Mid-Valley Division PLAYOFFS continue this week …

But first, Aram’s predictions for the top two in each league and the subsequent at-large berths.

Almont League
Champ: Schurr
2nd: San Gabriel

Mission Valley League
Champ: Arroyo
2nd: Rosemead

Rio Hondo League
Champ: Monrovia
2nd: La Canada

Valle Vista League
Champ: Baldwin Park
2nd: San Dimas

Montview League
Champ: Azusa
2nd: Workman

Olympic League
Champ: Valley Christian
2nd: Whittier Christian

At-large berths:
Covina (Valle Vista)
San Marino (Rio Hondo)
La Puente (Montview)
Wilson (Valle Vista)


Gabrielino (2-1) vs. Azusa (2-0), at Citrus College — This is a pretty big game for Gabrielino, not so much for Azusa. If the Eagles can somehow pull the stunner, they’d probably need only finish third in the Mission Valley League and then pray San Marino doesn’t also finish third in the Rio Hondo League. For Azusa, this game is merely about posturing. The Aztecs want to be the No. 1-overall seed and will be just that if they go 10-0. But they also want the Montview League to be considered one of the division’s best leagues.

El Monte (0-2) vs. Gladstone (0-2), at San Dimas HS — Both teams aren’t looking like playoff-caliber entities right now, but you never know what could happen in league. It’s not out of the realm that either or both teams finish third in their respective league, in which case the winner of this game will have the edge.


Rosemead (1-1) at San Marino (2-0) — This is probably the biggest inter-division game of the week in terms of playoff implications. With standout RB Kwame Do lost for the season, San Marino looks like a better bet to be third in the Rio Hondo League, rather than second. Rosemead is very likely to be 1-2 in the Mission Valley League. But since anything can and will happen, there are scenarios where one or both teams will need some at-large formula love to get into the dance. Both coaches know this and it will be a playoff-like focus on Friday. This game is also a rematch of last year’s first-round game in which San Marino ran over Rosemead.

Monrovia (1-1) at San Dimas (1-2) — Yes, this is a rematch of the division’s championship game. Yes, it’s the most sexiest matchup of the week. But in terms of playoff implications, there probably isn’t much to this outcome. Monrovia looks like a cinch to win the Rio Hondo League. San Dimas, in most people’s eyes, won’t be any worse than second in the Valle Vista League. So you can probably pencil in both teams to the playoff bracket right now. In that case, this game is simply for posturing. Nothing wrong with that at all.

South El Monte (1-1) at Nogales (0-3) — Big game for the Nobles. They might be 0-3, but they haven’t played an inter-division game yet. A win over South El Monte would do wonders for them formula-wise. If you consider that Nogales plays in what most fans agree is the strongest league in the division (Valle Vista), then you’ll agree that will be a factor working in its favor come November … but the Nobles have to do the rest, i.e. finish third or better in league, AND make sure they have some wins over other teams that stand a good chance to also finish third in their respective leagues. For South El Monte, the Eagles need to pick up as many inter-division wins as possible. They got started on that last week by downing Workman. A win over a Valle Vista team would certainly help their personal power ranking and the Mission Valley League’s as well.

  • Aaron

    Aram…you lost me when you put a 0-3 BP team as champ of the Valle Vista. Do the tops teams in the Valle Vista remain the same if they lost this week?

  • High School Fan

    Baldwin Park Valle Vista Champs???? I saw Baldwin Park get whooped by Cantwell, just ask Crutchfield who took a vicious hit in the 2nd half and was never the same. Cantwell outmuscled and outcoached Baldwin Park, something that will happen when Valle Vista league play starts.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    OK, I want Covina and San Dimas’ record if they opened with Rowland, South Hills and Cantwell.

    And then I want BP’s record if it opened with West Covina, El Monte and Gladstone. OR, if BP opened with Bonita, South El Monte and Rancho Cucamonga.

    You guys do that, then stare for about 20 minutes at what you come up with, then go eat a sandwich, THEN GET BACK TO ME.

  • Colt74

    IF????????…You mean like IF my aunt was born a man she might have been my uncle?…or maybe…IF the little dog would not have stopped to use the bathroom he might have caught the rabbit? Or maybe IF Bishop Amat would have lost all 3 games so far this season they wouldn’t be the darlings of the Valley Tribune. Forget the last one…they could go win-less and they’d still get 25% more print time than the rest of the SGV teams combined….

    Stare for 20 minutes and go eat a sandwich ????

    What the heck WAS in that sandwich that you guys featured in the video clip you both made? Whatever it was I think you need to have them put half a dose in next time….


  • Aaron

    The Mess had steak tonight…and well the Braves should have beaten Rowland…but weren’t in the other games.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Are you in the military?

