All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 4 …

Azusa cracks the top 10! Azusa cracks the top 10!

1. Bishop Amat (4-0) — Nine comes alive just in time for Wallace G’s return.
2. St. Francis (3-0) — Amat No. 1, the Knights No. 2 … you thinking what I am?
3. Chino Hills (3-1) — Who the hell put Pomona on the schedule?
4. Bonita (4-0) — Getting better and healthier at the perfect time.
5. La Habra (2-2) — It’s all downhill soon for the Highlanders.
6. Ayala (4-0) — Freddie still isn’t convinced … will he be some day?
7. West Covina (3-1) — Do you trust ‘Dogs to not have a brain fart in league?
8. Glendora (3-1) — Second half vs. WestCo showed how special Chad Jeffries is.
9. Whittier Christian (4-0) — Heralds can take their rightful place a Mid-Valley favorite.
10. Azusa (3-0) — I warned you last week that this day would come.
11. Claremont (3-1) — Knocked Rowland from the ranks of the unbeaten.
12. CHARTER OAK (2-2) — Dennis Rufus in the wildcat, anybody?
13. San Dimas (2-2) — When Miggy, Aram and Fred are on the same side … RUN!
14. Rowland (3-1) — Hard to knock the Raiders for solid game vs. Claremont
15. Cantwell (3-0) — Giving up 46 vs. Bell Gardens is hard to understand
16. Diamond Bar (4-0) — Bracing for biggest game in years vs. D-Ranch. See you there!
17. Walnut (2-1) — Big win over Covina thanks to man-child Aubrey Coleman
18. Damien (2-1) — Was Amat performance the truth or an aberration?
19. Monrovia (1-2) — OK, San Dimas is officially in M-Town’s heads.
20. La Serna (3-1) — Can’t argue with big win over La Mirada.
21. Arroyo (3-1) — Being down your best player doesn’t work against Hart.
22. South Hills (1-2) — With all due respect, it’s time for SH to soften the nonleague sked.
23. Muir (1-2) — Pacific may come down to Friday’s game with Burbank
24. Covina (3-1) — Colts didn’t disappoint the “they got lucky vs. WestCo” believers.
25. El Rancho (3-1) — Anything’s possible in the Del Rio, so why not ER?

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  • huh??

    chater oak just fell out of the top 25?? Rancho and Glendora are good solid teams and its not like the Chargers got blown out in any of those two games. im just saying they are still a top 20 team.

  • JFR


    Big Lou just mentioned last week that he hasn’t heard from you since week 0. I guess you slipped and fell off the bandwagon, was that after the 1st or 2nd loss? I’m sure Fred will do the same after amat stumbles than we’ll see him nabbing free carne asada from Aztec fans on Thurdays at citrus college. I guess Mr. Hunt has you all marching to the beat of the same drum.

  • Aaron

    Bye week comes at a perfect time. Have to Bonita is the only team to shutout Baldwin Park. The competition the Bearcats have played will only help them when league comes in two weeks. I think Claremont will make a little noise in the Sierra…and oh San Dimas great way to tell me I’m wrong for leaving you for dead.

  • A little noise?

    They lost to Bonita and Rowland.

  • DB vs DR

    Can’t wait to see this game though I expect DR to win..

  • Haroof

    “It’s all downhill from here for the Highlanders.”

    So am I reading this correctly, Aram…

    You’re giving Bosco no shot against La Habra?

  • Aaron

    Claremont’s only loss on the season was a thrashing by Bonita. They beat Rowland High School by three points.

  • JFR


    Spoke with CO’s OC and told him about your rankings and he was wondering if you think everyone in your top 25 could beat us? He asked me to ask you to reply to him by text instead of blog since he doesn’t read it. P.S. they hold you in high regard at CO.

  • JFR

    Stay away from king taco,its killing you.

  • Strength of Schedule Counts

    If you win teams that are rated in the negative numbers, how does that mean you rise to top of the SGV top 25? Seriously, doesn’t strength of schedule count at all?

  • wow

    im sure Aram just forgot CO……. everyone give him a break there is a lot of teams to go through and rank everyone makes mistakes

  • wondering

    Based on the logic that all the schools in the top 25 should or could beat Charter Oak then Aram must think they will go 0-5 in their new league since the other 5 teams are ranked. Hmmm.

