D-Ranch coach Roddy Layton denies The Diamond Ranch Con …

I put Coach Layton on the spot after the Diamond Bar game. Among other things, I asked him about The Diamond Ranch Con, which is what the Panthers do annually. They start slow, then start rockin’ worlds in league and the playoffs.

My question to Coach Layton was: Are you conning us again?

His response: Our game planning is never “Did we fool Aram Tolegian, or not.” Our game plan is getting ready for the playoffs. We really don’t think about what are they going to write up on a blog. Con? No. That’s one game.

Aram’s take: Layton is the last guy any coach not named Lou Farrar should want to face in October and especially November. I saw Diamond Ranch vs.Damien and I saw them again vs. Diamond Bar. They’re much improved. The way Chase Price is running now … wow. And Marquise Cherry is one of the better receivers around. This team has more than enough to make a run. Don’t buy the record.

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  • DRanchhhh

    It’s funny…I can almost promise IF they stay healthy, no one in league will be able to stop DR. They are still down 2 starting linemen that I know of. When they get those 2 guys back, they will impose their will on the Haci, just watch. You guys have WC as as the leader, Rowland close behind and Bonita. Check back in 4 weeks!!!!

  • I Agree with DRanchhhh

    I would have to agree. Diamond ranch will be the beast in the hacienda this year. I think their only challeng will come from Bonita especially if pendelton comes back for them


    Yes only to back and choke in the playoffs again.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    In my pre-season rankings. I did have DRanch and WC ranked even. I still think their game will be for the league championship. Right now I’m giving the edge to WC. But only because I think WC has more weapons on offense and I think they will be able to wear DR down with sheer numbers. Plus I’m pretty sure that a few of those WC seniors remamber that beat down that DRanch laid on them in the play-offs a couple of years back. It will be 2 good teams going at it “toe to toe”. I certianly will be checking that game out! Good Luck to both teams.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!