• Aaron

    They have a case.

  • ?

    FRED!!! What’s up? Why the beef? lol…


    Aaron ,
    Please state your case for Chino Hills being number 1. I really would like to read this .

  • Aaron

    I want to write something but it would be inappropriate. It seems Fred not only has season tickets to Amat, but has free food at the tailgates too.

    Is the Tribune paying for his reefer too? I mean…I didn’t expect you to look at the situation objectively and well…Fred went homer on you so he loses big.

  • Well Done Aram

    Fred’s out of control…

    Mayfair, Santiago, TESORO, Pomona, REDLANDS – Chino Hills

    Garfield, DOMINGUEZ, Muir, Damien, Cathedral – Bishop Amat

    How in the world can you lean Amats way?

  • To be clear:

    Aram: My whole case is that there is some debate to it because Chino Hills has two big wins and have played the tougher schedule

    Fred: There’s no argument whatsoever. And it’s crazy to even discuss it. That’s partly because Chino Hills has a loss, and it’s a good point.

    I don’t mind the whole Chino Hills has a loss argument, but you can’t sit there with a straight face and say Amat has played a better schedule.

    And Chino Hills has TWO huge wins while Amat has only one.

  • What about Chino Hills’ win over Mayfair? Take a look at who Mayfair has played. Their other two losses are to Lakewood and Los Alamitos, and both losses look like they were competitive games.

  • Aaron

    Chino Hills beat REV…better than any win Amat has.

    Chino Hills only loss is to a solid division opponent. And if Fred wants to know who REV has beaten…the vaunted Orange Lutheran and Clovis East.

    Of course the teams Chino Hills has beaten would have scored more points…they’re ranked higher. Tesoro is 4-1 this season and look like they’ll finish second or third in the South Coast League depending on who wins the game between San Clemente.

    Damien isn’t that strong or at least that was the consensus around these parts before the season began and Cathedral…tell me you’re joking they squeeked by Glendale…the one of the bottom feeders of the Pacific league.

    Does having Pomona on the schedule stink? Yes but so does Muir, Muir has a roster of about 33 players on a good day and they suited 26.

  • Jastrab


    I see your point about SOS, but I did not hear about Crespi’s win over the top ranked Inland team, Vista Murrieta.

    Amat also has pulled its starters in the third and half in the last two games. Yes, the I give CH the schedule, but Tesoro and Santa Margarita both did not make the playoffs and both are in re-building mode. They have yet to prove what they can do in the PAC5. Yes, they look very strong, but, but but.

    Look at it from top to bottom. If Garfield is the weakest Amat opponent, where is Pomona. Garfield will probably make the semis in the city and make some noise.


  • Anonymous

    Chino Hills by far have the tougher preseason schedule. Bishop Amat would most likley by 0-4 or 1-4 if they have this same schedule.

  • Jastrab

    Olu is not vaunted. If you want to use that argument please remember they also played Garfield and if I recall Garfield scored on Olu and the margin of victory was closer with Olu 3 – 15 versus Amat 0 – 23. That was also Olu that lost to REV 6 to 10. Is Garfield really that bad or?

    Cathedral also hung with Serra last year and for my money Serra (the one in Gardena) is probably as good as any team in the state this year. Yes, including MVHS and Servite. That is probably a team that does not get the recognition, but has the talent, lines (D and O) along with skill players to play anyone, including all of the IE.

    I would argue for a tie, but Amat has done nothing to be ranked lower and CH has done everything to move up to #1.

    I also believe that CO will beat CH this year. You have to love CO and that staff and Big Lou will find a way to win.


  • If CO can beat Ayala, Claremont and Damien, then that sets up CO vs. Chino Hills, both 3-0 in league in the second-to-last Friday of the season. If Santiago isn’t healthy, it may not happen.

    But what a setting that would be if CH was 8-1 and CO was 6-2 and both teams unbeaten in league.

