• whitey

    all I can say is wow, really puts a lot of petty things on the back burner, my hat is off to Coach and all his MEN, well done and God bless you all

  • Jastrab

    Wow!! I cannot believe what these young Men go through on a daily basis. My dad lost is job when I was at Amat and I had work once and a while for tuition. I cannot believe that I thought I even had it close to having it hard. Hats off to these guys.

  • sgv

    This is what it is all about. I am going to follow them now. If they make the playoffs…it would be amazing.

  • diogenes

    That certainly puts all the petty palaver usually occupying these pages in its place. Honors to all. They have more than earned them.

  • http://www.drkennethmartin.com Dr. Ken Martin

    Anthony White and I shared classroom space at TCHS last year, and I came to know the kind of man he was. What he has instilled at Buena Park is an extension of the type of man that he is. Hats off to you Coach.

  • Dan

    Beautiful article,
    Really puts things into perspective, reading about the Tonga kid who takes care of his mom put a lump in my throat. Wonderful thing coach white and staff are doing down there.

  • OldSchoolPanther

    Anthony White is a good man who truely believes in the best interest of the kids. I watched him play in high school and also coached with him at RHS. I would have loved to see him coach at the school but God had a better place for him to be. Keep up the good work and may God bless the kids on your team and you as well!

  • Carmen

    Someone just told me that Buena Park won tonite against Bolsa Grande 50-0, GO BP!

  • J

    I coach in the valley,I dont know coach White but I want to know him now…and help him and his team in anyway I can good job coach!!!! good luck all the way and keep it up guys!

  • eagle20

    I don’t know Anthony personally. However, we had a chance to hire him at our high school. I still can’t believe that we let him slip by. The coach that we selected is to be nice, not cutting it. Our program has taken a step backwards about 10 years.

    Ollie Lynch is also on that Buena Park staff. He is an excellent coach. He helped lead La Mirada to a CIF championship last year. He was fired this year. I still can’t believe that, you win a championship and you get asked to leave. Wow. Well, he is having the last laugh.

    Buena Park is undefeated and La Mirada is struggling, not to my surprise. Principal’s and athletic directors more often than not don’t have the courage to hire the right coaches. At my school, who we hired was perhaps the worst hire in the history of our school. Enough said.

    Eagle20 out.

  • lou

    He obviously has the people in Buena Park fooled. Wait until he gets another coaching offer and he’ll bail on you.