  • JFR

    wow @ strength,

    We would still kick your @ss little kids.

  • JFR

    I’m starting to see double, I’ve never seen JFR used more in my life. Lou and Dom question u aram, fake is never a good thing.



    I have come to terms and this year I have decided to take a back seat to the action on the blog and let it play out ever since week 0. But when I saw this poll, I thought to myself Aram made a mistake, I think I re-read the list like 5 times before I decided to comment. CO really needs to be ranked in the # 10 spot or the #12 spot. I say go with the # 12 spot for now since the loss of Santiago will be tough but I’m sure Thropay can step up to the plate and I have the utmost in confidence in him. Next up Santa Fe and then league starts. So Travis my man we wish you a speedy recover and Thropay you got this. Lets light up Santa Fe and quiet down those Bonita bloggers, they still think they can hang… LOL good night people.

  • My bad, leaving CO out was a complete oversight. Sheesh, I leave to go watch the Sunday night game and JFR goes nutty … King Taco? I don’t even eat there.

    South Pas gets a tease, hopefully they can take solace in knowing they’re 26.

  • JFR


    I am nutty and will intro myself to you at next CO game you show your face at. I have a job in BP this week, were is the best place for Mexican food. El Loco is close so I’ll hit that one but can you introduce me to some others.


    WELL AZUSA!!! Aram has given you high MARKS! Lets show him AZUSA is the real deal. I beleive Coach Scherf, has learned from the past and he’ll do what he has to DO.

    I know there’s a lot of people on here that can’t wait to see AZUSA lose, but i’ll say this, you already accomplished something by WINNING your preseason schedule! GOOD JOB…




    I’ll say this also, THAT IS A SWEET PICTURE! CITRUS College has some great SUNSETS when your watching football there!


  • Coach Rice did!

    “Who the hell put Pomona on the schedule?” Coach Rice and AD Sweeney from Pomona called last year to get CHHS on the schedule. Rice had beaten CHHS last year while at Colony and had players transfer with him. He thought they would be good. CHHS needed a break in their tough schedule (Santiago, Tesoro & REV) and it was a game close to home. Pomona was 3-0 so it wasn’t like they were playing a “Horrible” team.
    Why don’t you rag on Ayala’s schedule? the 4 teams they have played so far are a combine 3-11 and those wins were against winless teams.

  • Pony Ride


    We need to have a survey who is the most annoying person on the blog.

    After reading your comments and I guess due to all the time you spend on the blog, you either don’t have a job or work for the City of Azusa. Any of the teams below you, 11-25, if Azusa would play any of them they would suffer defeat. Just enjoy the easy schedule now, when the 2nd season, the playoffs come around, it’s one and done mark my word! We should change the school name to the Azusa Cornhuskers, back when Nebraska would schedule all the easy teams like Cal State Northrige, LB State and would be ranked #1 all season because they would play no one and would be National Champions!!

  • the critic

    wow these sgv rankings suck u have st.francis at the number 2 spot why when all three of there opponents have terrible records…ok venice yeah they had a very good year last year but that was last year oh and by the way they only have 1 victory this year and we really dont need to go into arcadia they havent gave st.francis a game in the past couple of years. and lets not start with c.v sad to say only one of those pacific league teams will make the fourth spot for playoffs. west covina should be placed much higher than they are i mean yeah they lost there first game of the season but since they have beaten good teams like the surprising glendora team who beat monrovia who’s top 25 and early season high ranked charter oak. also they beat the all of a sudden loved venice team come on sgv give them there respect put them atleast number 3 st francis move them below chino hills and bonita kick la habra out of here yeah they lost to 2 tough teams but why have sympathy for them when bonita has been challenge but passed there test in santa fe and san dimas these ranking to me look a little bias…..kind of like the bcs system….

  • billyb

    Hey Pony ride,
    I hope that’s not a colt yo’re riding. What is their record in playoffs the last 2 years? Oh, thats right 0 – 2. Thanks for playing, bye bye.