  • Aaron

    You Amat fans always talk about that win against Orange Lutheran…so you come out and say OLu isn’t vaunted…well my statement was sarcastic. All I have to say is based on Amat fan standards…your schedule is weak.

  • 2 more weeks!

    If Bishop Amat beats Crespi, this debate will be immediately over.


    Yes Chino Hills schedule is far tougher than Amats. Based on that they deserve the number one ranking. Put both teams on the field and who comes out on top . Case settled. CH could not even come close to Amat in that game . What you probably get is a replay of Amat vs Damien . But based on SOS give the number one ranking to CH. It’s a no brainer.

  • The real SGV

    Im lost….. CO shouldnt even be in the conversation, haha the only 2 good teams they played they lost to?? Chills played 3 ranked teams and beat both of them and keep in mind they played santiago without their starting o line….from what i hear, so how can you even add co to the conversation? I will make sure thats one of the games i make it to for sure! Keep the hope alive CO …….

  • Jastrab


    That would be epic as Jim Rome would say. I went to the CO game and saw Santiago was walking around with a headset. I hope he can return for league and that ankle heals well.





  • whitey

    this qustion about who is number one is very, complicated and needs to be looked at on many levels, so in a word Amat #1…………lol

  • WOW!!!

    10pm and it’s about 60/40 in favor of Chino Hills. Even with it being a close 50-50 or 55-45 for Amat, Fred must be wondering! Aram took this debate over Fred… Nice try Fred!

  • We Run SGV

    Aram u must be dumb to think that what amat has done in the past 3 years so far and think that chino hills could compete with amat???? hahahaha wow…. Amat put diamond ranch(d-7 runner up), west covina, damien, etc. all to shame… they got ur little girl scouts at charter oak afraid to ever play them ever again and south hills won’t even dare to speak of Amat.. Chino Hills will never compete and this might be the stupidest argument i have ever seen on the blogs… Fred has been going to a bunch of amat games in the past couple years and he has seen them go to work on plenty of teams… Chino Hills in no way shape or form could compete with Amat… No team in the sgv can… its only obvious… They have the best coaching, which makes the players better…. And most of all defense wins championships. what team do u see doing what amat has in the past couple of years and espcially now??? Soo much doubt on Amat at all times by the sgv and now no one wants to admit the fact that they are clearly the best in the sgv… Aram the weather must have hit you really hard for u to be thinking and saying the things you are saying haha…. Amat by far is the best team in the sgv and always will b… KO goes to Fred, haha put Aram to sleep!

  • gangster

    you lames are a joke find another job u two are dumb and dumber, the beavis and butthead of prep sports reporting fred you dont got a clue about being a athlete u never put in work, grow a brain why dont you and aram buy a snuggie and slip in it together and get ur rocks off talking about bishop amat football i agree with that guy from concord de la salle ur on the nuts waiting for the gravy

  • COChargerfan

    So Freddy…Dominguez is some great signature win? The same Dominguez that is in Division 4 and is leagued with those powerhouse teams Downey, Paramount, Gahr, Lynwood and Warren? That Dominguezgive me a break. Sure, they beat Crespi in the very first game but if they played tomorrow Id bet the house on Crespi by more than 3 TDswouldnt you also? And Dominguez beat Notre Dame last week by 4 pointsthe same Notre Dame that is now 1-4 and lost to Taftanybody picking Notre Dame in the Pac-5 finals this year? Maybe not because unless they improve dramatically it appears that they wont even qualify for the playoffs. And lets not forget, this Dominguez team also beat Compton 14-0 and Compton got smoked last week by Lakewood 37-0.

    And lets not forget about Santiago. So their opening week loss to Pac-5 Dana Hills makes them a bad teameven though Santiago took Vista Murrieta to the wire? I know, Crespi beat VMlike I said earlier, not the same Crespi that lost to Dominguez. Besides, Santiago is a D2 team that is ranked 58 in the State by Maxpreps so not exactly some crappy team.

