way he didn’t just run north and south, he also had a couple of nice east to west moves in the game especially that 66 yard run. Your also correct that I assume that Chris Solomon would have made a positive impact in that game, why wouldn’t he, he’s one of our best players, I like the fact that they are all in there getting carries, they all have effective styles.

  • No

    No, SH becomes the next Bassett. Fools cant wake up no matter how much trash talk n screaming is directed at them. Poor Northview?? no, rather, po lil pup dawgs!