  • AMAT 73

    How can you still have SH in the top 25 at 22. You are giving this team far too much respect. Their only win was over BP who has done nothing so far to give that win any stature. SD moves up 12 notches but Monrovia goes down only 7 .Damien got a lesson in how to play football and goes down only 8 slots. Covina loses to Walnut in ot and drops 13 slots and is behind Damien . Come on give them some credit . Geez if SH beats Monrovia (Obcat if that happens I will pray for you ) how much will you put into that win considering Monrovia’s year so far. If and that’s a big if AMAT loses to Cathedral I would bet we drop at least 15 slots because a loss that big would command it according to the movements on these ranking so far. I say a 2-2 CO team still deserves to be in the top 10 because if La Habra there well , need I say more . Those were no tomato cans they lost to and were in both games .
    JFR there is a resturant on Ramona by the name of Mariscos Urapan and they have great Mexican food aside from the seafood variety which they are known for .

  • Pony Ride

    To billyb,
    It’s a different Colt team that the Blue Smurfs played the last two years. The Colts will have a better record above .500 New year, new record. As you said bye bye bye. PS get your own field to play on. Citrus College hold about 5,000 or more fans and on a game night for Azusa you might see a few hundred fans. Sad for a team that is sooooo good!


    (PONY RIDE),

    I think you really like what I post, I mean look at this nice little message you replied back to me about AZUSA. Okay let me saddle up my pony and get to the point. First of all you dont see my moniker all over the place and on every article that comes up! If you do a little research, you will see that the only time I ever post something is because FRED, STEVE AND ARAM keep putting up these nice little articles up on AZUSA. I mean this is what its about, isnt it?

    I can place a few names on here that have way more (TIME) on here then I do. By the way I do have a great job and I do most of my time blogging here at work to be honest with you. I mean what do you want me to do here at work? (WORK). LOL… Look at this way, and this might upset your little PONY, I get paid to input my opinion and Im not employed by the city of AZUSA. Ive been on this blog for around three seasonss now hearing crap like yours, on how AZUSA would lose or theyre way overrated. AZUSA MY FRIEND AND NOT AZTEC PRIDE has reached the semis last season and is predicted to go even further this season. Come on you know what theyve been doing, is WINNING TEAMS FROM OTHER LEAGUES, AND THAT MY LITTLE PONY IS WHY PEOPLE ARE UPSET LIKE YOU!

    Why you sore at me? Im mean what have Ive ever done to your (LITTLE PONY?) Heres a little suggestion and why dont you personally email those three names I listed and tell them how your little PONY is so upset, by constantly seeing AZTEC PRIDE on the Blog, also see if they can delete or band me from posting. LoL

    By the way I was going to keep on writing, but (I) happened to refresh the blog and sure enough you GAVE YOURSELF UP! YOURE A DISGRUNTLED COLTS FAN!!! THANKS BILLYB, for helping me to figured out this so called PONY RIDER, AND IM SURE HES RIDING A (JACK AZZ).


    Why dont you have a little more class like (C-TOWN)and respect!

  • Interesting stat

    Here is the average strength of schedule for the first 5 opponents for the top 6 according to Cal preps:
    1. Amat – 24.56
    2. St. Francis – 16.8
    3. Chino Hills – 31.33
    4. Bonita – 18.96
    5. La Habra – 39.2
    6. Ayala – 3.32 (no wonder they are 4-0, ranked ahead of West. Co &

  • Pony Ride


    I don’t really like your post, they are the same over and over. As you did mention the only time you ever post something is because, Fred, Steve, and Aram keep putting up these nice little articles up on Azusa. Answer this. Did any of them put any article up about the CITRUS OWLS? NOT! Yes PAPA Smurf I did my homework.
    Also, for your lack of knowledge I am not a COLT fan!!
    Why go to the semis and lose like last season. Azusa will not make it to the semis this year, wake up! Who will they beat, M-Town, Covina, and you know you don’t want to play San Dimas, they had a tough pre-season and look what they did to M-town last Friday night. Down by 28 pts with 8 min in the 4th qtr and score 28 pts.That my friend is the heart of a champion. San Dimas can pass and run this year.To think the wing-T is hard to stop plus they have a passing game and all the O-Line back.(Before you start I’m not a SD Fan) Plus you might not get past COVINA if they make the playoffs. So my friend how can they predicted Azusa to go even further this season? I think that I did meet you one time in AZUSA while at Wal-mart, your that greeting dude LOL.. look at it this way we know that you have (3) teams and two of them are awful and one team is overrated. I will help you again.
    2.Citrus Owls

    And no I’m not riding you!

