All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 7 …

The Wolfpack is out for blood after getting a taste of Chino Hills

1. Bishop Amat (7-0) — Lancers have gone viral on the internet after Crespi win
2. Bonita (6-0) — Bold prediction: Seasons like this will become the norm for Bearcats
3. West Covina (5-1) — One more week before the Bonita/D-Ranch exacta
4. La Habra (3-3) — Highlanders are tasked with spoiling Buena Park’s party
5. Claremont (5-1) — Sierra League is now about Wolfpack offense, not Chino Hills defense
6. St. Paul (5-1) — Got by Cathedral, now Serra comes calling … good luck with that
7. Charter Oak (4-2) — QB Santiago announces return with quick destruction of Ayala
8. Azusa (6-0) — Aztecs have probably reached their ceiling until playoff time
9. Chino Hills (4-2) — Self-destructed a bit vs. Claremont, but defense should’ve help up
10. Glendora (4-2) — Mistakes did in Tartans, now the uphill Baseline climb begins
11. Cantwell (5-1) — Lost to Montgomery, but rest of the Del Rey is very doable
12. Whittier Christian (6-1) — Took big step toward winning Olympic by deflating Maranatha
13. St. Francis (3-3) — Quietly riding 3-game losing streak at entirely the wrong time
14. La Serna (5-1) — Win over El Ranch makes rest of Del Rio smooth sailing, right?
15. Monrovia (4-2) — ‘Cats can spend next four weeks posturing for high playoff seed
16. Diamond Ranch (4-3) — It must be October …
17. Covina (6-1) — Covina’s biggest fan this week? San Dimas
18. Arroyo (6-1) — QB Rivera is back and flinging, but here comes Rosemead
19. Damien (4-2) — Have to give Sparty credit, they take care of business when they should
20. Rowland (4-3) — Season in peril as Raiders are look like Hacienda’s odd-man out
21. Baldwin Park (2-4) — Can start thinking league title IF Braves can slow Covina down
22. Maranatha (5-2) — Good showing vs. WC … may need at-large love in Nov.
23. El Rancho (4-2) — Need to rebound vs. surprising Pioneer
24. La Mirada (4-3) — A special season still possible if Mats get hot at right time
25. San Dimas (4-3) — Saints remain one of about eight teams with true Mid-Valley title hopes

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  • Colt 74

    Can’t read it. Right colum twitter widget and links formatted across. 3 differnt browsers. Same.

  • spectator

    sierra….. no worries just be nice to the guys in stripes and you got the wolfpack beat….they have no defense and their offense has three extra players in stripes kind of like sealltle seahawks has the 12th man well the wolfpack has the 14th counting the referees, when you see kessler trow the ball up in the air have your DBs get away from the recievers or its an automatic PI?????

  • Football fan

    Damien is showing a 4-3 record ranked 19th. They are 4-2 with only losses to Bishop Amat and JSerra. Can this correction be fixed and hopefully improve their standings?


    Football fan

  • Colt74

    Baldwin Park has had 2 weeks to concentrate on our Thursday night game. I fully expect them to bring their A game.
    Running vs passing. I should be a good one.

  • Colt74

    Baldwin Park has had 2 weeks to concentrate on our Thursday night game. I fully expect them to bring their A game.
    Running vs passing. It should be a good one.


  • BoHi booster

    If Bonita is gonna stay on the rise Pods has to retain his very good young coaches. They are obviously relating to their guys. And Pods is doing the right thing by captaining the ship on course.

  • sgvfootballfan

    Do you think Diamond Ranch should be ahead of Damien considering the teams that DR has beaten.Chaffee,Diamond Bar,Walnut and Rowland.Not exactly the top of the heap.Or do you just think that Diamond Ranch has gotten better since they lost to Damien in week #1.

  • On Blue

    isn’t st. paul in the del rey league?

  • Aaron

    St Paul is in the mission league…if they were in the Del Rey they’d probably have won a title last season.



