All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 5 …

How good is Amat? … We just don’t know

1. Bishop Amat (5-0) — Haven’t played nearly the schedule of other Pac-5 heavyweights
2. Chino Hills (4-1) — Huskies own the best two wins of any area team … but that loss …
3. Bonita (4-0) — If ‘Cats don’t get Casey Horine back, the magic could be over
4. West Covina (4-1) — Huge league showdown at Rowland looms Friday
5. Glendora (4-1) — Let’s see whether the Tartans are Baseline League good
6. La Habra (2-3) — Three strikes you’re out against SoCal’s finest
7. St. Francis (3-1) — One-point loss to West Ranch stings
8. Whittier Christian (5-0) — Opponents’ combined overall records is 10-14
9. Azusa (4-0) — Aztecs should simply be worrying about style points going forward
10. Claremont (4-1) — Can’t wait for Sierra opener at home vs. Chino Hills
11. Charter Oak (3-2) — Defense carried the day vs. Santa Fe
12. San Dimas (3-2) — Saints are everyone’s favorite again in the VVL
13. Rowland (4-1) — Raiders’ line play will be tested heavily by WestCo
14. St. Paul (3-1) — The demise of St. Paul was greatly exaggerated
15. Cantwell (4-0) — Averaging 47 points per game vs. solid schedule
16. Ayala (4-1) — Four wins vs. teams with combined record of 4-16
17. Damien (3-1) — Bounced back from Amat loss in style … Sparty does try hard
18. Monrovia (2-2) — Sky may be the limit after ‘Cats got past South Hills
19. La Serna (4-1) — I was warned and warned, and here the Lancers
20. Arroyo (3-1) — Knights move up without even playing a game
21. Covina (4-1) — All of a sudden the Colts have fallen out of favor with the masses
22. El Rancho (3-1) — Dons are hoping it’s true: Fontana ain’t what it used to be
23. Maranatha (4-1) — The forgotten Olympic League team could be dangerous
24. Diamond Ranch (2-3) — Trust me, Panthers have improved from Week 0 to now
25. Schurr (2-2) — Spartans quietly on the improve vs. decent competition

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  • whitey

    hey, where the heck is the late great south hills team?

  • TC observer

    Amat’s opponents have not given them a serious challenge to this point.

    Amat controlled to Dominguez game until the final minutes and was able to escape w/a W.

    NO ONE can predict how strong an opponent will be when these games are scheduled.
    RR IS getting better. JM & ZS have been great. Adam Sanchez has also been getting better every week.

    Defense has been very good. Gener & Juarez leading the way. Adam Alcantara not playing like a rookie.

    No glaring issues with special teams.

    Overall, high B grade for the entire team.

    Coaching, superb as usual. ALWAYS prepared and able to make adjustments quickly.

    As the season moves forward, the PLAYERS/team have to avoid becoming complacent. The TOUGHEST part of the season is coming. There are NO gimmies in the Serra league.


    St Paul just beat Ayala 28-6. Ayala is still ranked and St Paul isn’t something is very wrong here you must have a kid at Ayala.

  • That loss….????

    That Chino Hills loss was not to some crappy Di. 7 team…they lost to a Santiago team that just beat a very good Roosevelt team an who lost to then #1 ranked vista murrieta in the last 16 seconds. The Huskies should be 5-0, many mistakes in their loss,but that’s why they play the games.The win Friday @ REVwas good. The husky D was stifilling. They also won without their best player Ifo Ekpre Olomu. He was out most of the 2nd halk with a shoulder separation

  • That loss….????

    That Chino Hills loss was not to some crappy Di. 7 team…they lost to a Santiago team that just beat a very good Roosevelt team an who lost to then #1 ranked vista murrieta in the last 16 seconds. The Huskies should be 5-0, many mistakes in their loss,but that’s why they play the games.The win Friday @ REVwas good. The husky D was stifilling. They also won without their best player Ifo Ekpre Olomu. He was out most of the 2nd halk with a shoulder separation

  • Aaron

    As much as we could use Casey Horine his loss is not that large. Granted it takes between two and four player to fill the hole he has left it does not matter. Casey is an excellent human being and is doing something very hard in teaching and leading from the sideline and it’s helping develop the younger players.

    Can you say Garrett Pendleton will torch DB…or will it be Giamani Johnson and Reggie Turner running them over?

  • Aaron

    As much as we could use Casey Horine his loss is not that large. Granted it takes between two and four player to fill the hole he has left it does not matter. Casey is an excellent human being and is doing something very hard in teaching and leading from the sideline and it’s helping develop the younger players.

