Mid-Valley Division PLAYOFFS continue …

Aram’s current predictions for the Mid-Valley’s field of 16!

Almont League
Champ: Schurr
2nd: San Gabriel

Mission Valley League
Champ: Arroyo
2nd: Rosemead

Rio Hondo League
Champ: Monrovia
2nd: La Canada

Valle Vista League
Champ: San Dimas
2nd: Baldwin Park

Montview League
Champ: Azusa
2nd: La Puente

Olympic League
Champ: Whittier Christian
2nd: Valley Christian

At-large berths:
Covina (Valle Vista)
South Pasadena (Rio Hondo)
Maranatha (Olympic)
Wilson (Valle Vista)


San Gabriel (1-3) at Rosemead (2-1) — This one probably has more significance playoffs-wise for San Gabriel because the Mats already lose an inter-division game to South Pas earlier this fall. Rosemead is looking very strong and may be co-favored now with Arroyo in the Mission Valley League since the Knights have their star player nursing a bum ankle. It’s not likely Rosemead will need any at-large help come November, but San Gabriel fits squarely in that second-third-fourth place area of the projected Almont League standings.

Maranatha (3-1) at La Canada (2-1) — Huge game here for Maranatha and the Olympic League, because if I’m not mistaken this is the only inter-division nonleague game that the Olmypic will play this season. It’s easy to envision a scenario in which Maranatha finishes third behind Whittier and Valley Christian. If that happens, this result looms very large. La Canada can bolster its case with another inter-division win … and this would be a biggie.

Bell Gardens (1-2) at San Marino (2-1) — The Titans suffered a blow last week against Rosemead. They do own an inter-division win over Mission Valley League team Gabrielino, so getting one over an Almont League team would come in handy. Bell Gardens, after losing to Azusa, can’t afford another inter-division loss. The loser of this game will hurt its at-large cause big time, should either need it in November.

Alhambra (2-2) at South Pasadena (3-0) — The wins over Glendale and Hoover are nice, but South Pas needs more on its Mid Valley resume. So the Tigers can really boost their at-large portfolio by beating Alhambra. The Moors are in the same position, but a little more desperate because they already have an inter-division loss to a Rio Hondo League team La Canada. They can’t afford another or else they’ll have one weak case if they’re bidding for an at-large against either South Pas or LC come November.

El Monte (1-2) at Wilson (2-1)
— It’s desperation time for the Lions. With inter-division losses already to Covina and La Puente, El Monte had better plan on finishing second in the Mission Valley League if it wants to go dancing … IF the Lions lose to Wilson. Three inter-division losses, two to teams from the same league, would be bad news. For Wilson, the ‘Cats already own an inter-division win over La Puente and could use a win over a Mission Valley League team to butter up the resume. Wilson could very well be either third or fourth in the VVL, so the Wildcats had better take care of business formula-wise.

Temple City (0-3) at South El Monte (1-2)
— The Eagles have to inter-division losses to Valle Vista League teams. They have an inter-division win over Workman (Montview). They could do themselves, and the Mission Valley League, a favor by getting a win over Temple City (Rio Hondo). Two inter-division wins and two inter-division losses ain’t so bad. Temple City is on life support with two inter-division losses already. The Rams badly a need win in this spot on Friday. While nobody thinks TC can finish 1-2 in the Rio Hondo, finishing third isn’t completely out of the question. Crazier things have happened, so the Rams better bolster their formula points by beating SEM.