EXCLUSIVE: Muir locker room speech minutes before Amat game …

Aram’s take:
This was a very AWESOME moment and I want to thank Mustangs coach Ken Howard and his staff for giving me access to one of the most private moments a team can have and especially allowing me to have it before a huge game like Amat. I have to say, this Muir team is a very cool group of kids. Same with the coaches. They have been nothing but great to us as far as access. Pasadena needs to get behind these kids. They deserve it!

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  • jcaz

    Great video, and I was especially happy to see just how close a team they were (with one another) and of the respect that they showed towards their traditions, their pride as a football team and towards their coaches.

    Fine young men all of them and my prayers to the young man who was injured last night. Never good to see an ambulance and a stretcher.

  • Arroyo Knight


    Can you find out if Steven Rivera broke his ankle or if its just a bad sprain?

  • Phantom Fan

    Fine young men you should have been to the Cathedral Scrimage vs. Muir. The Muir players talked trash and a few players got kicked out for fighting the Cathedral Kids. The Phantoms kicked their ass on the field because No discipline for muir kids at all.

  • the critic

    lol…@ phantom fan muir still beat cathedral without any of there offensive starters cathedral only scored when they went to a goal line situation which by the way kevon seymor took a 95 yarder to the house and the fight started because a cathedral player was angry about getting locked up and threw a punch and once he did that it got ugly for him and the other cathedral players which was laid out on the field….now i dont condone or think that that was ok and im glad no child was hurt but point the blame where it should be pointed to and grow up hater cathedral wouldnt last a half against muir which showed in the scrimmage against there backups….smh

  • a fan

    lol..@ phantom fan: now be true to yourself cathedral didnt even scratch the end zone until they started doing goal line situation and the sad part about that was muir had 6 starters out because an undisciplined cathedral player threw a blow, because he was being man handled at receiver by a muir defender and muir stood up for each other…now i dont condone in fighting but point the finger at the right team who needed to be blamed and not muir…….and by the way cathedral wouldnt even last a half against muir that would be a stat game for them stangs…..cathedral couldnt even move the ball against muir backups..so go jump off something loser

  • Phantom Fan

    In a real game Cathedral would destroy Muir with no problem. You and Your Coaching staff have no discipline that’s why Muir will never win anything. You Muir Idiots said it 3 players got kicked out what’s that tell you about Muir’s Coaches. A bunch of thugs at Muir and no discipline and you guys could not make it at cathedral in Academics anyway. You girls started the fight in the first place by talking trash . No one disrepect’s us. Call us for a real game at Our p-lace and see what will happen to Muir.

  • muir

    didnt the phantoms struggle with a pacific league door mat ?

  • Ghost Buster

    Cathedral will get destroyed by Amat hands down. This wannabe team beats up on patsies, Glendale, Hoover. Wait till they face a real football team….the number #1 SGV team.

    Who are you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS! hahahaha…..

  • the critc

    phantom fan: u have to be one of the dumbest bloggers on the planet. cathedral beating muir is like saying the minnesota timberwolves will win an nba championship this upcoming year….SHUT UP oh and by the way muir sent more kids to college then cathedral did in sports go check it out from basketball to football. and speaking academically who gives a damn if u think your academics are better a diploma is a diploma its not gone say this is a diploma from a school with high academics SHUT UP…and in the fight cathedral started it and lost that war to….but no one messin with cathedral…p.s and struggling to glendale hahahaha muir has never and will never your team is not talented enough muir is a school where legends are made and cathedral like i said before couldnt hang with muir backups so SHUT UP loser…..

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