    Dont get me wrong. Dominguez is a good team but in my opinion they are way over-hyped teamwant proof? Last year, they were 6-6 overall, 3-2 in league with losses to Compton, Warren and Gahr but still wound up ranked 113th in the Stateand they didnt even get to the finals in a CIF division that was won by a Mira Costa team that lost in preseason to both Loyola and Esperanza.

    So Freddy, you think that Amat beating D4 Dominguez is on par with the CHHSs wins over D1/Pac-5 Tesoro or D2 REV? A REV team that beat a Central D1 Clovis East and D1/Pac-5 Orange Lutheran? Really?

    And arguing via padded stats that were run up against woefully undermanned teams is laughablethat means zero when comparing two teams that played an entirely different quality of teams.

    Im not predicting whod win if Amat and CHHS played next week but at this point in the season, CHHS clearly wins the argument for whos done moreand isnt that what rakings are all about?

  • FredJ

    COChargers fan
    The question isn’t whether Amat can handle a tough schedule, they’re proven they can, they’ve done it the past two years, and even with a non-league schedule not as difficult as the previous two years they’re blowing out opponents by an average of three touchdowns. Let’s see Chino Hills and Charter Oak beat Damien by 35 points, which was over at half, 35-0. Say what you want about Dominguez, but how impressive is that they’re 4-1 after playing Crespi, Notre Dame and Bishop Amat, regardless of what league they compete in. That’s almost the equivalent of what Diamond Ranch has tried to do in recent years, except for the wins. The fact is, it’s not a debate because you can’t lose 24-12 to Corona Santiago, a team that is 2-2 with losses to 2-3 Dana Hills (49-20), and another loss to Vista Murrieta (21-17), and claim you deserve to be in the argument over a Bishop Amat that is 5-0 and No. 4 in the Pac-5. I’m not saying Chino Hills isn’t worthy or couldn’t beat Bishop Amat, for sure they can compete with them after what they just accomplished. There is no other team in our coverage area who would stand a fighting chance except for Chino Hills, but if you have to crown No. 1, or if this was the end of the year and you had to pick a champion based on what’s happened through week six, it’s Bishop Amat without question. That’s not being a homer, that’s reality, and just about every state, region or national poll backs me up on this…..The beef of Aram’s argument is the schedule, which is why his poll question isn’t who deserves to be No. 1, but who has played a tougher schedule. Yes, you can argue Chino Hills has played a tougher schedule to this point, but they have a loss to a team that is not as good as the two big wins on their resume. I’ve always felt the great teams win games they’re supposed to win, which has been the case for Amat for three straight years. They never lose a game they’re “supposed” to win, and win games that surprise you. Chino Hills already has a loss over a team they should have beaten, you can’t ignore that. It’s easy to get all fired up and pumped up against the great teams, but what do you do when the bullseye’s on your chest? That’s what Chino Hills is about to find out as the overwhelming favorite in the Sierra.

  • Unreal…

    I’m not saying that gambling on High School sports is right but….

    If you had to bet the farm on Amat vs. Chino Hills who would you pick? Lets make it a little more interesting and make Amat a -2.5.

    I’m sure Fred and Aram are both taking Amat and most of you posting would also pick Amat.

    Chino Hills has played a great schedule and has won some impressive games but this is an Amat team that has a very good defense and a high powered offense that is arguably better than last year’s teams. For the record, I think Charter Oak takes care of Chino Hills.

    It’s also interesting to note that as soon as Amat plays Crespi our strength of schedule becomes better than Chino Hills’. Which makes this argument seem rather silly.

