Can undefeated Bo-High avoid the Walnut trap on Friday? …

Walnut beat Bonita last year, 30-15. Walnut is 5-3 in the last eight games of the series. Bonita-Walnut now really counts since both are in the same league. Read more …

Before the Bonita High School football team can start thinking about its showdown with West Covina in two weeks, it has a dangerous proposition to deal with in Walnut on Friday night …

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  • BoHi Booster

    Claremont , Santa Fe, San Dimas were good wins but basically meaningless except for polls. This is BoHi’s first real test to see what they are made of when chips are on the table. If they can avoid turnovers and personal fouls they should be fine. They have punched back this year when punched rather than folding and I fully expect more of the same.

  • Hacienda League observer

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling that BO HI will be over looking this game and they will be in for a rude awakening with Walnut. Walnut wins by a field goal!

  • Aaron

    Bonita played solid competition in non league and they will be fine when the Mustangs return to Glenn Davis.

  • DRanchhhh

    I keep saying it…

    BoHi couldnt even move the ball on the ground against LA. There passing game is pretty decent though. Walnut was no joke in the 1st half against DR. They came out firing on all cylinders. They looked like a possessed team on film. DR ended up wearing them down. With the exception of their dirty play, I have a lot of respect for Wal, same with BoHi. May the best prepared team thrive.

  • Aaron


    When will Roddy post a roster and stats…I believe the stats you’re giving me but he needs t stop with the magic and be cool so we can all know who is on the Panthers teams besides the stars.

    +98 yards from scrimmage is plenty when you’ve beaten a team 37-10…did you want the Bearcats to run up the score or something so they could prove that they could run over you. One thing Diamond Bar had was size and the Bearcats ran on them at will. Also one game to look at early in the season was against Claremont where the Bearcats can run: +332 yards from scrimmage.

    DRanchhh, it’s all in the game plan and what a team wants to get done in certain games like Diamond Bar and Los Altos. Calling the dogs off in the third quarter probably had ado with your not seeing them pound the rock.

    + denotes positive yards.

  • SGV For 30 Years


    How can Walnut spring a trap on Bonita if everyone keeps talking about them springing a trap. My thought is that Bonita isn’t overlooking this game at all. I think it may be more like laying in wait. Good Luck to both teams.

    Oh and DRanch please tell me you didn’t say that Walnut played dirty. Man that would be like the pot calling the kettle black. I was at that game. I thought for the most part it was a pretty well played game. My only critisim of DR were #11 taunting the Walnut sidelines after jumping on the pile (not making the play). Keep it real dude. I think DR has a great team and is on a roll. Just be proud of that. I really don’t think you want to call other teams dirty.

    SGV430 Out!!!!