    Your top ten should look like this:

    1. Bishop Amat (7-0)
    2. Bonita (6-0)
    3. West Covina (5-1)
    4. Claremont (5-1)
    5. Charter Oak (4-2)
    6. Chino Hills (4-2)
    7. La Habra (3-3)
    8. St. Paul (5-1)
    9. Glendora (4-2)
    10.Cantwell (5-1)

  • Rankings should be….

    Aram-Fred J what is the reason why Azusa is not #3 in the valley? Well… whatever your reasoning is that you dont have them ranked at 3, should be the same reason they are not the 8th best team. You know darn well if any team in the top 25 played their schedule, they would be undefeated and they would put up the same results against those teams. Really how could you be impressed…would not covina,monrovia,whittier Christian or Baldwin park, or San Dimas be 6-0 if they had Azusa’s schedule? That’s a yes…. Would Azusa be 6-0 they played Glendora or Bonita or Cantwell or West Co like their midvalley foes…? Lets be sensible…. I know what you guys or doing…your taking a wild shot in the dark…Hoping teams like Azusa or this years la Habra team will some how win it, so you can say”I told you so….” Be careful…I think you bought some bad stock bro’s…. Ill have Azusa rank above all midvalley teams just because they are 6-0, but that is where the madness stops….but you are way to high on them…plus mark my words, they won’t win the Mid Valley. Also, you can use that same reason Azusa is not #3 to get La Habra out of the top five too, they stepped up and played some pac five teams so, they stay in the top ten but at 3-3, they would have to be bottom top ten… and St Francis…If you are going to use the “look who they Beat, who they played and look who they lost to…” Then ST Francis has not beat anyone but Arcadia(Monrovia held them to 7pts) or Crescenta Valley(Muir Blasted them, which Arcadia blew out). Venice(West Co spanked them)??? YOu should really have them at 25 because they just got spanked by Serra, they are going to play Chaminade, St Paul and Cathedral…they will be out of the top 25 next week. In all honesty this is how it should look….

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. Bonita
    3. West Covina
    4. Claremont
    5. Chino hills
    6. Charter Oak
    7. Cantwell
    8. St Paul
    9. La Habra
    11.La Serna
    12.Whittier Christian
    13 Azusa
    17. Arroyo
    18. Damien
    19. Rowland
    20. Baldwin Park
    21. San Dimas
    22. El Rancho
    23. La Mirada
    24. Maranatha
    25. St Francis


    (RANKING SHOULD BE)??? You were up at 2:30 A.M. in the morning thing about AZUSA? Wow… You must be very worried about those AZTEC’S!!! Click on Max Preps,Cal Preps, Fred & Arams Blog these ranking are’nt to far off.

    Your doing just fine AZUSA and by the way take no team for granted! And IF!!! you go 10- 0, that will be something to be real proud of.

    AZTECS you got them WORRIED!

  • Roldan

    I love that no one really wants to give the AZTECTS any props. Sure their not in a league derived of superb competition but they have blown out their opponents. Which would declare them to be more than competative in a better league. Look for the AZTECTS to shock people and earn their respect and a gentle’s tip of a hat.

  • enrique

    la serna will be movein up to 6-1 in will be in 10th place with a win against santa fe this week

  • D. Martinez

    La Serna should alraedy be in the top 10, especialy aheead of La Habra.

  • Don

    I’m always a little confused by the rankings and the ratings and stuff because nobody ever seems to really say how the came up with the list. There always seems to be some fidget factor left in to keep some of the playa’s smiling, but heck even the guys voting in the CIF polls do that for the first few weeks. This is my first list this year, but my criteria has always been pretty simple: who would win a straight up game between the teams and I don’t go north of the 2 or south of the Puentes anymore. (Though if I did, you can bet La Habra and St Paul would both be in the top 6 or 7).