  • nope

    pony ride

    i think everyone know covina will lose the 1st round…they are not that good. i have been to their games and let me say this, Fluke agiants wc. and Gstone, they better kill them. lets face it, they dnt want to play azusa because they will just have to settle for the 1st round again!!!!

  • Aaron

    Calpreps top 50
    17 Bishop Amat
    50 Bonita

    Notables are:
    1 Westlake
    2 Servite
    3 Centennial (Corona)
    6 De La Salle (Concord)
    7 Vista Murrieta
    11 Norco
    19 Alemany
    31 Upland
    41 Rancho Cucamonga

  • Colt74

    First off, I don’t think that there is such a thing as a disgruntled COLTS fan. We stand by them win or lose. If we lose we give props to our victors and we don’t make excuses. We’re used to getting no respect… even from our hometown newspaper with printed comments like; ” Can we forget about Covina ?, ” Covina finally loses it’s first game “, and ” Colts didn’t disappoint the “they got lucky vs. WestCo” believers “.
    Second off, I myself seriously doubt that any COLT fan cares a mosquitoes nipple if anyone thinks their win was a fluke. Its still a W for them next to the score…and nothing can change that. In actuality, I bet that it bugging some of you so much… gives most of us a sense of great joy. I know it does me. The Colts are playing for themselves, their families, their school, and the kid lined up right besides them. Not for a newspaper or bloggers.
    Third…unless I missed that post I have not seen one regular Covina supporter come on here and talk about playoffs. We have not even started league yet! It’s hilarious to talk about playoffs and what if’s at this point.Lets go week by week and see where the dice may fall. Two last questions…was the San Dimas win a fluke also?…or did the kids play their hearts out and earn the win? and…If Covina wins on Friday night shouldn’t that move them down another 13 spots in the Trib rankings? Maybe 14?

    Here’s hoping for a great cross-town rivalry game and no injuries!
    I’m going with West Covina over Walnut..BUT…if Walnut pulls it off…to use Arams line….”stare at the wall for 20 minutess..then go get a sandwich..and then get back to me “….

  • JFR

    Thanks 73 I’ll try that tomorrow, still waiting to here from Aram because he seems to be the king of eating in those parts of the woods. I know he listened to one thing I requested, how’d that go Aram.

  • Hey Colt 74

    Colt 74 – Where do you look to find mosquito nipples???

  • Dee

    Dear Pony Ride,
    You are so funny talking like a little kid.”Get your own stadium and you cant get more fans then we can nanny nanny!”” WTH! How old are you? Just to give you a few facts. Covina shares a field too, its called district field. But the field doesnt seem to matter Aztecs have proven to win home or away. And about how many fans fill the stands…well…I was at the Covina vs. Aztec playoffs last year and on the Aztecs side you are correct there were only a couple hundred, But on Covinas side there were about a whole 20 of us! Yes I said us. I was cheering for Covina since my son played for them, and just so you know it didnt make a difference who had the most fans or if the stadium was filled. Those boys played there hearts out. You must be 1 of those guys that doesnt clap or cheer till he sees someone else do it! As a football fan I wish all teams the best. But my heart is where my kid plays. So lets go Aztecs!

  • Bosco Boy

    All Down hill for La Habra? dont you think that St John Bosco has anything to say about that?


    gee- my cousin sure likes to flap his gums, dont he? Once he gets a real job again, he’ll get a real life again!!!! Promise. . . .

  • Colt74

    Hey Colt 74 said:

    Colt 74 – Where do you look to find mosquito nipples???

    You should probably ask the “they got lucky vs. WestCo” believers…..if they can find excuses then they shouldn’t have any problem finding those.

  • Colt74


    No matter what anybody says I KNOW on Sat mornings you’re enjoying life over a hot bowl of Menudo, looking at the Trib sports section and smiling over the pics and the article about Azusa winning the night before….

    …and nothing anyone says can take that away…..

    Have a good game!

  • Colt 90

    I got your back on this one Pony Ride!
    Wow you sound like one of those parents that never played the game. So what is your point? How old are you? We all know you did not go past High School, just look at the way you write “Till” It’s not too late to go back to Skool! No use talking to a fool.

