Diamond Bar-Diamond Ranch: You call this a rivalry?

Here is my column from Friday’s Diamond Bar-Diamond Ranch game.

Ganesha High School was the scene Friday night where the Valley’s newest rivalry was born.

At least that’s what Diamond Ranch High School football coach Roddy Layton would have you believe. Diamond Bar might feel different. After all, the Brahmas play Walnut annually for somethin’ called The Branding Iron.

But don’t tell Layton that. He had the proof before his Panthers put a 41-0 whipping on their new rival.

“We’ve got their posters that they put up around campus that says `Rivalry Week: Diamond Bar vs. Diamond Ranch,’ ” Layton said. “Diamond Bar High is our rival and they know that we’re their rival.”

Some rivalry. It was obvious to all this game was headed to Blowout Central in the first quarter, despite the fact that Diamond Bar was 4-0 and Diamond Ranch was 1-3.

Diamond Ranch took a 7-0 lead just more than five minutes into the game. After a fake punt by the Brahmas, the Panthers were on the scoreboard again.

On fourth-and-5 at the Diamond Bar 22, Layton opted against a field goal try and instead had quarterback Cesar Carrillo throw over the middle to Chris Powell for a 22-yard touchdown.

Then the wait began for Diamond Bar to find points. It’s still ongoing. The Brahmas came close on their first drive of the second half and reached the Panthers’ 2 with a first-and-goal. A run on fourth-and-goal was stopped at the 1 and that was that.

Diamond Ranch took possession and went 99 yards to go up 26-0. Layton went for two. Diamond Ranch soon had the ball back again and scored from 95 yards away. Layton again went for two, up 32-0.

Could you blame him? He’s a man building a rivalry at a school that opened all the way back in 1997.

“We were able to put in a formation that will now make defensive coordinators in the coming weeks try to figure out what we were trying to do with that,” Layton said.

You can’t blame Layton for wanting Diamond Bar to be his rival. The schools’ close proximity makes it natural and the fact they both have Diamond in their name, well, that puts it over the top.

You buying it yet? Didn’t think so.

The truth is had CIF not placed Diamond Ranch and Diamond Bar in the Hacienda League, Layton still would be waiting on hold to talk to anybody at Diamond Bar about a game.

The reason for that is pretty obvious, and not even Layton could escape it.

When asked why he felt Diamond Bar was averse to playing his team for so long, Layton simply turned and looked at the scoreboard, which was now dark but once read 41-0.

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  • Aaron

    It won’t be a rivalry for awhile. Rivalries are filled with upsets but usually there is fight put up by the other team, they’ll take the knock out punch and with a bleeding eye they’ll get up and attempt to fight back while continuously taking a licking.

  • Don

    I don’t call it rivalry.

    I thought you guys did.

  • uncle_vito

    Why do they call it Diamond Ranch HS. It is in Pomona. Should be called Pomona Ranch HS.

    They have a bunch of gang bangers at that school?

  • sal espinosa

    lol its been a rivalry since dr opened. it just took this long to get db on the field.at dr weve been trying to play db in football and softball for a long time but to no avail.i cornered the softball coach at a clinic one time and she flat out said it wont happen because the db staff dont want it. ive coached softball at db rec leauge and at dr and you cant tell me its not a rivalry. almost every rec team ive coached some were going to or going to at the time to either db or dr. the db kids have been calling it one all week but now that they lost its not? lol gang bangers?? lol hey uncle vito why dont you ask the walnut sheriffs who has more bangers. they will tell you the asians have more at db.ya i know its over move on, and i will. but hey, . . . “its on” and next year will be even bigger!!

  • dranchhhh


    From listening to some of the old timers, its is not a natural rivalry. It almost seems like your mocking Roddy. This is about how DB people treated Ganesha folks back in the day. I haven’t quite had the pleasure of speaking to Roddy but This is far more deep rooted than u will ever understand.

  • Here’s the thing, I’m a BIG Roddy fan.

    He treats that program like it was a hot rod he worked all summer to buy. And when he has to manufacture something for it, he will — like this rivalry. They needed a rival, Roddy went out and proclaimed DB as their rival … even though DB has a very tradition-rich rivalry with Walnut already.

    So it may sound like mocking, but it’s more like me saying “I’m on to you, Roddy.”

  • Panther Fan

    There is no reason for DB to not look at DR as a rival. It’s there now whether DB Admin., Coaches, Parents, and students like it or not. If DB doesn’t like it and wants to hide from competition with DR, then DR will herd the brahmas and take them to slaughter in all the sports, not just football. My advice is to – Buck Up and play. DB The ball has been served, it is now in your court.

    Uncle_Vito – DR is named Diamond Ranch for the simple reason that students come from the Northern part of the city of Diamond Bar and the Phillips Ranch area of Pomona. The school sits on the border line of both Pomona(Phillips Ranch section of Pomona)and Diamond Bar. Check out the Thomas Bros. maps. Hence the name Diamond Ranch. Diamond from DIAMOND Bar and Ranch from Phillips RANCH. This is in no way Diamond Ranch wanting to be Diamond Bar. The chant you hear at most if not all events will be proof – WE ARE D R.

  • Aram, your take please?

    4 CIF championships at DBHS.
    Not one in 12 years at DRHS.
    Who can explain this?
    If DR is SO MUCH better than the Brahmas ever were??

  • DRanchhhh

    Geez you DB people are Bitter as hail!!