    My pick: Amat

    Go AMAT!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    If this is solely based on SOS then by all means Chino Hills deserves the number 1 ranking and AMAT should be further down behind anyone who has a stonger SOS and quality losses as opposed to nonquality wins that AMAT has .What’s fair is fair and afterall I think La Habra’s SOS and quality losses might out weigh CH’s quality losses .But then their wins might not be as high quality of CH’s. I’ve said a along these rankings are of no matter to me but this is getting amusing. First off is this ranking based on SOS or wins and losses or game stats or now the new catagory ” quality losses ” or what exactly is the criteria for the rankings. If you want to say CH 2 wins and quality losses count more than AMAT’S 4 wins fine . We are now at the point where who you lose to matters instead of winning all your games.Is that because that is the only knock you can put on AMAT. Now cocf butts in with with how bad of a win over Dominguez was and discounts them beating ND and Crespi. cocf please explain how the Crespi team that lost to Dominguez is not the same team that beat Vista M .Other then a good team learns from their losses how is not the same, weapons, playbook, transfers, players back from injury ? To close it out like I said do not just look at Chino Hills because other teams do play tough schedules so keep them in mind . So after all that my feeling is yes CH deserves the number one ranking base on SOS and quality losses over AMAT’S non quality wins and lower SOS if that is the criteria.

  • COChargerfan

    I don’t care about scores…some teams run it up, others are more conservative with a big lead and are content on eating the clock by running the ball. I read your article that says Amat left Rio (and I assume the rest of the starters) in until the beginning of the 4th quarter so it doesnt appear that they shut it down at half time.

    What I’m saying is look at the difference in the quality of the teams. Per Maxpreps, Amat’s opponents are ranked 383, 33 (the over rated Dominguez), 299, 142 (huhhow on Earth is Damien ranked this high?) and 232. And CHHS’s opponents are 134, 58, 39, 524 and 57. That’s a big, big difference and wouldn’t you expect that the scores would be closer when two good teams tangle vs. one really good team taking on a mediocre opponent? That’s why stats and scores can be misleading.

    You are bagging on Santiagos loss to #113 ranked Pac-5 Dana Hills (thats higher ranked than 4 out of 5 of Amats opponents) but let me ask you a questiondont you think that Santiago, who plays in one of the toughest leagues in the State with Centennial, Norco, Corona and even Roosevelt, would blow out Garfield, Muir and Cathedral and soundly beat Damien? They would. And my guess is that on neutral ground Santiago would be favored over Dominguez and take them down by maybe 10 points. Like Aram said, you are heavily discounting the quality of the teams in the IE.

    So, doesnt the above put CHHS loss vs. Amats wins into a little clearer perspective? And this is coming from a SGV/Amat supporter who would be sitting on Amats side if they played CHHS.

    Id put Amat and CHHS as 1 and 1atoo close to call based upon Amat’s reputation vs. CHHS’s body of work to date. What the future holds, only time will tell.

    And Amat 73, I’m not discounting Amats win over Dominguez but am saying that Dominguez was ranked much higher than reality last year (living off their past accomplishments) and are a D4 level team that hasn’t won a title for a few years…in a Division whose winner lost to an average Loyola team and Esperanza. I’m not making this up…this stuff really happened. And Crespi hired a new coach so I imagine that it has taken the players a few games to acclimatedont you think that the scores indicate that Crespi is improving?

  • FredJ

    CO Fan, one simple question, if there was a Vegas betting line pitting Chino Hills and Bishop Amat on a neutral field, who would be favored? Amat and you know it.

  • Mikey

    I enjoyed the debate!! I side with Aram that Chino Hills schedule is tougher than Amat’s to this point in the season. I side with Fred that Amat is a better team.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter. Chino Hills will face the Inland powers such as Corona Centennial or Norco come playoff time… Amat, playing in the powerful Serra, gets the Trinity, Moore & South Coast leagues in the Pac 5 playoffs…

  • Unreal…

    Hey Fred…

    Thanks for stealing part of my arguement. Haha J/K. Everybody on this blog, with the exception of some Chino Hills fans, would take Amat in bet with a decent line.

  • Mike Smith

    The debate isn’t whether Chino Hills is better than Amat (b/c Aram agrees with Fred, they both rank Amat #1). The debate is whether Chino Hills is even in the discussion…and I can’t believe Fred discounts them so quickly.