  • Dee

    @Colt 90,
    Way to have your buddies back. I wrote in the way I knew he would understand. I see you understood too. So it all worked out well. Do you and him stand side by side together and hold hands while you cross the street to the field? Or does your mommy not let you out that late? Funny how you try to point out stuff that has nothing to do with the sport or the kids playing. This is a blog about football, so either you ask daddy or uncle Joe to help you and Pony catch up on the game or hit the are you smarter than a fifth grader blog and critique there spelling. I wrote the other blog as a fan of the sport not a fa* looking for sport. So take your fruit cake self jump on your pony and ride your a** out of here. Lets use this blog for what it was meant to be about the sport and players. Not how we spell or who eats what! Like I said before best of luck to all the teams. Lets GO AZTECS!

  • chris johnson

    Wow i use to think that there was no bias in this column. but now my eyes have been opened. After this past weekends win by Maranatha over Selesian, and in the fashion it was done, I cant see how a 1-3 team could be better than this team. then when they are about to play and convincingly beat La Canada,you drop La canada completely out of the top 25. you guys are so funny. what is it you have agsinst this program. You dont even notice the PHS and
    Muirs or any local Pasadena team wont even schedual them on thier schedual.

  • QB Sneak

    You have some issues.After reading your comments, your no better than Pony Ride or Colt90. The childlike comments you made about the mommy and daddy, how old are you? You mention that you are a parent. Don’t lower yourself. As you also mention this a sports blog.

  • billyb

    Pony ride, I didn’t realize Covina had their own field. You know what they say about glue factory horses, and glass houses.

  • Dee

    @QB Sneak you are correct and I apologize if I let the haters get to me. This is a sports blog. My suprise team on this poll is West Covina. I really need to get out and see one of there games. Was it a fluke that they lost? Ah I am not sure….I saw them in passing league and they were horrible. If they improved that much I would love to see it. Like I said before I wish all the teams the best. I do know one thing…as long as Azusa players can keep it together mentally as a team…they are going to go far!

  • Colt74


    If you let them get to you then they have already won. A sad fact of life is that a bog is the playground of a narcissist. No matter what anyone says there will always be some individual firing back with some drivel to see if they can goat you. And if they can’t find anything wrong with the substance of your post they will then go after your grammar.

    There are MANY good people that post on these blogs and have provided myself with some good information and some enlightened reading ( off of the top of my head Amat 73 for one, Aaron for another…and there are many others but my cold and lack of coffee this AM is not helping me remember.. )Then there also are many others who hide behind a computer and do nothing but try to be as mean, vicious,and degrading as their keyboards allow.The good people still overshadow the bad so I continue to come here and read/post.

    Enjoy the blog….post what you want to say….and then enjoy the rest of your day or night. You could come on here and wish everyone a great day and someone would take offense to that…..but then you probably already know that.

    Have a good one!

  • Colt74

    Dee…you posted while I was typing mine.



  • Colt74

    AZTEC….I’d kill for some menudo right now to help unclog my head cold. I usually get mine at this little place just south of the 210 on Azusa Ave but they only offer it on week-ends. Know anyplace that has good menudo during the week?

  • Pony Ride

    You just received your first wish for 2011 Opener.
    San Dimas vs Azusa @ Citrus College. They will come opps! marching in. I can’t wait to hear you after the beating. You might want to suite up some of the Citrus Owls!!
    I hope you enjoy that Saturday morning with your bowl of Menudo reading the Tribune sports section or the La Opion, sorry my bad, wrong futbol! and crying over the article about San Dimas winning the night before!! I could hear it now. We’re rebuilding!!! and ran out of juice. I would love to be a fly on that wall. Hey now!!

  • QB Sneak

    You don’t need to apologize. I’m not saying all of them but some people have nothing better to do. I call them one hit wonders. If you don’t get caught up in the comments, they will leave and never return.


    WOW (PONY BOY), Look at all these articles on AZUSA! Please help me and select which one to post a topic on?LOL…Why don’t you ride along with Freddie, because according to him(ON THE VIDEO) this will be the game to watch on Friday! Like I said before, they keep putting up the Articles up and I will reply to them. So loosen up your tight b*t cheeks and stop being SO HARD UP ON AZUSA!

    I mean now your bringing up SD? Like were suppose to shut all the windows and lock the doors? (GREAT MOVE SCHERF!) AZUSA play them well last year, until the end.