    I heard another schools fans talking about how dominant they were last year and had not even made it to a CIF championship game since the early 90’s. My advice, let the damn game go, lets focus on Walnut; Diamond Bars natural RIVAL…Haha!! Who cares about the past?? Why are CIF championships important that happened 30 year ago?? LMAO. Last I checked, the population was NO WHERE were it is now!! Stop bitchin’ and focus on your next weeks opponents like we are. That chapter is closed. See you guys in the playoffs!!

  • pantherfan

    Uncle vito
    Do you think they would send a gang banger to the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy from the class of 2009 football team. Academically two of the top institutions in the country and your our future leaders of this country.

  • BigDog

    Uncle Meat Head
    He knows why they call it Diamond Ranch.He’s just being a knucklehead.I’ve lived in Diamond Bar since 1983 and Diamond Bar HS yes had great sports programs just go into there gym and see all the banners. They couldn’t be touched by any teams in the SGV from 1984- 1988 by in any sports girls or boys.But the reason they had so many great teams is all the kids that didn’t want to go to Ganesha ended up at DB.And there were some pretty good athletes in all of DB in those years south side and north side.That’s why Charter Oak competes year in and year out.I believe it was Royal Oak? I’m not sure if that was the school that closed and now they draw kids from that side of town as well.If Diamond Ranch didn’t open Diamond Bar would still have some great programs and probably Terry Roche would still be coaching football at DB.

  • dog with no bite

    Big Dog, if it all the talent that went to DBHS cam from the kids on the north side, kids who would have gone to Ganesha back then or Diamond Ranch nowadays, why can’t DRHS complete the dream season at least once?????????

    You don’t have an answer for that. Your speechless.

  • Panther Fan

    It really sounds like Brahma folk are afraid that DR will take Walnut away from being their rival. Where will that leave DBHS? Placed in a new league, will no longer have any rivals and will be left out in the cold. After Fridays loss they sensed reality, fell into panic mode and started to boast about past accomplishments as if that will make it feel better. They’re letting everyone know just how far down DBHS has gone since their mighty past of the late 20th century.
    The Brahmas can sit back at the barn, graze in the pasture, and continue to remember the good ole days when they had a great past. Just hold those memories Brahma folk that’s all you’ve got left. Alzheimers will be settin in and then it’s all over. Don’t worry though DR will be there taking your place on the pedestal, as you wish it to be.

  • Buffalo Bills/DR Panthers

    Panther fan, by losing time after time because your kids don’t have the guts and your coach doesn’t have the game time sense to make adjustments when he losing the game? You’ve set a pattern, for losing, choking, blowing the big game. Way to go!

  • Panther Fan

    Thanks Buffalo, You just re-enforced my last comment. At least DR is getting to play the big game. It’s been how long for the Bramha folk to see their school in the playoffs? Probably sometime before DR was built. Now that DR is here, at least part of the Diamond Bar community can watch a playoff game. Win or Lose we will see you on the outside of the fence. You will be wishing you were on the inside once again.
    Bye Bye.

  • @Panther Fan

    I’m pretty sure DR existed in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,2002, and 2003

  • Panther Fan

    Close enough. At DR – 1999 was first yr of varsity with sophs & Juniors only. 02 was first league title, first year in Mt. Baldy lg. & first appearance in playoffs. During those last 5 years for DB, DR had 4 different head coaches. Then Tom Leach for 2004 & 2005 and now we have Roddy in his 5th yr. There was no stability in the program for the first seven years before Roddy. Just when DB was ending their appearances in the playoffs, DR was starting. So these last 7 years has been a long dry spell hasn’t it, next yr will make 8 then 9 then… see where it’s going for DB.
    My prediction for the Bonita vs. Diamond Bar game
    Bonita 52 Diamond Bar 13.

  • Outside looking in

    Roddy can’t close out the big game. He’s all show till a team punches you in the mouth, then the Panthers fold like a cheap suit. Can’t adjust to adversity in the clutch. His record proves it. Your gonna go hungry kitty kat waiting around for someone to hand you all the championship. You will always be remembered as the other team from Diamond Bar, THE ONES WHO COULD NEVER WIN IT ALL. Put that up on the locker room wall. It won’t mater. Your kids don’t handle the challenge of the Finals. They fold. Period. Look it up.

  • Panther Fan

    I see you gave yourself an appropriate name (Outsider looking in). DBHS will always be remembered as the other team from Diamond Bar, left out in the cold, The ones who can no longer MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS. You have sensed reallity, fell into panic mode and started to boast about past accomplishments as if that will make it feel better or change the outcome. Doing your best to belittle your Victor. You’ve set a pattern for losing – 7 years has been a long dry spell hasn’t it, next yr will make 8 then 9 then… Don’t worry though DR will be there taking your place on the pedestal, your worst nightmare has happened. I’m not saying that DR is SO MUCH better than what the Brahmas ever were, (The Brahmas did have a great past, but that is long gone and of no relevance to the present) It’s just that DR is better than what the Brahmas are now. In due time (maybe) the Brahmas will come back to prominence. Probably in a couple more decades. Well I’m done with you for now and will turn over the reins to Bonita, I’m sure Aaron will be looking forward to handling you on these blogs during the next few days.
    My prediction for the Bonita vs. Diamond Bar game
    Bonita 52 Diamond Bar 13.
    Good luck next year.

  • Where they at?

    YOU GOT NO BANNERS, cuz your boys quit in the end. Stick that feather in hat.

  • Why even bother?

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