WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Remember back in 2007 when I posted this video of a phenom kid from Los Alamitos? …

Here’s the post from 2007 back when Fred’s blog was my blog. This kid was nicknamed “The White Reggie Bush” and he was a Pop Warner freak in Los Alamitos. Well, now he’s a junior at Los Alamitos. He’s got 16 carries for 99 yards and one catch for 33 yards. Interesting.

Here’s the video from back then … pardon the soundtrack, but like most of the hip-hop these days it doesn’t hold up worth a crap. But hey, not everybody can be The DOC.

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  • Aaron


    Jaden Casey will change the dynamic at Bishop Alemany where his father played or at Westlake High School where his sister is a currently attending also a cheerleader.

  • Interesting…

    So is he still considered the white reggie bush?

  • patrick

    NO , he isnt! Reggie Bush is Reggie Bush and Jaden Casey is Jaden Casey! Point Blank!

  • JFR


    I remember when that came out and it was awesome but as I look back to when I played the same thing happened. My old man let let me play jr midget so I would one year of ball under my belt going into high school. looking back I would have to say that about 90% of the kids who played 3 or 4 yrs of JAA didn’t even play our senior year. To much of anything is never a good thing, especially at a young age.

  • Patrick

    Sorry ,i meant Cody Paul!

  • Interesting…

    So all the Reggie Bush hype was too much? I seen the stats up their Aram posted and I figured it was for one game. Maybe L.A. hadn’t updated their stats, but it’s for 4 games. He’s not even close to Reggie.


    That’s going to happen, because there’s so many things for kids to do these days that interest them more than football or sports period. It has to do more with the success a kid has on the field though, because if a kid plays a sport and continues to lose that will take away the interest. Even more, if a kid doesn’t have the parent support. Many parents put their kids in sports to have some alone time, which is very sad. SUPPORT PARENTS!!!

  • ?

    How old was this kid when the video came out?

  • Haroof

    I knew this kid wouldn’t be the end all, be all.

    Also, this was just three years ago & he’s a JUNIOR now?!?

    He would have been in 8th grade in this video and he didn’t look taller than 4 ft.

  • wow

    give the kid a break, he was a great youth player and is now playing for one of the top programs in orange county….. that should be enough.

  • I watched this kid as my son was also in L.A. Pop Warner in a younger division. He is a great kid with a level head and was a big part of the Griffins winning the 2006 Pee Wee Division II (small program) National Championship at Disney Florida. I have observed many kids in Pop Warner and JAAF over the years. Many of them were Phenomena (read next Reggie Bush, Joe Montana, Mark Sanchez, etc.) and created a great deal of buzz because they were in tight size restricted competition, they had more experience that most of the boys that they were playing and inexperienced fathers and politics controlled most of the competition that played against them. Throughout the years and with a few very notable exceptions, most of the kids fizzled and dropped out by their Sophomore or Junior Year. This was usually a combination of 1.In High School there is no size limitations and once they start getting hit by kids twice their size they don’t like it 2.The other kids start catching up to them physically and the advantage of their experience evens out by the 2nd or 3rd year of High School 3. Coaching gets much better at the next level and coaches prepare correctly for competition 4.The position choices and play time is a lot less political and little Junior does not like sitting the bench and not being recognized for the super star his Dad has told him he is and 5. Yes JFR the kids that are not playing for love of the game just get tired of playing to please Dad and quit. Usually it is a combo of many of these things , but it end up at the same place. For every youth super star that makes it to the pro level I will give you a Christian Okoye who did not begin playing until college. In virtually every instance and because of the extreme gifts required, those kids would have made it to the pro level with or without Youth football.

    I am not down on youth Football. I thank God for the many hours and days that I spent with my 2 sons in something that they both enjoyed and we bonded from. I would never trade those afternoons and Saturdays for anything. My point is however that youth football success is a gauge of little more than the inspiration of a Father and the dreams of youth. Enjoy it for what is and keep saving your money for college tuition because the likelihood of a D-1 full ride is about the same as hitting that pick 6 down at the track and a lot more sweat

  • Wow

    Excellent post Scholar, Athlete, and Gentleman!