    Can you say Garrett Pendleton will torch DB…or will it be Giamani Johnson and Reggie Turner running them over?

  • COChargerfan

    I typically stay away from the rankings discussions because for the most part they mean absolutely nothing. But come on, are these rankings some kind of joke? How can any rationally minded person put Azusa, Whittier Christian and St. Francis, La Habra and Claremont above CO? I’d also like to see the rationale for putting Bonita and West Covina above CO considering that we always hear, and Id like to say rightfully so, how historically Amat has dominated the other SGV teams as justification for their early rankings so why do you now discount the fact that historically CO has likewise dominated both West Covina and Bonita? Aram, have you already forgotten that CO won back-to-back CIF Titles against the likes of WC and Bonita? Just wondering.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I think West co. is ranked ahead of CO is because they beat Glendora and you guys lost….common opponent. I have also seen West co. , Claremont & Charter Oak play…In my opinion, West Co & Claremont are better teams. They have more talent. I do agree that Azusa is overrated.

    Your comment -> “historically CO has likewise dominated both West Covina and Bonita? Aram, have you already forgotten that CO won back-to-back CIF Titles against the likes of WC and Bonita? Just wondering.”

    Does this mean we should give the Oakland Raiders a free pass to the super bowl because they used to dominate??? It is all about what have you done lately….CO is 3-2. You have beaten an 0-4 Gardena team, a 1-3 Sante Fe team and an average Esperanza team (3-2 with wins over Santa Ana 0-4, El modena 2-3 & Santa fe 1-3)…not impressive. The only 2 teams you played in the inland division, you lost to and neither of them will be a factor come playoff time. I think it is time for all CO fans to step off their high horse and get real……….You re playing with the big boys now and no one OWES you anything for your past dominance of Div. V111 football.

  • The guru

    Does anyone know the situation on Billy Livingstons foot?? last i heard broken??….

  • GoDons

    No Sierra Vista? 4-0 and running up huge territory on the ground.

  • COChargerfan

    Sierra League fan…you do realize that WC and Bonita are still part of that crappy little Division that CO in your own words had past dominance over? Even Doc Brown understands that there’s a huge difference between giving earned respect to the PRESIDING (back to back) Southeast Champs and comparing them to what the Raiders accomplished over TWENTY years ago. And while WC beat Glendora, they also lost to Covina…that’s the same Covina who also lost to Walnut, who barely beat Northview and is ranked 353rd by Maxpreps. CO lost in very competitive games to the 104th and 53rd ranked teams, which is a far cry from getting beat by # 353.

    And while the Inland does have some big boys, this ranking is limited to SGV Teams so there goes all the ACTUAL big boys who all reside east of the 57 freeway and, thus, arent in the SGV. Heck, even Chino Hills isnt actually in the SGV (its not even in Los Angeles County) but it is understandable why they get mentioned in the SGV Trib as it would be pretty hard to talk about Damien, South Hills and CO without including their fellow Sierra League opponent.

    So what are youmy guess is youre probably a Glendora or maybe even a Claremont fan, which one? Both those teams who, BTW, in the past played in the much easier Central Division that didnt include the teams that are the new Inland Division big boysso quit comparing yourself to them. If youre a Glendora fan, you qualified for the playoffs 5 of the past 6 years only to be beaten in the first round 3 times and second the other 2. For Claremont, they havent even been to the playoffs since their 1st round loss in 2004. So stop kidding yourself and listen closely, on any given Friday night CO has more than enough talent to beat both GH and Claremont.

  • FredJ and Aram Question on how you rank the teams

    who are we kidding here. No disrespect to this poll or Azusa.. even at 4-0, how can Azusa be ranked #9? You have justification for ranking La Habra because of strength of schedule and the fact they could beat the teams ranked below them. Now I personally don’t think they can beat San Dimas, Monrovia or Whittier Christian, but I will give them their Mid Valley respect. Right now we will say they are the 2nd best in Midvalley. However if there was a tribskin pick ’em and Azusa played several teams that you have ranked lower than them would you pick Azusa over those teams? When you rank them that High, you are saying that they are better than those teams. For example in head to head, you would not pick Azusa to beat the following teams… Honestly I don’t think anyone will say they can beat these teams….So what do you factor in besides records when you do these polls? The way it looks, you are not factoring that fact that other teams, would beat them, and the fact that outside of Bell Gardens, everyone of the teams below, including top Mid Valley teams would shut out the opponents on their weak schedule….