    The real question is how does Amat have such a soft schedule considering they are such a “big time” team…the trend these days is for these power house schools to take on all comers. Its not college football…you can schedule up in the nonleague b/c you make playoff based on your league performance. Garfield, Cathedral, Damien, Muir?…Really? These are decent teams…but lets look at who some of the big boys around the southland have scheduled during the nonleague:

    Mission Viejo (LB Poly, Carson, Redlands East Valley)
    LB Poly (Mission Viejo, St. Bonaventure)
    Oaks Christian (Alemany, St. Bonaventure, Westlake)

    Amat is the best team in this area…and should ALWAYS play the best schedule…what would their record be if they played La Habra’s schedule (Orange Lutheran, La Mirada, Servite, Downey, and St. John Bosco)? Three Trinity League teams!!

    Unless its a Charter Oak in their prime type situation…there is no reason for Amat to EVER play another game against another SGV team…and TWO teams from EAST LA?!…go to Orange County…go deep into the Inland Empire…if you want to pick on a small private school, call Oaks Christian or Serra…not Cathedral.

  • Excellent points, Mike Smith.

    The reason given to Fred for Amat’s weak schedule was the reshuffling of some leagues and divisions caused Amat’s opponents to have to cancel. So that sent Coach Hagerty scrambling to fill spots.

    I can see that … but I can also see new QB, best WR not eligible until Game 5, many new faces on defense … let’s build confidence.

    As I’ve said all along, my advice to Coach Hagerty is to go east, young man. There’s life past the 57 Freeway and it’s not just Damien. Schedule some Inland Division teams. Heck, schedule Chino Hills!

  • St. Paul 77

    We would all like to see Amat versus Chino Hills. The Lancers offense with Rio, is starting to roll including their latest recruits er transfers (Oh, to be in catholic school again!), and Chino Hills with their brutal defense which just clicked at half time of the Tesoro game. Tesoro went scoreless in the second half and REV with massive linemen could not get near the end zone. That would be one hell of a game. Do you think we could find a venue? How many would pay to see that game…..

    I’ll take the Huskies!

  • AMAT 73

    Did you not read where I wrote good teams learn from their losses. Doesn’t mean Crespi was a bad team when they lost to Dominguez, just means Dominguez beat them and Crespi was not ready for them . Maybe they tought like you and figured Dominguez was over rated and no need to worry easy win, hence learn from your losses. They also beat ND . You can come on here and say ND and Crespi are not that good and Loyola is average and the Serra is weak and all that but beating Crespi and ND is still quite an accomplishment. Against who are you comparing Loyola being average . And quit with the AMAT supporter bs because you know if we lose to Venice or anyone else you would be turning cartwheels and lighting fireworks and probably be the first on the blog to sound the trumpets. Do me a favor just stay on the visitors side when you come to Kiefer where you belong. To put it mildly we would kick the crap out of your 1a CH all night long at their home, our home,your home fields or at a neutral field 10 out of 10 times.
    Aram ,
    What does it look like when you factor in total schedule . I would like to know and see where both lie as far as SOS.

  • Unreal…

    Amat 73,

    Overall SOS


    Chino Hills=28.8

    This wont be 100% accurate until the end of the season because teams’ ratings change as the season goes on.

    According to cal preps, Amat’s best wins are against Dominguez (45.2) and Damien (28.2) and Chino Hills’ are against Tesoro (44.5) and REV (40.8). Amat’s one win is still bigger than either of Chino Hills’ and it was only Rio’s second start at QB on an offense that clearly wasn’t “clicking” yet. Our offense now is much better and will be much better with the addition of Brok and Wallace just ask Cathedral and Damien.