  • Mid Valley

    Sorry Workman is hilarious. LP will get 2nd no problem. Workman…..funny stuff. Might as well put Ganesha there. I know Aram has a hard on for Morrison, but come on man. We can’t take you seriously if you say stuff like that. No way the Montview gets 3 teams in. Sorry, get over and watch some Mid Valley games. Everyone know what Amat, Charter Oak, and Glendora have. Are you going to San Dimas Tomorrow night Aram? If not, don’t post Mid Valley because you have no idea.

  • Colt74

    I want to back up my earlier statement with some hard facts.
    Front page on-line prep sports references to Amat.
    1. Top picture and story
    2. Link to : Gabrielino defeats B.A. in 4 games
    3. Very next link ( to same story ): B.A. can’t get it’s point across.
    4. Link: Moore, Shay spark Amat over Muir ( same story as first pic and story )
    Photo Gallery front left bottom ( B.A. Football picture )

    Now lets check for anything about San Dimas…

    1. Link: San Dimas falls to Rancho Cucamonga
    2. Oh wait…there is no 2

    Buena Park ..2 links on front page of Blogs to same story?

    So even Orange County gets more print than San Dimas.

    I repeat……Wow…..

    Your word processors, your columns , so you can write whatever you want…you can write about nothing BUT Bishop Amat. Although I bet circulation drops of when the paper gets officially named the Bishop-Amat Tribune.

    I’ve lived in West Covina and Covina since I was 12. I’m now 54. I delivered the Tribune when I was 11 and 12. I’ve read it all my life. My next door neighbor and best friends dad worked at the Trib as a typesetter for many, many years. I love he Trib.
    I also think that you Aram are extremely talented and knowledgeable and I enjoy reading your takes on the prep atmosphere. The Tribune and associates are indeed lucky to have you IMHO. But to take a swipe at any teams success or lack of and to inject IFs demeans hard work and dedication and lessons those.
    My 2 cents.

  • I waisted $7 on A snicker but it was the best I ever had.

    I been reading articles about how good Azusa was… they are ranked 3rd in the midvalley. Fredj and AramT, because of you I waisted $6 at the gate and a 1$ for a snicker. The Snicker was worth it and the highlight of the night. Its was Chocolatey,Creamy, and tasted really good. It was everything, advertised. The Aztecs on the other hand may be the most hyped and overated team ever. You guys are dead wrong on them and you should retract your statements now…because they are going to crap on everything you wrote about them when the playoffs come, or maybe against La puente. I stood by your correspondent… he was shaking his head when it was 13-0 in the fourth. You know how it was thirteen right…yep Gabrelino Blocked the extra pt. Right up the middle.. The Headline should have been..”Azusa won, but they are not that good”. You notice how the article was bland, Scherf didn’t say much..He said

    ” This is the best defense we’ve had since I’ve been here.” (not saying much)
    “We’re starting to play well. Last year, this offense scored 20 points on us. In the back of your head, if you don’t stop the sweep and the dive option … but we did a good job tonight.”

    What Dive, what option? Who is Gabrelino going to option too lmao? All smoke and mirrors Baby. They are hoping that they can turn it on in playoffs and have another miracle run. They should just practice for the next 6 weeks against air…they are hurting themselves even more by playing their games. You can only create bad habits playing the teams they play. The Aztecs had alot of penalties. Delay of game, offsides, Personal foul, holding, and Refs missed a few. Gabrelino looked like the Azusa Raiders Midget team. But I tell you.. Gabrelino’s Band was amusing. They did the macarena dance! There is no way they are a midvalley power. It was 13-0 until the 4th against Gabrelino. Azusa can not throw at all! They just wore poor Gabrelino down. There is no way they are going to wear any of the top Midvalley teams down. I am sorry…but San Dimas, Monrovia, Covina…even lower Division Maranatha, would have scored 28 in the first half alone. Not one azusa back could break away, not one wr could take it all the way. Can some one tell me what their strong points are? The eagles had some big kick off returns. A few big runs, but there QB could not throw 20 yrds. Gabrelino gave them the ball. They did not take it away from them. Gabrelino defense was hanging with them the whole game. They had several sacks, and made them go three and out several times. They had a some redzone and 4th down stops. If their biggest lineman did not break his finger, it may have been closer. They could not sustain a drive against them. The had a few big plays. Gabrelino drop picks, did not get any fumbles. Azusa better hope they are not #1. They may end up with a valley vista team in the 1st round. Seriously, they could lose in the first round. I beg any Non Azusa Fan(because they won’t be honest) to waste a Friday night and go to see them play. YOu will see, that I did not exaggerate one bit. They are small, Slow, don’t play anyone, just not that good. I am sorry Aztec Nation.