    In the case of my list, does that mean Amat would ALWAYS beat WesCo or C O or any of the next eight or nine on the list? Nope, it just means that in a SINGLE CONTEST I’d be giving the nod to the Lancers. The next three teams, (strictly in my scheme here), would be winning maybe 1 of 3 against the Lancers and the next three or four teams maybe 2 out of 7.
    For all practical purposes, I don’t see any of the last seven beating any of the top six, (sorry Mr Z), but I think that has more to do with a Division’s competitiveness than anything else.

    1. Amat
    2. West Covina
    3. Charter Oak
    4. Chino Hills
    5. Bonita
    6. Claremont
    7. Diamond Ranch
    8. Glendora
    9. Damien
    10. Monrovia
    11. Walnut
    12. Rowland
    13. Muir
    14. Azusa
    15. South Hills
    16. Baldwin Park
    17. San Dimas
    18. Covina
    19. Ayala
    20. Arroyo
    21. Arcadia

  • Rankings should be

    @Aztec Pride,

    I am up at 2:30 am because I wanted to see the stars on my balcony. What difference does it make. People always try to divert attention to things that are not important. I am not disrespecting Azusa, I spoke about all the teams I felt were ranked a little too high. Since you are getting all sensitive and you want to go into detail lets look…People in the SGV know the real. So Aztec pride, honestly…do you think that you have played one good team this year? Do you think that you have any Idea what your team is made of? Are you Battle tested? How do you work on anything…how do you get better? How do you find out what your weakness is…you all have not been able to do anything all year. Do you want your first gut check to come in 2nd Round against San Dimas or Baldwin Park? Blowing out terrible teams looks good on paper, and Fred and Aram have crowned you as this years cinderella candidate, what criteria would you present to say you are truely the 8th best team in the valley? Could you present one team in the top 25, who would not be 6-0 and with almost all shutouts against your schedule? Would you be 6-0 with same schedule as your midvalley competition? Their records are what they are because they played in real games, not 9 scrimmages against JV competition? I not once said that your team was not good. I am just saying if you look at the body of work for the top 5 in the Midvalley, Your Resume is least impressive. If you compare it to other teams outside the midvalley, its not even close. I still had you ranked the highest among Midvalley teams because of the 6-0 record. Even though Azusa is in the top 5 Midvalley, they are not the best team. But I don’t even want to go there. I just ask for your honest opinion…You can stay in your overatted Aztec World or you can come join us in the real world. If you have a real rebuttle, for the evidence below…please share. Please don’t come back with ” Azusa is undefeated Baby!!!” Or “No, one has score on us Baby!!” That’s really not impressive if you have not played one team with one key note SGV Baller. When you match up against good competition, all they are going to say is”Azusa has not been tested at all”. Azusa has always stated their “Heart” is what makes them go…you tell me when have they had the chance to show that? Are they that good or is the teams they played that bad? Ill be waiting for your response…we will see what hardcore evidence you come up with. Don’t get me wrong, no one is overlooking you…but It would be a stretch to say teams in your division are worried about Azusa, when they have played 3-4 upper division schools…who are better. See while you are riding high all year winning meaningless games and playing cupcake ball, other teams in your division have battled and faced adversity. When its gut time check they can say what you can’t say…and that is “we have been here before!” That puts you at a real disadvantage.

    MidValley contenders

    Azusa-Toughest game Bell Gardens(pretty good team, but not ranked). Has not played one team who is in the SGV top 25 today or top ten in thier Division standings, Upper Division or League Champ.(True or False)

    Monrovia-Tough Games Glendora(Ranked, Upper Division),South hills(Previously Ranked, Upper Division)San Dimas(Ranked),Paramount(Upper division), Arcadia(Upper Division)

    Covina-Tough Games West Covina(Ranked)San Dimas(Ranked)Baldwin Park(Ranked) Walnut(upper Division)

    Arroyo -Tough Game(Hart 5-1 and would be a high Ranking team if they were SGV Tribune territory). Ontario(upper Division)