  • Quick Points

    Chino Hills would have shut out REV if it wasn’t for a bad call on a Harris pick in the end zone… Chino Hills did start a make shift OLine vs. Santiago with their 2 biggest hogs injured… Chino Hills will play Damien later this year so we can see how that works out… Rumor: Chino Hills VS. Amat next year week zero, just watch and see

  • FredJ

    Mike, the reason for Amat’s “soft” schedule is because divisions and leagues were realigned, so several schools were forced to scramble to put schedules together.

  • COChargerfan

    Whoa Amat 73somebody needs a sedative and a cold onerelax dude, its just a discussion. For starters, I never said Crespi or Dominguez arent any good, heck, it looks like Crespi is really, really good and will be in the mix with Alemany and Amat for the Serra League crown. Dominguez is presently a good not elite team that gets a lot of pub from the Times so everyone makes them out to be better than they really arecome on, how many 6-6 teams that play in a weak league get that much hype? No one. And I dont know the details of why Crespi lost to Dominguez and I’m not one to speculate but it was their opening game and lately their passing game is on fire, hence, it certainly appears that they have improved a lot. I see that Crespi plays Taft this week so it will be interesting to compare how they fare.

    And I never said it previously but since you brought it up, it looks like ND isnt all that great this yearreally, is there any other conclusion than that from NDs 1-4 record with two of those losses being to Taft and Dominguezsecond or third tier teams that they handled easily last year? Are you really denying that this is true? Because, the alternative is that if ND is still an elite team that means that the better D4 and City Section teams are playing in the Pac-5 elites kitchen.

    And Loyola was average last year, actually, they were a below average Pac-5 team as they were 4-6. But that wasnt my pointI said they were still good enough to beat the team that won CIF in Dominguezs Divisionso where does that historically put Dominguez especially considering that they didnt even make their lower Division finals? And the peanut gallery shouted in unison….OVERRATED.

    Freddy, Vegas called and the line is Amat by 3a line that will entice all the Amat fans to unload their savings accounts so by game time the spread will be up to 8 which is when all the smart betters will move in to make a killing. Back to reality, I find it totally amazing that no matter what scores they read, the Pac-5 disciples refuse to give any respect to so many of these teams that are outside of their Division. Come on 73, you MUST remember Los Osos, dont you? So what makes you so certain that CHHS couldnt win? Confidence is one thing but arrogance (10 out of 10 times) is whole different animal.

    And Amat is going to beat Venice by a lotand 73 I hope youre feeling better now but somehow I doubt it.

  • FredJ

    Mike Smith or Aram, the question on the thread asks: Does Chino Hills have a case to be No. 1 over Amat? Not do they deserve to be in the conversation or discussion as both of you have conveniently suggested since to make your arguments better. Aram’s great at doing this:) The question asks: Does Chino Hills have a case to be No. 1 OVER Amat right now. The answer is no, not while Bishop Amat is undefeated and Chino Hills has a loss over a team it was supposed to beat, which is much different than two huge wins and a loss to a team that was far superior, which is when strength of schedule actually means something. When you lose, and you lose to a team you’re supposed to beat, that pretty much ends the argument unless or until Amat, proven since 2008, and 15-2 since 2009, loses a game.

  • Amat 82

    Really! How could you have this discussion when everything will change next Friday and every Friday until the season is over.

    I think the real question to debate is which team will continue winning and go farthest in the CIF Playoffs.

    As of right now no person with half a brain would rank an undefeated team behind a one loss team. especially for No. 1.

  • numbers

    COChargerfan, Aram, and what ever other knuckleheads are spouting off about CH beating Tesoro & REV, Respond to “Unreal” below.

    “Overall SOS


    Chino Hills=28.8

    This wont be 100% accurate until the end of the season because teams’ ratings change as the season goes on.