  • FredJ

    Aram, you lost me when you said, “I want Covina and San Dimas’ record if they opened with Rowland, South Hills and Cantwell.”

    Covina opened with West Covina, who are probably better than all three, and better than South Hills for sure.

  • V.V.L.


    Did u forget a write-up on the Wilson La Puente game, this game could end up meaning a lot come playoff time.

  • Rational Aztec

    $7 you are right on some points and wrong on others.
    Right: Azusa did not play at a very high level last night, and probably would have lost to a stronger team.
    Wrong: I believe it was 21-0 going into the forth, and Azusa was driving, scoring early in the 4th.
    Right: Azusa is way overhyped, and certainly not deserving of being the number one in the mid valley by the way they are playing.
    Wrong: Best defense since scherf has been there, you said that is not saying much. Well He’s been there quiet a while, maybe 20 years, so that’s saying something. And if anything, their defense has played pretty good football.
    Right: They very well may lose against La Puente. That is a tough place to play, and that is a football team that is well coached and ready to hit them hard. I still consider them the favorites here, but LP with home field is dangerous, so it’ll be close.
    We’ll See: Azusa may or may not be able to do some damage in the post season. The fact is, we just can’t tell against this competition. Azusa could be great, or just average. But you can’t simply overlook that they are a year removed from the Semi’s, and have performed at a much higher level against the same competition as last year. I doubt they go out in the first round, but beyond that, it’s hard to tell with this group. I think they deffinetly have the talent, and coaching, but they need to tighten some things up to hang with Monrovia, SD, Arroyo, and WC. I’m not going to put Covina or BP there just yet but their in the conversation as well. I think Azusa is the 4th, or 5th best team in the division, which could mean another Semi-finals appearance. But could also mean a 2nd round dissapointment. Thats just my take on the 2010 Aztecs. I do appreciate your veiw as well, though you could be a bit more respectful to the kids (they are just kids), at both Azusa and Gabrielino. Other than that, you are entitled to your opinion. I hope the Aztecs prove you wrong though.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Fred and everybody else,

    My point is that Baldwin Park, if it played Covina’s schedule, would be — worst case — 2-1. If it played San Dimas’ schedule, it would be just what San Dimas is, 1-2. And both of those schools would stand a good chance to be 0-3 just like BP if they played BP’s schedule.

    Kissing BP goodbye because it’s 0-3 against a good schedule is plain stupid. And please Fred, don’t sit here and tell me that Rowland, South Hills and Cantwell isn’t a tougher schedule than Covina’s.

  • SD FreakNasty


    This isn’t 2005 anymore bud! SD would probably be 3-0 against those teams!! Bonita, and Rancho are much better than a down SH team. Also, I was at the SD vs Rowland scrimmage, and I know it was just a scrimmage but SD’s ones had their way with the Rowland one’s.

    Look at the stats, SD has played two horrible quarters this season. The 2nd quarter against Bonita (24 points), and the 1st against Rancho (21 points). Aside from that they’ve looked very good. Once these kinks are ironed out, and league starts, OMG!!!!!

  • Valley Vista League talk

    Baldwin Park is in a interesting position. They scheduled up and are taking lumps. On one hand people are saying that they will do great in league, do to the experience they are gaining from playing a tough schedule. On the other hand people are saying, that there confidence is shot, and the moral of the kids may cause them to do poorly in league. I think they will Finish second in league to San Dimas. San Dimas has played some tough games, too. I think Covina is the one that has to worry. Of all the tough games, I think their was the easiest. No doubt that west covina is the best team that San D, BP and Covina has played, but you have to consider the fact that WC was not gunning for them. They actually overlooked them and got upset. The Tribune had bp listed as a preseason great time, so teams were ready, San D was the defending champs, but no one saw covina as a threat. Their last two games were against terrible teams. In league Covina will not sneak up on anyone. Those games are going to be dog Fights. I think Aram is correct by picking BP over covina. I have San Dimas until someone dethrone them.

  • To Snicker Boy

    Coach Scherf would like to say thank you to snicker boy below for his comment!!! You just gave the Aztecs all the motivation they need to march to the Mid-Valley title. It must have sucked being a horrible football player when you were young! I will make sure to pray for you and your bad experiences in life.

    Nobody cares what you think or say, but thanks for the donation to the Azusa Football Program.


    Coach Scherf
    (Not Really)

  • Mars co.

    Coach Scherf
    (Not Really)

    If all it takes to get the Azusa players motivated is a Snickers bar, then I think it’s time for a roids, and grades check, because apparently they have the collective IQ of a bag of quarry rocks.