    Charter Oak
    St. Paul
    Diamond Ranch

  • Nope…I’m a CHHS Alum/fan

    I am actually a Chino Hills fan. I graduated in 2009. I do think that of all the So Cal areas, The calibre of football played in the San Gabriel valley is weak. Aside from Amat, look at the calpreps or maxpreps rankings of the “top” teams in the SGV. I do think Charter Oak was a dominant force the last couple of years in the SGV….but that is not saying much. I think the Sierra league will be interesting. Can CO & So. Hills hang in a tougher league & division? If not, will they stop getting all the transfer that make them good? Chino Hills has had ZERO transfers in the last 3 years and have had success. We will see if we can hang in this new division. We had good showing against Tesoro (pac 5….top 25 la times) and Redlands East Valley (#4 inland division) but we played horrible against Santiago. I personally think it is Centennial & Norco….then everyone else.

  • BigCat

    The ‘Cats are playing a tough preseason schedule and breaking in new defensive backs. Wait until the league season starts to see the real ‘Cats.

  • COChargerfan

    CHHS Alum, the SGV maybe a lot better than you give them credit. Last year, Maxpreps ranked CO 24th in Section and 42nd in the State…while CHHS was 36th and 67th. The year before, CO was 23rd and 35th. And whywell last year CO beat Damien in pre-season and Damien went on to beat ALL the Sierra League teams except CHHS. In fact, Damien blanked both Claremont and Glendora. The year before CO also beat Damien who went on to smoke Claremont. Every year is new but that says something about the skill of the past two seasons CO teams and their chances against the new Sierra League. Ive said it before, CHHS is the class of the league and I hope both teams stay healthy for that end of the season game. As to the Inland playoffs, God help us all.

    As for South Hills, their CIF brothers shafted them by moving them into the Sierra and DII. SH won some lower Division Titles then got moved up the past 4 years with the likes of CO and DRanch where they lost. So, there wasnt any competitive justification to move them up another DivisionSH opposed the move but were denied by the same petty, vindictive CIF/school administrators that were hell-bent on sticking it to them.

    The CO transfer talk is just garbagevirtually every kid is home grown and the ones that have come into the school did so as lower classmen and lived within the district boundaries. Heck, I know some Covina kids that moved to Chino Hills, doesnt that make them residents as opposed to transfers? Look at Maurice Clement who technically transferred from LB Polyexcept he lives around the corner and walks to the schoolhes a resident. BTW, Id sure like to hear the CIF explain how CHHS with 3,000 kids and in a different geographical region got leagued with the SGV schools that have 2,000 kids? Makes zero sense so one could surmise that your Principal has some bedfellows and struck themself a sweet heart deal


    Your on any given Friday statement is just not true. On a certain Friday night CO had just that opportunity and failed and that is where they laid the doubt. How can you compare Amat’s as you put it domination of SGV team’s with CO’s being of the same thought on WC and Bonita to be ranked above them . I will tell you why they are not getting that same thought process because due to their loss to Glendora whether due to turnovers or not and another loss to RC maybe the high placement of CO is just not there this year. To be honest I believe that number 11 ranking is very generous and due to the fact of being 2 time CIF champions because if it wasn’t for that you might be in the 20’s. Even if Amat loses to say a Alemany or Crespi do they fall out of the number one spot. I’d say yes but do to that domination over SGV teams you wrote they do not . If they lost to Damien or Muir which are SGV teams of course because like CO losing to Glendora that would be a reflection on ranking SGV teams. I do agree with your assesment of La Habra. I don’t care if they scheduled up you do not get brownie points for getting beat by teams who should beat you. It’s like saying, man the guy’s a stud because he keeps knocking his head against a brickwall . He is not a stud he’s an idiot.

  • GHS


    GHS lost to Hart, Upland, Rancho and Corona Centennial. in the 1st and 2nd rounds the last few years. Not exactly the cup cakes CO has played in the playoffs.

  • COChargerfan

    I’m aware who GHS lost to in the playoffs and also that they got blanked last year by Damien, but that wasn’t the question. Instead, it was the comment that CO moved up against the big boys with GHS and Claremont being mentioned in the same sentence…and my response is that they’re not any bigger than CO. If you disagree, show me a quality WIN (not some loss) that proves otherwise.

    I said it because it is true, NOT TRUE…the records reflect that CO has beaten both WC and Bonita everytime they met for the past 4 years…and many of the games were pretty lopsided. It’s the same analogy.

    Preseason is almost done and now the real games begin…I’ve said before, the Hacienda will be interesting.