    According to Cal Preps, Amat’s best wins are against Dominguez (45.2) and Damien (28.2) and Chino Hills’ are against Tesoro (44.5) and REV (40.8). Amat’s one win is still bigger than either of Chino Hills’

    and then

    Cpmpare Divisions
    1 Southern Pac-5 (I) 70-28-1 36.1 27.2
    3 Southern Inland (II) 53-37-1 27.4 25

    cpmpare leagues
    Rank League State non-league W-L Top 1000 non-league W-L Top 7000 non-league W-L Average Rating non-league Schedule Strength
    2 Serra Southern 17-8 6-8 17-8 43.8 33.1
    12 Sierra Southern 19-9 2-6 13-9 29.4 20.4

    compare teams
    Rank School State League Division W-L League W-L Division W-L Rating Schedule Strength Opponents’ W-L
    18 Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) Southern Serra Pac-5 (I) 5-0 0-0 0-0 50.5 24.9 12-10
    31 Chino Hills (CA) Southern Sierra Inland (II) 4-1 0-0 1-1 45.5 31.8 14-9

    CalPreps projection
    Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 28, Chino Hills (CA) 17

  • JFR

    Do I sense a little friction between Aram and Fred, I like it.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    The strength of schedule you are using is for the whole season ….correct? The question is who should be ranked #1 now and who has had the strongest schedule so far. There is no question that Chino Hill’s schedule is tougher in their 1st 5 games. Chino Hill’s SOS averages 31.8 as opposed to Amat’s 24.9. If you were to throw out each teams top rated opponents so far – Tesoro 44.5 (chino Hills) and Dominguez 45.2 (Amat) then the SOS gap widens even more with Chino Hills SOS = 28.6 and Amat’s = 19.75.
    Chino Hills had tried to play a tougher schedule to get ready for their new division and it seems as though Amat is just looking for wins. They have not played anyone in their own division or an equal division ( I am not counting a horrible LA Garfield team). My moto is “If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best”. At least Chino Hills is playing playoff teams from it’s own division and higher. Amat could schedule games against Pac teams or even inland division playoff teams. Amat fans have been making so much about their win against Damien….just a reminder, Last year Amat Beat Damien 29-20…Chino Hills beat them 38-6 and Damien is worse this year.

  • chew on this

    Chino Hills Husky Fan – I’m glad you pointed out that Amat’s best win was better than CH best win. Interesteing that you then tried to throw that one out. I’m not sure you should dismiss the “horrible” Garfield team. Who played Olu to a 15-3 game and your next “tough” win REV only beat Olu 10-6. Maybe their’s not sucha gap between Garfield and REV (or Chino Hills who squeaked by REV)?

  • Unreal…


    You guys also have a loss against a team you should have beat. Amat beats everyone they are suppose to and will beat teams they aren’t suppose to beat.

    Amat can draw kids from anywhere, as has been previously stated. Don’t you think Hagerty knows this when he schedules SGV area teams, Garfield, and Cathedral. It’s a recruiting parade for our program and a confidence builder for out 1st year QB. Our league is tough enough to get us ready for the playoffs. Amat don’t have to impress in pre-season like other teams in weak leagues, we play in the #9 ranked Serra.

    This isn’t even an argument until both teams have an identical record and will be a non-issue as soon as we get started in league. If I were you I would put my Venice Football hat on and start praying for a miracle because that’s the only way any arguments on this topic will hold water.

    To the SGV: Please schedule Amat so we can show your impressionable 12 and 13 year olds what Pac-5 football is all about. Or you can take a page from the Bogan and Farrar book (Probably the smart thing to do).

  • Why so much Amat talk??????

    Why is there so much talk about a program who has marginal success in recent years? For a private school who has the whole San Gabriel valley to recruit from, Amat sure has little to show for it. They have not gotten past the quarter finals of the playoffs since I can remember. Chino Hills doesn’t claim to be all mighty as far as I have read. Beside, Chino Hills is a relatively new program as opposed to Amat’s long standing tradition. I am tired of hearing all about Amat….they have not done anything to brag about….Chino Hills is a decent program, but they are still building a foundation and aren’t quite there yet.