  • WCHS


    What passing game did you go to and Wchs looked Bad. Please let me know!

  • Dan

    That was passing league, the real season is in pads,
    big difference between the two, especially with a physical run style team like West Co. When WC won the Title in 2004 they had a terrible summer in passing league. But by all means come out and watch us play, I think you’ll like what you see, some hard hitting physical football.
    As for the loss to Covina it was no fluke, Covina took that game from us right before our eyes, the six turnovers helped too, but it woke us up made us more focused and now we are rolling and playing some of the best football in the SGV.

  • Pony Ride

    AZTEC Pride-
    That’s not the way a 61 plus year old man shoud talk!
    you might hurt yourself. BLW. How do you make up the steps at Citrus? I did not see any handicap access for the seniors. The only reason you shut the windows and lock the doors is because you live in AZUSA! And your remark “BY THE WAY IF YOU WANT TO PERSONALLY MEET ME” sounds like your calling me out AZTEC IGNORANCE it also sounds like a threat to me old man. Hell we don’t need to wait until next year, I’ll meet you anytime 24/7 How can you say that they played SD well, they only played one half of football. WOW 3 pts vs 30 that’s playing close!!!

    —Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
    AZ 14 7 3 0 24
    SD 14 7 14 15 50

  • Dan

    Good point, WC may have lost in that passing tournament but they were very competitive from what I heard, Dee maybe you were looking at another team.

  • come on fred

    so are you a sports editor or a writer for san dimas or maybe azusa? im finding it hard to determine. ive had it with these insulting comments about covina. these kids deserve a little bit more respect. a win is a win fred, so why is it such a big deal that the colts beat the bulldogs? ive been following since the 06 season and it never fails. the colts win a few and your excited you found a seat on the bandwagon. its really annoying how you can badmouth or insult the colts one week and come back and praise them the next. just let these boys play. they shed blood and tears just like any other football team, so why arent they treated the same. think about it fred.

  • Houston we have…



  • nope

    Pony Rider, wow how old are you to want to fight someone over these dumb blogs, i thought the whole point of High school football was to help these young boys build character both on and off the field?? way to show how old you are, and set an example for the boys… the end of all this football the boy s have to grow up and learn life lessons no matter who wins league, cif, or who they play….think about that one



    You can also partially blame me also! This guy touch a nerve and I let my PASSION for the game got the best of me. You know I hate going back and forth with the insults and yes I know it looks very immature also. BUT!!!! You know all the way down from pee wee football, by the way go to CNN.COM and you’ll see a video about coaches brawling.

    Yes I know this is a HIGH SCHOOL BLOG, and we adults should show some maturity, but you know and I know, when you attend a FOOTBALL GAME,BLOG,etc… (SH*T HAPPENS) and well you know the end results. Let me give you an example; if you were to attend a RAIDER GAME, sitting in the BLACK HOLE and you happen to yell out, RAIDERS SUCK! Well you probably wouldn’t be getting out, the same way you look when you got their!


    THANKS (NOPE) for stepping in and slapping some sense in me!


  • Pony Ride (Last Ride)

    nope said:
    Did I make the following remark, “NO” does it sound if someone is getting called out “Yes” Answer this nope. Do you really think I would go and fight because of a blog? “NO” I’ve been around the game too long to take it personal. What did you want me to do, show up to the AZTEC game with over 300 hundred plus fans wearing the same AZTEC PRIDE SHIRT. I respect AZTEC PRIDE he has a lot of heart and dedication for his team. We should always support our teams and coummity as much as AZTEC PRIDE. These kids are the future and they have a long life ahead of them,we need to help and be there for them . I’m sorry AZTEC Pride for going to far and crossing the line. I sure if you sat down with AZTEC PRIDE I’m sure he is not a bad guy, he would be a guy you would want to sit down and talk to him about football. I apologize to you AZTEC PRIDE and on the note, I will no longer blog, I have too much PASSION for the game and I’m not a good blogger. Good luck to the AZTECS in the season and to all the teams in 2010.

  • Calm Down Big Boys….LOL

    Let’s knock off the dick measuring contests… guys know that this is a “BLOG” lol. This cracks me up…challenging to “meet each other” over a F-ing blog. Calm it down big boys ……. This should all be in good fun.