  • Dan

    Last year you had several D1 studs who have since graduated. This years team has little to do with your last two Championship teams or past years, your key players from those teams are gone. Since you want to bring up the past the best comparison for the past that has anything to do with now is that as freshmen this years WC seniors rolled over Charter Oak 42 to 21.
    Add to that the fact that we beat Glendora who beat you this year, and since you brought up Covina, we just rolled over the team that beat them, plus your boy’s lost two games this season and I think it justifies why WC is above you in the rankings. Bonita is still undefeated, and was pretty impressive before Casey Horine got hurt, with GP coming back at QB they should be rolling along just fine. They should be ranked above CO as well. I could see your gripe with Azusa and Whittier Christian because I’m pretty confident your boy’s would beat those teams head to head, but the other teams above you have an argument at least for this year.

  • Aaron


    All I have to say is that was last season.

  • Coach Pasadena

    Hey Dan

    The only reason you are talking trash is because you don’t have to face CO this year. So shut up!


    I agree the in past years CO has beaten WC and Bonita but due to the loss to Glendora and WC beating them you can throw out the past because we have a present on the situation . I know you do not the transitive theory but since WC beat GHS who beat CO it is safe to say WC would beat CO this next Friday if they played. Now the only comparison between CO and Bonita is like opponent SF . But that game could be considered a toss up due to the viewed difference of the two teams . Bonita playing tough ball and CO taking it on the chin a little so far this season, where as last year or the previous you would defintely take CO . Now you can see what the losses to GHS and RC do to CO’s stature in today’s rankings.

  • Billy’s Dad

    The foot is not broken!!!!!

  • Coach Pasadena


    Stats mean nothing I know this to be true in all my years of playing high school and college ball. What means everything,is when a team puts on it’s pads and how they match up aganist each other period.

  • Mr. Ed

    Coach pASSadena,
    since Dan does not engage individuals of your sort then allow me…WC plays anyone anywhere anytime all the while exchaning pleasantries throughout the contest. Dont you think shutup is a little strong coming from anonymity.

  • Coach Pasadena

    Mr. Ed

    Like I said before, WC is lucky the CIF moved CO and if you don’t believe me ask the kids at WC. They might have a chance now at winning a ring, so you WC fans need to thank our CIF.

  • Mr. Ed

    what do you want me to ask them. that buying a ring builds more character than building a program with what you have. WC will show up and stem the tide while you get the woman and children to safety, then you can sit down and write the history as you see fit.

  • COChargerfan

    So AGREE, let’s just assume for argument’s sake that there is a transitive application to football games…so where does that put WC when we drop in the Covina loss??? And you do realize that Rancho is the 53rd ranked team in the state and CO had a 4th quarter lead against them before running out of gas…so how is that loss compared to yours against WC who is ranked 353rd? And the best team doesn’t always win…I’ll say it again, CO is a better team than GHS.

    And it is curious that before CO played Santa Fe, Aaron commented that he was interested as to how CO would do against them but afterwards, not a peep. So Dan and Aaron, the fact that Bonita struggled against Santa Fe doesn’t bode well for BHS because CO literally steamrolled a much too small opponent on both lines of scrimmage. This is probably the matchup problem that Coach Pasadena understands that is lost on too many (plus, nobody has a solution for Rufus who is a man among boyssorry RC, he tore you guys up and the only stops came on two non-called pass interference penalties). See, CO’s lines played well in both losses…on the defensive side the problem has been that the linebackers and safety were not filling the holes and making tackles. Against Santa Fe, CO’s d-line was so dominant that the LB’s and Safety had an easy night. And as evidenced by the yardage gained, the o-line has performed well every game.

    CO did lose some great players from last year’s team but the cupboard is far from being bare…Rufus (a Pac-10 quality CB or WR), Santiago, Thropay and Orosco all returned. Plus there are some really talented new faces including Scoby (freshman) and Garcia (sophomore) who are tearing it up as running backs. Scoby was out for the Santa Fe game and Garcia filled in with a 168 yard (6.22/carry) night. They’re big shoes but these youngsters have the talent to be every bit as good as Muema and Golden.

    I’ll say it again, it is funny that CO beats WC and Bonita for 4 straight years so the Miramonte league representatives (i.e. Principals) band together to throw them out of the league and Division and the very next year their fans are saying bring CO on because we’ll kick their tails. Tell the truth Aaron, Dan and WC fans, when CO got moved out of your league and Division, all of you jumped up and down like a five year old on their birthday…are you guys going to now say that this isn’t true?