  • AMAT 73

    Do not confuse your arrogance for my confidence. Athough in your mind it seems like an arrogant statement ,I was making a statement that I am fully confident in that AMAT would beat CH 10 out of 10 . I truely do not believe being an AMAT grad or by our team being good makes me any better than the next guy or give me the right for an arrogant attitude . I am just confident in what our team is capable of and back it with history and knowing AMAT football . You on the other hand you are already getting your excuses ready if CO fails in there quest for a 3rd championship . The large enrollment and so forth . I believe I have more respect and what they are capable of CO then you do . The league CO is in now is no different than what they have been facing in past years and dominating. I mean really do you see CO losing to Damien , SH , Ayala , and now CH who I am not sure they have played before but they have beaten teams of their caliber in the past. If you were to come on here and say CO will win league outright I would look at the as a confident statement not arrogant because you have the backing to say it . Much the same as when I say 10 out of 10 . I totally know this a discussion and for you to think to come on here and say I need a beer and a sedative and writing AMAT will beat Venice by alot makes me feel better but then you say you doubt it, well I believe that is just your arrogant attitude again showing with those statements.

  • COChargerfan

    Amat 73I guess that weve now crossed over from you addressing the scores and logic to personally attacking meso, Ill take that to mean that you are agreeing that Dominguez is overrated.

    Not making any excuses but instead am being realistic in COs chances of beating their new running mates for a titlethe kids will compete and Ill be there cheering them on but an Inland title is a pipe dreamand I also understand that Im not ever going to play big league baseball either. But being in the mix for the Sierra League crown is a different story and Ive never said that this isnt attainable.

    Any way you slice it, predicting youd beat a high quality team 10 times in a row is arrogance. So, if you beat Los Osos the next 8 times, wouldnt that make you 8-2 against them? My point isnt to knock Amat but to show that it is not so easy to win every game against an opponent with athletes that are as good as yourself. BTW, why did Amat quit scheduling Rancho and Los Osos? Perhaps, because it was easier to beat WC and DRanch? Just wondering.

  • AMAT 73

    You can call me arrogant in your backhanded manner but if I say you are it’s now personally attacking you . Who’s rules to you play by , one set for you and one set for everyone else who disagrees with you. It may seam arrogant to you but as I explained I am fully confident we would beat CH 10 out of 10 . Los Osos never came into play here and is a different subject because I never said we would beat them 10-10 because we have history with them and yes they have beaten us in the past so I do give them credit and props for doing it, you are the one insinuating that.Again you go off topic to fight a battle you are losing. And as far as WC and DR they came knocking on our door and if you knew anything about the 2 programs and scheduling up (a page from your backhanded replies ) you would know they love to test themselves ( WC had scheduled MD and DR has a rep for scheduling up as in SM this year)but you can’t see it that way thru your AMAT backing as you say eyes , you see it as an easier win for AMAT. And I am pretty sure you will see the RC and LO teams on our schedule in the near future.

  • Broom Closet

    Amat just came off of SWEEPING Rancho Cucamonga. (something ChOak could not do) So they’ve been there done that. Why come back for more? Moved on to other schools to sweep. Actually replaced RC Week 4 with the natural SGV Catholic rivalry and added Damien – not WC & DR. Heres what’s REALLY funny. Amat added RC Week 4 because they had to replace another school school that they SWEPT in two games that weren’t as close as the 34-7 and 28-0 scores indicated that wanted no part of Amat and asked out of the renewal – Charter Oak. LOLOLOLOLOL!


    I like to look at common oppenents, I know every game is different but there has to be some correlation between common opponents.

    Chino Hills can no longer be considered to be # 1 with that loss to Santiago. Santiago lost yesterday to King and King lost to Elsinore who only beat Diamond Ranch by 6 points! There is now way Aram can say that CHills should be mentioned to be # 1. Amat needs to lose a game first for anyone to be considered a #1. Now with teams from the SGV in the Inland division it somes down to who will go further in the playoffs to be the #1 team in the valley…

  • Denny Crane