    Whittier Christian Tough Games Cantwell Sacred Heart(Ranked), Maranatha(Ranked)

    Baldwin Park -Tough Games Rowland(Ranked) Bonita(Ranked) Cantwell Sacred Hear(Ranked) South hills(Previously Ranked) Covina(Ranked) San Dimas(Ranked)

    San Dimas-Tough Games Bonita(Ranked) Rancho Cuc(Would be Ranked, (Upper Division), Monrovia(Ranked) Baldwin Park(Ranked) Covina(Ranked)

    “Brand New” Maranatha-Tough Games Whittier Christian(Ranked)

    Schurr-Tough Games Cantwell Sacred Heart(Ranked), St Paul(Ranked) Downey(Upper Divison), California(upper division), El Toro(upper Division)

  • enique ramirez

    la serna needs to be up in 6th or 5th place we have more winnin numbers for points…….


    Ranking should be…

  • Aaron

    Someone said it at Fred’s place: the only undefeated team in the Southeast are the Bonita Bearcats! Honestly I thought it was possible, but then again wasn’t I touting them last season.

    Garrett is back, having played really only parts of two games and has showed how hard he worked all summer and then again how hard he worked to get ready. Greg Spathias set up this run and the hats are off to what he did in those four games.

    Walnut is a good team to play right before West Covina as they have given both the Bulldogs and the Diamond Ranch Panthers fits this season.


    La Serna fans,

    Please stop with the we should be ranked higher look at who you have played.

    Bonita Vista (2-5 record)
    Downey (4-2 record) but lost to Santa Fe
    Wilson (Long Beach, CA) (4-2 record)
    La Mirada (4-3 record) Terrible with all the weapons they have.
    Warren (1-5 record)
    El Rancho (4-2 record) with wins against Los Altos, Northview and a loss to Bell Gardens!

    Do you really think you should be ranked ahead of Charter Oak?


    In a word SCOREBOARD… consider the following additional facts

    Bonita 13 Santa Fe 12
    Charter Oak 17 Santa Fe 0
    La Serna 38 Santa Fe 0

    In the future it may exhibit greater creditability if you to refrain from your dismissive and un-informed diatribe. Before you go on to explain that BOHi and CO had personnel issues for this game, consider that for these 2 games, Santa Fe was without Christian Mahlstede, their best receiver/D back. I have personally attended the Wesco/Rowland, BOHi/Santa Fe and Charter Oak/Santa Fe games to gain a perspective on some of the better teams in the SGV. I realize that you cannot always get a complete perspective of the strength and weakness of a team from 1 game. I can however, speak from an opinion that is based more upon 1st hand observation rather than your opinion which seems to be based on irrational emotion and loyalty. As such I can say that yes, La Serna should be ranked ahead of Charter Oak. We may yet get the opportunity to see how La Serna will match up with Wesco, BoHi and DRanch. Until that time I believe that La Serna has earned respect and the right to be ranked with the very best of the “All Encompassing” SGV.

  • Aaron

    Back to your rationality:
    Bonita 42 Claremont 20
    Claremont 31 Chino Hills 30
    Claremont 35 Charter Oak 32

  • Aaron,

    I don’t necessarily understand your point but what I believe this information does is support my position that yes, La Serna should be ranked higher than Charter Oak and higher than they were (are) in this poll… I also believe it further supports what I stated that, La Serna should be ranked with the best in the “All Encompassing SGV”… It certainly establishes that SGV Football’s unfortunate bravado about Charter Oak was uninformed and irrational. I have given respect to Southeast CIF competitors Bonita, WestCo and DRanch and have not presumed that La Serna is superior to any of these fine teams, rather that given the recent performance and relative record of all 4, it is likely that we will get an opportunity to see how they will match up in CIF playoffs. Unlike some on this blog, I prefer to let avoid the endless “gonna and shoulda” prognostication and bravado and spend my effort analyzing what the play on the field establishes.

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