  • Mr. Ed

    correct, its not true, but you folks still fail to see the beauty of it all. you have now become what you so desperately tried to convince us you are not. i believe writers call it irony.try to find joy throughout this season and do not pass your sense of delusional existence on to the chillns.

  • Dan

    Coach Pasadena,
    Geeee, OKaaay I’ll shut up, whatever you say coach!
    Would that be JAA coach? Why does my rebutal to COChargerfan touch a nerve with a Pasadena blogger like you? With all the players they get from your area
    it’s suprising to see you hanging on the CO jockstrap the way you are. Unless maybe your the culprit! Could you be the Pasadena to CO connection???
    Your wrong, most WC fans did not want to see CO go, they like me looked forward to the challenge of WC vs CO. I also know for a fact that Coach Maggiore called CO in the off season for a WC/CO home and home this year, that tells you he also enjoyed playing CO.
    Your the one who brought all this up by crying that WC and Bonita were ranked above CO, you also brought up the past, which has no relevance to this season, those boy’s are gone, at least with my comparison of these boy’s when they were freshmen we’re talking about mostly the same group of kids. As for your “D” line’s dominance over Santa Fe, WC is a different story, we have the same boy’s that steamrolled your boy’s for 3 hundred last season, your linebackers wouldn’t have such an easy night, our linemen would be all over them like last year. We have a fast physical “D” this year that could match up well with Rufus and the rest of your “O”. My point is not that we would beat CO this year although I think we would, but that WC’s ranking above CO is justified with your two losses. Rancho C. is not as good this year and we beat Glendora which your team didn’t. You bring up the Covina loss, well the loss to Covina was quite a meltdown, I give them credit, they wanted it more that night in the forth quarter but we have learned from that and have not loss since then, look what we just did to the team that just beat them, and believe me Friday’s game wasn’t as close as the 41 to 24 score, the game was kept that close by our special team mistakes. You keep bringing up turnovers in your loss to Glendora, well then if you want to play the excuse game, afford us that same excuse with Covina, we had 6 in that game including a fumbled snap on first and goal at the 1, and a screen pass thrown right into the hands of a “D” end who returned it for a score. I could say those two plays right there are a 14 point turn around, but credit goes to the Covina “D” for responding in those plays, just like Glendora did to your team.

  • GHS


    GHS quality wins last few years include Chino Hills(09),
    Etiwanda (08),(07) Upland Playoffs (07) We won’t count CO (10).
    Looking over CO the last few years all I can see is Etiwanda (08)(09)
    For as much crap as you guys talk you play a very average schedule at best. You try and put yourselves up there with the REAL elite programs but there is just NO substance, Big fish in a small pond the last few years with a HUGE mouth. It will be nice to see the Sierra league shut that pie hole!!!!

  • AGREE ??????

    Why bring in the loss to Covina . Where is the connection . And don’t be so hard on WC,Bonita,Dan and Aaron for jumping for joy if in fact they were because as high as they were jumping you were just as low crying that you moved up and had to face some big boys in the playoffs from now on. One thing I notice about your posts is that you always make some sort of excuse when your team loses. It is never because you just plain got beat. No with you it’s something as no calls or stat wise we kicked butt or some reason other thatn the facts. Yes you have lost 2 games so far and not even in league yet.

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  • Kiss your sister

    COChargerfan – remember – CO’s best “win” in the past two years is a tie to Rancho Cucamonga – in a game you didn’t even finish. Had they played OT – I’m betting it would have been a loss

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  • Chino Hills Fan

    What da hell ya’ll talkin about, my wister is fiiinnnee!

  • dranchhhh

    Mr. Ed,

    Building a program? @ wc? So your telling me that coach who feeds his kids several supplements for weight and muscle gain is building a program. Creatine and Amino acids are perfectly legal but what is he really teaching them? O btw my info comes from within the wc camp from 2 different coaches.

    I do envy you guys though…I mean to have over 13 guys benching over 300 lbs is exceptional. That’s the result of a lot crea….sorry hard work and dedication.

  • Dan

    I hope this really isn’t you posting that BS slander on the WC coaches, I know your quite the controversal poster on this blog but I’m hopeing the real dranchhh on this blog wouldn’t sink to that level. I thought the real dranchhh sort of came to his senses and tried to be a little more sensible on his post. Whoever you are posting this BS why would you spread lies and slander like your trying to do, is it because WC is haveing a little success? Have some class instead of being the scumbag that you’re being right now, These boys have been hitting the weights since last winter, they have put in the work the right way, give them credit for that, instead of attacking their image,,,wow, what a scumbag!

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