Quote of the day …

Bonita coach Eric Podley in response to my idiotic question of “Who do you guys have this week?”:

“We play Bye High School, and we usually beat them.”

Aram’s take: I’ve been in a haze ever since I saw Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps on Friday. Long story short, I waited years for that and ended up walking out of the theater a little over half-way through.

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  • JFR

    That sucks, was going to see it tomorrow night, thanks for the heads up and for the the money you saved me.

  • Hey idiots,

    Guess what, we don’t do incoherent crap like you posted on this blog. So, go somewhere else if you can’t be intelligent.

  • Bobby Knight

    Pods is the man. He has been feeling far from healthy this year but gutting it out like the tough football man he is. Way to go buddy!!!!

  • Obviously, Aram’s not a real movie buff. You have to take one individually, and as a story, it lived up to expectations. If you were expecting a repeat of the 1980s version, then you will be disappointed.
    But personally, I love movies so much that I’ve only walked of one movie – The Assassination of Jesse James by that Coward Robert Ford, and that was because I agreed to meet our boy Fred at certain time to go to the 2008 UCLA-Notre Dame game at the Rose Bowl.

  • Steve,

    Real movie buffs don’t like everything they see.

  • BHS

    Bobby Knight,

    You are absolutely right, Pod is the man!!! I like that he’s able to keep his sense of humor. I remember before the Santa Fe game he looked like he couldn’t even stand. He has been a good role model for the players to use as an example to play through pain. And I’ve also noticed that his staff has answered the challenge while the head coach has been down.


    Coach podley has got to be loving life right about now. He is 4-0, on a bye week and gets one of the best Quarter backs in the Valley back from injury this week. Coach Podley is a offensive mastermind and now that he has his QB back watch how he opens up the offense. The defense has been winning us games but now watch what Podley does with this offense.

  • Reality

    Hey Aram,Steve,Freddie, What do you think about LiLo and Paris and Katy.Arent they bitchin? Whose your favorite? Mine is Lady GaGa

  • To Aram:

    Mr. Aram,

    For us bonita fans have you heard when Pendleton and Horrine will be back in action? Our offense should kick a** when those two get back on the field. Can you imagine how good we can possibly be when that happens?