You want the NFL in Industry? This guy doesn’t …

Hey man, it’s only business. So you can’t fault AEG CEO Tim Leiweke for his quasi plan to build an NFL stadium in downtown L.A.

Trouble is, if you like the idea of your weekend going something like …

Friday night: Amat game (or whatever your favorite team is)
Saturday: Couch for college football or heaven forbid the Rose Bowl or Coliseum
Sunday: 10 minutes away to INDUSTRY to watch the Los Angeles Jaguars

… then you won’t like Leiweke’s innuendos about a possible competing plan with Industry.

Anyway, The Fat Man was in downtown on Tuesday taking in a luncheon with guys who make 10 times what you and I do. And at this lunch, Leiweke made yet another innuendo about bringing a team to downtown. And guess what, The Fat Man caught it all on tape (digital).

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  • bbbbb

    Finally we get two new teams in LA
    It’s about time the billionares started thinking.

    Roski dangled the carrot and finally it was noticed.

    About fricken Time

  • Aaron

    I’m cool with not having any franchise in town at all.

  • bbbbb,

    It wouldn’t be two teams. This is a competing plan against the Industry project. Where do you want your pro football, downtown or in the SGV?

  • WHY

    Why would anyone want an NFL team here. The area would see less games on TV and you would have to fight traffic regardless of where the stadium is built. Besides for the price of one game you can get NFL Ticket and see all games all season long every Sunday in the comfort of your own living room.

  • smallcity

    “Los Angeles Jaguars of Industry”… hmmm, just doesn’t have that ring to it.

  • just askin’

    smallcity – how about the “Los Angeles Chargers”?

  • Hefe

    Christ as if the traffic isn’t horrendous enough on that 60 fwy on the weekends.

    No thank you.

    We don’t need the NFL here.


  • john

    We need football in Southern California, I told some friends back in 95 when my Rams left that we should have a stadium built in the Diamond Bar Location. This would be the best location for everyone in Southern California. You have the 60, 10, 57, and 210 freeways going by this area along with the train that can come from the inland empire or the LA area which would alieve some of the traffic that everyone is worrying about. Our Governor did the area and State one good thing in office by signing off on this project. What do you think it would do for the economy? It would be astronomical. I read something that estimated a $500,000,000 influx in revenue to a city that hosts a superbowl. It wouldn’t have to stop there, College Bowl Games. Wouldn’t teams want to come to sunny Southern California in late December or eraly January for a bowl game. Heck it would be a much better venue then some of this games I watch.

    There are always those people that do not want football in the area because they get 3 games on local TV each week. That is not for the real fan, we need a team where the community could rally around. If it isn’t their team when their team comes to town they can go to see them. This will be huge when it becomes a reality. The LA area that is being considered is horrible for this venue and why now is Leiwicki coming out wanting a stadium. The last time there was expansion there was so much bickering amongst the millionairs over the coliseum or Carson that the NFL went other places. Instead of all the decension between these two groups they need to come together and work it out. The best place for this team will be in the hills of Diamond Bar.